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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Secret In Marrying A Jamaican Man file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Secret In Marrying A Jamaican Man book. Happy reading Secret In Marrying A Jamaican Man Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Secret In Marrying A Jamaican Man at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Secret In Marrying A Jamaican Man Pocket Guide. You need to be take responsibility for how you evaluate and accept these men into your lives. You need to make better choices. Feb 18, Rating OMG. Am i in trouble too? I need help. I met a jamaican boy almost 2 years ago, we are together since one year and a half. I really don't know what to do and what to think. At the beginning of our relationship he didnt ask for money now he does and for everything phone credit, food, medecines he even asked me to buy a new phone for him, He even told me that i should help him to buy a box for his internet connection instead of buying credits everytime.

He needs money for everything. If it's not for food it's for medecines if not it's for this and for that and if i can't give it he starts gettin mad and talk to me in a dry way until i give the money. At times i got the feeling that he loves me. At times no. I am totally lost i don't even know if he is loyal or not. I go to see him in Jamaica. He told me that he is supposed to be the one to travel to come to see me, he is not supposed to ask me for money and that he don't want me to think that he is using me.

He says that he loves me a lot, in Jamaica he can't work so he might leave abroad, he says anywhere i want but he really need to leave and that i am the one to help him. He also said that he is scared of the fact that i can leave because he is always asking for money, because he don't work, because i always come and i could be fed up, and because i am not living with him. He said that he wanna marry me even in Jamaica but he don't wanna lose me. To be honest, i am lost and i don't know what to do.

Recently he start talking about a visa At times i wanna help him at times no Jan 19, Rating Seriously? I met a Jamaican guy 17 years my junior. We have good conversations we laugh and just enjoy each others company. If it appears too good to be true, it probably is. The guy I talk to in Jamaica loses his head sometimes and gets dreamy, I let him but I always stay grounded. Dec 15, Rating I beat a Jamaican man at his own game by: Anonymous I met Charles in on holiday in Jamaica, he had a good job, with the police constabulary and I even spoke to his boss on Skype as he said he wanted to marry me, we were due to get married in and I flew down as he told me he had spoken to the Pastor, and made the arrangements, firstly he kept asking me for money.

He had asked me to bring down a cell phone and iPad for him, I also bought ties and a shaver which he gladly received. I found out about the other women, when I saw one of his 3 phones, with texts from girls. I got out of the house we were staying in, and got to a hotel. I asked for my stuff back which he refused to give me, I flew back home and contacted his boss at work and told him everything he had done, he was ordered to send everything via post, which he did, he then sent me a email to say I bought those items in London for next to nothing, I told him I would send his emails to his boss never heard from him again, I am now happily married and expecting a baby.

I won. I stand by that statement. If someone is an asshole, it's because they're an asshole. My ex is an asshole. Possible psychopath. I want to share my story one day once I find an appropriate platform. It is emotional, painful, scarring, and ends hilariously for me. He is Jamaican, I am Canadian. I read a lot of these comments and can relate to some parts for sure. I am thankful to have gotten out when I did, and I am disgusted with who I now know him to be. Even after everything, it hasn't made me think I hate Jamaican men, I am just disgusted with who he chose to be. To women who have had a horrible, unimaginable experience with a Jamaican man, I am sorry for what you've had to go through.

I've been there. Just remember your worth, see the signs, the red flags, the changes in behaviour, and know you deserve better. It isn't impossible to fall in love with a Jamaican man who is genuine, but don't be afraid to admit to yourself when you know it's not. Then I called him to confirm it and evidently he showed he had a problem with it but seems to be the type to do it on the side. I just feel uneasy. Dec 09, Rating My personal experience and view by: Just me What brought me here are my own feelings about "my man". I'm simply not sure. He has many female friends all of which supposedly know about me which I always found somewhat comforting.

Well, now I'm not so sure since what I'm reading here means they don't seem to care as long as they get money from him. I have read some lines of his conversations with one of them and she just texts: "I need money" not a question to borrow or a please or anything. More like an understanding between them that all she has to do is demand.

She has a child but supposedly not his. He has never asked for money but since he didn't have a job when we met I paid for everything.

