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A stilted meditation in black and white on nature, mankind, animals and industrial waste. In search for his father he has never known Miguel leaves Lisbon for Cape Verde where he encounters a rich melange of faces culminating in an old farmwoman who lives with her goats in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful landscapes and intoxicating music for a roadmovie that did not need a detailed script with a cheeky ending: in real life the protagonist had found his father but in the film he ended up becoming a father.

Finally a few comments about films that will be or are already released in the US. She gladly takes the role of his muse and erotic ideal as she finds his grumpiness charming and his intelligence sexy. Louis Garrel, a formidable actor, plays Godard expertly with a slight lisp, big glasses that keep breaking as a running joke, with monologues about marxism and the end of filmmaking under capitalism Cannes was cancelled in , he is jealous, possessive, domineering even melodramatic when his wife is ready to leave him.

A biopic of Godard with satirical touches more suitable for SNL than for a cultural hero who is searching for answers to the political urgency of the time. Not true. All characters communicate with each other via phone or email, never in person, and to accelerate the plot TV commentators take over occasionally. A gimmick that works for a while but then needs a boost, like a thriller story, to carry the viewer through minutes. A father is looking for his 16 year old daughter who disappeared suddenly.

Lots of twists and very unexpected turns will keep young audiences, thrilled by this innovative approach to filmmaking, glued to the screen. Done through outsourcing by Filipinos who are not allowed to identify themselves or their work places, the job is grueling. Many suffer from PTSD, get paid minimum wage and no benefits. Did Mark Zuckerberg see the film? It was sent to him before the premiere in Sundance with a request for comment that was supposed to be read at the screening.

But FB did not sent a reply. Is our addiction to the screen and to the thrill that comes from violent images beyond repair? Can the genie be pushed back into the bottle or will our children and grandchildren will live with the damage being done daily? The five Oscar nominated foreign films are by veteran directors who dig deep into the social and political faultlines of their country but what they find at home feels eerily familiar anywhere. The films are depressing, shocking, touching, fascinating and certainly worth seeing, all of them.

In LOVELESS the unwanted and unloved son becomes an unwitting witness of his belligerent parents quarreling over the question where to dump him — perhaps at the equally disdainful grandmother — when they sell the home and move in with their lovers. The son runs away and for the second half of the film the camera follows a group of volunteers searching for the boy while the parents keep bitching at each other.

In a Hollywood film parents faced with their missing child would at least try to unite while searching for the kid — not in this film. The volunteers comb through cold, grey apartment blocks, a dilapidated mansion, where his classmates would hide, snowy woods, hospitals and morgues with the mother in tow while the father has to take care of his demanding very pregnant next wife. They find beaten up, disfigured kids but not the son. A harsh, chilling portrait of a fractured relationship in a fractured society.

The film won the Oscar in The story pits a contentious Lebanese Christian auto mechanic with a traumatic past against an older Palestinian Muslim suffering from the ever present insults against his people. Both sides get an impassioned defense in court, very level-headed perhaps to encourage the viewer to dig deeper into the problems of present day Lebanon.

An intense drama with emotions flying too high in the first half of the film and solutions offered in the second half that seem too easily to digest. It unfolds both, in a dream-like magical inner world, captured by stunning fairy tale images of deer in snowy woods gently rubbing their heads, and the brute outer world of a slaughterhouse where heads are cut off. The film follows the slow burning attraction between Maria and Endre, two lonely workers both handicapped — physically and mentally — who cannot connect in the real world of the abattoir only in their dreams.

Over the course of almost two hours the journey of the lovers looses some of its bizarre eccentricity that in the first half is marked by hilarious side plots with a company psychiatrist analyzing the workers sex life. Shocked, disgusted or amused — like me — by the tongue and cheek Hungarian humor? The plot is full of shocking surprises, weird turns, incredible funny twists that can not be explained but must be seen — it kept me glued to the screen. How often have Cannes and the Academy agreed on the same film? The film begins with a glimpse into the love life of a happy couple, Marina and Orlando who is about double her age.

He suddenly dies and then her trouble begins. We find out that he has left wife and family for Marina, a trans woman whose mourning for her lost love is hindered at every turn by his family, by the institutions she has to deal with in order to assert her right as his companion and lover.

