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This art was often inspired by LSD and other psychedelic drugs that acted upon specific mental processes.

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Cyber Poetry. A computer programme can be designed that can write original poetry. This is based on a language modelling technique, and computer can create original poetry provided it is given some sample poetry to read. Based on the sample poetry read by the computer the cyber poetry can have different flavours. The computer programme generated and used by RK was given to read different poems by various poets. Shashay down the page. Through the lioness. Nestled in my soul. There can be other versions of poetry created by the cyber poet by providing the desired reading material for the machine.

One may well ask: is this kind of a poem real? One may as well go beyond this and ask: is poetry real? However, the reality virtual one experienced by the computer is not the same as that of a conscious living being; the nuances of life and living would be missing in that case. Whatever that be it is difficult not to appreciate the poetry written by the computer even though it is not directly based on the experience of a conscious being.

Without going into the ethics and usefulness of such machine created poetry one thing is clear; computers can be a great help to the poet by presenting innumerable patterns of word combinations thus making the job of the poet easier.

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Consider a scenario: I write a poem and give it to the computer to read. The computer then comes up with poems of its own based on my original version. I decide to make necessary changes and feed it back to the machine again to read. The machine presents another, somewhat more refined version of the original. If scientists, engineers and others can use the machines to their advantage why not poets or writers?

This discussion is primarily intended to bring forth and highlight the issue that is the theme of the essay — entangled realities in life and literature. The Possible and the Actual. Beside other aspects it often deals with possible-to-actual transformation. A rather oversimplified example of dice-throw is often taken where prior to the throw there existed six possibilities; after the throw there was one actuality. In quantum theory it may not make much sense for the case of dice but a system like a molecule or atom could be better described that way.

This is essentially due to the waviness implicit in the micro-world. Interesting situations may arise that may challenge our common sense and perception. We shall return to some such details in the coming paragraphs.


A thinking mind is often fascinated by possibility that has not been realised which also motivates poetic imagination [3]. Our minds could be a superposition of all these minds and the scenario remains dynamic. Developments in biological sciences too had their impact on human thinking that could find reflection in literature.

It will be of interest to discuss at some length the contribution of Charles Darwin, a naturalist renowned for his Evolutionary hypothesis. During his long voyages he gathered comprehensive information regarding various species and formulated his ideas on that basis. He had started with the assumption that all mankind was essentially one. The family of Darwin was among the enlightened ones with a liberal outlook. Slavery, the corner- stone of imperialism, was being vehemently criticized and in some cases had already been abolished by law.

However, the change on ground was slow to come by. The entire family stood firm on this count. Why should a man be slave to other when all mankind was one? If essentially mankind was one then the conditions as existed in different parts of the world could produce in course of time whatever differences we see between man and man including his physical features, such as colour of skin. The environment over a period of time could produce significant changes.

This understanding of the possible changes in appearance due to different conditions could then be extended to the possibility of significant changes over a period of time. Even though his guess was speculative, in its essence, it was not far from being correct. Man, the great achiever, had the same modest beginnings as the rest of the animal world. The notion of equality among humans could have pushed Darwin to look for connectedness in natural world; notion of connectedness in a complex web of relationships. In a world that was in a state of constant flux, an ever-changing scenario in the living world could have possibly led to mutability of life forms.

In Indian philosophy as also in mythology there is a notion like re-birth in the next life as different species. In the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu: fish, tortoise, swine, boar, lion-man, man and so on — some hidden acceptance of connectedness is visible indicating an intuitive understanding. However, this wider acceptance of connectedness was not always reflected in real life situations.

Whereas the implication of Darwinian concept is easy to understand there are some very intricate situations where parallel notions work in literature and science in ways that require some special effort to appreciate. It deals with an interesting feature of the quantum world, about a possibility which did not materialise being referred to as path not taken in deciding the fate of actualised possibility the path actually taken. Let us begin with a scenario:.

A man wishes to travel from place A to another place B and for this he has two different routes. He can take one of the two routes, not both of them simultaneously. Let us speculate the situation when he can travel simultaneously in both; certainly, this is not possible. However, micro-objects like electron or photon particle of light can do so as they have a wave like presence as well. If you try to find which path was taken you put a detector in its path. When detected in a detector it is always one whole unit and the interference is lost.

The interesting thing appears now: when both paths are available even though only one path is taken by the particle the interference takes place. If only one path only is available, then no interference would be possible. Interference is a special feature of waves that leads to re-distribution of probabilities of being found at given locations.

