Eternal Vows - Book 1 (The Ruby Ring Saga)

Chrissy Peebles
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Sarah Larker returns to visit a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. While in the cave, she walks through a portal and is soon mistaken for a princess on the run from a dangerous immortal, medieval king. Her plan is bold as well as daring - become this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home. Then, find her sister and get out as fast as she can.

However, assuming the identity of Princess Gloria brings dangerous consequences, and slipping on the ruby ring comes at an even higher price. What made the experience of listening to Eternal Vows the most enjoyable? Yes, it was. I enjoyed every last bit of it. Any additional comments? The whole concept of the story, being transported to another dimension, marrying a king and trying to find lost sister, made it just exciting. Great adventure from the beginning to the end. I would definitely recommend and will also buy next books in series.

What did you like best about Eternal Vows? What did you like least? Well, this book has a very simple plot. It's funny on certain moments, and ends up being a good distraction. This was my first time, anda I like it. However, her books are the kind I read only one time, and is enough for me. What did you like about the performance?

What did you dislike? The narrators' job was great. I have no request about it. Could you see Eternal Vows being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be? Maybe a series, but with only 2 seasons Although I had a good time with this book, I do not intend to know the rest of the series.

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This is the type and lvro that I read only once and gets forgotten on the shelf I don't really know what to say. I can't believe I haven't listened to this story until now. I really enjoyed the three audiobooks of The Zombie Chronicles that Chrissy Peebles wrote but this story surpassed those.

This was like Colleen Houck's Tiger Curse series but more realistic in ways.

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Sexy view spoiler [ I loved how in a moment of desperation to live life in case they died and with the attraction between them and the romantic lake scene, they consummated their relationship bringing them closer to each other as husband and wife hide spoiler ] By the time they had gone though all the events that they had to go through in order to survive and how their relationship progressed- I found myself very anxious about weather or not Sarah would choose to step through the portal and go home as if it were me trying to make that decision- and if an author can pull you in that much then they are doing something right. What are you up to anyway? Preview Your Review. Why was the king so adamant that Sarah was lying about not being the princess? Quotes from Eternal Vows. Amazing read!

I think this story is movie material. I would vote to get it made into a movie. I would help the campaign. This is my favorite audio of and it's a new year, as of right now it's my favorite story of in this genre. This story is magical, adventurous, and it blew my mind. I love this story and I'm ready to download the second audio, Eternal Destiny right now.

This story is so much more than a 5 star rating, and it's definitely worth being turned into a movie. Loved it and this one is so worth the purchase. Narrator, Marian Hussey did a wonderful job with her performance of Eternal Vows. She kept me immersed in this story from the very beginning all the way to the end. I was hooked, glued, and I listened to it straight thru until it was finished.

Marian did a great job distinguishing accents and voices of each character. She breathed life into this story and I felt as if I was there with them all watching the story as it played out. Chrissy picked a narrator that is right for this series. I still will say this book is movie worthy. Overall, it surpasses that 5 stars! I really tried with this one and decided the story line is silly and the narrator sounds like someone trying to sound like one of Meg Ryan's character's in Joe vs The Volcano. That was my real victory in this book; figuring out whose voice the narrator sounded like.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not? I would, if they were into this sort of book. Has Eternal Vows turned you off from other books in this genre? Kind of, I thought it was going to be a romance and what I got was a confused 24 year old running around a country. By: Chrissy Peebles. Narrated by: Marian Hussey.

Series: The Ruby Ring , Book 1. Length: 6 hrs and 59 mins. People who bought this also bought Never Enough Time By: R. Publisher's Summary Never marry a stranger What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. No Reviews are Available. Just when they get out of one mess, they jump right in a another. It just wouldn't be believable if they got out of a scrap and it was all sunshine and roses. Chrissy has a way of unraveling a plot like a very awesome present.

I have to say book two delivered just as good as book one and I really really liked book one I was worried going in that I wouldn't be as happy with it. Another book in the series that made me an addict. Oh, I am so addicted. I'm gonna need anonymous meetings for this soon! Mar 28, Melisa Hamling rated it it was amazing. The second book in the Ruby Ring series is fantastic! I loved this series. Sarah's journey is exciting with danger lurking all around. The bond between sister's is strong, eternal even and Sarah proves just how far she'll go, not even an army of Immortals out for her head will stop her.