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Now he works and that seemingly has triggered some of his " friends" to expect him to give them money. I do love him and I gave up a lot to come here to JA. I know all his family and none of his friends. I do believe cheating, honesty and reliability are valued a lot less here than elsewhere. Maybe it's the poverty, maybe the music lyrics that makes the unthinkable acceptable. I know that for a fact. His mother and grand love me. But is it genuine or because they see a better future for him with me? I'm simply not sure of his love anymore. I was warned but I trusted him until I found out he's been having sex chats with someone else online over quite some time including the time of my first visit.

I don't know what to do. My heart is heavy and my trust is damaged. Good luck to everyone out there. I wish you all the best. Nov 30, Rating You need to love yourself first by: Anonymous I'm American, met him while he was on a visa in Maine, working at a resort in Ogunquit,I'm from around there. Thought he was so loving Told me how he wanted to marry me and he loved me from the very very bottom of his heart. Lies straight to your face and would never admit it, does not respect a good woman, hence why he brags he's never been married but has kids!!

I could go on and on, but he won't change at nearly 50!! He seems interested in a new life but he needs to fix himself first, sex, money, all games. He went back home to Jamaica now. Please fix yourself, women are not the answer for your happiness. Hope you grow up Paul and be true to yourself and don't hurt any more women. God please guide him. Sep 29, Rating I just met a Jamaican man and this article is quite disturbing by: Anonymous I'm from and live in the US and I just met a man from Jamaica less than a week ago n he's very charming and all the sex is great but as everyone else is saying "something is just not right" he already is telling me he loves me had me talk in the phone with his family in Jamaica and everything and is talking about marriage and kids.

Needless to say I'm not one to Move so quickly to even jump into a relationship less lone marriage and if u ask me how fast he's trying to move is a definite red flag. He just left my house a lil while ago to go to "work" but needless to say after reading this I don't think I'll be seeing him again. My friends were warning me to stay has far away has possible, even my best friend stopped talking to me and said I was crazy..

I met him in October in Canada, fell in Love right away with his charm. November he left to go back in Jamaica St-Anns for 5 months, we spoke on the phone every day , he made me talk to his hole family too even his kids, everyone knew me. So many lies has come up recently, I found out he his married back home, and somehow his wife found my number and tried to call me, not to tell me to leave her man alone but she tried to be friends with me Everything is coming out, lies after lies.

After reading all of your stories I dont want nothing to do with him.. I am done with him. These are my thoughts based on experienced Let me just say, It is interesting and somewhat sad to read that many Jamaicans condone, excuse this cruel, non-human like behavior displayed by many Jamaican Men.

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It's no secret that Jamaican men don't have the best reputation when it comes to dating. Rumor has it that they're misogynistic, controlling and. To learn more about marrying in Jamaica, contact the Jamaican Embassy. Every country has its own laws that apply to its citizens marrying a person from a .. The stunning acre property is home to secret coves, private beaches, tropical.

Many people in Jamaica turn a blinds eye by stating that there are cheating men all over the world What is the likely hood that you will meet a honest hardworking , non-cheating Jamaican man.??? Whether he lives way up in the hills, in the country or right there on Negril Beach Chances of finding this type of man is very very slim. Epecially if you are from foreign Just an opportunity for sex and lots of money Deceit is very much a part of their culture The majority of Jamaicans believe that all foreign women come to Jamaica to chase men down Actually they are not!

Too much bravado Well its not for me Not every woman come there looking for a Jamaican man.. Some people who come to Jamaica for holiday are looking for fun This description is called the Love Scam It goes something like this Then when he feels that you are hooked Or he is so in love with you that he wants to marry you For example A man name Paublo from Negril presented himself as honest, kind, god-fearing rasta.. Actually, he turned out to be the biggest con artist that you will ever want to meet Do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth..

So after years of being lied to and deceived you decide to discuss it with him Do not expect an apology or any type of remorse Absolutely no admission of guilt Most likely, he will become aggressive and attack you like an wild alley cat Please do not feel sorry for their hard luck stories, there will be plenty And when they start asking for money, that is you cue to start running and keep running.

All family friends coworkers are aware of the scam but will not tell you. But one thing for sure, you are playing a very dangerous, risky and expensive game when trying to date a Jamaican man.. Because chances are very high that you will lose Aug 17, Rating Stop believing lies! They have no conscience, it's almost inhumane Met a Jamaican man now 5 years living together.