This may have implication in situations beyond science. Presence of two different paths even though only one is taken at a time is of significance; the mere presence of the other possibility can alter the outcome in a shuttle manner. If a person has different choices available even though he or she finally chooses one at a time, the mere possibility of other choices signifies a different person than the one who had no other choice. That may mean that while the road actually taken is certainly important as an actuality, the road not taken too has a role in the final outcome.

This can also be considered in the context of the possibilities that could not be realized. Between the road taken and that not taken there are innumerable shades and situations for the road less travelled. In the complex web of relationships, it is not unlikely that these notions find a reflection in psychology.

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In spectrum psychology transpersonal level of psyche has gained importance, although in almost all traditions this was highlighted by men and women of wisdom as a means to deal with existential problems. Among the answers to some of the existential queries and problems was to emphasize on the need to transcend the self, focusing mind on objects other than the self. Ken Wilber [12, 13] is known for spectrum psychology where he emphasizes the need to incorporate into the spectrum of psyche the transpersonal domain along with others; the four regions or domains of psyche thus are: the ego, the bio-social, the existential and the transpersonal.

Transcendental movements in the East and the West were essentially a reflection of the need and urge of the thinking human being to transcend the self which primarily means ego. Even more than two thousand years ago human mind could conceive of the unity in diverse life forms:.

Those who see all creatures in themselves, and themselves in all creatures, know no fear. Isha Upanishad, Verse 6 [14]. This beautiful verse points to the domain of the transpersonal. A reflection on these verses displays philosophical reflection at the deepest level. Upanishadic and Puranic literature displayed the elements of transcendence in no uncertain terms. In quantum interference referred to earlier the importance of road not taken in influencing the final outcome of a process seems to have a reflection in the verse.

Transcendental or transpersonal has, it seems, a close connection with quantum notions. Presence of the notion of transcendence in early literature was intuitive, nevertheless based on observed reality coupled with experience. Karuna compassion is a manifestation of the transcendence made simple and practicable in everyday dealings. At the end of the epic battle of Mahabharata that left a trail of destruction Lord Krishna tells Gandhari, the queen mother of the vanquished Kauravas: Every time a warrior falls on the battle field it is none other than myself. And this was undoubtedly communicated to Emerson and Thoreau during their study of Bhagwad Gita and other scriptures and was instrumental to some extent in influencing the American Transcendental Movement.

Scientific findings are not expected to favour or disfavour our notions about life, living and related concerns; they are value-free. The similarity between scientific finding and intuitive ways, if any, could be a coincidence. No one knows for sure. However, we may appreciate the drama being unfolded and the patterns that emerge in course of our cultural journey. We may, in our own interest, take a balanced view of things between intuition and reason and let things emerge in their usual course. The notion implicit in stellar evolution connects the atoms that constitute us to the interiors of stars spread over vast spaces and time.

In the theory of evolution, the connectivity with all other life forms has been a giant step in understanding ourselves and the life around. In quantum theory the role of various possibilities in influencing the outcome of actuality the possibility that is realized , comes as a gift by default. Anyway, now on to the book.

A doctor Jenna had visited the day before ends up murdered and somehow it connects back to her. Luke shows up and is investigating the same murder, in pursuit of revenge for the death of his wife and child ten years earlier. His initial plan quickly changes as he starts developing feelings for her. There are tons of exciting chase scenes and plenty of suspicion and doubt about the trustworthiness of the heroine and hero toward each other. Croft has a perfect sense of timing, never spending too much, or rushing through, any given aspect of her story.

I really felt like I got to know the main characters including the villain and their goals were realistic. The only slightly weak spot was the slight predictability with regard to how the antagonist related to Jenna. I saw that connection coming well in advance of the revelation. Between that and a slight disappointment as to how the various threads wrapped up it seemed a little too easy, the final disposition of the antagonist , I had to drop this from a 5-star rating to 4.

The illness Jenna has provides another driving force to the plot, especially as Ms. The inclusion of the Descartes Highlands on the moon, and how that related to the story was also fascinating and I feel could be a very real possibility, given how many secrets the government keeps from the general public. Anyway, great book and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves thrillers mixed with a hefty dash of romance.

Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Jan 30, Penny rated it liked it Shelves: r2r. Jenna finds herself suddenly without the medication she takes for a genetic illness when her father dies in a car accident. A letter sent on the event of his death puts Jenna in the middle of a violent world she could have never imagined. Luke has lost it all to the Conclave: a worldwide clandestine organization lead by the most powerful and rich of the planet who stop at nothing to further their own agendas.

When a lead points him to Jenna and he finds her in the middle of a murder investigation, things begin to get interesting. As Luke and his people keep unearthing secret after secret, her life seems to spin out of her control. Resilient and ultimately selfless she was a fantastic leading lady. Luke was committed to his cause, but when he realized what Jenna meant to him, his priorities diversified. He was in command, aloof and sexy.

