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What inspired Faith Hill's 'Secret of Life?'
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She has said in speeches and in her memoir that she recalls her father praying each night before bed and her mother helping out in various church ministries. According to a CNN profile , Mr. Jones brought the young people to Methodist churches in dicey sections of Chicago in order to expose them to how their peers lived, in sharp contrast to their own lives in Park Ridge. He pushed them to question their faith, once arranging a debate with an atheist about the existence of God.

He took them to Jewish synagogues to introduce them to different religions. His style ultimately did not mesh with conservative Park Ridge, and Mr. Jones left after just two years. But Mrs.

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Clinton was clearly affected, and she and Mr. Jones stayed in touch for decades after. The pair exchanged letters when Mrs. Clinton headed off to college, and Mr. When Mr. Jones died in , Mrs. Clinton said that the former youth minister, who looked to figures like Martin Luther King Jr. Though Mrs. Clinton has cited a range of spiritual figures from varying faith communities as personal inspirations, her faith journey has been profoundly Methodist, says Mike McCurry, a professor of theology at Wesley Theological Seminary and a former press secretary for President Bill Clinton.

Methodists are guided by what is known as the Wesley Quadrilateral , he said. The four pillars are Scripture, tradition, reason and experience. According to family lore, Wesley himself converted Mrs. Calling Mrs.

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In the s, Mrs. Clinton was a subscriber to motive , a now-defunct magazine published by the Methodist Student Movement. During that period, the publication was largely anti-war, pro-worker and anti-nuclear weapon, publishing essays by Methodist thinkers and activists, as well as other Christians, including Thomas Merton, O.

Clinton and her husband were married by a Methodist pastor in Arkansas, and when they moved to Washington, they attended Foundry United Methodist Church, located just a few blocks north of the White House.

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Philip Wogaman, can be described as both a theological and social progressive. In , when the Clintons were still attending Foundry, Rev. It would take more than 15 years for Mrs. Clinton to articulate her own support for gay marriage. It was during her years as first lady, one Clinton biographer argues, that Mrs. Clinton began to feel reticent about discussing her faith. The address was panned in the media, and, Ms.

Du Mez suggests, remains the reason Mrs. Clinton still shies away from publicly expressing her faith more often. Nonetheless, there have been some hints throughout the years at the kind of religiosity that informs Mrs. Clinton is said to have leaned especially hard on her faith. McCurry said. Clinton in , when they bonded over how faith informs social justice issues. He then served as a faith outreach director during her campaign, and today he sends Mrs. Clinton emails several times a week with short passages from Scripture or quotations from figures she has said she enjoys reading, including the Catholic writer Flannery O'Connor, the poet Mary Oliver and the Christian writer Jim Wallis.

Strider told America he is happy the campaign seems to be highlighting Mrs. He said he has seen Mrs.

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Once we have identified a gifting, we are to use it in service of others in the church. In the s, Mrs. Do not post personal information including phone numbers, email or mailing addresses, or credit card information belonging to you or others. Beyond The Next Mountain. No data found. The concatenation of faith and politics that has become the standard in America is historically unique, and calls for a tailored theological response.

Clinton pray backstage before and after big events, often making it a point to meet local clergy. Back in January, when an Iowa voter pressed Mrs. Clinton on her faith during a town hall event, the candidate riffed on a couple of passages from the New Testament. She then asked some rhetorical questions about the Sermon on the Mount and offered an off-the-cuff exegesis.

One of the reasons Mrs.

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Methodism claims about 7. Methodists are part of the mainline Protestant tradition, a slice of Christianity more politically liberal as a whole than their evangelical or Catholic peers. Du Mez says Mrs. Du Mez told America.

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That includes toeing the church line on the issue of abortion, says Katey Zeh, an abortion rights activist who has worked for the United Methodist Church. While Mrs. Zeh told America that Mrs. Clinton still falls squarely within the Methodist tradition on the issue. The Catholic Church, of course, is against abortion, and no matter how much she draws on her faith, Mrs. With some traditionally Republican evangelicals and Catholics pushing back against Donald. Trump, it is likely that Mrs.

It could be that her foes will continue to call her a phony when she does so. Should she decide to continue opening up about her faith on the campaign trail, Mrs. Curiously, the woman introducing Mrs. During her speech, Mrs. Clinton delivered her usual thoughts on the need to strengthen opportunities for the disadvantaged, especially women and girls, but this time through an explicit lens of faith.

Also see: A look at Donald J. Not for us to judge what is in someone else's heart. It is by action that we understand how and what people are. Mrs Clinton has enriched herself and her family while supposedly being a civil servant. Clinton condemns as deplorable those who do not see the world in her view.

She touts her bona fides for women's rights yet accepts money for the Clinton Foundation from countries that oppress women. She has admitted being for abortions at any time. She makes claim to patriotism yet is happy enough to say we as a country need not exist, we should have open borders. I do not know Mrs. Clinton, except by her actions and I find them to be venial and her moral compass to be askew. Michael J. Your source for jobs, books, retreats, and much more. Show Comments Comments are automatically closed two weeks after an article's initial publication.

See our comments policy for more. Although the Republican platform is "pro life" on abortion, Trump seems decidedly lacking in acknowledging the dignity of every life. I do not get the sense that Trump would be faithful to the Republican "prolife" platform. Therefore tho I am a Democrat for life, my conscience is telling me so far to vote for Hillary.

Since Trump and his supporters can speculate on every body's motives and character I ask this question. With Trump's acknowledgement of his own prolific promiscuity how many abortions has he paid for? Bumpy Rhodes. None that we know of. Your "conscience" tells you to vote for Hillary, who is unrepentantly for abortions?

What does your "conscience" tell you about the sanctity of life? I'm glad to see this insight finally coming out of the woodwork. Of course it's the vast right wing conspiracy's fault that Sec. Zina Lee. By whom? By the right wing? Years ago I heard Mrs. Clinton use a very Catholic expression, responding to something public and stressful.

I don't remember precisely what, but she uttered the words, "Mother of God! A very normal thing to say in Ireland. This woman can't tell the truth and taken millions in bribes.

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She's a criminal. Don't cover for her or promote her.

She will only bring America grief. Charles Clock.

She already has, ask the Benghazi mothers. Hiding under one's religiosity is the mantra of the left wing, excusing their disrespect for fellow human beings because of "social justice", "fairness", "equality", "civil rights" or some other sanctimonious morality that covers their worship of secular power and the godhead of the state. Eight hostile investigations have found nothing to charge her with. Guilty until proven innocent, I suppose. Hillary Clinton, private faith, what a joke. God tells us in Matt …14You are the light of the world.

A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. If you are a believer why would you hide it from the world, Jesus tells us in His word to spread the gospel. Hillary and Donald Trump are related: The Donald and Hillary are 19th cousins, according to genealogy experts. America will fall know matter who you vote for and whoever wins. They are against God.

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Matthew You can quote Bible verses all day long, and there will always be another verse to prove you wrong. Someone should tell the author of this piece that the word "religiosity" has a negative connotation. Sign up for the Happy Life subscription today! Get more encouragement! Drenda and her husband Gary founded Faith Life Now, a ministry designed to spread the message of freedom in the areas of finances, faith, marriage and family. By Drenda Keesee.

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By your word, a person will know your heart. Your mouth is a powerful weapon. Be mindful. Be on guard. Be aware of the words that are coming out of your mouth. Think about this… When you open your mouth to speak, God is speaking through you, if you let Him! Contact Drenda. Recent Posts. Hello world! March 26, You Can June 4,