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Living the Island Life: Sziget Festival Beyond the Bands
Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Music festival on the shapes island file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Music festival on the shapes island book. Happy reading Music festival on the shapes island Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Music festival on the shapes island at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Music festival on the shapes island Pocket Guide. Unlike other mega-sized music events, where people are abandoned to their own devices until big name bands start hitting the stage in the afternoon, Sziget makes an effort to bring day-long programming, enjoyment, and even education into the festival experience.


At its best moments, on the Island of Freedom, you can find culture, community, and downright silly fun, all of which make the festival into something more than a simple transactional experience of paying for a wristband to see bands. Without a doubt, The Luminarium Pentalum is one of the most unusual sights of Sziget.

While from the exterior it appears to be just a series of inflatable buildings, once inside you quickly appreciate it for what it is: an square-meter inflatable sculpture that transports you to a world far away from Sziget Festival, Budapest, or really any place on earth that you could readily imagine. While at first glance the inflated structures give off the appearance of circus tents, the inside is a sea of colors and geometric shapes. Since cooperation with the festival began, more than 8 million people have gotten the opportunity to take part in this truly unique experience.

Summer is outdoor music festival time in Germany. From world music to hip-hop and head-banging to folk and reggae, there's something for everybody — even concerts on an island in a lake! Apart from the obvious tent and sleeping bag, one item on your festival packing list should be an umbrella. But don't bring just any umbrella — the funkier the better. Make it animal shaped and attach some lights and glitter.

You can pop it up high in the air while on the dance floor, which gets the crowd excited and serves the more practical purpose of helping your friends spot you in the crowd. No German festival experience is complete without the right accessories. This means channeling your inner child and stocking up on bubbles, glitter guns, confetti, face paint, wigs and costumes.

Especially at hippie and hipster festivals like Fusion, Nation and Melt! So we've established that German festival-goers like to hold up various things on the dance floor — from animal shaped umbrellas to bubble guns. A particularly popular thing to hold aloft are homemade signs, such as the one above saying "Endlich normale Leute," meaning "finally normal people. Bringing a water canister to a festival can be very useful. Getting fresh water can be a pain — the line is long and the walk there is far — so you won't want to only fill up a bottle or two once you made it.

Having a container full of water helps you wash your dirty camping dishes, brush your teeth and stay hydrated. Plus you can use it as a shower and skip the long lines there as well. One thing you should always carry with you at any festival is hand sanitizer. You do the math: thousands of intoxicated festival-goers, only a few dozen Portaloos and a severe lack of soap and running water.

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As Coachella opens for its 20th year, Arwa Haider looks at a history of musical communion — and what future events might be like. Une erreur a eu lieu lors de l'envoi de votre message. Pay a visit to: The Venetian castle of Querini family, dating from 13th century. The view from the medieval castle built in the location of ancient Tilos that stands imposingly at the top of the hill will certainly take your breath away. Interested in history? This is the Secret Solstice festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, which takes place annually when the country experiences hour daylight. It can be a little confusing!

It doesn't help the smell, but at least you'll be able to clean your hands with a bit of hand sanitizer. As much as we'd like to think summer in Germany is one long sunny season, well, it's not.


Chances are it will rain; probably quite a lot. So don't be fooled and bring only your flip-flops, because they'll get stuck in the mud faster than a lightning bolt in a summer thunderstorm. Rubber boots are a must, as they will make you feel invincible and even allow for some puddle dancing.

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And gumboots aren't the only item you need to defy the rain. Packing a poncho is always a good idea as well. It's lightweight, fits into a small bag and will brighten up your day — or night — once the rain sets in. It's an unwritten rule that at festivals you'll end up losing track of your friends, no matter how many meeting points you arrange. Most festival grounds are huge and there's hardly any cell phone reception, making it almost impossible to find them again.

So you'll need to get creative. One good solution: walkie-talkies, so you can buzz your buddies anytime. Got it? Ok, over and out. Making your way back "home" to your tent after a long night of partying can be a difficult task, but finding your tent amidst the thousands of similar looking tents can make it even harder. So before you mistakenly climb into someone else's tent, possibly giving someone a heart attack, mark your camping spot with an original flag.

That way, it's easier for your friends to find you as well. While at a German hipster festival you might just want to go retro and bring a disposable camera. It won't just impress the hipsters but it will also prevent you from losing or breaking a proper one.

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Plus, you'll only have 24 shots, so you'll be able to fully experience the moment. And once the festival is over, you'll be able to pick up your pictures and relive your happy festival memories. Organizers are ecstatic about the weather forecast for the festival dates: sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine. On their website, they say that in 12 years of Ruhrpott Rodeo, never once has the festival drowned in rain.

In Cologne, also in western Germany, Summerjam is one of the country's biggest reggae and dancehall festivals. Headliners for its 33rd year are Gentleman, one of Germany's best known reggage artists, and the rapper Marteria. Unlike in past years, concertgoers can now buy tickets to individual concerts along with day passes. Headliners there: Casper, Cro and J. The popular festival is actually sold out, but organizers are raffling off what they call Golden Festival Tickets. There are many festivals in Germany. The biggest open-air music festival is Rock am Ring. Meanwhile, heavy metal fans eagerly await the first weekend in August, when the small village of Wacken hosts the world's biggest heavy-metal party - the Wacken Open Air festival.

Europe's caring festival: Roskilde is organized by volunteers with all profits given to charities. The festival organizers make a point of booking young artists who are just becoming popular pictured: First Aid Kit, as well as mega-stars like the Rolling Stones or Sir Paul McCartney. Lake Geneva provides the backdrop for the world's most famous jazz festival.

It will be held this year for the 52nd time, from June 29 until July They are also known as Levendes, a nickname they got from the pirates. They are followed by the robbers, who grab the local girls, forcing them to join in, dancing and celebrating, until dawn. The feast of Panagia Argokiliotissa attracts pilgrims from all around the island and the minor. Kinidaros : Panigyri festival in honor of Agia Irene.

Agios Thaleleos : Panigyri festival in honor of Agios Thaleleos that includes outdoor dancing, local instruments and free meal.

Croatia's best music festivals

Apeiranthos : May wreaths fuel the bonfires of Agios Ioannis. Melanes : The big panigyri festival of Agioi Apostoloi, that lasts for three days. Potamia : Panigyri festival in honor of Agia Kyriaki. Agios Prokopios : Panigyri festival in honor of Agios Prokopios, with music and dancing. Chora : Panigyri festival in honor of Agios Nikodimos, one of the biggest of the island, with dancing and live music performed by local groups.

Koronos : Panigyri festival in honor of Agia Marina. Agia Anna : Panigyri festival in honor of Agia Anna, with music and dancing.