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Her specialties include knocking heads together and improvised explosives. Everyone pulls their weight or they get left behind. She was rumoured to have been soft and kind once, but that was a long time ago With nuclear war, starvation, genetically altered diseases, the human race seemed like one bad break way from self-created destruction. The world just ended and you, by luck or good planning, did not end. The first thing you need to do is accept the fact that life will not be going back to the way it was for a long time.

Maybe never. And the things you clung to before are not important anymore. The challenges of having a base of operations are different than the challenges of surviving on the move. Beyond flavor, honey has a few other added benefits that make it our number one item to hoard for the end of the world. First, while it may crystallize over time, honey pretty much never goes bad, especially in a sealed container.

Aside from the deliciously sweet flavor, honey also has medicinal applications. Honey can be used to help quiet coughs, with the added benefits of being able to be used more frequently than other cough medications and having none of the other side effects that those medications could cause. And it can help treat wounds and burns because it has anti-microbial properties, keeps the wound site moist and provides a protective barrier to the injury. It also has lots of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids.

You know, if there are any plants left Please note, these benefits relate to raw honey. The honey you buy for cheap at your local store has been pasteurized, which kills most of the benefits and leaves you with nothing but nutritionally valueless tasty sugar. And probably the biggest thing you should note is that people with compromised immune systems and children under 1 should not eat honey.

Raw or pasteurized. They may lose some kick, but that festering wound on your leg will feel the burn just the same. Liquor makes an excellent wound cleaner, can help as a sedative in a pinch and is flammable. Store bought jerky will last a bit longer but the flavors they add make it fairly unhealthy. Go for unflavored or peppered jerky. And remember, Slim Jims are not jerky. Another dried meat option for the seasoned survivalist is pemmican. Pemmican is made with rendered fat, dried meat, and sometimes with berries and such to add flavor.

PB has protein and fiber, which helps you feel full longer and build and repair your muscles. It can help prevent heart disease, contains important vitamins and can even contain zinc, which helps boost your immune system. This powerhouse of a food comes in lots of varieties, but for end of the world purposes, steer clear of the all natural varieties. These contain fewer to no preservatives and usually need refrigeration, a luxury you probably wont have access to.

Ramen are the good guy food source we tend to take for granted. Which you should also already have. But be sure to watch that sodium! Canned foods generally have an excellent shelf life, but some are going to be better bets than others. For example, canned or dried beans are high in protein, come in many varieties and when eaten with rice it forms a complete protein.

This means that the meal contains all 9 essential amino acids needed to support your body. Fruits and veggies, even in cans, will be a luxury, but you should try to pick nutrient dense varieties like spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin and pineapple. Avoid fruits canned in syrup, as most of their nutritional value is lost already, look for tuna or sardines in oil instead of water, and avoid any cans that have expanded or warped, as this is a sign that bacteria is already growing in the can. Dried fruit can be a great quick energy fix and when stored in multiple small containers you can limit spoiling.

Homemade fruit leather is an excellent end of the world snack, if you can get your hands on it. Other important dried goods can be flour or sugar, and the vastly undervalued rice. Rice is dirt cheap and easy to prepare, another good option can be orzo, which provides much of the same nutritional value but uses less fuel to cook. If you can stand the texture. Oats are another important dry food, as they cook quickly and are full of fiber but can also be used in lots of baking, allowing you to stretch your flour stores.

And lets not forget dried milk. At calories per can, it can be a great way to maintain your energy levels when food gets scarce. But as a word of caution, many canned food options are high in sodium and too much sodium can lead to dehydration. Food Storage Food storage is another important factor in end of the world planning. If you have a home base, setting up your stores in a cool and dry location is important.

Use plastic containers if they are available, as they help keep pests and moisture out. If you have the containers and space available, try to divide out your stores so that you can limit spoilage. If one small container goes bad, your others will still be usable. It will drive the mice away, but it will also make it harder to cover your track if scent is an issue in your new world. Resources Sites like www. Use that time to come up with a new plan! Home Safety Protip Planning your defense is an important step in keeping that new home base safe, but actually putting boobytraps in your house before the end of the world is strongly discouraged.

Did you know that if an intruder hurts themselves while breaking into your rigged up house, you can actually be arrested! No Home Aloneing it end of the world survivors! At least not until the end of the world actually happens. Some basic safety tips to keep in mind: - Remove trees and shrubs leading up to your base, this prevents enemies from using them for cover and helps protect your home from fire.

Anything to help protect your food! Power free options exist but cost a lot more money. What better way to share your love of the undead with your BFF then with a White Bronze brain necklace? Both thought processes are necessary to survive the Zombie-Pocalypse so wear them proudly and always carry a knife! It even comes in a cute pinstripe jewelry box. Combining two of our favorite things-robots and the undead, is this epic 7 inch groaning remote control zombie.

The best part is the remote is a brain! The only thing that can beat a robot is a human with robot parts. So strap on this chrome plated Terminator robot arm which features sounds and vibrating rumbles just enough to scare you into thinking perhaps you did get hit. Join The Resistance and perhaps save the world from Judgement Day! Who are we kidding, all of us need a little reassurance we are alive. WIth this realistic looking vinyl re-positionable wall graphic of Mars Attacks: Issue 2B you can now wake up in the morning and give your heart a little jolt.

Thankfully his blaster is NOT included. To avoid being the only one to show up to the apocalypse in your Sunday best, here are some tips for fully distressing your costumes. Always be aware of your tools and avoid distractions while working. Vary the angle of the knife and the direction you pull to avoid uniform lines. The key to making it look natural is to make it look random.

You can also use this method to create tears in the middle of the fabric, such as claw marks. One of the easiest ways to add some apocalyptic flair to a costume is to by shredding or tearing the fabric of the costume. If you want it to unravel further, use a sharp, pointy object like a needle or a seam ripper to pull at threads. If you want to fully prevent all further unravelling, use clear seam treatment on the edges.

