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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Indie Cred Test: Everything You Need to Know About Knowing Everything You Need to Know file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with The Indie Cred Test: Everything You Need to Know About Knowing Everything You Need to Know book. Happy reading The Indie Cred Test: Everything You Need to Know About Knowing Everything You Need to Know Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF The Indie Cred Test: Everything You Need to Know About Knowing Everything You Need to Know at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF The Indie Cred Test: Everything You Need to Know About Knowing Everything You Need to Know Pocket Guide. Here's a good detailed breakdown of distributors and their features. AWAL is a cool Distro company you may want to try submitting to. Bandcamp is a dynamic, free service that provides you with a customizable profile , full control over setting prices , and some really useful free services for selling merch and generating download codes.

They also have some valuable features for fans , like being able to "follow" the bands you like, being notified when the bands you follow release new music, a free mobile app for streaming your purchases, and options for wish-listing and gifting music. Bandcamp has no set-up fees and no annual charges. If you're an indie artist and you're trying to put your music out, I encourage you to get set up on Bandcamp regardless of whether you're also doing Digital Distribution! A common frustration with being new to Bandcamp is that in order to collect the money you make on Bandcamp, you must not only have a Paypal account, but your Paypal account must be a "Premier" or "Business" Account , which means once you've set up a Paypal account you'll need to go through an additional process of free upgrading on Paypal before you can actually start collecting everything you've earned.

So if you plan to use Bandcamp as a platform for selling your music, get your Paypal account in order first!

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As long as you haven't explicitly signed away any rights, your Publishing and Master Recording copyrights default to you. It is recommended, however, that you do everything you can to professionally establish the rights to your music.

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Once these tasks are complete, you'll be covered in case anyone ever records, performs, plagiarizes or wants to pay big bucks to license your songs. The catch: there are fees associated with registering. This is a free registration that covers royalties for "non-interactive" streaming of musical content such as Pandora and SiriusXM. The good news is that if anyone ever wants to license any of your music for Film, TV or Commercials, since you control your Publishing and Master Recording rights, you or you and your lawyer can negotiate and get paid directly.

While it's always worth sending an email and listen-link to cool Licensing Agencies like Bank Robber , Musicbed , The Music Playground and Zync , your best bet in terms of getting a Licensing Agency interested in your music is to succeed on other fronts like publicity and radio. If you generate some buzz, your licensing opportunities - as well as other opportunities like touring and merch sales - are sure to increase.

Songtradr is a free service that allows you to upload your music, set licensing fee prices, submit to various projects, and make licensing transactions all through their platform. If you wind up licensing anything through them, they take a It's a new service and I don't know their success rate, but I've worked with some of their team before and I would definitely recommend giving Songtradr a shot. If you're using Tunecore or CD Baby as your Digital Distributor, you may be interested in their options for consolidating your rights management with them.

The benefit would be that you may score some licensing opportunities that you'd otherwise be missing out on. The drawback is that you have to give them contractual permission to place your music anywhere they can, and you may not be happy with where your song gets placed, regardless of the payout. If you only have a few hundred bucks and you're debating between professional Mastering and making CDs, I encourage you to Master!

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CD Mastering is the same process as Digital mastering, with the additional consideration of how best to deliver your CD master to the CD manufacturer. Be sure to let your Mastering Engineer know upfront about the different formats you plan to release your music in. There are 2 ways to manufacture CDs :.

Note the various packaging options and that prices do not include shipping prices effective Summer - always double-check! This "per unit" cost is useful because it allows you to gauge what your profit margin will be when you actually sell a CD. To actually sell CDs, however, you'd probably have to be doing brisk business online and at at least a few record stores, in which case your profit margin would be a bit lower because you'd need to factor in the shipping and packaging costs for mail orders, the commissions for webstores, and the wholesale price for record shops.

But hold up. Do you really need CDs? I can assure you it is extraordinarily difficult to sell - or - or even CDs these days, and the most likely result of making all those CDs is that they will end up taking up closet space for years to come. Got a hot tip from this reddit watmm thread about Kunaki , an on-demand, no minimums, CD Duplicator.

Pros: full-service, cheap and on demand. Cons: Duplication not Replication and only Jewel-cases offered. Beware: if you have any uncleared samples anywhere in your tracks, there is a high likelihood they'll be detected by the manufacturer! In order to avoid copyright lawsuits, manufacturing companies make sure to clear themselves of liability in the paperwork they have you sign as well as protect themselves by running every project through sample detecting software before going to press. If they detect the samples you've expertly chopped and woven into your songs, they will pull your project from production, notify you of the detected samples and insist upon appropriate clearance for whatever it is you're using before your project can proceed.

