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forum2.quizizz.com/el-amor-que-no-se.php We all knew guys who insisted that he made off with their girlfriends, which was generally not true. He was sufficiently well-known that a cartoonist for the Arizona Daily Wildcat used to regularly make gags about him, which Slutes actually appreciated. Meanwhile, Slutes skipped his tenth high school reunion to "live the life" as he said, touring North America and Europe with Pearl Jam and playing shows for 30, fans.

In , things came to a grinding halt with a legal entanglement that eventually forced them to change their name and to go dormant for 2 years. This, of course, is almost a lifetime in pop music. They emerged from hibernation as the Sand Rubies with an excellent album produced by Waddy Wachtel. A single got some radio play, but the momentum and the enthusiasm were lost. As the Sand Rubies, they continued to make good music, though much of the time has been spent in hiatus. They remained popular in Arizona and maintained a sufficient following, particularly in Europe, to justify some modest touring.

On their most recent release, 's "Mas Cuacha," a song called "Showcase '89" chronicled the band's halcyon days and made it clear that they were grateful for their brief flirtation with stardom. Someone called it their "Last Waltz," but it included no turkey dinner or spontaneous appearances by Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. In fact, it was a rather modest affair which was strangely satisfactory. The venue was a humble outdoor stage at The Hut, a 4th Avenue dive, there were problems with the sound, and the bassist had some difficulty with his guitar strap, so the whole thing came off as less than slick, which was a big part of its charm.

It would be tempting to say that this marks the end of an era, but this would not be accurate. Though they never became washed-up, the truth is that the Sidewinders were a product of a specific place and time, and this has long since passed. We tend to regard the Old Pueblo is a place where things almost happen. The phrase "Tucson sound" is now far more likely to evoke the layered sophistication of Calexico than the guitar-dominated "desert rock" that held sway in the Old Pueblo 20 years ago.

Still, the Sidewinders and their story have much to say about what has not changed about Tucson: namely, that we tend to regard the Old Pueblo is a place where things almost happen. As Tucsonans, we grow up with stories about the great things that started and never finished, a legacy, perhaps, of losing the capitol to Prescott in which continues to manifest itself in our cynicism about Rio Nuevo today. We spend a so much time complaining about what is not happening, so much effort looking outside our community that we tend to overlook the great things that are happening the talented people that we have right here.

In the days of the Sidewinder's heyday, we all thought that big things were going to happen in Tucson, that all of our favorite local bands were going to make it big the way that it seemed that everyone from Seattle was getting on the radio a year or two later. This did not quite pan out. I wonder if it is our love-hate relationship with our city that held us back from making this happen.

Still, the Sidewinders were great, and imagining what could have been is largely a waste of time. For a few years back there, they made Tucson proud and brought positive attention to our city and state. The Old Pueblo owes Dave and Rich a hearty thank you. We also need to remember what their story tells us about the awesome, though too often unappreciated, potential we have as a community. Band's farewell, book release bound to please die-hard fans.

Sand Rubies take a look back. By Dan Sorenson Dsorenson azstarnet. If a band plays in the woods, is it making music? Yeah, but it's not popular music. Fans are needed for that. And almost certainly there would be no coffee-table book about a Tucson band that first broke up 18 years ago without fans. Finical says he spent a lot of his more youthful hours listening to the Sidewinders and Sand Rubies at Nino's and other local music venues in the band's bright, but troubled, run between and Finical, with a background in graphic design, said he's not entirely sure that Sidewinders founders Rich Hopkins and Dave Slutes "got it" when he first proposed the photo book.

But he says Hopkins and Slutes, as well as some other former members of the group, signed off on the idea and gave him access to their caches of band memorabilia. The roughly 80 photos in the hardbound book - titled "Came on Like the Sun," a reference to a song by the same name from the Sidewinders' album, "Auntie Ramos Pool Hall" - are a combination of promotional photos commissioned by record companies and incidental snap shots and fan photos the band members accumulated. The photos evoke memories of good times for Finical. They also give him that feeling of getting backstage, seeing things about this band that he wasn't around to see for himself - outtakes from record company photo shoots, snapshots from European tours.

This is a case where the fan actually knows something the artist may not. Band members may get their egos stroked by fame and publicity, but the fans are there because they love the music. They pay to be there. They choose to spend their time and money on a certain band rather than another one, or something else entirely. Slutes said he first felt the idea of the photo book was an ego-serving concept, a puzzling celebration of a band that "made a minor blip" on the worldwide music scene.