Dirt and Stains If you want to make your costumes gritty and grimy, there are a number of methods you can try. They will allow you to dirty your costume to varying degrees of intensity, permanency, and likelihood of leaving a trail of dirt behind you. Submerge and leave a garment for all-over aging to light colored fabrics works best on white , or splatter and leave it for splotchy stains.

You can also get some really interesting dirt effects by rubbing coffee grounds into a damp garment. The longer you leave a garment in tea or coffee, the stronger the stains. Special care when trying to dye polyester fabrics as they are the most difficult to dye. Watered down acrylic paint in browns, beiges, and blacks can be used to portray mud, dirt, or grease.

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Always look at reference images to know what effect you want to achieve. These are also a great way to carry your grimy look from the costume to your face and body. The good thing is that its generally nonpermanent, but there are potential risks associated with it. Blood and Gore For those of you who want to amp up the horror aspect, or if you want to make your costume look like it walked straight off the battlefield, blood is a must.

It is washable for some fabric types, but can stain others and even surfaces, so be careful during application. Different applications methods can include dipping, pooling, and. Something to be aware of is that most stage blood maintains a sticky texture well after application, so you do risk the potential of spreading your gore to others. Be aware that many synthetic fabrics have anti-fading treatments to prevent this from happening naturally, so you may want to perform a test before trying it with the full garment.

Gels are particularly useful for creating wound effects under gashes and tears in your costume as it maintains a more 3 dimensional texture.

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The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy # - Kindle edition by Geek's Guide to the Galaxy, David Barr Kirtley, John Joseph Adams, Tobias S. Buckell, Austin. THE GEEK'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY is a science fiction/fantasy-focused talk show podcast, produced by editor John Joseph Adams and hosted by author.

Theatrical blood for staining is generally more expensive as it reacts to oxygen the way real blood does and will slowly turn the dark brown color of dried blood over time. Sometimes bleach can quite literally eat fabric instead of fading it. Test first on a scrap piece. Bleach can also change the texture of fabric, usually making it softer and reduces its textile strength.

This might actually be useful for you, but always keep this in mind when using it. There are also safety concerns when using bleach. Be careful to avoid getting any on your skin, in your eyes or on your regular clothes. Watered down acrylic paint in bright red fresh blood and brick red dried blood can be applied much in the same way as you would apply fake blood but will dry permanently. Faded and Worn Fabric There are a number of additional techniques to further weather fabric to add authenticity.

This catch-all category includes everything else to really bring your character to life. Maybe their clothing is faded. The easiest way is simply to leave the clothing outside for a week or more in direct sunlight. You can play around with the way you leave the fabric out and what the sun hits versus what is hidden to. You can do this yourself by using a wire brush or a brillo pad and scrubbing in the area that you want to wear down.

Think about wear clothing naturally gets worn down: elbows, knees, hems of pants, etc. Think about what sort of trouble your character would get into. Mud and blood might not be their thing. Candle wax and ink stains might fit their story better. Be creative and really bring your character to life. From color runs to princess runs, marathons have become a great way to raise awareness and funds for any number of causes. So what do you get when you combine an obstacle race with a Zombie Apocalypse? A chance to Run for Your Lives!

Runners have to dodge and escape from zombies on the course trying to grab their flags from their flag belt, flag football style. Runners will put their apocalypse training to the test as they jump, slide, and climb their way through the obstacles like a blood pits, mazes, walls and hills.

Not to mention avoiding the masses. They encourage donations on www. Project Sole also collects used shoes at the events and recycles them to distribute to impoverished countries. Ever wanted to become a zombie for a day? Well if so, your wish can come true at RFYL! They have a team of make up artists in their. It does cost a small fee to become a zombie, but you get lots of perks including a campsite and reduced racers fee. Megan and Dan Davies have traveled for multiple races, even planning to celebrate their 14th anniversary together at the race! A high so strong that I feel giddily happy and disconnected from the mundanity of my desk job and housework for days afterward.

A high so intense that when it fades, I feel a sense of loss. I keep coming back to get that feeling. In adding the raw adrenaline of fear and survival to the typical obstacle race, the event has created for its participants a type of shared experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Not only did I run a race, but I navigated obstacles, dodged zombies or chased runners in a cool and terrifying costume , and survived or died surrounded by, and with, people who love all the same kings of things I do.

The concept of Run For Your Lives began before the first race happened. Event creators Ryan Hogan and Derrick. They came up with the name, Run For Your Lives, before the actual event concept have even formed. There were over 12, participants and spectators on site. Head on over to their website www. Put on your headphones, turn on your music, and start jogging. This is the basics of what most people do when going out for a walk or a run and can actually get boring from time to time. Zombies, Run! Since you are the new gal in town, they make you a runner, someone who picks up supplies and go on missions.

These missions are the parts of the app that help you do interval running, which is shown to help improve weight loss and cardio conditioning. You also have the option of choosing a 30 or 60 minute run, allowing you added flexibility. During the storyline, you slowdown your speed and listen to your radio operator about your next step. Your music will kick in and you start running.

You can also create a playlist,. During your runs, your music will quiet down, scary moaning will start, and a computerized voice will tell you there are zombies coming closer. Eventually you have to outrun them and break out into a sprint. While you go on your runs as the new gal trying to prove herself, you pick up random items such as flashlights, batteries, gas and the random underwear to help Abel Township. These items go towards purchases of new buildings, barriers, and overall expansions of your town to allow for the town to flourish. This town building helps keep your runs on your mind, encouraging you to come back and run more!

This will keep you entertained for at least months without having to purchase additional seasons. The only real downside is that the Zombies, Run! You will always outrun them. If this is actually important to you, then this may not be the app for you. If you can immerse yourself in the Zombies! Run universe and truly enjoy the storyline while working out, this app is great.

For those who prefer treadmill running, this negative is actually a positive.


