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Lauo, the Kapampangan mythical dragon, the moon eating the giant serpent. SpellTexter Jaimee is ready for action with her mystical creature totem Sanduguan Comics has been updated for the New Year!!! Read them for FREE!!! Playing around The Man From Atlantis.

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The Avenging Son! Lovers In The Wind Narra, The Elemental Warrior Princess narra sanduguan sandugo drawing sketch artofnerp. November Creeps 20 Amalanhig from Visayan mythology, are Aswangs who failed to transfer their curse and rose from their graves to kill humans by biting their necks novembercreeps amanlahig vampire sanduguan sandugo sketch drawing artofnerp.

Catulunan can communicate with spirits. This priest is assisted by the spirit of an Arcabuceros de Pampanga warrior Uplai have been gifted the ability to turn into mist, and enters the body of their prey killing them from within Ukluban have been gifted by Apung Sinukuan to control alti lightning through their fingers Pandai priest have the mystical ability to shape alti lightning into kalis swords to kill or exorcise demons Native kapampangan priestess who communicates with the dead by means of possession November Creeps 14 Binangonan, a Kapampangan vampiric creatures who can suck the blood of children even from a distance causing them.

November Creeps 13 Lakanbini, spirit goddess of the rice plant. Born from the tears of Apung Sinukuan. Consort of Tala, the Morning Star. With their union came the first rice. November Creeps 12 Asuang on the prowl November Creeps 10 Supremo loves to fry Creeps. May lightning strikes you!

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November Creeps 05 These are not creeps, but they fight creeps. These are members of the strikeforce of the various ancient orders of priests known as the Church of Sinoquan November Creeps 04 Narra versus a Mangcucutud. Kapampangan Old Spirits that resides on coconut trees, that appears as beautiful women who can detached their heads and limbs to kill their opponent or prey November Creeps 01 Aswang on the prowl Inktober 31 The sorrow of Inang Laya Inktober 30 One blood.

One race.

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One nation. For independence Inktober 29 Be careful of the calculating mind of Maestro Dimasalang Inktober 27 Graceful dance by Sora Inktober 26 Baltazar of Katipunan morphing into a. Inktober 24 Bato, The Agimat Warrior enjoying his arobu and banging nasi Inktober 23 Want mangoe One Blood. One Race.

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One Nation. Imgrum Toggle navigation. This bag features Bulan, the gay Visayan moon deity who fell in love with the god of death, Sidapa. Here's a finished artwork of the philipines mythology duo: Libulan and Sidapa. Still practicing on making clean lineworks but this would do : such a unique piece of mythology and a romantic one at that kind of reminds me loosely of hades and Persephone in a way. Wip of two Philippine mythological figures: Sidapa and Libulan. It looks a bit aztec-ish sorry :' A warm up before i could start drawing the pages of the storybook.

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Currently researching on malaysian's folklore for the book. Will post the finished sketch later.

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I've been listening to a spanish artist by the name of Rosalia while sketching the design for this. Y'all should listen to Di Mi Nombre Cap.

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Brusko Challenge is here! Soon, he saw that the other gods were equally as in love with the moons, and tried his best to outshine them. Wip of two Philippine mythological figures: Sidapa and Libulan. He looked up to the night and saw the seven moons siblings dancing in the sky. He asked the birds to sing his love to the moons. History of the Filipino People.

It's amazing. Realized I never properly drew this buff boy, only quick comparison sketches with his other form.. Now to iterate on the design hahaha. He's based off Sidapa, A Visayan god of death depending on the version of the story, there are so many versions which makes the design process a little more free.

Inktober Day 8 Lights Sidapa welcoming Bulan home by asking the forest to light up the mountain with fireflies and create a path. I was happy to discover that quite a few gods in Philippine pantheon are queer. My lineart illustration of Sidapa from Philippine Mythology.

I'm gonna color this in the future and then draw him together with his beloved Bulan. Madjaas, where he watches the seven moons every night. As he watches them play and dance, he slowly falls in the love with them. Soon, he saw that the other gods were equally as in love with the moons, and tried his best to outshine them.

He asked the birds to sing his love to the moons. He ordered the fireflies to light a path, so that the moon gods could find their way to him. One night, the boy moon god, Bulan, came down from the heavens to see Sidapa.

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There, Sidapa showered the boy with praises and gifts to express his endearment. Another night, the moon eating dragon, Bakunawa, who also loved the moons, rose up from the sea. Sidapa then picked up Bulan and carried him away to safety before Bakunawa could eat him. From then on, it is said that they live on top of Mt. Madjaas, as lovers. Bulan, one of the seven moon deities and Sidapa the God of Death It is said they lived together as lovers on top of Mt.

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And im glad that I can finally share with you guys a project I've been planning for a while: a comic based on Philippine mythology! More specifically: the romance of Sidapa and Bulan. This is a project for school, which is the only reason why I have time to do it lol. It's due March, estimated to be 6 chapters and pages long.

Its very ambitious. But I've always wanted to make comics, and this will be such a great learning experience for me. Hope yall are as excited for it as I am. Tbh I wasn't confident enough to post this since full body compositions aren't my best and I realized I didn't put any effort in the fireflies lol yes they're supposed to be fireflies, not just random glowing orbs. But I'm trying to be more confident in the stuff i draw!

And since I drew the moon god, I thought his boyfriend needs to be posted here too. This is Sidapa the god of death sending fireflies to his crush, Bulan.

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The moon god, Bulan. I fell in love with nekokonut22 's designs and just wanted to draw this precious moon boy! Sidapa Bicolano and Visayan God of death Wanted to practice with something dark again , my friend labyehaaa has gotten me hooked on Philippine Mythology. Enter "Sandugo Black"! The Sandugo team mystical counterpart banded together to combat and eradicate demonic threats.

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The team was initially assembled by Bato to face a threat from the otherworld.