A badass with a tender side: pure yumminess. Oct 05, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: prizes-requested , read With the death of her father, she finds herself in need of assistance. After the doctor she turns to for help ends up murdered, Jenna becomes a target. Luke is convinced that Jenna could hold the key in solving the mystery of just what exactly the plan codenamed Descartes is. Meanwhile the Conclave will stop at nothing to tie up loose ends and achieve their goals. At first I wasn't sure where the story would take us.

The book alternates point of views between both Jenna and Luke, with a few bits of other character's p. Neither of which truly know what is going on, though he does have a better idea. And the mystery they have to solve is a pretty big one, and that's before thing really turn deadly. There is so much tossed into the mystery that our heroes have to solve, and yet the author does a good job with it all. There were times early on I was questioning a few things Throughout the book you learn things about the characters. The more you learn the more you can understand their motivations and appreciate the web in which they all are connected.

I cannot say much here without spoiling things, but the author creates a very interesting cast of characters that really made the story all that much better. As the pages flew by, I did not want to put this book down. I just had to know what happened and the hows and whys of things.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "great book and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves thrillers The Descartes Legacy (Entangled Edge) by [Croft, Nina]. Read "The Descartes Legacy" by Nina Croft available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today series Entangled Edge Wicked Edge ebook by Rebecca Zanetti.

A few things were predictable but that didn't detract from the story because the author added slight twists to make them more unique. Nov 05, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: crime , illness , mystery , road-trip , romance , sci-fi , smoking-hott , strong-female-leads , thriller , entangled. It was a mix of sci-fi, mystery, crime, thriller, with a bit of hot romance thrown in for good measure.

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I don't want to give too much away of the plot as it might lead to spoilers, but it kept me guessing throughout. It was fast paced, action packed mystery, with twists and turns galore. A character is even killed off in the first chapter! I really liked the two main characters; Jenna and Luke. Jenna was an intelligent, strong, independent young woman, who could kick some serious butt. Luke was a mysterious hottie with a mission. The chemistry between the two sizzled right from the beginning.

I have to admit I wasn't all that keen on the more or less insta-love aspect of the book, but it wasn't a huge part of the book so it didn't put me off. Quite often the books I tend to read are set in the USA. I did notice a few times that the book flitted between British terminology and American terminology which I found a bit strange when the book was set in London. For example parking lot which would be car park and side walk pavement.

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I know its pretty minor. I'm hoping there is going to be a sequel. I'll definitely be adding it to my reading wish list. Oct 13, Jo Mixed Book Bag rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , netgalley , romance , science-fiction. I managed some of that, although the romance crept in hey, I like romance and just a tiny, little alien. I hope he likes it.

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Jenna Young is a great character. She is pro-active, stronger than she thinks and does not wait on others to save her. She has been taught to keep others out of her life but changes when she needs to in order to survive. I loved her reaction to all that happened and how she took control in the end. Luke Grafton is the ultimate loner, shutting everything personal out of his life. He has a single-minded goal, find and destroy the Conclave. When Jenna shows up on his radar as a way to get answers he tries to maintain his distance.

That is where the romance crept in. The Descartes Legacy is a very well written and plotted story. From start to finish the tension never lets up. Just when I though I knew what was going on a new surprise that changed everything was dropped into the action. Everything from the world building to the character development kept the story moving.

Look for an exciting finish but it only solves part of the problem. Now I have to wait for the sequel to see what happens next. Oct 01, Eva Millien rated it really liked it. This book is a very intriguing and thrilling read with a touch of science fiction. Luke spends all his time trying to take down the Conclave, the group of people responsible for the loss of his family.

Jenna was born with a genetic illness and after her father dies she is catapulted into a world of murder and terrorism. With action from beginning to end, this story is ver This book is a very intriguing and thrilling read with a touch of science fiction. With action from beginning to end, this story is very engaging with surprising twists that keep the reader guessing.

The action scenes are depicted in a well orchestrated and believable way that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The author has created a world with a well developed plot that is fast paced and entertaining with characters that have strong, captivating personalities that draw the reader deeper into the story. The story concentrates more on the conflict and suspense more than romance, but the chemistry between the Luke and Jenna is strong and undeniable and the author captures their emotions with clarity.

The ending of the book had a conclusion but it strongly suggests more to come and there was several questions and unresolved issues. I found the book to be an enjoyable read and I will be very disappointed if there is not another book. May 21, Henna rated it liked it Shelves: adult , sci-fi , romance , mystery-thriller , own-ebook-copy. Fast-paced, edgy story about a woman, Jenna, caught up something she had no idea was even possible and a man, Luke, who have been after the Conclave's blood for over decade.

