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The snowman and the snowdog. Back to top. Select "Continue session" to extend your session. The traditional fantasy series just keep stacking up this season. After the so-so Granblue Fantasy and the excellent Rage of Bahamut, we've now got the promising Grimoire of Zero as well. Grimoire of Zero 's first episode offers a variety of strong selling points. First off, the show's first protagonist, a beastman we know only as Mercenary, is a ton of fun to follow. Our beastman lead is expressive, endearing, and multifaceted, already expressing both a strong core personality and the emotional scars of growing up in a world that hates him.

He's competent without coming across as arrogant, funny without drifting into buffoonish, and generally just a solid protagonist in all respects. A strong lead character is a great start. Our other protagonist Zero the witch is a bit more conventional, but still has a reasonable personality that bounces off Mercenary well.

More intriguing to me is the fundamental context for their relationship. I really liked how Mercenary's attitude towards Zero reflected the oppressive nature of their overall world. Shows about hated minorities are pretty common, but we more rarely get to see shows about how multiple classes who are each oppressed in their own way interact with each other. There's a tragic complexity to Mercenary's hatred of witches, and I'm hopeful the show will continue to explore that. Unique selling points aside, this is also just a solid fantasy premiere in general. The episode moves quickly through both action scenes and character building, and flashbacks that give us context for Mercenary's feelings are integrated gracefully throughout.

The animation isn't great, but the overall art design is quite solid, and the backgrounds often beautiful.

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Mercenary in particular is given a wide expressive range in spite of his lion head. My only major point of reservation came near the end, where the show spent a few tedious minutes over-explaining the precise differences between sorcery and magic. But overall, this was a solid fantasy premiere with strong fundamentals and a couple of intriguing hooks.

If you're looking for an adventure, I'd check it out. Rebecca Silverman. Welcome to another fantasy world where witches are persecuted and beastmen are misunderstood. This is a major indication that the persecution of witches and beastfallen is relatively new in a historic sense, and perhaps that someone has been hiding some history books. As far as introductory stories go, this one is a little mixed.

While we do get a good sense of what Mercenary has been through, there's not a lot of emotional heft to it yet, possibly because the animation doesn't do a terrific job at showing emotions on his face. Using his ears more would help.

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Cat-Boy vs. Tiger-Man's Mutiny [Michael Morgan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this adventure, Cat-Boy is forced to save the. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Michael Morgan was born in Phoenix, AZ in Cat-Boy Vs. Tiger-Man's Mutiny - Kindle edition by Michael Morgan.

There's a definite idea that he isn't as old as he looks while Zero isn't as young as she seems, which makes some of her racier comments a little more palatable, but beyond that we don't really have much to go on as far as their personalities go. Interestingly enough, Mercenary is going to have to overcome prejudices about witches while Zero harbors no such issues about beastfallen; either she's never been hunted like he has or she just knows so much more than the average joe that she can see through the cultural garbage.

That should become more clear now that the young male witch who was hunting Mercenary, Albus, seems to have joined their party. Apart from the fact that Albus looks completely anachronistic — seriously, I think he's wearing a sweatsuit — the most striking thing about him is his name. This is drawn from an old folk belief that a person's name has power, and someone who knows your true name can use that power to curse you or otherwise force you to do something you don't want to.

Zero also not her name doesn't want that power over Mercenary, which could indicate that she is sincere in her offer to help him if he helps her. Names aside, she really doesn't hold much back, explaining not only the beastleavens' history but also the difference between sorcery and magic, which you'd think would be a more closely guarded secret. Despite not looking great, I'm kind of fascinated by Grimoire of Zero. The magic system looks interesting, the world has a history that I'd like to know more about, and I like the use of the old folk belief about names.

I'm less sold on the art and animation let's just say that Mercenary is no Guin and I'm not getting a lot of emoting out of the voices either, but the story's interesting enough to make this worth a couple more episodes. No account yet? Registering is free , easy , and private. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more.

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