A straight-forward story that focuses on the compassionate performance of Daniela Vega, herself a transgender woman whose portrait of Marina is at once defiant and noble, heartbreaking and somber. How did she meet him? How did his family react when they first found out about the affair? What happened to Iceland? Even in the winter so many tourists from all over the western and eastern world. Too many for the Icelanders to take care of so they opened their doors to guest workers, mainly from Poland.

Young, friendly people who speak fluent English, get paid much better than in Poland and can stay as long as they want. Next stop: Reykjavik. Our airbnb was as expensive as what I rent out in SF, only smaller. The food was more expensive and eating out much more.

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But we visited the happiest people in the world — it was worth it. The city has about , inhabitants, the whole island about double of that.

The poetry corner - Vol. 2

There are many more sheep and puffins but they are only around in the summer. Our road trip south took us to the well known tourist spots — the Strokkur geyser that unexpectedly spits hot water high up in the air, in the winter you can only see steam rising to the ahs and ohs of the many tourists ready for the photo op.

"perlen" English translation Glitzernde Tränen - Gedichte von Bella Jantz (Neue Edition) ( German Edition) eBook: Bella Jantz, Isabella Jantz: Kindle Store. See details and download book: Review Ebook Glitzernde Tränen Gedichte Von Bella Jantz Neue Edition German Edition Chm B00f8njqwm By Bella Jantz.

The breath taking Gullfoss waterfall nearby broke its path through snow and ice. In Vik at the southern coast we stayed at an airbnb by the church. It was Sunday, terrible weather but that did not prevent the villagers to walk up the steep hill in wind and rain without umbrellas. The church was warm and with a room to change into Sunday clothes.

But just the moss appeared through the mist. Our reward at night, a dinner at the best restaurant in Vik perhaps the only one that had delicious Skyr — cheesecake — so light and smooth, worth to return just for that. Driving on snowy roads is no fun. A sleepy, small village outside of Selfoss, with greenhouses everywhere lit up like Christmas decoration, hot springs, hiking trails and pools, great to visit again when the snow is gone.

And if you go in the winter make sure to book only places with hour cancelation policy, severe weather can surprise you suddenly. Here it is the dolomites where a drama between mother, son, and boyfriend unfolds with nature stepping in as major player. Long shots of foggy, snowy mountains that seem to swallow up our protagonists create a stunning poetic landscape that stayed with me — in contrast to the story that had an adverse effect on me, a divorced mother of two.

He still cares, calling constantly, and he should not be replaced, says the mother. Hinged on this contrived plot line of love and guilt the little boy is carrying a burden that seems too hard for him to , albeit in three languages. In the end Zabeil moves into melodramatic territory that only Fehling knows how to cope with. Egon Schiele died in at the age of 28 three days after his 6 months pregnant wife. The work Schiele is most known for depicts the body of women, his sister, models, lovers, his wife, in naked, erotic, pornographic, twisted, disturbing poses.

Wally never saw him again. I wish this image had been shown longer on screen. It will open on January 12 in San Francisco. Akin builds the plot around the NSU murder- trial in Munich where a number of young terrorists belonging to that extreme-right group and were acquitted of murder.

The film starts with a bomb explosion in Berlin and then follows Katja, the woman who lost her husband and young son in the attack by neo-Nazis. During the trial in act two we find out more about the young couple that planted the bomb, but the focus remains on the victim, her anger when she is confronted with the perpetrators, her outrage when she hears the acquittal.

The judge made the right decision, said a lawyer friend, there was not enough prove beyond a reasonable doubt. In the third act we follow Katja to Greece where she confronts the perpetrators and their accomplices and decides to build and explode the same kind of bomb that killed her husband and son.

Is this a thriller with a jolt of political relevance? Or a psychogram of a terrorist victim?

Rowohlt Bildmonographien: Marlene Dietrich (Rowohlts Monographien)

It won several Golden Globes — very disappointing. Donnerstag, der September , Ich war gespannt. Erstmal wird die Serie auf Sky, einem Privatsender, gezeigt, dann auch auf ARD und, so wurde von Produzenten und Geldgebern versichert, die Superserie wird in der ganzen Welt zu sehen sein — dann sicher auch in San Francisco.

Darauf freu ich mich. One week or km on the Via Podensis in France was a short introduction to the Camino of more than km that ends in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The first night in a youth hostel like room with bunk beds and a snoring neighbor was forgotten when we sat down for an unusual breakfast with yoghurt, cereal, cheese and cold cuts — enough to pack a lunch. A stunning first dining room with view see photo was a big surprise — we had expected a simple hostel.