At some points, The Descartes Legacy makes reader's heart beat faster and there was times when it seemed impossible for the main characters survive. The Descartes Legacy is more mystery and action packed story with und Fast-paced, edgy story about a woman, Jenna, caught up something she had no idea was even possible and a man, Luke, who have been after the Conclave's blood for over decade. The Descartes Legacy is more mystery and action packed story with underlying romance, and sci-fi themes.

There's a couple of steamy scenes and it's visible how Croft writes more romance than anything else. However, mystery and sci-fi themes didn't cause any problems for her as the story flowed forward with a firm pace. Only thing I felt lacking was Jenna and Luke's relationship's developement. Yes, they had steamy scenes and they fit together perfectly but I yearned more of those little moments they had together. It would have been nice to stop for a couple of more minutes with all that action packed and on the edge of destruction -thing going on.

I liked The Descartes Legacy but it didn't blow my mind, hence the three stars. I recommend this one especially for those who enjoys lots of action with mysteries all around but still wants a little romance and steamy couple. A copy of this ebook was provided in return for an honest review.

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Oct 13, Jo Mixed Book Bag rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , netgalley , romance , science-fiction. Thank you for the giveaway! No one knows for sure. Having dr I did notice a few times that the book flitted between British terminology and American terminology which I found a bit strange when the book was set in London. She shook off the feeling as she cleared a box of bones from one of the two chairs.

But, this was categorized as a science fiction romance, and so that's what I expected and why I picked it. Unfortunately, as a science fiction romance reader, I was left a little disappointed. The science fiction was a bit underdeveloped for my personal tastes, and it read like more of a biological or medical thriller than a science fiction for most of the book.

I would have liked the actual sci-fi part which I won't spoil to have been more of the story. Same goes for the romance. It was good, I just wished there had been a bit more of it. I would call this more a Thriller with sci-fi and romantic elements than a sci-fi romance. For the most part, the romance just kinda happens. There's no true build-up or reasoning behind it aside from a few tingles when they get near or that they are stuck in a situation together.

In other words, I didn't feel any chemistry between them. Plus, Luke's lying to her to whole time, making it all bit suspect. Overall though, it was a good read, just not what I had been hoping for since it's not really a science fiction romance like I was told it was.

Nov 18, AnnaM rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , sfrs , sfr , sfr-pubbed-in Jenna Young has a problem. She has run out of the special medication formulated by her late father to manage her disease and needs to have more made. He bequeaths her a note directing her to a Professor, but she decides to go to a friend instead. And then the crap hits the fan. Murder, mystery, aliens, and adventure ensue. Her only clue to the mystery of her life is Descartes.

Luke Grafton has been on a mission of vengeance for years. The Conclave, a group of people concerned with power, money a Jenna Young has a problem. The Conclave, a group of people concerned with power, money and world domination, have their grubby mitts in all sorts of horrors, including the murder of Luke's wife and young baby. Descartes is the key. I really enjoyed this story. Of course I'd like to hear that I'm going to find or have found Mr. Right and we're going to live Happily Ever After for ever and ever What if the fortune teller told you that you'll meet Mr.

Right, but then he'll walk off a bridge while playing Pokemon Go and you'll spend the rest of your life alone except for a monkey you trained to fetch snacks from the fridge and walk your pet iguana, Frank? I mean, having a trained monkey would actually be kind of cool, but I don't know the first thing about having a pet iguana! Jody Wallace : What is the one question you've always wanted to ask a fortune teller? First I'd check to see if the fortune teller had monkey paws.

I've heard things about asking questions or getting wishes granted by monkey paws. Then I'd probably ask for the easiest three ways to stop the apocalypse. If there's no apocalypse on the way, maybe the fortune teller will have to give me another chance. Kind of like when you order the dark chocolate cocobits milkshake and they're out of dark chocolate cocobits so you get regular chocolate instead.

The tricky thing would be if there's more than one apocalypse on the way, or if the easiest solution to the apocalypse is, "Get rid of all the humans. No, not a three way, I'm happily married person, three WAYS, in case one of them involves more death and destruction than the apocalypse itself. Fortune tellers are so tricky! But maybe one question I would like to know is…will we encounter intelligent aliens in my lifetime?

Lisa Kessler : If it hadn't been for a fortune teller, I might not have ever published a book!

I never planned on being a writer until I met a palm reader in New Orleans! I was in town for a trade show for work and while wandering around the French Quarter I decided to get my palm read. Twelve years on the prison planet Erebus makes a man long for death. The worst part for Tannin Everette is that he was framed for murder.