You have no intellect, no personality, no conscience. About off the shelf News about books, authors, and publishers from The Boston Globe. I groan, the realization that I must be bleeding seems to make my head hurt worse. It was covered in The Computer Phone Book and will not, be discussed here. There are also safety concerns when using bleach. Lang said he has heard from industry sources that 15 contractors have offered to sell such devices to Wright-Patterson.

With great voice acting, good writing, a fun game aspect, and the ability to do interval training properly, this is a great app for the novice runner to the marathon trainer that wants to add a little horror to their workout. You turn your parched lips to the sky and drink in the seldom felt sensation of strong rain against your skin.

Whether this is coincidence…or the power of the Bokor…you cannot say, but a feeling of anticipation and dread fills you as you step inside. Within the hut you are assaulted with scents.

For my friends

Beneath the cacophony of smell is the distinct, sweet-stink of decay. In the corner is a woman, younger than you expected to her be. Her bright eyes lock on yours and she smiles a crooked grin that reveals blackened teeth. Her voice is strong and sure as she speaks to you. The power of soul for wealth? Just luck to carry with you? A lover lost and returned to kiss one last time? The Bokor can do many things with the body; the soul. But be aware…. You come with questions. Here are answers. You come with needs and here is power. But look inside, yes. Her hand covers the lid for the briefest moments and then she pulls it off in one sweeping gesture.

Inside is nothing at all, but your mind swirls in that nothingness. You feel something press at you, up into you and against the back of your eyes, thrusting you backwards. In the jar it looks like nothing. Yet something remains In that which seems as nothing is a great many things. Yet, inside the eyes that seem like someone. The lover you once knew…nothing inside. Your vision goes black. The physical zombies are completely controlled by the. The zombi astral is a piece of the human soul captured by the bokor to increase their power. This power can be sold to those who seek wealth, luck, and success.

Though it seems to be a constant debate nowadays, the question of how to best get rid of a zombie was pretty simple in the 1. In the zombi astral, they were simply temporary spiritual beings and would in time will be reclaimed. For those in the rotting flesh, you simply feed them salt and they will return to the earth. Guess who else could raise zombies in this belief?

The Greatest Adventure Ever

Little kids. Stop raising Auntie from the grave! I owe the village healer a fortune for putting these things back down! It seems like a nicer form of zombie lore, the creatures themselves only come when called, and are fairly easy to put down. Except for the part where witches were said to kill people so they could raise and enslave them for general labor. These slaves were supposedly used for building trains and train tracks. Not as part of an evil plot. An evil train building plan so that you can Which may count as one of the most lame uses of villainous power ever.

Similar to the West African zombies, these were raised and controlled by a sorcerer and had no will of their own. What Davis discovered was that the zombies were being made by being poisoned by coup de poudre. Coup de poudre contains tetrodotoxin, a frequently fatal nuerotoxin found in the flesh of the puffer fish, and was being given to the victim who was then burried alive. Cultural teachings would kick in and most remain in a zombie state as long as they are given the drug.

They believe their will has been stripped, that they are now a living dead and must obey the will of the one who raised them. The modern zombie entered pop culture through the fantasy fiction book The Magic Island by William Seabrook in Three years later, zombies gained more exposure through the horror film genre in White Zombie.

These were much like the Vodou zombies, mindless, though some were created instead by malevolent hypnosis. From there they were a staple in horror flicks and shuffled their way into comics with the character Solomon Grundy in the Green Lantern. Grundy is the first example of a zombie storied with sentience of some kind. He awakens with no memory of his Art By: Echo Chernik. Specifically, the idea was introduced that zombies must cannibalize in order to survive.

That they must feed on human flesh to remain animated. Living Dead zombies were everything the zombies before them were, but in power they were essentially just humans. Turned zombies showed no care or love for family or ties and killed without discretion. That combined with the fact that everyone dies in the end… the fact that the protagonist does not come out victorious, changed how zombie and horror stories are told to this day.

In the modern scientifc day, the NotLD format holds true, though often with a new source. Instead of being created by an evil spell and controlled by a magic user, they are made by a virus that spreads through the zombies bite. Modern zombies have a huge following and group of enthusiasts to the point where many have created elaborate plans in the event of an outbreak. There are rumoured to be several brain parasites that can cause some level of brain activity after death, and hype over the fake LQP virus that has lead even more people to believe in the persistant myth of zombie-ism.

My whole body aches and my head swirls. There is no way to tell how long I have been there with the Vodou woman. Her voice speaks in a tired moan from. It speaks inside of us. It speaks to us of mortality. Of loss of control. How far will you let them go with you? When is your mind no longer your own? And the zombie will kill. Kill to eat…kill to live. A human will kill, too. Kill for many things. Sometimes for nothing at all. She presses a read streak onto my temple and stares into my eyes with her wild orbs, vivid and wet. I feel my life in my palm and tears in my eyes knowing that no matter how bright the day When I get off work, I stop at the farm before I go home.

The chicken farmer knows me, is expecting me. He has a beautiful bird set aside, ready to go in a cardboard container. I pay him, a worn ten dollar bill. Tell him to keep the change. The chicken, a red hen, rides in the seat beside me. I take the box out back and leave it on the patio table while I go inside.

I reemerge wearing one of those disposable plastic rain ponchos. The box thumps softly as I shift it towards me, open the top flaps. When I reach in, she squawks and fights. I hold her carefully, one hand around her neck, the other holding both feet together. She continues to screech, beating at me with her auburn wings. I hold her like that, stretched between my hands for a moment in the watery morning sun. Then I raise her to my face and bite, tearing into the breast with my blunt canines. The bird shrieks, her claws digging into my palms.

Feathers fly everywhere. They cling to my hands, sticky with blood. In another second, she is still. Then I strip off the poncho. I pack it and the bones into a trash bag and set them out on the curb, next to the recycle bin. The meetings are mandatory. In the back of our meeting area, refreshments are laid out on a pair of folding tables: an assortment of raw meats and a carafe of blood. I prefer cow. We even start with a prayer: I am grateful that I am here and I am still me. I will not let my impulses define me, only my choices. I ask for strength to weather adversity and change.

