Encyclopedia of Distances

Encyclopedia of Distances
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The front focal distance of an objective is the distance between the front surface of the objective the vertex point of the first lens and its front focal point. The back focal distance is the distance between the vertex of the last lens and the back focal point. Samenvatting This 4-th edition of the leading reference volume on distance metrics is characterized by updated and rewritten sections on some items suggested by experts and readers, as well a general streamlining of content and the addition of essential new topics.

Distance Sampling

Preface. Encyclopedia of Distances is the result of re-writing and extending our Dictionary of Distances published in (and put online. Authors: Deza, Michel Marie, Deza, Elena. Distance metrics and distances have become an essential tool in many areas of pure and applied Mathematics, and this encyclopedia is the first one to treat the subject in full. The book appears just as research intensifies into metric.

Though the structure remains unchanged, the new edition also explores recent advances in the use of distances and metrics for e. New topics in the purely mathematical sections include e.

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The multidisciplinary sections have also been supplemented with new topics, including: dynamic time wrapping distance, memory distance, allometry, atmospheric depth, elliptic orbit distance, VLBI distance measurements, the astronomical system of units, and walkability distance.

Leaving aside the practical questions that arise during the selection of a good' distance function, this work focuses on providing the research community with an invaluable comprehensive listing of the main available distances.

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As well as providing standalone introductions and definitions, the encyclopedia facilitates swift cross-referencing with easily navigable bold-faced textual links to core entries. In addition to distances themselves, the authors have collated numerous fascinating curiosities in their Who's Who of metrics, including distance-related notions and paradigms that enable applied mathematicians in other sectors to deploy research tools that non-specialists justly view as arcane.

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In expanding access to these techniques, and in many cases enriching the context of distances themselves, this peerless volume is certain to stimulate fresh research. Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s From the reviews: Michel Marie Deza and Elena Deza's Encyclopedia of Distances is exactly what it says, it is - an encyclopedia of topics that relate to measuring distance.

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It is a truly original compilation of material, one that almost anyone with some mathematical experience might enjoy browsing. Toward the end of the encyclopedia several chapters address the definition of distances in other areas of the sciences including astronomy, biology, geography, relativity, and even some of the social sciences. Non-mathematicians will find these chapters more approachable This volume is suitable Summing Up: Recommended.

Distances on Real and Digital Planes.

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Voronoi Diagram Distances. Image and Audio Distances.

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For most but not all concepts the authors give where possible the original reference. Globalization in the History of Ideas 2. Bound Stands are linked to material objects such as vehicles or dolls. Tips For Editing. Examples of Phenomenon Stands. As well as providing standalone introductions and definitions, the encyclopedia facilitates swift cross-referencing with easily navigable bold-faced textual links to core entries. The term length has many meanings: distance, extent, linear measure, span, reach, end, limit, etc.

Distances in Networks. Distances in Biology. Distances in Physics and Chemistry. Distances in Earth Science and Astronomy.

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Distances in Cosmology and Theory of Relativity. Length Measures and Scales. Distances in Applied Social Sciences. Other Distances. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This updated and revised second edition of the leading reference volume on distance metrics includes a wealth of new material that reflects advances in a field now regarded as an essential tool in many areas of pure and applied mathematics.