Here in the states. He is an alcoholic functioning with a good job. I myself have a good job own my own home. He has to take off constantly working on power lines. He is the biggest liar I have ever met. Never will admit to any off he wrong doing. Has cheated so many times it's unreal. I keep finding out more and more stuff.

I don't mean to judge I'm not God but I can tell you I have been through hell and back. As of today I'm done with this life. Found out he is with strippers sexually. Plus other side kicks. He will never admit to been caught almost red handed. I don't want to end up with aids or anything. I deserve better. Never ever will I go through this again. I should have known all his friends have side kicks married or not. It's so sad. Little dose he realize he has lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

Are you kidding me. I'm a great woman that will eventually meet Mr wright. Cause he is Mr wrong. Thank God I have finally woken up to his lies. Good luck ladies. Everything that I am reading here is very true. I find it extremely sad and hurtful. I agree, they have lots of women. The family and their friends know. The more you go back you will notice how they surround you with their friends. It is for a reason. If you do think you are different, go for at least 2 weeks or more so you can really see what is going on.

Don't waste your time and your heart. You have feelings most men there do not. Save yourself the time and the pain. That being said, while I was out with my husband many white women were throwing themselves at these men. Jul 30, Rating This one was horrendous , but my new one is much improved by: Anonymous Omg. I met a guy from Ocho Rios. While on my vacation. A while back now. He claimed he was faithful to me. But I caught him out in so many lies. He had multiple relationships with women. I found out when from my family and friends that had seen him out with other women, that he was cheating, on all of us, with each other.

I'm not sure how many women he had on the go, but he had lots. He never called me by my name. Always "babes" probably, so he didn't confuse himself and mess up. Of course when I ended it, he called me every name under the sun. He was the most horrendous person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. I think he believed his own lies. It has made weary of meeting Jamaican men. Having said that I met a lovely Jamaican man , here in Canada. I'm taking it real slow but he it the absolute opposite of the one I met in Jamaica.

Jul 28, Rating Beware of Jamaican Men!! I fell head over hills in love with him after dating him for about a year. We got married. I got pregnant. While I was pregnant another woman started calling my home. She told me that she was his fiance, and that he was going to divorce me and marry her. The woman eventually started coming to my home without my permission. She did this for several weeks until I threatened to call the police on her.

I was afraid for my life. I did not end the marriage right away because he told me that was a liar and that she was jealous of me. So, we worked on the marriage. A few years later he abandoned our relationship, and moved to New York. He immediately got another woman pregnant and asked her to marry him. However, we were not yet divorced. I was going to file for the divorce; however, he decided to file because he thought this would help him to avoid paying me alimony or child support.

The judge granted the divorce; however, she ordered him to pay child support. He then had the nerve to ask if he could come back to live with me. So, I told him no. He is very angry that he has to make child support payments. I also found out that he fathered another child while he was living here with me. That child is now going on nine years old. I should have walked away from the marriage as soon as the first woman started calling my phone and coming to my home.

I let him sweet talk me and I listened to his lies. It cost me years of heartache and pain. I am glad that I am out such a horrible relationship. I have now moved on with me life. However, my neighbor is currently involved in a relationship with a Jamaican man. They have one daughter together. She wires his family money in Jamaica, and she even sends clothes and other items from the US to Jamaica to his family. He only stays with her on Monday- Thursday. Friday-Saturday he claims to be working out of town in another city. I even spent time with his family without him.

Little did I know he had multiple affairs with almost everyone and his family even knew - some were family friends!

Women Beware – by American Retiree in Jamaica

And all of the women including myself helped him financially gain in some way be it money, food, cars. He had multiple relationships, he got another woman pregnant, was married to someone, all while dating me. They are extremely manipulative and will use anything they can against you. Don't be fooled by his American 'twang' accent. Purely put on to lull tourists into a false sense of security. He will charm you , tell you he loves etc. He did that to me many times, meanwhile telling me he was faithful to me, then I found out he wasn't. I met him while on vacation. He had women all over the island from Ocho rios, Montego Bay to Negril!!

Many were returning tourists from around the world.. Do not be fooled he is a predator, what's more he refuses to use condoms. I was devastated when I found out he had so many women from everywhere. He claimed he was a recording artists, but in fact he was a 'Rent-a-Dread'! He on every social media, daily his cellphone would ring with women calling him! Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Hangout etc. He always had some hard luck story and often asked for money, which he spent on cannabis.