May grace and mercy reign over all my interactions So that I may be an example to others, Leading to peace and understanding between all mankind. Sweet-faced Marjorie, who takes care of the recovered children, who invariably flock to her like baby ducks. Ira Ramsey, a computer programmer. We go around the circle and talk about things. Admission of past deeds. Confronting guilt. Working the steps. We talk especially about all the changes— the changes in our bodies, the changes in the world. Our new place in society, such as it is. And we talk about how hard it is.

How very hard it all is. Insomnia is common for us. So I sit in the living room. No TV or anything—channels are still pretty limited. But the house is nice. Four-bedroom, two-and-a-halfbath. More space than I could ever hope to inhabit. I keep the blinds drawn. A lot of us have retained a certain affinity for dark places. Our night vision remains exceptionally good. But I just like it. Nobody watching, no temptations. Just me. In my place. After quarantine, we were required to live in communal housing for a while, so solitude feels like an unqualified luxury. Immediately, I tense up.

I ate my mother, my son, my dog. The illness burned some of the memories out of us, but not all. We remember the people coming at us with rifles, axes, shovels, baseball bats— whatever lay near to hand. In some places, there were bombs, tanks, flamethrowers. We watched our fellow afflicted get bludgeoned, torn apart by bullets and blades, mown down under treads, going up like haystacks.

There is simply no other word for it. It happened like in the movies. Kind of. Not like the old black-andwhites. The new ones. Like the flu. It was a neuro virus. No one suspected anything at first because it moved so slowly, almost sluggishly, through the system, mutating as it went. It took anywhere from eight to fifteen days to become symptomatic and another week or so before you turned. While I might disagree on some levels, semantic, spiritual, philosophical , I agree with the sentiment.

Your whole life has just become this pitched battle. Pain gets you in a headlock and no one can help you. No one can take the pain for you. I remember my last day as a regular human. Made some dry toast, drank a glass of orange juice. Then I crawled back into bed. I have no beef with the Jesusand-fetus-lovers. I love Jesus and fetuses and beef as much as the next guy. On rye. We were talking about it during group one time, the virus. The pain was so bad my husband rushed me to the emergency room. Everything you ever were, anything you ever wanted—it all gets burned away. Your body just wails for food and more food.

There is no ignoring it. There is no reasoning with it. There is no fighting it. You have no intellect, no personality, no conscience.

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You begin to see only what is edible. Anything that moves is edible. I miss toast. I had a gunshot wound in my right leg, a mild concussion from where somebody whacked me over the head with something. The cure meant we recovered some of our humanity—we could think again. We could reason again. We could sleep again, dream again. We could feel again. Emotions, I mean. Most died the first year. The rest died in the ensuing violence: riots, people fighting amongst themselves, fighting against the afflicted.

A lot of people committed suicide. We bury bodies, clear debris from roadways, tear down condemned structures. Most of us prefer the night shift. Once we were cured, the new government passed a series of laws. Recovereds had to be registered. After quarantine, recovereds had to live in assigned housing.

Elizabeth Bear Interview - Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Podcast #107

Recovereds were not allowed to own firearms. And, of course, acts of cannibalism would not be tolerated. We make do with animals. If any of those PETA people are left, they must really hate us. After our meetings, sometimes, we stand around the blood cooler and organize hunting parties. Right now, we live in the exurbs, in subdivisions surrounded by cement walls topped with razor wire. The perimeters are patrolled. Helicopters are a regular sight, gliding by overhead at all hours.

Working by night, loading up dumpsters and hauling rubble under the moon, I sometimes pause and look around. The roaming searchlights. The vast areas of uninhabited space. The ruined buildings, the untraveled highways, the unpaid tolls. They rounded us up, trapped us while we were vulnerable. The knocking on my door continues, growing more and more frantic. I open it to find several of my neighbors. A lot of them are people from my ZA group.

No words pass between us. Nothing really needs to be said as some of us join hands and walk out to meet them, armed with nothing but our hunger and a serenity prayer. There is one topic of conversation that is never broached in the meetings—never indoors, where we might be overheard. Only outside, preferably in the fields and wooded areas, as we stalk coyotes and deer. So why the fuck we letting them call the shots? Eating what they say we can eat.

What will happen when we have to go back to our roots? You could be the best survivalist out there but what would happen if you got a cold or even a headache? And when You should talk to your doctor, end of the world or not, about ways to help manage your health naturally, but I do have a few tricks we can use to make life a little healthier, before and after the apocalypse. In a world with no running water, gas or electricity we will be using a lot of fire. With fire comes the inevitable burn.

When you get burned instead of running to the nearest water source reach for your honey. Take a clean gauze pad,. Honey can disinfect wounds and heal burns. Change the bandage three to four times a day for quicker healing with less pain. Some other things you can use are aloe vera, fresh cut onion, fresh cut potato and vinegar. All of these help with pain, disinfecting and will help prevent scaring.

Always make sure you are cleaning your wounds before applying any substance to heal them. You may think that you should clean your wounds with rubbing alcohol or peroxide, but this is actually not the case. Both of these substances actually harm the tissue and can delay healing. Though the latter will sting a lot more. The vodka can help with tooth aches too, swish and spit to help kill the bacteria and numb the pain. Cuts and lacerations are also going to be a problem. Whatever happened to end the world, there is bound to be wreckage.

Some of the most important things about wound care will be to make sure you keep the area clean, even stopping to change bandages and clean the area when you can. An infected wound could seriously jeopardize your life. At least not directly. But heartburn, indigestion, headaches and nausea can seriously slow you down.

And a slow target is a dead target. Heartburn and indigestion are generally more annoying than dangerous, but constant heartburn or indigestion can be a real sign of trouble. Acid eating away at your gastrointestinal tract can cause major problems. Most of us pop an antacid tablet on occasion, some of us even take a daily acid reducer to help combat constant reflux, some people have prescription only medications to deal with the acid.