She has a stubborness that I love in a heroine. She's no pushover and gives King Victor a run for his Sarah doesn't realize just how loyal The second book in the Ruby Ring series is fantastic! Sarah doesn't realize just how loyal and true her Immortal king is If you're a vampire lover, then suck in some new blood and dare to be drawn into the the Immortal world of white Dec 05, Pamela rated it liked it.

So annoyed that the Cardashian Court suddenly takes on the spelling Kardashian Court suddenly in the middle of this book. Feb 16, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: ammp-challange , annoying-characters. This has two stars from me as i love the imagination. But no world building really at all i get it medieval but i'm hearing more about our world than theirs, the characters well im stumped. Sarah, who finds out her best friend shacked up with her ex immediately after they broke up wants to throw her a baby shower Victor is hopelessly in love with Sarah after knowing her less than a week.

Liz, Sarah's long lost sister now wants her to risk her life to save her father in law or she will never forg This has two stars from me as i love the imagination. Liz, Sarah's long lost sister now wants her to risk her life to save her father in law or she will never forgive her, even though the dude tried to kill Sarah. Charles who is still alive after Liz was said to have been killed, must be a way around that immortal tie i don't know about maybe they cut off her finger first, or no one really questions it and are that stupid.

No i don't i'm willing to give up everything to be a queen with a man i have known a few days. The world she though up could have been amazing but just predictable and characters unlikeable. May 01, Raquel rated it did not like it. Ya know, like "Holy Wompers, Batman!! THank You, Superman!

The plot actually stayed pretty tight which I how I was able to finish it, so well done there. I would have really liked this book if the characters didn't speak to each other at all. I was surprisingly compelled by the characters through the end of book 1 and this one was pretty highly rated or I wouldn't have bought it.

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I am afflicted with being perpetually nagged by unfinished books, even if I'm not necessarily liking them. So I read this to the end, but man did it get tough for a while there. This book is perfect is you like cheese with your cheese on your cheese. View all 3 comments. Jun 09, Jagged rated it it was ok Shelves: books-i-have. Now, I was okay with the first book to this, but this one was terrible. Extremely cheesy. Why didn't she learn how to use her talents? I mean I thought that was what should have been a big piece of the story, not just her running from the other immortals.

I felt that this book was rushed and lacked a whole lot of the creativity that was in the first book. Also the dialogue between Sarah and Victor was just bland and horrible. A shame really, this could have been a lot better. Nov 12, L. Good 2nd book in the series. I understand the author is planning a third in February Seemed pretty wrapped up. But VERY enjoyable, easy read I finished it in about half a day.

Nov 20, blissy rated it it was amazing. Amazing read! I'm really glad she finally chose Victor! Jul 23, Tara rated it liked it. The plot kept me interested but the sugary sweet sappiness made me want to gouge my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon.

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Nov 27, Michele Thompson rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-favorites. This is a really great series. Can't wait for the 3rd book to come out. I read both books in 2 days. Keep up the good work!!! Nov 27, Abigail Bass added it. This is by far the best book the ending is amazing. Before this book I have never cried before but this book did it.

It's a definite must ready :D. Nov 08, RNDK rated it it was ok. It seems like this series is going downhill fast. The characters are really shallow and unlikeable. The dialogue is very annoying. Yes, we get that the two main characters are in love, soul mates etc. Here's a snippet of what is most annoying and frequented stated every few chapters or so. Ad nauseam. Their ruby rings glowed in perfect harmony. She stared up into his amazing blue eyes.

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Jun 02, Sabrina Patterson rated it liked it Shelves: amazon. The novelty was what kept me, but the energy was a let down, as well as the ending. I started the third but never finished. The writing was so repetitive, it seemed like a good portion of the text was nothing more than filler, to get the word count high enough to count as a novel. Sep 18, Tamara rated it it was amazing. Ruby rings This is such an awesome series. As our little group explores more of this new world they don't completely understand where will our group end will they make it home safely.