Lentils the specialty of the auvergne with sausage made of the happy cattle, most delicious cheeses served with red wine, of course, and tarte aux pommes, set the standard for the next 6 days that could only be surpassed by boeuf and veau raised at the farms where we stayed a few times. I thought it was for all of us and ate it with gusto.

A faux pas, but I enjoyed the salad! Soaked and cold I made it to the next village and swore to buy good rain gear — but there was no store, just a church and a few farm houses built around and no people in the streets, no children, just dogs watching us. Most of them were a mix of border collies, smart, loyal see photo with farmer Martin herding sheep, cows, cats — beautiful dogs. I would have taken the black one photo with me but he decided to follow a randonneur dog. Yes, some people took their dogs on the long hike, some pushed shopping carts over the hills or tested the ground with magic sticks to find the best resting place.

Kannst du mein Monster halten — ansonsten Raus. I think you can hear it there in the next room Do you hear it breathing do you hear it scratching on the wall? Can you hold my monster Can you hold my monster Can you hold my monster Can you can you? A voracious fire warms up his limbs His breath burns his look is dead and cold My monster is blind it stamps down everything If it breaks free then maybe will you call out Stop? Do you see the sharp claws?

Do you see the teeth? Do you hear the rumbling deep in his stomach? I can see your legs shaking — Just to mention it — If I notice it my monster will notice it too. Can you hold my monster — can you stand it? Can you hold my monster — if not Leave. Lassen sie uns durch lassen sie uns durch wir sind Arzt Lassen sie uns durch lassen sie uns durch lassen sie uns durch durch durch.

Willkommen in der Zeit Helden sind bereit seid ihr soweit Heldenzeit Heldenzeit seid ihr soweit Wir kommen um die anderen Helden abzumelden. Spiel verloren kahl geschoren totgepierced und neugeboren - und von vorn. Willkommen in der Zeit Helden sind bereit seid ihr soweit Heldenzeit Heldenzeit seid ihr soweit…. Let us pass let us pass we are doctor Let us pass let us pass let us pass pass pass Welcome in the time are you all set are you all set Time of heroes time of heroes are you all set… Welcome in the time heroes are ready are you all set Time of heroes time of heroes are you all set.

Do I always have to have to everything that I can One hand carries the world and the other one offers drinks? I can with every ten feet in twenty doors And with the eleventh in the nose Perform ballets But if I could do as I can I would not want anything at all But I know that everyone has to want something —. Do I always have to have to everything that I can One hand in the stars And the other one in the ass of the man in front?

This is the country of the bordered impossibilities We can ride horses without legs backwards We can dilate everything that is too narrow with the percussion drill We can be happy and nevertheless lead consolidated companies. Place yourself next to me here at the window And look out into the night Can you see the moon has built a binocular With which he looks into our bedroom at night Who would have thought of that That the moon is doing that.

The night is only about you She wants to be with you even at daytime The night is only about you And you fell asleep, though. The night is only about you… And when you sigh the world will fall apart Motors stutter every traffic light turns red You did not even wake up Because of the heartthrob of the night The night is only about you.

Vielleicht ist es wirklich nur ein Jahr Aber ich will niemals fragen wo ich war Wo war ich als das wahr war Ich will da sein Wenn die Zeit einfriert Ich will da sein Wenn sie explodiert Und wenn sich dabei mein Verstand verliert Ich will da sein Wenn es passiert. One lightning stroke only for me And the ones who are with me Those who doubt now do not see clear No matter how much of this the time will take Those who blink have not been there.

Maybe it is really just one year But I never want to ask where I have been Where have I been as this was true. Hier Unten tanzt glitzernd der Staub Wir sinken selig und taub stumm wartend und leise ziehen die Schatten engere Kreise.

Between two questions In the gap between two days Stayed Nothing to stay No complaints to lament and I Took the cart And fell on my knees before it I said:. Me and the cart And the swarm of bees in the gastric And the road that was to be beaten We got along but Two days ago The cart fell on its knees. Me and my gastric And the head in my collar went On blindly carried by two feet Which say nothing Except:.

And not even m away from the gate A boom sounded and a male choir sang Then there was silence and inbetween and before The break gave me new ideas above my station And I. I think this might have played a role when she wrote the lyrics because the whole song is about record labels and the abuse of music! Pimp Stop! Pimp keep out of my love Out of my love. You send out my love Out on the street In pants which are clinging too much In cheap poses It has to do its rounds Go with the customers And we have to understand This is the coldest trade —.