When he didn't get it he would get aggressive and swear at me and call me such degrading names. He was a nasty individual. Please be careful in Jamaica, of course not every man is like him. Unfortunately, there are many like him. So please be on your guard as you don't want to be left alone with a child! Fortunately for me, after my awfully, traumatic experiences with this lying and cheating individual, I am now happily married with my Canadian husband! He is called Bjorn Fox , from Ocho Rios. He has many aliases Don B, Don Bizzle. You have been warned.

Thus, all of my relationships have been with Jamaican-Canadian men. Honest to god, I have never met a shady one. They work circles around white guys and are very dedicated to their families. I have never met one that wanted anything from me but loving times and affection. So, perhaps it is just the socioeconomic conditions in Jamaican that brings out the less than best qualities -- that can happen to anyone.

The Jamaican men I know are decent and awesome. Jun 25, Rating Jamaican Men are the Best! I love Jamaican men and my very best relationships have been with Jamaicans. I am polyamorous so I think it is perfectly normal to love more than one person so i do not mind if my guy has another woman as I usually have two men. None of that matters because when i am with a Jamaican man I am the center of his attention: I feel sexy, beautiful and loved and they always say the right thing.

Bar none they are the best lovers; huge stamina and built to play. They are the only men I bother with. Jun 06, Rating I understand your Pain, but we ain't all bad by: Anonymous I've being reading all your comments coming all the way down. I'm a Young man that lives in Jamaica most of my life and I don't share the same ideology like those awful set of men you described. My core values are very much different. There is good and bad everywhere people may go but the important thing is to identify them and don't be deceived.

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Look deeper into things before getting deeply involved my mom thought me that with them. Oh and about the many women aspect I for one don't because its not healthy and it causes a lot of trouble and I rather live peacefully. Apr 20, Rating Don't be seduced by: Anonymous I can tell you first hand that these Jamaican men are taught to seduce you to make a better life for themselves and their families. I have been married to a Jamaican man that I met in Jamaica almost 20 years ago.

He worked at a hotel where I was staying for a couple weeks on vacation. I was in my early 20s and looking for true love. He was very kind and happy go lucky. He made my vacation the best time of my life.

Don’t Believe the Hype

He took me out while I was there almost every night and introduced me to his family. A year later he moved to the United States for a job opportunity. Over that year between my trip and his move to the US we talked daily. I admit I fell hard for him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. While visiting him in the US, he asked me to marry him. He was on a work program and would be returning to Jamaica soon. I accepted his proposal and we moved in together and got married the following year.

The first three years of our marriage were incredible. He cooked dinner for me every day, helped with laundry and chores and made me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Sometime during the fourth year, things started to change. He became mean and verbally abusive. We kept trying to work through things for the sake of our child, who is now an adult. I later found out that he had been seeing several other women in the states and had even gotten two of his coworkers pregnant.

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He has been the biggest mistake of my life. I am in the process of divorcing him, but the challenge of walking away from him without him getting many of my assets is unreal. He wants to take everything. He is not the person I met and fell in love with. In fact on visits back to Jamaica in the early years, he had a totally different persona.

He would put on Jamaican paraphernalia and become an arrogant jerk. He left me at a hotel, while he went out and had a good time. I wish that I had left him the first time that I found out that he was a liar and cheater. Don't be fooled by the family being really involved in church. That is part of the culture. Just as much as the acceptance of cheating and begging for money is. Trust me Jamaican men are very seductive and romantic.

This is all part of their training to get you to become their lifelong meal tickets. This is why many of them work in the hotel industry. Us women who come there to visit for vacations are easy prey, especially when we are young and single. Do yourself a favor and do not get involved with a Jamaican man from Jamaica or those that are born and raised in the US. It is unfortunate that the culture and the history of being impoverished or from impoverished families is deeply in imbedded in the Jamaican's sense of self and thus they are looking for a hand out, through lies and deception.

I am not a bitter person, but I am cautious and I want to help others avoid the pain that I have in the world for the past 15 years. I regret staying with this man for the sake of our child, because it has really affected our child's relationship with us as well. Our child hates him and is angry with me for staying with him.