Is it worth contacting record labels and publishers about getting clearance to use samples? Not unless you've got the kind of money that can get their attention! If you're interested in trying anyway, here is some free, thorough, legal advice. Since you won't get in any actual trouble for submitting music with samples and who knows, your timing could be just right to slip by! Just be sure you're approved for production before you pay them anything! You can also Do It Yourself by printing inserts, purchasing cases and having the CD faces printed on and then burning the CDs on your computer If you're hoping to have your CD in record stores across the country, your best bet is to get signed by a record label with a national distribution deal - and even then, in such a competitive market, it requires press, radio play and critical acclaim to be in full effect the week your CD is released to avoid being just another band lost in the store-shelf shuffle.

So what's the best way to sell CDs, beyond your merch table at shows and from your local record store? Once you're set up, you can link to your storefront from your website and your social media. And if you're using CD Baby as your Digital Distributor, they offer a free customizable store widget you can embed on your site. Making actual records takes time. Not only are there multiple steps required before production but the whole vinyl industry is notorious for delays. You'll need to be prepared to pay for Mastering, lacquer-cutting, test presses, album-jacket printing and shipping along with the vinyl manufacturing costs.

The same Mastering Engineer you use to master your digital files can create a secondary digital master specifically tailored to pressing vinyl - it typically takes a little more time so there's an additional cost, but engineers and audiophiles will encourage you to do it. Yes, of course you can just use the digital master for your vinyl but vinyl manufacturing introduces a different set of quirks and dynamics, so if you want your record to sound its best, Master for vinyl! After you have your Mastered files there is a second step involved in creating a vinyl master, known as cutting lacquer.

This is the process by which the audio from your Master is transferred by a mastering lathe onto the lacquer, cutting the grooves into it. Here's a fly-on-the-wall video demo:. The benefit of having a specialist do it is that they are really focusing on you and making your vinyl sound as true to the Master as possible. The negative: the extra time it takes to schedule them. The benefit of having the record plant do it is efficiency - it'll save time and, as long as you're happy with your digital Masters, it should sound fine.

But a record plant is cutting a huge amount of lacquer and they're not really promising the service of a "close" listening. Some lacquer-cutting specialists with sterling reputations they also all happen to be popular Mastering Engineers prices per standard 12" approximate :. Some people prefer to have their Album Jackets and any insert material printed by companies that specialize in custom printing such as Imprint or Dorado.

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If you need fewer than the minimum, you'll simply be left with a stack of extra jackets As with lacquer cutting, the costs are about the same whether you have the Vinyl Manufacturer print your packaging or send it to a specialist. One advantage of having the Vinyl Manufacturer print the Jackets is that they will typically insert the records into the jackets for you at no extra charge as opposed to having to do them all yourself in your studio apartment. Either way, if you want to keep your LP costs down, stick with the standard or default options and consider limiting the number of colors on your artwork and labels!

There are a number of other Vinyl Manufacturers both in the U. Here is a good reference list. The prices are premium, but if all you're looking for is a limited number of copies of your album on vinyl, there are services that will lathe cut each record one-by-one, allowing you to make as few as 1 copy!

Keep in mind that lathe-cut vinyl is done by hand and not by the precisely-calibrated machinery of a record plant, so it is susceptible to volume and fidelity fluctuations, but still Along with being a fairly premium-priced professional manufacturing option, Qrates offers a crowdfunding business model, where you can create what-will-be your product and then crowdfund it through them. Just as with CD Manufacturers, Vinyl Manufacturers are on the look-out for unlicensed samples and will waste no time pulling your project from the production line if they locate any unlicensed samples in your music.

The Manufacturing plants are always the one's that will call you out, by the way -- the Mastering Engineer and the Lacquer-cutter won't care. How have others bypassed the problem? They've taken their chances, and by taking their chances, I mean avoiding the cheaper, high-volume Manufacturers and trying to find smaller Manufacturers who may not have the manpower to run everything through detection software.

But unlicensed samples are always a gamble when having your music manufactured, so consider yourself warned! To get your LP in record stores across the land you will need a Distribution Deal, which is typically only an option if you are signed to an established record label. For more details, see CD Distribution. Cassette culture, like vinyl culture, is passionate about the warmth and imperfections of analog sound and the human, tactile pleasure of a physical product. If it is, there's a pretty vibrant market for tapes and a manufacturing industry there to support it.