You send out my love Out on the street To go for you It has to sell itself It has to go with everyone A little ride Is a big step for The coldest trade Of the world. You send my songs Out on the street In pants which are clinging too much In cheap poses They have to do their rounds Go with the customers And we have to understand It is the coldest trade —. You send my songs Out on the street To go for you They have to sell themselves They have to go with everyone A little ride Is a big step For the coldest trade Of the world. Darf ich das behalten Ich geb alles her Darf ich das behalten Ich brauche nichts mehr Darf ich das behalten Ich brauche nichts mehr als das Ich brauche nichts mehr als das Ich brauche nichts mehr.

Please can I keep this You can Keep my old dreams You can Administer them like you want to Have the world in your power But take your cold hands From my hand. You see it does not find the path I speak its langue I Run behind it and then It runs behind me and I Keep it safe in my hand Sleep until the morning With my back against the wall. Ich muss nicht heulen Ich kenne den Mond Nicht erst seit heute. Ich muss nicht jagen Das Jagen lasse ich dir Und deiner Meute. Am I not angry enough for you And your folks?

Aber es war doch Liebe auf den ersten Blick, sagst du Schon der zweite Blick war schon nicht mehr ganz so schick, sagst du, Aber wo ein Wille ist, ist immer auch ein Trick, Und darum haut ihr euch jetzt jeden Morgen eure Augen dick — geht auseinander. But you are attached to each other You fasten yourself onto each other Want to change you Hang each other, hang the Other one — break up.

Put on something — Girl The one who is able to do s. Wir gehen nicht, aber wenn wir gehen, dann gehen wir in Scheiben Entschuldigung, aber ich sagte: wir sind gekommen um zu bleiben. Gekommen um zu bleiben Wir gehen nicht mehr weg Gekommen um zu bleiben Wie ein perfekter Fleck Gekommen um zu bleiben Wir gehen nicht mehr weg Ist dieser Fleck erst in der Hose ist er nicht mehr raus zu reiben Entschuldigung, ich glaub Wir sind gekommen um zu bleiben. Mut kommt vor dem Fall. Diese Geister singen schief und sind nicht einfach auszutreiben Entschuldigung, ich sagte: Wir sind gekommen um zu bleiben.

Wir gehen gehen nicht, aber wenn wir gehen, dann gehen wir in Scheiben Entschuldigung, ich sagte Wir sind gekommen um zu bleiben. The end is near now, please face you final curtain. Figuratively it means s. No idea]. It is crazy how you remain silent How you bend your good-looking head And this way give the whole loud world and me The cold shoulder.

Your silence is your tent You put it in the middle of the world Tighten the laces and marvel Dumb when A girl stumbles over them at night. Oooh that was hard…]. In my blood the endorphines Are forming bubbles When behind your silent Eyes of a hare the thoughts are racing. Ich bleibe nicht ruhig aber Ich kann es lernen Dann lass ich dich gehen Irgendwann Ohne mich zu entfernen. I will practise my whole life to love you like I want to love you when you leave. I will practise my whole life I want you to understand I will practise my whole life To love you like I want to love you When you leave.

Turn in a circle until the day is fading And you hope in the end that the night Will still take you. Give it to me I can hold it Give it to me I can hold it If you still want it later You get it back Then everything is as it was before. And I find you on the ground, you let fly Clay pidgeons Your gun alone must weigh ten tons. Your glances scoff from sleepy lids All the does shyly cast down their brown doe eyes And you creep along on furry paws This smirk of a carnivore should be forbidden Why do you carry this little bit of an ass so confidently through the world How can you be so sure that this appeals to me.

Imagine You would have no fear anymore Of anything or anyone Never ever Alone. If no one is with you And you think that no one searches for you And you have maybe already booked the journey to the next world And all the lies put you over the edge. If spring arrives And your soul burns You wake up at night from your dreams And there is no one who sleeps at yours And the one whom you are waiting for Abandons you.

Well sone Caro! I finally started an english WSH site at www. Nice page. You probably already know, but it may help you with your translations. You can have a look at it here e. I think stomach fits better. The given trnaslation is too direct. Well, these a just a few notes for that particular song, I will now continue my search for a romanji text of the japanese version. I really really need the lyrics for Ich freu mich fur dich and htere is umlauts over the u in fur, aber my problem is that i cannot find them and i need them really bad.