Apr 05, Pat Welte rated it really liked it. This book was very entertaining with the Sasquatch and time travel into the past on another planet? It had romance, with lots of adventure with romance and fighting for your life. Helping people along the way. Also learning to live in another time and place. Dec 03, Karren rated it really liked it.

A bit predictable but I did enjoy it. Sep 07, Renae rated it liked it. Enjoyable Fun and light read, though does occasionally jump a bit which is a little odd. Doesn't take long to get back into though. Jun 11, Tawnie Clark rated it it was amazing. Good books. So far the story is an easy read engaging and exciting.

Eternal Vows Book 1 The Ruby Ring Saga

I love the way the characters developed through the two books. Sep 24, sandy conrad rated it it was amazing. Good A nicely written story about time travel with a good interaction among the characters and their families! I the story is. Nov 28, Cara rated it liked it Shelves: historical , fiction , mystery , kindle , romance , paranormal.

Book 2 picks up where the first one finished. Sarah believes that her sister is dead yet she is determined to find Princess Gloria to find out more about her sister who turns out to be view spoiler [her sister GASP like I didn't see that one coming, lol hide spoiler ]!

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They reunite with her sister's father-in-law trying to kill her so that he could kill Victor who is at war with him. Sarah has a big case of denial yet again that somehow surprises her stupidness from the first book where Victor Book 2 picks up where the first one finished. Sarah has a big case of denial yet again that somehow surprises her stupidness from the first book where Victor is concerned.

The man is a big sweetheart yet she is bound and determined to return to Earth. What the hell for? Other than her parents, and bigfoot who cares?! Sarah spends half of the book either running from Victor or trying to keep him at arms length. She voices that she could probably get the marriage annulled and then is still determined to leave him!? Stupid, foolish woman! Even her sister who she has been searching for for the last decade, she's going to leave. This is the perfect ending for me. I've read some really unfavorable reviews about book 3 and how it changes from third to first person.

I don't believe in changing the POV in the middle of a series because it changes the feel. Stick to one or the other.


Because Sarah is annoying, I'm going to end it with book two and imagine my own happy ending for them. Nov 07, Yanely Mccarty rated it liked it. After reading Eternal Vows I had to read this book. Eternal Vows left me wanting to know what would happen next. I won't say too much about the story as not to give out spoilers. I will say this, even though I only gave it a three, I did enjoy reading this book.

It has a good story line, but there were some things that annoyed me. Most of the annoying things came from Sarah, the heroine, I really hated it when she would throw in a reference to her world in the middle of something. For example, w After reading Eternal Vows I had to read this book. For example, when she reaches a village, she jokingly, sarcastically asks if there was a chance that they had Bigmacs? The romance was a little mushy at times, I don't like to hear a lot of "you've shown me a different better part of me, and I will cherish you forever.

The book had plenty of those moments. And also, at times I felt the plot was rushed. There are certain revelations that are just kind of thrown at you without much of a set up. If you read the book, you will know what I mean. But, despite those things, I still liked it, and I'm sure I will read the next, since the ending of this one doesn't really leave you hanging. It left me wondering, what's next for these two? And that's a good thing.

Jan 15, Angela demonsangel Fitzgerald rated it it was amazing Shelves: audible-audio-book , chrissy-peebles. The second story was just as wonderful as the first one. The Eternal Destiny audio by Chrissy Peebles ended perfectly and I'm excited to see where Chrissy will take me to next. This story had it all, happiness, sadness, love, and if course with love comes hate to. Not to mention is was packed with action, adventurous, mystery, intrigue, and filled with twists and turns throughout the story.

This story The second story was just as wonderful as the first one. This story is meant for the movies. I am being dead honest, I can see this series on a TV show or made into a movie. The story ended with a great ending so I'm extremely surprised that there's more to follow. I'm looking forward to listening to every audio. The narrator, Marian Hussey did a wonderful job with her performance of this audio. I felt like I was right there watching everything as it unfolded and played out.

She did a fantastic job distinguishing each character's accents. I didn't have any trouble with identifying character's as they spoke. I almost forgot to mention her animal like noises were perfect as well. Once again, Chrissy and Marian reach much farther than Jan 04, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: , favorites. I adore this series.