If you have chronic acid issues, stocking up on antacid products early. But there are other ways to help yourself out. The first thing you should do is be aware of what foods cause you the most issues. Remember, liquids clear faster than solid foods. And once the burning, burping and bloating have started, limit your laying down and bending over. These often help that acid move back up in the wrong direction.

But since stress, which is likely higher than usual at the end of the world, is also a common cause of heartburn and indigestion, it. Most people tell you to drink milk, and while this will have some effect as a buffer to coat your esophagus it is also high in fat which can cause the stomach to make more acid. Some truly useful solutions include chewing gum, sugar free if you have a choice, or sucking on peppermints.

Drinking water can help in much the same way. But be careful with the aloe vera juice, as it can also be a laxative. Apples and bananas can be helpful foods in battling your indigestion. And if you can get your hands on it, straight forward baking soda can work quite well. The science behind headaches tells us a few things about treating them. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Did I say hydrate? Many of your food choices at the end of the world have more sodium and preservatives in them, this can lead to dehydration. Caffeine is often an ingredient in OTC medications because it helps the pain reliever work more quickly,.

Be careful in adding outside sources of caffeine with these OTC meds, as adding too much caffeine can cause rebound headaches. If you suddenly drop it from your diet, you know It should also be used in moderation, as caffeine is also a diuretic and can lead to further dehydration if you consume too much. Homeopathic treatments can be incredibly helpful for headaches. A scalp massage, shoulder massage, and meditation can also help you get rid of headaches.

Essential oils, herbal teas and fresh herbs can help too, but be aware that if you can smell it, other people or enemies can probably smell it too. Lavender and peppermint oil are frequently used to bust headaches, but essential oils and herbs should be used carefully. Nausea is another issue entirely. Like headaches, nausea is usually an indicator of other problems. It can also be a symptom of an illness, or an early sign of pregnancy. A concussion frequently. If you can get your hands on some meclizine, the medicine in most motion sickness medications, that can help calm your stomach quite a bit.

When the feeling like you want to vomit turns into actual vomit, watch for yourself to get dehydrated. This is especially concerning in children who are less likely to know that they are getting dehydrated. Drink small amounts of sweetened clear liquids, suck on peppermints, and attempt to keep your breathing steady and even. Avoid medications with Tylenol or aspirin in them as they can upset your stomach even more.

The important thing to remember is that your body is a well oiled machine. After enough strain, more parts of the machine begin to break down. So listen to your body. Oh, and do yourself a favor Mankind has spent its entire existence fearing these words. The devastation that illness has wrought upon our species time and again has imprinted this indelibly on our psyches. It is the stuff of nightmares, the subject of horror stories.

The world is laid low by a disease, either mutated, man-made, or entirely unknown, and the last dregs of humanity are left to either rebuild the human race, or watch as the sun sets on our time on Earth. But disease has struck the world before. It has spread in pandemic proportions, taking.

From ancient Greece to today, illness has ravaged the human population throughout history. The first epidemic in recorded history occurred in BC, during the Peloponnesian War. While Athens and Sparta battled, 30, of the Athenian population died from a strange disease. The few who did survive often lost their sight, fingers, and even genitals. To date, the disease that decimated ancient Athens is still a mystery. Romans returning home from Mesopotamia in AD brought with them an epidemic now thought to be smallpox.

At its peak, people were killed every day in Rome. After 15 years, the disease disappeared, leaving 5 million dead in its wake. Two emperors were among the dead, one being Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, for whom this Antonine Plague was named. The most well-known plague in history made its first appearance in AD in the Byzantine Empire. The Plague of Justinian was the first recorded outbreak of the bubonic plague. It killed 10, people in Constantinople daily, and the bodies were left stacked in the open due to lack of time or room to bury. Over a billion people contracted the illness, with million dying from it…more than were killed in the war itself.

Virtually everyone alive today has some resistance to this family of the H1N1 virus, due to its prevalence in that year. Oddly enough, the Spanish Flu has nothing to do with the country of Spain but this: Spain had not entered the war and did not employ wartime censorship, so full news coverage of the pandemic was available.

The late twentieth century saw the onset of the AIDS epidemic. Originating in primates, the first documented case in the US was in The virus weakens the immune system, providing. The victim does not die from the AIDS virus itself, but from the illness it allows in. Medical advancement has been able to stave off the decay of the immune system, keeping the virus in its initial HIV stage. Over 25 million people have died of AIDS in the past 30 years, and over 33 million people are living with it currently.

By the time the plague ran its course, half of the city was dead. This first outbreak killed up to a quarter of the human population in the eastern Mediterranean. Eight hundred years later, the same plague was going strong, with a name that even today strikes fear in the hearts of men: The Black Death. The Black Death comes in three forms. Bubonic plague involves having enlarged lymph glands of buboes covered in decaying black skin. The third form is septicemic plague, which is essentially blood poisoning via Black Death.

Extremities turn black, giving the disease its name, and death occurs within 24 hours. While rare, this third form is almost always fatal. The Third Epidemic of bubonic plague occurred in Originating in China, it spread across the world to India, Africa, and the Americas, killing 12 million people in India and China alone. After years of pandemic, it was officially declared over in Bubonic plague can still occasionally be found in the world today. To date, it has killed over million people. The end of World War I saw the rise of the most deadly pandemic in history.

Adopt a Hoarding Mentality. Mountains of useless junk enveloping your home makes for excellent barricades against the undead! Having to scale mounds of purses, shoes, china dolls, outdated furniture and broken televisions is sure to slow any unwelcome intruders. I submit that Hoarders are not unreasonable they are merely prepping early for the end days. Same goes for the extreme couponers.