But he said Finical's approach, as a longtime fan, put it in different light. Finical said he knew those photos would mean a lot to him and other fans. But, to the band, the photos probably sparked memories of what was going on when they were taken: the band burned through rhythm sections and Hopkins and Slutes had a period where they didn't get along.

He has a career that is bigger in Europe than in the U. Slutes is best known today as the energetic talent booker for Club Congress and occasional appearances under an alias with spoofy lounge act The Zsa Zsas.

LUFTKRIEG ÜBER EUROPA: „So muss die Hölle aussehen“

The Sidewinders, later renamed the Sand Rubies after a suit with a Carolina band that claimed first dibs on the name, were one of the biggest deals to come out of Tucson's music scene in the mids and s. It was back in the day when major-label record deals mattered, and the Sidewinders landed more than one over the years.

But the lawsuit and other legal problems held up release of a new album, stalling their career for more than two years. A couple of their releases charted but never broke into the top 10 lists. They never had the big single - the radio hit that could have taken them to the next level of national recognition the way "Hey, Jealousy" did for Tempe's Gin Blossoms.

They folded in , but reunited in and played locally, toured Europe and released recordings between and Since then, Slutes says, the band never really broke up, but hasn't played regularly. And more recently, since longtime bassist Ken Andre moved to Texas, he said it's difficult to keep the Sand Rubies going as a working band. The fighting days with Hopkins are long over, Slutes said. We're very lucky. We got to enjoy what we had. We got into it the band because of the music. We just wanted to make songs and be in a band. Fourth Ave.

It's nice out here in Tucson right now it is raining or sprinkling! Ken Andree has left Tucson for Austin,Texas but is coming back to play this one last show. Is it really the END? Probably but one never really knows! Mark Perrodin will be playing Diane Padilla.. Sure would be cool to see you again This is a beautiful piece of art work that Fini has poured his heart and soul into!

They will be for sale on June 2! What else He is ana mazing singer, sensitive as all hell and sings these beautiful ballads He lives in Oakland, Cal. Sure hope so We are making a new album together and I think we are finally making the rock and roll record people have been waiting for.. All the same, it's gonna be the best album ever cuz this band is rock solid! But it's allot and I am diggin life! In their day the Sidewinders crafted some of the most memorable and timeless tunes ever to emerge not only from the Arizona scene, but the Amerindie underground at large.

I should know; I was one of those fans. This was during the pre-Internet age, mind you, when following a band involved a lot more than just calling up a Wikipedia entry or a Facebook page and clicking on an MP3 download link; the resulting degree of devotion could be profound to the point of startling. Legacies are forged over time, of course, and the years have seen a fair share of vicissitudes for both Hopkins and Slutes, with albums typically bookending protracted periods of inactivity for the band.

Long may they strike. It was an 18lb. Turkey hunting for me was a spiritual experience. I had allot of time to pray and thank God for everything. The woods were so beautiful! Ein Gen i us s! We did see Edgar but he missed our show! Got there too late. Oh well. The cafe ceremony was really just a ribbon cutting ceremony It is a wonderful place.

Outside in the back I have some grassy land and hopefully cool neighbors! So far things are running really well there Our chef, Richard is awesome and a funny englishman! March with Larry Cooper. Wir haben das alles zum ersten Mal in einer Digitaldruckerei fertigen lassen, um damit die Wertigkeit dieser sehr gefragten Fanclub-Ausgaben weiter zu qualifizieren. Wir wollen damit sagen, dass wir auf Gedeih und Verderb auf Euch alle angewiesen sind, um auch diese Ausgabe 4 zur Erfolgsstory werden zu lassen. Und dieses Geld ist -so meinen wir- besser kaum anlegbar! Nun, mit der Ausgabe 4 liegt eine wahrliche Perle bereit und wartet schon auf ihre neuen Besitzer.

Es ist uns auf den 4 CD's gelungen eigentlich unbezahlbare Momente klangtechnisch festzuhalten. Soundtechnisch leistet hier vor allem Besitzer und Soundguy Henry einen herausragenden Job. Die Band macht es ihm aber auch leicht! Vielleicht nicht gleich zu Beginn! Denn da haben wir noch drei Songs draufgepackt, die immer treffsicher beim Publikum punkten. Aber die Songs sind es noch viel mehr. Ein wirklich interessanter Vergleich zu heute! Schlagt einfach musikalisch zu!