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Our child found out about his infidelities and wanted me to leave. I have no kids, I am working, I am studying and I know how to treat a women. I was raised by a women and around lots of female cousins. Therefore, I have too much respect for women. Then again, you have other Jamaican men with multiple women and baby mothers giving us the good ones a bad name, now all women putting us in the same category. Feb 20, Rating Hail d I by: Anonymous Poverty long eye their culture n abuse of women permits this low immoral behaviour, pass far.

Jul 07, Rating taking no side by: Mack Reading through all the comments makes me sad, as I found this to be true. By the way, its a two way street as women do this to men too. A lesson well learned by some while a fantasy come through for others. Jun 30, Rating you get what you chose, live with your choices, don't be bitter. No man is perfect, but a lot of the men I know are good decent guys with upstanding values, but truth be told most of you women would not give them the time of day as they are not gonna tell you what you want to hear but will tell you the uncomfortable truth.

As for me you all can keep your visas and money I earn my own and have always done so. I love women that's my only sin so I respect care and do my best to be tender. I am a realist who is very frank, so as for the guys who are not into games, who hardly get the time of day we will look on shake our heads and just say its how it is. Some advise, if you have felt unattractive all your life and you suddenly find a guy on a beach in Negril that immediately finds you irresistible and you decide to give it up enjoy the moment but understand it may just be a moment not a life time, dont be bitter for a choice you made.

Jun 29, Rating Please wait for the truth. A for over 20 years, and got tricked by two women, almost lost my life, and got venereal disease, I'm not angry anymore. Too often foreign women come's to Jamaica looking for a rent a dread,and they get what they asked for paid sex, women you help to make them what they are, no good, conniving, worthless wretches, just hold out a bit longer until you find the truth, quit jumping into the bed with them, and opening your purses until you know the truth. May 18, Rating Yes the younger ones do. Yes always finding excuse not to have sex with me. I got rid of him cancel the paper.

It is where you are meeting these men, if you meet them in the club what do you expect, you are going to get a clubber. They are going there to play because they know that there are women who goes there to catch a man. There are good good one woman man in Jamaican , they are already taken. Let the mothers introduce you. Christian mothers that is. Be careful you don't appear desperate, you will get used. So unfortunately because they really done have to be so evil and and heartless to treat women as a using tool for money.

I am sorry but I don't believe one has to be so cruel to emotional wreck a woman's heart for money. But in the end We reap what we sow. Ando Jamaican remember you have daughters and sons to that can be hurt like you hurt and or use foreign women. Jan 13, Rating Run and don't look back by: Anonymous First let me say this is a depiction of the men I have encountered not all are the same but the few make it hard for the ones whom are truly sincere!!!!!!!

Let me tell u from 3 years experience,these Negril Jamaica men are the worse They are the most roaming,conniving,calculated liars I've ever met No they don't love you,no they don't adore you and yes they have 4 more like u in rotation on flights coming from US,Canada,UK All of these Coins depict the face of a Jamaican National Hero.

To make a direct call to Canada from Jamaica, you need to follow the international dialling format given below. The dialling format is the same when calling Canada mobile or land line from Jamaica. Area code - There are 18 area codes in Canada. The area code is the first three digits of your telephone number. Knowing the time difference between the country from which you are calling and the recipient's country will ensure that you are not making untimely calls. The time difference between Canada and Jamaica depends on the time zone you are calling.

Jamaica time zone is 5 hours behind GMT. Since Jamaica does not observe Daylight-Saving Time the time difference changes depending on whether Canada is experiencing Daylight Savings or not. In the summer time you need to add an hour when calculating time difference in Canada. From , clocks following the new North American standard for Daylight Saving Time are to be turned forward by one hour on the second Sunday in March and turned back on the first Sunday of November.

View Larger Map. An experienced officer is always available to respond to emergency calls from anywhere in the world.

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You can also phone the numbers above and follow the recorded instructions to reach the Emergency Operations Centre. For emergency assistance after hours, call the Canadian office in your area and follow the instructions. The emergency services offered vary depending on the nature of the emergency. The emergency services offered by the embassy falls under the following categories:. Weddings are a very important event in Jamaican culture and Tradition. Wedding ceremonies are large, extravagant celebrations in which many friends and family members participate.

Although many old-time Jamaican wedding customs are not being practised to a large extent nowadays, there are still a few that have stood the test of time and are being practised.