So make a throne of paper towels, a crown of travel-sized shampoos and get ready to be king or queen of the wastes. All those haters who doubted your mad coupon skills will be begging for your can goods in the end. No one is above knocking you flat with an Ax and stealing your booze and water. Even Hermione. Beware of anyone overly nice as well, in the Walking Dead season 3The Governor proves to us that every seemingly benevolent leader is really batshit insane and keeps zombie heads in aquariums.

Trust no one and carry a gun with enough bullets for you and the rest of your party? The absolute best place to live during the apocalypse is Jericho, KS. Head for the heartland! If short-lived television program Jericho can teach you anything about survival is that this town is ideal for living out a nuclear holocaust. Sheltered from fallout of nuclear bombs attacking all major cities Jericho sits pretty on lovely lush farmland, with plenty of water, and just few enough neighbors.

The only caveat? The town the show was filmed in however does: North Lawrence. Could be a close second. Other great lodging options include: The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia which hides a huge underground bunker under a luxury hotel. If we learned anything from The Walking Dead, prisons might not be looking so bad either!

Your lips get dry and cracked when exposed to sun, wind, and dehydration. I hope you like getting creative with cat oil.

A dog can mean the difference between life and death, dogs are more trustworthy than humans, and can make you seems more trustworthy to other individuals. Plus they can serve as some great eating in a pinch! Too far? Hoakes Island Amusement Park is in grave danger! Help Rita, Molly and Tina to save it at this immersive puzzle mystery event. Booker shortlisted author of the criticaly acclaimed Eileen Otessa Moshfegh joins us for an evening of conversation for here new novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation. This week it's Candy! Do you keep losing your place in your favourite books? Create a monster bookmark to guard your page and make your reading s-book-y!

Bring your little ones to Toddler hour with Foyles Chelmsford. Charlie, our childrens bookseller, will be reading from picture books that we recommend as well as ones chosen by the children on the day. Come and enjoy a coffee with A Canteen while your little ones enjoy an exciting and engaging story telling event.

With colouring in, stories and a train track, this is the perfect start to the week. Story Box is a collection of events being held over the Summer Holidays, with various events we look forward to seeing you over the Summer! Come join us as our Children's book seller Charlie talks about History. We will look at some of the most exciting historical time periods, as well as talking about our favourite books to learn from. Teacher, writer and filmmaker Alom Shaha is back for another interactive workshop spreading the magic of everyday science!

This week it's The Eye of the North! Come say hello to award-winning, bestselling author-illustrator Ed Vere Mr. Pop in and join in with our Poetry day! Throughout the day we will be reading our favourite children's poetry, as well as inviting children to write their own. Calling all mini Matisses! This week it's The Wild Folk!

Look after your own paper Paddington at this origami class to celebrate 60 years of one very special bear! Come and join us as author Abigail Rayner reads from her book, Backup Bunny. Please email us to confirm your space at Chelmsford foyles. We're delighted to welcome lovely little Doug to our store this summer to help children with their reading. Social media influencer and and founder of TheDadLab, Sergei Urban, teaches you tips and tricks to keep the kids stimulated this summer in a workshop for the whole family!

Come and join our brand new Book Club, just for Children! We love to hear what books children have been reading, and which ones they recommend! Join us in store for a refreshing summer signing with best-selling romance authors Paige Toon and Lindsey Kelk! Celebrate the beloved Paddington Bear as we team up with A Canteen, to bring you a very special Paddington Bear themed afternoon tea!

Featuring finger sandwiches, a mini scone and a selection of sweet treats with a generous helping of Paddington approved marmalade! Come and join us for a fun filled hour of stories from Deepest Darkest Peru! Our resident story teller, Bruce, will be reading the adventures of Paddington. This week it's Hello, Universe! Bring your littles ones to Toddler Hour as Bruce, our resident story teller, reads from picture books hot off the press and chosen by children on the day.

Come and join us for a fun filled hour where we look at different languages, and hopefully learn a few new words! Our childrens bookseller Charlie, will be leading this event. This is a wonderful oppotunity to indroduce children to the exciting possibilities that language learning can bring. Join us in Bristol for a horror writing double-bill with award winning authors Adam Neville and Paul Tremblay.

We're delighted once again to be hosting the award ceremony for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the UK's premier prize for science fiction literature. Bring your littles ones to Toddler hour with Foyles. Charlie, our children's bookseller, will be reading from picture books that we recommend as well as ones choosen by the children on the day. This collection of photographs taken in by the architecture and design critic Oliver Wainwright offer the opportunity to step into one of the most restricted and enigmatic places on the planet.

Join us for this exclusive public signing with Florence Welch to celebrate the publication of her first book Useless Magic. From the creator of Nasty Women, a collection of essays and accounts from the frontline of being a women in the 21st century comes a feminist graphic anthology charting the fearless females who kicked butt for equality over the last one hundred years. We're excited to be working in partnership with Bristol Central Library to host an evening in conversation with the brilliant Olivia Laing.

Shirley Jackson Day celebrates the legacy of the legendary suspense author. Join us, and four talented authors, for haunting readings and a discussion of Jackson's impact. Bestselling author of The People Vs. Tech Jamie Bartlett breaks down the threat of the technological revolution to modern democracy. Joining us for the last Jazz Jam before the summer break is guitarist and musical juggernaut Phil Robson alongside Dave Whitford bass and Asaf Sarkis drums.

Bring your little ones to see Mama G for a story time with a difference - with tales that celebrate being who you are and loving who you want. Award-winning design critic Alice Rawsthorn sits down with Serpentine Galleries Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist to quash the stereotypes surrounding design and celebrate its potential to change our lives for better.

In support of Refugee Week, we have partnered with Abrams Press to host a very special event with authors Marina Lewycka and Dina Nayeri for The Displaced, a selection of essays by refugee writers on refugee lives. Join David Runciman, Professor of Politics at Cambridge University and author of How Democracy Ends, and Sam Wilkin, senior risk advisor to Oxford Economics and author of History Repeating, as they discuss the extent to which we can use lessons of the past as a means to discern our future.