From the March issue. Zocalo Cafe, the newest eatery in Blanco, has opened, bringing fresh, organic, and local food choices to its patrons. Owner Rich Hopkins, a musician, was born in Texas, raised in Arizona, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and South America. Drawing on his experiences and passions, Hopkins wanted to create a place that combined all of them, including food, coffee, music, and art. Chef Brisco prepares a daily special everyday, including a soup of the day.

Ingredients are bought locally and organically when available, with an emphasis on being health conscious. The menu includes a European breakfast served from 8am to am, with choices such as seasonal fruits, homemade granola, greek yogurt, eggs, whole wheat pancakes, and home fries. For lunch, Zocalo offers paninis, sandwiches, salads, soups, and baked potatoes. In early May, Hopkins plans on being able to serve beer and wine and is also planning on having steak and fish dinners grilled outside on the new outdoor grill.

And, of course, to bring it all together, Hopkins plans to have live music weekly. Zocalo Cafe is located at Pecan St. The phone number is Mi, Diesmal bringt er selbst einen Gast mit, den Songwriter Sr. Freitag, 8. Jeder machte sein eigenes Ding. Vor allem Rich Hopkins mit seinen Luminarios erspielte sich in den letzten Jahren bei uns in Europa, vor allem in Deutschland, einen exzellenten Namen.

Da ist er ein absoluter Meister. Verspricht ein interessantes Konzert am 4. Kraftvolle aber nicht zu harte elektrische Gitarren, ein stoisch treibender Beat und hymnische Refrains bestimmen meist das Klangbild der Songs. Da ist zum Einen seine unverwechelbare Sologitarre u. Scheibe des Mannes aus Tucson ist. Hopkins war immer Hopkins, zu Prozent. Im Gegenteil! Als Bonbon gibt es eine Zusammenarbeit mit Steve Wynn. Am Ein rundes und gelungenes Package und ein exzellentes Dokument Hopkinschen Schaffens. Kennie, Du fehlst uns allen sehr! Wir sind uns jedoch sehr sicher, Dich schon bald wiederzusehen!

Auf ihrem 2. Welcome to Zocalo! Zocalo hopes to provide a daily changing menu using pure, wholesome ingredients and local growers when available, keeping the food fresh, interesting and as low glycemic as possible. We also think Zocalo has the best tasting water in Blanco. Taste for yourself and take some home with you! Its Ken's Andree's last gig in town before he splits for Austin. Tammy West is on first and The Tangelos are closing. See you there! We'll even play a Waylon song since its Rodeo! He left Club Congress here after the last 5 years there Bruce Halper dieses Mal nicht an den Drums bei den Luminarios Come support your loco musicians.

It seems like this move was motivated by love, family and financial security. I love Ken and will miss him dearly. We have fought and loved and traveled the world making great music. Ken has been, consistently, my most loyal band mate for the last 12 years since he joined the Sand Rubies on our first tour of Europe in He understands what my music needs cuz he is a part of the music.

This is not goodbye though. I expect to keep on playing with him in Texas and wherever. Good luck, bro! L isa and I have also been really busy opening up a European style cafe in Blanco, Texas. Our web site is: www. Even though this is a dream come true for me, I have had lots of business, decorative and recipe advice from Lisa for which I am grateful.

This eclectic cafe is based on all the great places I have eaten at around the world, especially all the great breakfast cafes we have experienced in Germany. We are open for breakfast and lunch Wed-Sunday. I plan on building a German-style beer garden in the back of the cafe so we can grill steaks and bratwursts and serve cold beer on those warm Texas nights. We serve only the best coffee, desserts, and food. We also have a back porch for live music that will be starting up later this spring.

What else? Release date is scheduled for May, I have started writing for a new album. I am getting back to my rock roots on this album. I promise you all that. This album is going to be loud and full of fuzzy, dirty and distorted lead guitar solos! Bye, bye Kennie! Man sieht sich Es gibt Stunden im irdischen Leben, die fallen einem wirklich nicht ganz leicht.

So auch am heutigen Nachmittag zwischen 15 und 16 Uhr. Eigentlich fehlen uns die richtigen Worte angesichts der unendlichen Trauer! Deshalb, lieber Gert, nur noch so viel: Wir werden Dich vermissen! Jedoch - wir sehen uns - irgendwann im Rockolymp! Bereits am Es bedeutet uns wirklich viel, zu wissen, dass ihr ihn in guter Erinnerung behalten werdet!