Dass ich nicht du sein kann scheint jedem klar zu sein Wir sind verschieden ist der Unterschied auch klein Ist der Manager kleinlich komme ich doch wahrscheinlich in keine Boygroup rein. Pop star one thing keeps me awake One thing keeps on troubling me Pop star do I want to fuck you Or do I prefer to be you Pop star if I want to have real good dreams I close you eyes. Es tut mir leid nein, du brauchst mir nicht die Nase zu tupfen du denkst jetzt, ich sei traurig aber ich hab nur Schnupfen.

Du bist meine beste Freundin, sagte ich. Ich will nicht mehr Schwulen-Mutti sein! Sowieso sind deine Kleider mir alle viel zu klein. Meine beste Freundin will immer nur mein Bestes. Er will jeden Schwarm als aller erstes sehn. My best friend is so good-looking If we go out on the street together Everyone just stares at these legs And I feel null Just as important as the dachshund on the lead.

perlen - English translation in English - Langenscheidt dictionary German-English

Nevertheless I walked and was standing at the water in the sand Anxious whether the sea looked over to me. Very nice, very helpful. In general, these translations nicely capture the ideas of the songs, although with some odd translations of the individual words. I have the same problem trying to translate songs into German: they come out in stunted Hochdeutsch.

Thanks for your feedback, Haf and Dwayne. Finally someone did it! If anyone else has got something to add, feel free to do it! Between two questions In the gap between two days there was nothing left to say No complaints to lament and I Took the car And fell on my knees before HIM! Haltet die Ohren steif und knabbert weiter an Judiths Texten! If there are any problems you can can send an email. Nick, the world of German music is tricky. And you can go in many directions from Wir Sind Helden. In the young kiddie genre you could try Madsen or Hund am Strand. Or go for bands like Sportfreunde Stiller or Virginia Jetzt!

How would I go about posting the translations when I finish them? Feel free to add the lyrics and your translations here. Follow the Markdown link below the comment form to see how you can format text properly line breaks, italics…. And if things go wrong I can still try to fix them later on. Wir haben gesagt wir wolln riskieren uns im Feuer zu verliern Lieber als nie was zu riskieren und uns dann doch zu verliern ohne Grund Ich werd den Kompass wohl verschenken Werd das Rettungsboot versenken Lieber als nur dran zu denken liebe ich mich an dir wund.

We said we were going to risk losing each other in the fire Rather than never take our chances, and then still lose each other without a reason I suppose I will give my compass away, send my rescue boat to the bottom Rather than just think about it, I will love you until I am sore. I want the love of my life and at the same time something less serious I would like a man who does the dirty work and two for the finer things The fourth brings me flowers, number five the money Is my world getting to small? Hi, I just thought that I should let you know that the lyrics to Aurelie in Kamikazefliege are a little different to those in Die Reklamation.

By the way, the new menu for Kamikazefliege looks great. All right, Adam. Thanks for your translations so far. I have to admit I just nicked the cover art from last. I think I mentioned something about them in my first post. I got introduced to Wir Sind Helden by a German friend earlier this year. Ive been checking them out on youtube. Even though I dont have a clue what the lyrics mean, as my German is zero, there songs are really cool. And, the video for Guten Tag, brilliant, its so funny, funny funny funny. I love the comic book look for the video. Anyway, any sign of Wir Sind Helden coming to Dublin????

Probably not, as no one knows them here in Ireland. However, i am spreading the word, slowly but surely. Thanks for your contribution Christine.

"sparkling mineral water" translation into German

In this mood of mind I betook myself to the mathematics and the branches of study appertaining to that science as being built upon secure foundations, and so worthy of my consideration. These are my enticements, and they are sufficient to conquer all fear of danger or death and to induce me to commence this laborious voyage with the joy a child feels when he embarks in a little boat, with his holiday mates, on an expedition of discovery up his native river. I had determined at one time that the memory of these evils should die with me, but you have won me to alter my determination. Send email. Breslauer, the director, fell out entirely, and Bettauer later refused to acknowledge any connection between the film and his book. All that had so long engaged my attention suddenly grew despicable.

I put a link in the list at the the top pointing to your translation along with the other one. Judith plays with this proverb as she does so often. She uses the literal meaning of the proverb in in the second sentence: if you have to fall on your mouth, fall on my mouth while doing so so: kiss me!

