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CRS already has a process for deciding which information goes up on their web site for Members of Congress. This bill only asks that they duplicate this process for a public version of that web page.

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Also, we release paper copies of these products to our constituents every day without causing a great strain to CRS staff. Finally, I have the results of an analysis of state legislative research organizations that do work similar to CRS and post these products on the Internet. None of these organizations have complained of a huge increased workload from releasing their products to the Internet. The two sites are the most comprehensive and integrated sources of information regarding workings of the federal government, and are arguably the best sources of information regarding the legislative process of the United States.

These sites provide all information necessary to become informed about any aspect of government. They also have the information needed to keep up-to-the-minute on most legislation including information from past bills similar to the current legislation; historical information about the legislation; biographical data about the Members who introduced it; the ability to track the legislation as it moves through committee hearings to the Floor; and links to information about the legislation in the Congressional Record, Floor and committee schedule information, and the Federal Register.

Neither of these websites is available to the public. In order to prevent public access to the websites, CRS has erected an elaborate firewall to keep the public out. The CRS website provides CRS publications on current legislative issues, electronic briefing books, information on the legislative and budget processes, a searchable database of all CRS products, and other information about Congressional procedures and activities.

The LIS website is specifically designed to track legislation and legislative activity. The system also gives and is searchable by committee, sponsorship, and cosponsorship; identification of identical bills; and other information. The purpose of a report is to clearly define the issue in the legislative context. Other than a passing generic reference to "reports" in its statutory charter, CRS has no mandate for these products.

The reports may take many forms, including policy analysis, economic studies, statistical reviews, and legal analyses. CRS reports are considered in-depth, accurate, objective, and timely, and topped the list of the "10 Most-Wanted Government Documents" survey by the Center for Democracy and Technology in Since as of September 18, , the official US government website crsreports. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Senate Select Committee on Ethics admonished Senator Menendez for violating Senate rules and ordered him to repay any remaining outstanding value of impermissable gifts. In some cases, authorizing legislation includes language authorizing appropriations for a Congressional Gold Medal. Saved Searches and Email Alerts The ability to save searches and to request daily email alerts of new items added to databases that meet the search criteria. George Lilley [R-CT-1, ] ethics violation resolved. Mint, the CFA provided recommendations on the design for the gold medal. China-North Korea Relations - January 22,

Public think tank. Mary B. Mazanec [2] , Director T. Halstead [2] , Deputy Director. Archived from the original on Retrieved Congressional Research Service. Archived PDF from the original on February 27, A Google search for these terms reveals "July 16, , ch.

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Publications: CRS Reports on the Web

Drake CRC Press. Archived from the original on 28 April Retrieved 28 April Archived from the original PDF on 26 August Loyola University Chicago Law Library. August Washington Post. October The New York Times. Archived from the original on March 7, March 9, S daily ed. May 24, Project on Government Oversight.

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February 10, Congressional Accountability Project. Archived from the original PDF on March 17, March 31, As of January , we have ceased updating this collection Congressional Research Service at Wikipedia's sister projects. United States Congress. Members and leaders.

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This report provides an overview and analysis of issues related to the processing and distribution of congressional information by the. CRS Report for Congress. Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress. Congressional Printing: Background and. Issues for Congress.

Members by seniority Dean of the Senate Former U. Resigned Appointed. Members by seniority Dean of the House Former U. Representatives living Oldest living Earliest serving Expelled, censured, and reprimanded Served a single term. List Apportionment. By length of service historically Current members by wealth From multiple states.

Powers, privileges, procedure, committees, history and media. Salaries Franking Immunity. Gavels Mace of the House Seal of the Senate. Biographical Directory Congressional apportionment Continental Congress Divided government Gerrymandering House history House speaker elections Party control Representative memoirs Senate history Senate election disputes Senatorial memoirs. Federal Hall Congress Hall. Capitol Complex. Curator Historical Library. Dirksen Hart Mountains and Clouds Russell.

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Available to the public. Previously only available to Congress, including state and district offices, and legislative support agencies. Some features listed below may no longer be available. Finding the most complete legislative information for congressional staff or for a Member; obtaining information, using databases, and linking to pages that are not available to the public on THOMAS. Should not be used for making links from Member or committee home page since the public cannot access LIS. Working with constituents; making links from Member or committee home pages; making printouts that are to be sent to constituents.

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Links from the status of a bill to National Journal markups. Links to Capitol Hill and outside sources of floor and committee schedule information, selected to be of most use to congressional staff. The ability to save searches and to request daily email alerts of new items added to databases that meet the search criteria. Senate Curator Historical Library. Please help us make GovTrack better address the needs of educators by joining our advisory group.

Would you like to join our advisory group to work with us on the future of GovTrack? Now what? Join 10 million other Americans using GovTrack to learn about and contact your representative and senators and track what Congress is doing each day. One-Time Tip or Monthly Support. Or keep using GovTrack for free!

Congressional debates

Our public interest mission means we will never put our service behind a paywall. Toggle navigation Search GovTrack govtrack. What is the law? We look at bill sponsorship and key votes for a unique analysis of the twelve Democratic presidential hopefuls. Bills and Resolutions. Coming Up 2 bills and resolutions are on the House and Senate calendars for the coming days. Jun 24, week of. Please consider your options: Suggested ways to find a bill Start by using the subject areas listed on this page. Search for bills whose text contains a keyword Since bills often contain legal terminology in place of everyday words, it is often easier to find a bill using one of the other methods above.

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Subject areas Agriculture and Food narrow topic Animals narrow topic Armed Forces and National Security narrow topic Arts, Culture, Religion narrow topic Civil Rights and Liberties, Minority Issues narrow topic Commerce narrow topic Crime and Law Enforcement narrow topic Economics and Public Finance narrow topic Education narrow topic Emergency Management narrow topic Energy narrow topic Environmental Protection narrow topic Families narrow topic Finance and Financial Sector narrow topic Foreign Trade and International Finance narrow topic Geographic Areas, Entities, and Committees narrow topic Government Operations and Politics narrow topic Health narrow topic Housing and Community Development narrow topic Immigration narrow topic International Affairs narrow topic Labor and Employment narrow topic Law narrow topic Native Americans narrow topic Private Legislation narrow topic Public Lands and Natural Resources narrow topic Science, Technology, Communications narrow topic Social Sciences and History narrow topic Social Welfare narrow topic Sports and Recreation narrow topic Taxation narrow topic Transportation and Public Works narrow topic Water Resources Development narrow topic Get Alerts Basic alerts Major Legislative Activity Get an update when any bill is scheduled for debate or has major action such as a vote or being enacted.

You will get updates when any bill is scheduled for debate in the week ahead by the House Majority Leader or in the day ahead according to the Senate Floor Schedule. Get an update when any bill is introduced, scheduled for debate, or has major action such as a vote or being enacted.