The people love the food. Lisa has done allot to help with decor and cake recipes. We have all done allot to make it beautiful. I plan on building a German style beer garten this spring to make it cozy for the folks! He has been my right hand man for a long time. We have been recording allot lately. He and I are even writing a song together which is really gonna be good!

Bereits 7!!! Songs resultieren daraus. I am also going to be playing March 5 with Duane Hollis ex? So i will see how the old Greyhound Soul rythm section is!? It's been fun so far Duane has quit Greyhound Soul - he said. I have 7 songs recorded in various stages so far. Sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen!!! Dave has canceled the last 3 shows we have booked. Edgar Heckmann helped me get the gig which was really cool.

Gut, all das zu wissen! Danke, RICH! Und das ohne uns ;-. Wir trauern um einen uns sehr nah stehenden und guten Freund, ausgewiesenen Fan und Kenner guten Musikgeschmacks, treuen Konzertbesucher, Musiksammler per excellance und einen ganz tollen Menschen. Marion und ich werden Gert am Samstag auf seinem Weg auf die andere Seite begleiten. Wir leiten es gern an die Hinterbliebenen weiter. Please pass on my sympathy to his wife Brigit and family. Of coarse I remember him even though I did not speak to him very much.

His face said it all I am honored by his support. If there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask me. Wir wissen nicht was wir sagen sollen-uns fehlt die Sprache. Es tut sehr weh dieser Verlust. Ecki und ich wir haben uns schon gewundert, dass er nicht in Erfurt bei Miller Anderson war!

P Gert!!!!!!!! Wir haben uns immer darauf gefreut, Gert bei Konzerten zu treffen und zuletzt an Holger's Geburtstag. We miss you :- ". Ingrid kondoliert mit "R. Peace to you and your family. Wer dieses Highlight trotzdem verpasst haben sollte, dem bieten wir eine Kopie unseres dieses Mal Mitschnittes an Oktober Nur fast komplett deshalb, weil der Gig an dem damaligen Abend insgesamt 92 Minuten dauerte. Das war die damalige komplette Setlist:. He is working out the details.

Eigentlich unbezahlbare Momente gemastert im B-Village-Studio! Lasst uns also noch ein wenig Zeit. God willing. Lisa and I worked very hard this weekend up in Blanco. I pray that this vison of mine will be recieved and loved by the Texans! I feel very positive about everything. Lots of work and many hours are being put into this project but it is coming along nicely and my cheesecake recipe will be on the menu!

I think Rich is pleased. He is letting me be creative with recipes and painting and decorating and he is handling all of the business side and having the final say on everything which is great! Started recording again and writing. I will make another fucking great rock album! Konstanz zahlt sich halt aus! Alter Wein Ihr wisst schon! Maybe a historic performance! Hinweis: vor dem Aktivieren des Videos bitte unseren Musikplayer obenstehend abschalten! Auf ewige Freundschaft! Im Namen aller Deiner Fans und Freunde. All your fans and friends from Germany and whole Europe congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.

It is nice to know you, to admire and to love your music. To an eternal friendship! We wish you health, joy, passion, fun and peace. We are often in thought by you and we thank you for this many wonderful moments which soooooo enrich our life! Enjoy your birthday with Lisa, Bailey and your friends! In the name of all your fans and friends. Hier das bisher offiziell Bekannte von DPA 9. Die Polizei sucht nach einem Komplizen. Zustand ist weiter kritisch: Giffords ist weiter in kritischem Zustand. Der Fernsehsender CNN berichtete, sie sei operiert worden.

Der gesamte US-Staat sei traurig. Zuvor hatte die Demokratin Mandate in Arizona inne. The identity of the 9-year-old tragically killed in this morning's deadly rampage is Christina Taylor Greene. Family says she was vibrant, excited about life, and she was the "best daughter in the world. Greene attended Mesa Verde Elementary School. She was the only girl on the CDO baseball team - she loved the sport, as well as horseback riding and swimming.

The Pima County Sheriff's Office has released the identities of the six people killed in this morning's tragic shooting. Church of Christ. The suspect is being interviewed at PCSO headquarters currently, and will be transported to jail later this evening, deputies say. Macht endlich Schluss mit diesem Waffenwahnsinn!!! David Slutes via Facebook: "My sincere apologies to you folks who came out to our show tonight in Tempe.