Silicon Valley pioneer, philosopher and author of Who Owns the Future? Reflecting on over four decades in the world of politics, Gordon Brown discusses the turning points of his career and offers a behind-the-scenes account of the key events that have shaped our times. In the week of the winner announcement, we're teaming up with the prestigious Women's Prize for Fiction to bring you a panel of great female writers exploring the route to getting published.

Yoga at Foyles is back for another 6 week stretch! Kick off your mornings with Yogi Rakhee and her unique style of teaching Superari. Calling all superheroes! Join us this half-term as we dive into the deep blue sea with author and illustrator, Yuval Zommer! Build your own picture book at this calamitous story time with illustrator of My Worst Book Ever!

Bruce Ingman. We're delighted to welcome Gavin De Bier to the store to sign copies of his debut novel, Bobbing Heads. Join us as we celebrate the new dark, poetic memoir from the explosive literary talent, Yrsa Daley-Ward. Join us for a night on the town as we showcase three debut authors each with a fresh take on life in our city. Joining us this May for our monthly jam is award winning saxophonist Riley-Stone Lonergan and his band.

Having earned his stripes as a member of the flagship band, Riley is no stranger to NYJO jam tradition. Join us for an exciting evening of Egyptian fun to help raise money for the charity, Partnership for Children. There is a new revolution occurring in health today. That revolution is you. In the face of environmental toxins, potential epidemics, superbugs, and the accelerated aging process, the significance of achieving optimum health has never been more crucial — and the burden to achieve it now rests on individuals making the right lifestyle choices every day.

Take a stab at three up-and-coming crime writers from Raven Books with this new fiction evening to die for. We're proud to host the author of best-selling, Positively Birmingham, to the store to launch their latest addition of city guides. In anticipation of the Man Booker International Prize winner announcement on Tuesday 22nd May, join some of the finest international translators working with the English language today for a discussion of their craft.

Preti Taneja and Mona Arshi discuss subverting well-worn literary paths, and creating a new trailblazing legacy for literature. Calling all young heroes and adventurers! We've teamed up with Portobello Books, an imprint of Granta which has long been invested in publishing great narrative non-fiction, on the inaugural Portobello Prize - a new prize for new writers, and a search for a great untold story of our times.

Join ten of the finest poets writing in the UK today to celebrate the opening anniversary of the Southbank Centre's spaces. Meet best-selling author and theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli as he stops by to sign copies of his brand new book The Order Of Time. We've teamed up with Tombow to bring you a in brush lettering with artist, author and founder of Betty Etiquette, Rebecca Cahill Roots. Ray's Jazz welcomes Russian born saxophonist Zhenya Strigalev for a mix of jazz and blues including tunes from his new album Blues For Maggie. For over two decades Julian Joseph has been a towering figure in contemporary jazz.

In this exclusive London event, Foyles is proud to welcome this prodigious composer, phenomenal pianist, respected bandleader and inspirational educator sharing insight into his craft. Learn about the magic of everyday science in this interactive workshop with teacher, writer and filmmaker Alom Shaha. Best-selling author and filmmaker Yaba Badoe, best-selling author Patrice Lawrence and writer and activist, Jamia Wilson come together for an evening celebrating black writers and figures through history for the publication Young, Gifted and Black!

Join us in store this Easter to hear about the amazing people of history that dreamt that they could change the world just by being themselves. Join economist and Democracy in Europe Movement DiEM25 co-founder Yanis Varoufakis for a keynote talk on the economic force that has shaped our world: globalisation. We're delighted to welcome Birmingham based Illustrator Megan Walker to the store to read from her new book, Franny's Father is a Feminist!

Join us for an evening of Femin-Easter celebration as we host Laura Steven, author of 'The Exact Opposite Of Okay', guaranteed to be the best feminist novel you will read this year! Join the Revolution with us in store as we take inspiration from the women of history who refused to stay quiet!

A talk show about science fiction, fantasy, and geekery of all kinds

Foyles Chelmsford will be hosting Easter-themed storytelling sessions in the lead up to Easter. Bruce, our chief storyteller, will be reading some Easter classics and some old favourites, as well. Rupi Kaur, the Canadian artist, is a 1 New York Times [Sunday Times] bestselling author and illustrator of two collections of poetry, milk and honey and the sun and her flowers. Encompassing personal and universal themes of love, loss, trauma, healing, and femininity, her collections have touched millions of readers around the world. We are thrilled to welcome Rupi back to the UK, for an evening of performance poetry.

Treat yourself doubly this Easter without doubling the sugar intake! We're delighted to welcome the absolutely hilarious and bonkers Olivia Siegl to the store to discuss her debut book, Bonkers. So grab a drink and a slice of pizza as we tuck in to some of the most hotly anticipated titles of This event is open to members and non-members of the NCUP.

THSH and Foyles present an evening with Brett Anderson, the founder and lead singer of the alternative rock band, Suede and one of the most iconic musicians of the 90s. This week's Toddler Hour will be hosted by Helen Marshall. Helen will be reading from her new picture book, The Most Beautiful Flower. Grab your friends and come along for a night with feminist author Kathy Lette, full of wit, warmth and frankness.

We hear from the engineers, astrophysicists, astronomers and aspiring astronauts at the forefront of outer space exploration and celebrate the real-life rocket women powering the space industry. Come along to WOW and spend Friday to Sunday with hearing from thought leaders, world-class speakers, and women you may have never heard of but are changing the world.

Author and investigative journalist James Bloodworth joins us for an examination of low-wage Britain to coincide with the release of his new book, Hired. Journalist, broadcaster and author of the best-selling Prisoners Of Geography and Worth Dying For, Tim Marshall joins us for an evening looking at the separations shaping our world with his new book, Divided. This week's Toddler Hour will be hosted by local author Kaley Owen. Kaley will be reading from her Animal Alphabet series.