You can use your Digitally Mastered files for cassette manufacturing, though some people recommend a Mastering treatment closer to what you'd get Mastering for Vinyl to make the best-sounding tapes. Either way, your Mastering Engineer will be able to make whatever adjustments needed if you plan to manufacture cassettes. WAVs you can send higher quality but they will most likely downgrade them to bit.

To get a sense of the cost difference between D. If you plan to order supplies in bulk, Delta Media also has great prices on blank Tapes , a variety of cases , Labels and J-cards. Quotes include printing and packaging but do not include shipping prices effective Summer '19 - always double-check! All you have to do is place your cassette order with them. More info here. There are a few holy grail names in tape shops, like Mississippi Records in Portland and Burger Records in Fullerton but I have no inside scoop on how to get them to carry your tape other than to send them a copy and hope someone takes an interest manufacturing with Burger subsidiary Wiener Records might increase your chances of getting into the Burger store Here are a few recommended tape-centric sites to send a copy of your finished tape for review along with sending links to the digital versions of your music to your favorite music blogs : Tabs Out , Animal Psi , Cassette Gods , Ad Hoc and Decoder.

The catch is that you can't just "hire" these professionals - they have to want to be hired by you! And they can be expensive. So what do you do if you can't afford to professionally promote your record or can't interest any Publicists or Radio Agents because they've never heard of you and don't want to have to create interest in you out of thin air?

Yes, it takes having to come up with a gameplan. And yes it takes a lot of mundane legwork. And, sure, you're probably not going to be quite as effective at promoting your music as a professional would be, since you don't have their reputations or connections. But it's totally doable. And if you've successfully made a record in the first place, you're definitely capable of successfully promoting your record! This is now your Release Date!

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If you're planning to release your record Digitally, and you plan to go through a Digital Distributor, and your Album Artwork is complete, now is a good time to start the Digital set-up process it typically takes an hour or two to get signed up with a Digital Distributor and to upload your mastered. WAV or. AIFF files. Your next task will be to assemble your assets, get your Electronic Press Kit together and begin letting publicity outlets know you have a new record coming out! Electronic Press Kits, or "EPK's" , consist of all the standard tools you'll use to promote your record. From here you can downsize the file to whatever dimensions you need for promotional purposes.

They typically include who played on the record, what they played, who wrote the songs, who recorded it, where it was recorded, who mixed it, who mastered it and any shout-outs and thank you's. So write your Bio exactly the way you want your audience to read it. Be honest! Be thoughtful! Be concise! Let your bio serve as a time capsule of where your band is at - and leave it there, no reason to ramble on! I recommend that you write your Bio to be pretty interchangeable with your first Press Release.

Nothing fancy - have someone take a few shots with a digital camera or smartphone and upload them to your computer.

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If you have a photo editing application like Photoshop even iPhoto or Picasso will do , maybe crop it a bit, and adjust it to look its best. Music videos, however amateur, are a huge asset to your EPK and my advice is to either dedicate yourself to making one before your release date or find someone skilled and dependable in your social world to help make a video for you. Even uploading a "music video" that simply shows your album art while the song plays is useful, since it allows your music to be discoverable and monetizable on YouTube.

If you know someone whose remix skills you admire, hit them up! A good remix of one of your songs is a great way to cross-pollinate audiences, deepen the interest in your album and is another excuse to drum up some social media and publicity buzz. For the majority of bands, who are not able to afford or retain a Publicist, getting word out about your music depends on you. A good strategy is to do 3 press releases, each serving a distinct but complimentary purpose if you're also trying to push a single before your album, a press release for the single is customary a few weeks before you announce the full album details :.

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Otherwise you're just kind of banging the drum -- then again, banging the drum is how you raise awareness in the first place, so Research and make a thorough list of email contacts for all the Music Blogs , Magazines and local press outlets you want to send a press release to. Make sure either the entirety of your album or whatever select songs you want to share are properly hosted at a linkable source such as Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Compose a paragraph or two announcing, describing and tastefully hyping your upcoming Album.

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Compose an email to yourself that looks something like this:. A paragraph or two describing and tastefully hyping your new album. Be honest. Be thoughtful. What are the handful of most important and most original things you can say about it? Club, and elsewhere. He lives outside of Atlanta.

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