The days events were just too insurmountable. We will make it up to you The map that was criticized as an incitement to violence? Und die spielen an den beiden kommenden Wochenenden. Allerdings leider nicht in unseren Breiten. Thanks again to all my friends and fans in Germany.. As we all know, change is something we can either go with the flow or fight so let's go with the flow!

I am in the slow process of moving out to Texas to live in Blanco and open up a european style cafe. The name is being decieded at this moment so excuse me for the wait! Right now I am here in Tucson watching my lovely daughter blossom into a young adult. Soon Bailey will be on her way to graduating from high school here in Tucson this May and is applying for some colleges back east and in Colorado. When she gets herself situated in her next big move, then I will be moving out to Texas to check things out. Baby steps! I plan on making a new album this year but again expect some changes in my music and the people I will play with.

It is inevitable and healthy. The future is truly in God's hands so I am praying allot and know that God laughs at plans. Have a great holiday season and know that I love you all in my special way! Danke nochmals zu all meinen Freunden und Fans in Deutschland Ich bin gesegnet!

Da der Name ist in diesem Moment noch nicht entschieden ist, bitte ich um Entschuldigung wegen der Wartezeit! Das Baby entwickelt sich! Es ist unvermeidlich und heilend.

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Kommt danach gut in das besagte Jahr hinein. Und jetzt gibt es sogar ein neues Album von ihm, mit dem wohl die wenigsten gerechnet haben, auch wenn er mal eine Platte namens "All That May Do My Rhyme" aufgenommen hatte. Es dauerte auch nicht lange und Jon machte einen ersten "Inspektionsrundgang" durch den Club. Wohlwissend, dass neben mir auch noch Julia Vetter von der Band "Fan The Fire" unter den Besuchern weilen wird, entdeckte er uns auch gleich.

Jon weihte mich auch gleich ein, dass Roky maximal Minuten spielen wird. Was er allerdings mit seiner Band in den vorausgesagten 75 Minuten bot, war schlichtweg berauschend - psychedelic eben! Er ist der eigentliche Bandleader! Dann ist Schluss, auch wenn es die Fangemeinde nicht so recht wahrhaben will. Roky gab sich lieber dem Schlaf der Gerechten hin! Julia und ich tingeln mit Jon noch 'ne ganze Weile durch den Club, bevor es an das erneute Abschiednehmen geht. Ist schon ein toller Typ, dieser Jon Sanchez!

Februar ab 1. Man kann also Jon Sanchez nach dem 7. Bereits jetzt schon kann man auf der Seite des Rockpalast Roky im Interview erleben. Mehr Fotos von mir gib es hier! We'll see! Zum einen gibt es die 45 Minuten, die 3Sat am 7. Dezember sendete. Klar erkennbar, dass da noch die ersten 8 Songs des Sets fehlen s. News vom Februar 0. Wer also Interesse an einer Kopie hat, der schreibe uns kurz eine Mail bitte Postanschrift nicht vergessen. House of Mercy radio December 4th Tourmanagment : Go Ahead Tours Hanstorf.

Bruce Halper via Facebook: " Thanks for coming to the Casa Maria benefit last night and supporting people in need and bringing food and love! Thanks to the musicians who participated, too! God Sham God.. Well, how was the tour to Germany and beyond? The 17 hour trip home from Frankfurt to Houston to Tuscon was painfull but hey, i am home and it's sunny outside! Also playing a bit lower volume by turing my amp around and now blowing everyone away.. I did apologise.. I think so but we have no shows right now.

I think pretty good.. I like playing the smaller towns..

Man spricht Deutsch

Berlin is the exception.. Plus we are playing dec. The Hut cuz of Finnie one of 3 owners who is the coolest guy around.. I like playing free shows at Gudalupe's Casa Maria.. Will you make another Luminarios album? And what do the people expect from you musically and are you delivering this? First off, me and Pres. Edgar Heckann from Blue Rose get along really well.. He and I have a good relationship. No contracts.. We are family really. I think Edgar wants me to record a heavier record next time and I am going to deliver just that. In the last 3 years since i have been dating Lisa Novak and writing and singing with her, I have been allot more conscious about singing and learning to write different kind of songs and i think we have done that Lisa is a great singer who does the majority of harmonizing with me now.