Take a trip to Foyles in celebration of this year's World Book Day and inspire outside of the classroom as we open up our flagship bookshop to school groups! Kick off your morning at Foyles with Yogi Rakhee and her unique style if teaching, Superari. From beginners to those who have practised yoga for decades, these classes are suitable for all levels of experience. Set coordinates for a bookish celebration with spaceships and sorcery, death rays and dragons, powered by author panels and signings! To celebrate the book's re-issue we welcome photographer Paul Graham for an evening of conversation and insight into his work.

Feminist, activist and bestselling author Laura Bates joins us to once again shine a light on the gender inequality lurking in the shadows of our society with her new collections of essays Misogynation: The True Scale of Sexism. Join BB Taylor live in store for some half term activities with animals, monsters and fun, fun, fun!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with the whole family at this magical afternoon of stories, crafts and activities! Hear from Adele Anderson, best known for being one third of the satirical musical cabaret group, Fascinating Aida, at Polari. Take a spin with the Tiger in a Tutu this half term as we welcome author and illustrator Fabi Santiago for a frolic-filled afternoon of fun! Bring some sparkle and a bit of bite to your half term as we welcome you to the wonderful world of Isadora Moon for an afternoon of magical activities with author and illustrator Harriet Muncaster.

Need something to keep your toddlers occupied this half term? Join us for a free story time especially for little tots. Foyles is proud to welcome you to an evening dedicated to the winner of the Costa Book of the Year, the late poet Helen Dunmore. Come along to our free children's activity event celebrating years of Women's Suffrage and amazing women and girls throughout history.

Hear all about figureheads, leaders and pioneers in a celebration of the next generation of changemakers. Hack and Whack are on the attack! Join author Francesca Simon and illustrator Charlotte Cotterill to meet these little vikings and join in the chaos. Can you help find him? Get your giggles going at this afternoon comedy club designed for parents with infants under a year old.

Pick up a slice of pizza and a drink as we settle down for a night of new literature with three up-and-coming authors as they discuss their process, the road to publication and what lies beyond. Fight the fads this January as Foyles invites you to a series of events taking an alternative look at the crazes sweeping self-improvement. Gentle, tender verses carry this interactive story time as writer Stephanie Lisa Tara takes us on a very special journey across the ocean. Children are encouraged to engage with this beautiful tale of the love between mother and child joining in with actions to accompany the reading.

Featuring the puppets created in last week's Puppet Making Workshop, you will be delighted by the fantastical story that our resident storyteller, Bruce, has come up with! Join in the fun and help us spread the Christmas cheer! Tania liked the recording very much and immediately suggested performing the piece.

Steve suggested Stewart Lee to read the stories. Stewart agreed. Take another look at our small island with this showcase of new talent. From the humble handshake to what it means to be a man, the nature of nationalism to the contents of your umbrella stand - these new authors are delving deep into our cultural history and asking, what does it mean to be British?

During Toddler Hour on December 11, from am we will be hosting a special event: a puppet-making workshop! Bruce, our storyteller, will be helping children make their very own puppets. These puppets will then appear in a magical Christmas puppet show the following Monday.

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Foyles Bristol are delighted to be hosting the Picture Book Club South West - a book group for grown-ups who love picture books - as they welcome prolific children's author Sean Taylor to their December meeting. Their music is both composed and improvised, often performed with video projection. The book chronicles the intimate lives of a family across three generations, and explores changing attitudes towards gay men from the s to the present.

Laugh with Simon Amstell as he talks about his hilarious and heartbreaking new book Help, contemporary masculinity and his compulsion to reveal his entire self on stage. Join award-winning comedian, author and lifelong male Robert Webb for a frank and funny conversation about not living by the rules of masculinity.

In his first book, Unseen, Reggie Yates takes us behind the scenes on his journey from TV presenter to documentary storyteller. Refunds are available from the point of purchase. John Lake and his band dish out a delicious serving of modern jazz and poetry created by award-winning author of the best-selling Charlie Resnick series John Harvey.

It tells the story of Lizzie, who has been loved up with her boyfriend Ian since their first day in university. Legendary editor and journalist Tina Brown joins us for an exclusive evening of insight into the world of scoop and scandal that made her name as we take a peek into her new book, The Vanity Fair Diaries. A special London Jazz Festival instalment of our fantastically successful NYJO Jazz Jam - with a guest performer to be announced and as ever the opportunity for young musicians to get up and play with the professionals.

Foyles is delighted to welcome dodie, the year-old singer-songwriter to Birmingham to sign copies of Secrets for the Mad. The Kinetika Bloco is a performance group with an exuberant mix of young brass and woodwind players, drummers, steel pan and dynamic dancers all in costume creating a "unique new British Carnival sound with a decidedly London edge" BBC Radio2.

We're very excited to be joined by the bestselling author of Poo Bum, Stephanie Blake! Over half of the world's population now lives in cities, but how do we live, what kind of places are we creating, and how are these stories being told? Coming together to reinterpret the jazz and afrobeat-inspired sounds that they know and love expect Huw and his band to navigate through rhythmic passages and heavy beats to get people moving to something beautiful, intense, and totally unexpected. Bring your little ones to Story Hour at Foyles Stratford. This week, we will be hosting author and actress, Nandana Sen, who will be reading from her new book, Kangaroo Kisses.

Foyles is delighted to welcome dodie, the year-old singer-songwriter to Chelmsford to sign copies of Secrets for the Mad. This mini-class provides a rigorous set of concepts and exercises to understand our career potential and then how to align it with the opportunities of the professional world. William Boyd takes to the stage alone to talk about his life as a creator of many fictions, beginning with the publication of his first novel, A Good Man In Africa in , and ending with an exclusive reading from his latest book of short stories, The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth, that appears this November.

Foyles is delighted to welcome dodie, the year-old singer-songwriter, artist and YouTuber, for an evening of live music and conversation. Foyles Bookshop. Sign In. Refine Your Search. Browse by Category. View Basket. All Children's Books. Cressida Cowell. Roald Dahl.