It also fits the pattern of the original Deutsch. Was sind sechzig Jahre? Was ist so lustig? Was ist so lustig an Liebe und Frieden? Hello there! I had to look up a few words in a very good online dictionary dict. Work, my friend That becomes work he has to work to explain the work. So anyway, What the sheep does with the grass No work? What you do with the sheep later? No work. Generally what you do in the grass? No work, ah yep. We sing: Without work life would be empty dreary, deserted, boring So I sing tired my little ode Go to work!

And the lilies in the field have: No work, yeah but- They have no end, no Jens? He has work, hm… And if the world has no tilled fields? In spite of that, work. And if someone screams at the tent in the morning? He has work. A dog has work? Yes, the dog has work. We sing: Without work, life would be empty So I sing tired my little ode Without work, life would be empty So I sing tired my little ode Go to work!

Go and 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and: You are Prussia! One and two and one and two and one and two and: ready Go to work! Go and 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and: end. And he who rolls the stone down the mountain He has work, yep Who lifts up his leg to frolic around the mountain No work. No, the dog does work Ah, yes. Whoever builds a house, plants a tree He has work, that is clear But he who looks out of the house, who dances around the tree He does work..

They know exactly who you are — you are someone to us They say it like it is — Nobody knows you well enough And sure enough you are such and such a person — such and such! Just like you were, just like you are — is that you, must you be that? Do you hold it small?

Dubliners (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition)

Unsuccessfully Do you hold it far or keep it close? Attention, it moves! Are you coming with me? Tell me, do you want what you see Or do you see what you want What it wants Tell me, do you want in, do you hold steps Or is your footstep too feeble? Reject it or cover it up See what a lightning strike creates. There is a fatalism and bitter aceptance in the lyrics, and it is amongst the most poigniant of WSH songs. How you would be? Du gehst K. Hi there!

First off: Awesome page you got here. Sie wissen genau, wer du bist - Du bist uns so einer Sie sagen es so, wie es ist - So gut kennt dich keiner. Und zwar bist du vom Wesen so und so - So und so! So irgendwie! Namely your nature is like that and that - That and that! Somehow like that! When they understand you, it makes them happy - Someone like that never changes. So und so warst du schon immer - Genau so, nur kleiner Im Alter wird so was nur schlimmer - Genau so, nur alleiner.

Wie gut, wenn man geliebt wird, wie man ist - So und so, und so allein! So wie du warst, so wie du bist - Bist das du, musst du das sein? How nice if you get loved as you are - Like that and that, and so lonely! As you were, as you are - Is that you, do you have to be that?

Die Freunde sind froh, alles klar, du bist so und so Auf Arbeit: alle froh, alles klar, du bist so und so. Zuhause: alle froh, alles klar, du bist so und so Und du gehst k. Also means that you finally understood which nature that person possesses. The injured shall be the medics The last shall be the first Accept it: The meek shall inherit the earth The injured shall be the medics The last shall be the first The first accept it as the last ones: The geek shall inherit the earth. At least it still serves the purpose of understanding the song.

The competition The competition never sleeps The competition The competition never sleeps. Da zieht wer links an dir vorbei Sag, was macht das mit dir? Dem ist dein Pfeifen einerlei Sag was macht das mit dir? One for all. Just in case the wording confuses you. If anyone knows where I can get Kamikazefliege I would appreciated it very much. Ive looked every where so any info would be appreciated. So many so much? Each of the fragments Reflect the light. So many kaputt, But between the flames, Between ashes and rubble, Was something good.

Dein Vater ist kaputt aber du bist es nicht Zerbeult und verbogen und vielleicht nicht ganz dicht Aber irgendwo darunter bist du seltsam o. Your father is kaputt, But you are not. Bruised and bent, And perhaps not in one piece, But somewhere beneath all that, you are strangely okay, Almost intact, under everything that is woeful. I know you want help. I know you grieve yourself. I know you want to run away. I know you are ashamed. It is okay - everyone should flee who can, When if?

So viel kaputt aber so vieles nicht … [Refrain, So many so much? Your mother is kaputt, But you are not. You wear the same bandages, Layer upon layer, But somewhere beneath, you already healed, long ago. For far too long, you have held your wounds open. I know you want to run away, But you could never do that. Es ist okay - jeder soll helfen der kann Wenn du die Scherben aufhebst zieh dir Handschuhe an. It is okay - everyone should help who can, When if? You have found it, And you must carry wear? Endlich ein Grund zur Panik Endlich ein Grund, los!

At last, a reason to panic. At last, a reason, go - Panic!