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I am very proud of our singing together plus Ken's harmonies really make the band sound different and special.. Singing this well was never a priority before in the Luminarios especially during the Mike Davis era when were very loud. As far as what the fans want.. I know a few people miss the old days of being really loud but that is life. I am almost 53 and my musical priorities have changed but I will return with another blistering rock album.. I love him.. In the 15 years of touring Germany, have you become more succesful?

No, not really. Like all business' there have been ups and downs and I think I have held steady with the German fans. I feel like I have weathered some tough times. What makes your relationship between the German fans and you so special? They accept me for who I am and they like my songs and guitar playing. In my music, i share my soul with them and they seem to enjoy my spirit. I am deeply honored to my fans. I made it home safely tonight. Rich and I talked about how sweet the birthday party and being at your home was on Sunday. Thank you for everything you do!

Jon is still somewhere in Europe! It is hard to believe we were all together for breakfast and now 12 hours later back in Houston We will miss you and Marion and everyone's love! George schreibt via Facebook kurz und knapp: " I feel the same way about you and Marion as you guys feel for us Lisa too!

We love you and honored to be a part of your lives too. Your birthday s were amazing and I hope to remember it forever. Tell frau marion to start making some more potato salad! We love you and will miss you dearly. I recieved some invites and I think for May might be the time before European world cup.

After 15 hours of travel. It was a great moment. I had fun hanging out with you and your family too. Stay in touch! Thanks for a great time and the potato salad! We miss you guys already! I was glad to get to share your special birthday with you! It was a great tour Thanks to everyone who sent me photos from the shows! Jon und seine Freundin Claire sind inzwischen nach Holland weitergereist und werden gemeinsam mit ihrer Band namens "Paraguay" welch interessante Namensparallele 5 Konzerte bei unseren Nachbarn bestreiten.

Rich Hopkins im "N. Blues" aus dem Album 'Ka-Ju-Tah'. Mag sein, dass der eine oder andere es als cool empfindet, seinem Hero so nah zu sein. Und insbesondere Ken merkt man das auch da oder dort an. Jon seine Freundin Claire weilt ab heute an seiner Seite; warum?

Geburtstag begeht. Ja, lieber Dirck! Nobody is perfect!

Auch Du nicht! Eigentlich 'ne Zumutung! Die zweite Zugabe war gesichert! Wenn man allerdings nicht seperieren kann, wo man denn was gelesen hat, dann wird's schwierig! Eine Schande!!! Playtime: Min. Ok, damit mussten und konnten letztlich alle gut leben. Dem war letztlich auch so s. Und das ist auf geniale Art und Weise voll gelungen! Alle sind auf wunderbare Weise ausgezeichnet drauf, ausgeglichen und vor Spielfreude strotzend. Da jedoch hatte er schlechte Karten und die Rechnung ohne das -trotz mangelnder Masse- fantastische Publikum gemacht.

Dieser letzte Song ist so genial und auf Initiative von Thomas L. Und schlug selbst den Song vor. Den die Band dann im Tourbus!!! Auch Lisa selbst!!! Sie schlug z. Blues" vor. Many many other Tourimpressions here! Denn es kommt nicht so oft vor, dass uns eine lokale Zeitung ohne Aufforderung direkt Fotos von einem Gig schickt.

Tausend Dank an Christoph! Rich Hopkins brachte den "Briloner Rockpalast" zum Beben. Eine wahre Sensation erlebten am Mittwoch, Jegliche andere Nutzung ist kostenpflichtig. Was letzteres betrifft, so kann man da schon Zweifel hegen. Ja, der Reihe nach.

Auch Thomas wirkte locker und entspannt. Laut Chef Gisbert Kemmerling, der gestand, voll auf diese Mucke zu stehen, waren sogar 90 Besucher in der kleinen Kneipe. Und auch sonst war immer Grinsen, Experimentieren bei diversen breaks usw. Was soll man da noch sagen? Die Band on Tour! Das ist ja ein sehr interessantes Kennzeichen L-HS Wer kann helfen??? Und dem ist letztlich auch so! Toll instrumentiert vor allem der straighte Basston, der den Song praktisch wie ein roter Faden durchzieht, wird von Ken genial umgesetzt , brilliant gespielt.