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Though nowadays many Jamaican couples mostly rely on wedding planners and coordinators to organize their wedding ceremonies, in the past it was the responsibility of the members of the village or community at large in which the couple lived. Literally the entire community or village was involved in the ceremony whole heartedly as if the wedding ceremony was personally theirs.

To prepare for the ceremony, villagers cooked large amounts of food and baked many cakes. One unique Jamaican wedding tradition consisted of married women wearing white dresses and head ties carrying the cakes to the ceremony location on the wedding day. It was customary for everyone to remain silent during this procession and the cakes were covered with lace so the bride could not see them until after the ceremony. Traditionally, prior to a wedding ceremony, villagers played games, ate large quantities of food, and partied until daybreak.

Then they would go to their homes and get themselves ready to attend the wedding ceremony, which was typically held in the morning hours. Food that is commonly served at Jamaican weddings to this day is curried goat and rice. The goat is usually killed and cooked on the day before the wedding ceremony. Rum punch is almost always served as are champagne, wine, and spirits. Jamaican wedding cakes are very dark and are sometimes soaked for up to a year in rum so that the fruits and cake are flavourful and moist. Jamaican wedding cakes are rich pound cakes that contain fruits like currants, raisins cherries and prunes.

In traditional Jamaican culture, the wedding reception was held in a shelter constructed out of coconut boughs and decorated with tropical flowers. Jamaican wedding receptions usually started with the cutting of the cake and then there was a toast to the bride and groom, eating, singing, games, and dancing. The reception usually lasted until the afternoon hours. At the second reception, the top layer of cake was given to the minister while the second layer of cake was given to the bride and groom.

The wedding guests played traditional games at the second reception, such as when they bid on the bride and groom. The bride would collect the money after the bidding was over. Quadrille was a common dance at old-time wedding receptions in Jamaica. The type of music played in the Jamaican Wedding ceremony included banjo, fife, and guitar.

Dancing typically took place at the end of the reception. Guests gave the newlyweds gifts at the second reception. Following the festivities, the newlyweds went to rest for a week in their new home. During this time they were excused from working in the field and would receive food and advice from their visiting family members. Although most of these local wedding customs are no longer practised in Jamaica, the Jamaican people look upon them with fondness.

The couples can serve a traditional rum cake, hire a live Jamaican folk band, or organize a cake procession as was custom in old-time Jamaican weddings. These wedding customs are easy to incorporate and can make for a unique destination wedding experience. If you are a Canadian resident coming from Jamaica, you are eligible for a personal exemption, which allows you to bring a certain amount of goods into the country from Jamaica without paying any duty. Personal exemptions are based on the amount of time you have spent in Jamaica. These exemptions apply if:. However, you must have owned and possessed the gifts while in Jamaica and before you arrived in Canada.

At this instance, the requirement to have used the goods does not apply. These same conditions apply to household goods you bring in as part of a bride's trousseau from Jamaica. It is important that you meet these three requirements. For example, if you owned and possessed the goods without using them, the goods will be subjected to duty and taxes. If you have bills of sale and registration documents, they can help you prove that you meet these requirements. If you are a former resident then the six-month stipulation will be waived if you have been absent from Canada for five years or more.

You must give your list of goods to the border services officer when you arrive at your first point of entry in Canada from Jamaica even if you have no goods with you at the time. To claim free importation of your unaccompanied goods when they arrive, you will need to present your copy of this form. Goods to follow may be subject to import restrictions before you can import them.

There is also a small population of around Jews forming the Shaare Shalom Synagogue in Kingston, who describe themselves as Liberal-Conservative. The first Jews in Jamaica trace their roots back to early 15th century Spain and Portugal. It is estimated in Jamaica that Muslim population is about 5, Jamaica is one of the top countries in the world that has several Romantic Hotels and Beaches. Jamaican beaches are renowned throughout the world for their beauty, white or golden sand, blue waters that glisten under the hot Caribbean sun and the delightful views of palm trees.

Jamaica Inn is a small resort hotel located in beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Situated on what many consider to be the premier private beach in Jamaica, each of Jamaica Inn's 47 rooms and suites has a private balustraded balcony overlooking the beach and the Caribbean. Jamaica Inn has consistently been ranked one of the top resort hotels and vacation destinations in the Caribbean Since The stunning acre property is home to secret coves, private beaches, tropical forests and a singular lagoon.