Klitzekleine bandinterne Tensions sind on Stage sowieso weggeblasen. Alle Achtung! So dass selbiges mehrfach nachjustiert werden musste. One of my favorite cities. Cool guy. Thank you Ina and Julia. I just had some Vietnamese food and medicine from Marion and am feeling better. Too bad the pic didn't come out, Holger. Lots of tattoos! Thanks for trying. Thanks for bringing all the medication. I appreciate it very much and it's helping. You are a great friend! Hier die Playlist der Sendung:.

To short - but great. Gisela: 6 von 6 Points. Wenzel: 4,5 von 6 Points. Damit war es knapp und keine weitere Zugabe mehr zu erwirken. Aber ein sehr guter Auftritt, von mir und Christine mit 5 einhalb bewertet. Ein unbekanntes girlie nicht 5 oder 6 wie in der Bluesgarage tanzte sogar ganz selbstvergessen bei den Zugaben. Er improvisierte an der red guitar meisterhaft mit ganz neuen Varianten. Sehr lobenswert!!

Deutsche Schule in Kairo

Die gut 70 Besucher in unserem kleinen Neuenkirchen waren begeistert. Support macht Folksinger Hucky Peters aus Bremen! Infos u. Tickets: Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns!!! Playtime: 95 Min. Dabei fing gestern doch alles bestens an. Birthday zu gratulieren. Trotzdem war innerhalb des Bandtrosses nicht alles so "clean" wie zu Beginn der Tour.

Beide ziemlich heftig! Und die schien wirklich nicht ohne zu sein. Nein, nein! Ob Ihr es glaubt oder nicht: Es zeitigte Wirkung! Die war bisher auf dieser Tour ohne Ausnahme immer von Lisa gezupft worden. Die Band wirkte nach dem Break wirklich wie ausgewechselt.

Oh ja, es "rollte" wieder! I got to kick it w Herman Rarebell's replacement in Hanover last night The drummer from The Scorpions. They're apparently based in Hannover and are embarking on a 3. Besoders der 2. Set ging richtig in die Beine Freue mich schon auf die Tour !!! Ihr macht einen wirklich sooooooo tollen Job!

Ihr wart Spitze! Walter: Set Set Werner: Set Jon feiert heute seinen Enjoy it, dear Jon, by your fans and friends in Germany and maybe a little bit on the road! If you had told me I'd be turning 44 in Hamburg, I wouldn't have believed it. Much love to all my old and new friends! Lots of love to you all, and forgive the spelling! Let me tell you, that was a birthday to remember. Again, my deepest thanks!

Beginn des Gigs , wieder 2 Sets mit kurzer Pause. Ende ist kurz vor 23 Uhr, rauf auf die Bahn, durch den Regen wieder nach Berlin, see you again on Sunday. Playtime: - Min. Rich hat ein gradiosen gig gespielt! P, liebe Katja! Beide Songs mit der semi-akustischen Gitarre beginnend, entwickeln diese durch den Wechsel an die "Elektrische" eine solche Eigendynamik, dass das Haus erzittert - ja erbebt.

Da bedarf es keines "Like A Hurricane"! Und was Jon Sanchez nunmehr an seiner Elektrischen abliefert, potenziert das Ganze noch um ein Erhebliches. Nur hier in Germany! Die Band zeigte an diesem Abend soviel musikalischen Teamgeist wie selten zuvor! Die Chemie stimmt! Sounds and looks great. I like this city.

Sweet sweet rider action mit Indian dinner to boot. I sure hope the election surprises us w a hard left turn. Fingers crossed. That was an very special and emotional gig. Thanks for this very great performance! George Duron: I'm glad you enjoyed it, Holger. In my opinion, the best show by far of the whole tour. Very interesting persons! So recht war wohl den Siegenern oder zumindest zweien davon nach dem Gig dann doch nicht zum Feiern zumute! Wobei die Band auch in "Mitleidenschaft" gezogen wurde. Die Band besonders Lisa wasn't amused!!!

Lisa darf man mit Fug und Recht als den ausgleichenden Pol zwischen diesen 4 Rock'n Rollern bezeichnen. Danke, dass Ihr alle da wart! You're sooooo very fantastic! Every new motivation on every night! You make Germany feel like home when you are at a show! Das gebe ich gern an Euch alle weiter. Many thanks! For the professional athlete and the Joe Blow alike. The emotion of the most shareable moments being caught on camera surrounded by well researched and interesting insights and stories out of the scenes.

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