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En Espanol: Speaking Spanish has endeared Kobe Bryant to Latino fans
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https://www.dreamkabob.com/wp-content/mynypopyt/1877.php Debunked: No, Spain hasn't just raised the terror alert due to new threat.

The stats that explain Spain's love affair with tapas. Spanish bar bill goes viral after waitress turns tables on 'annoying' customer. Why Mallorca wants to curb cruise ships to the island. Valencia opens first ocean pool where you can watch Jaws while floating on a lilo. Expat health insurance. Seven golden rules for moving abroad with children Starting a new life abroad is daunting at any age.

Heatwave: Half of Spain on alert as mercury tops 42C The heatwave continues unabated across Spain with extreme temperature warnings issued across 32 provinces in 12 regions. How to complain about the heatwave like a true Spaniard. How to avoid heatstroke when Spain starts to sizzle. Unlimited magazines.

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How and why learning a new language messes with your old one Many people report forgetting words or phrases from their native language when they learn a second language. Brit vows to walk from Gibraltar to Westminster in protest at Brexit. Barcelona mayor reelected after beating separatist Barcelona's acting mayor Ada Colau was re-elected on Saturday, beating a Catalan separatist who had come first in municipal polls.

Madrid city hall swings to right with help of far-right. What you need to know about Spain's 'Super Sunday' results. Spain's Socialists win big in EU vote. Spain inches closer to new government as PM meets king.

Life in Spain. A survivor's guide to keeping cool during summer in the city in Spain From hitting the cinema to frolicking in a fountain: The Local gives our top tips for keeping cool in the city this summer.

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El Colacho: Is this Spain's most bizarre festival? Recipe: How to make Spain's summer classic gazpacho.

Facebook buys rights to show La Liga games in India

Twelve classic dishes to celebrate World Tapas Day. Champions League. From arrests to pickpockets: The numbers that tell the story of Liverpool and Spurs fans in Madrid. How Liverpool fans turned Madrid red. Spanish language. Spanish word of the day: 'Pasta' Today's word of the day is 'pasta' but we are not just talking about the Italian foodstuff. Spanish Word of the day: 'Hierro'. Spanish Word of the Day: Fuego. Spanish Word of the day: 'Rompedor'. Spanish word of the day: 'Postizo'. Crisis in Catalonia. Puigdemont banned from standing in EU election. Jailed Catalan leaders permitted to attend parliament opening.

UN demands release of jailed Catalan separatist leaders. Ten brilliant day trips from Madrid. Spain's Almodovar to win life award at Venice Film Festival. Portraits of an artist:'Picasso, Photographer's Gaze' opens in Barcelona. Ten top tips to avoid being pickpocketed in Spain. Spanish police issue new warnings after three tourists plummet from balconies in Balearics. Spain votes in 'second round' local, regional, EU polls Spain votes in local, regional and European elections on Sunday seen as a "second round" for acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez as he seeks to form a new government and gain influence in the EU.

Spanish parliament suspends four jailed Catalan MPs. EU vote faces new covert digital threats: report. European elections: What you need to know about the eurosceptics and populists. European elections: A beginner's guide to the vote. Madrid's bullfighting 'ritual' acclaimed and contested When the bull collapses and dies in front of the matador, silence descends on Madrid's bullfighting ring, a "ritual" that its French manager Simon Casas vigorously defends in an increasingly conflictive climate. Eight of the most outrageous rude expressions to learn in Spanish.

Debunking the myth: How true are Spanish stereotypes? Meet the woman behind Madrid's first zero-waste shop. Spanish Church defends bishop in 'gay cure' controversy. Metoo in Spain. La Manada sex attackers chased away from Seville public pool They may have been freed to walk the streets despite a conviction for sexually abusing a teenager during San Fermin festivities in Pamplona, but having fun is proving easy against the strength of public opinion against them. Why Spain needs more feminism in the classroom. Four arrested over New Year sex assault in Alicante.

MeToo in Europe: New laws on consent and catcalling. Property in Spain. Meet Madrid's anti-eviction warriors. Spain wants coffee and cigarette breaks at work to go unpaid Is working Spaniards' traditional mid-morning break at the bar under threat? Spain has second largest number of interns in EU, half of whom are over Santander wants to slash 3, jobs in Spain.

Spain launches plan to woo workers who left during crisis. Sign up now for The Local Jobs newsletter. Brits in Spain: 'We pay our taxes and we want to integrate' The Spanish Costas might have a reputation for being "Little Britain" in the sun given the number of UK nationals living there but some British residents argue the stereotype is unfair and that many Brits are well integrated in the Spanish way of life.

Meet the woman fighting to revive Spain's international reputation.

Select Spanish as a language to target fans of English pages

This horse-killing bear is causing 'lots of concern' in Spain and France. Brexit expected to be postponed again at crunch meeting of EU leaders. Swedish court jails Spanish doctor for child sex abuse. How did we get here? Over three years of political instability in Spain. Spain 'mastergate' university faces new degree giveaway claims.

Spanish school kids seek heat relief Madrid school in sexism row over knitting for girls and football for boys. Now, you can read and respond to Instagram Direct messages using the Inbox tab. I can argue that is money lost. If I was hours to write some one back, they have already started googling other options people want things immediate.

So it would be nice if I could give them the info they need immediately and close the sale. It also has a lot of errors with showing accurate likes and shares. I occasionally do give aways, and they are impossible to do with out going on a computer, if you do a like and share giveaway the app will show you people shared.

But only show you the most recent 20ish. I would be very happy with the app if they cleaned up the glitches. The design is great, execution was not. The app lacks a lot of functionality and is very glitchy.

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FACEBOOK FANS (Spanish Edition) eBook: Antonio Oscar Maldonado: dynipalo.tk: Kindle Store. Haga $ todos los días con la página de fans de Facebook (Spanish Edition) - Kindle edition by Adam C Miller. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

Example, when I view the home screen and try to scroll down, the app glitches and takes me back to the top of the page. This happens several times. Also, when I click on Followers, it only shows 1; but when I check using the computer, I see all of my followers. The app is also slow and can be cumbersome to navigate. To some degree, this is understandable however some basic capabilities would be nice to have in the app. So, these never phase out like notifications in the normal FB app but rather stay in there. Very annoying Every update seems to remove features that are needed to manage pages properly.

Now it is no longer possible to invite people to like your page if they interact with a post. Facebook will of course send you that notification telling you to invite them, but it is impossible to do it within the Pages app.

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How hard is it!? This is ridiculous.

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Sign up now for The Local Jobs newsletter. We compiled a database made up of: 97 video recordings of screen captured activity; 32 textual artefacts transcripts of comments posted on Facebook, blogs, forums, and chats ; field notes 61, words and 6 semi-structured interviews. To address this issue, we have tailored advertising strategies for a number of clients in order to effectively reach the Hispanic market, and share several tips below for how to do this on your own. A Facebook profile in an undated screenshot courtesy of the company. It is fascinating to analyse how a community of Spanish-language fans, spread all over the world, coordinates online to carry out a truly complex plurilingual, multimodal job, i. Despite the sharp increase in translations produced "by fans for fans" e. The managers use it to request permissions and, occasionally, to organise "joint projects" collaborative projects among members of two or more scanlation groups.

We are your source of revenue, Facebook. Doing it through the main Facebook app is cumbersome. The problem is that this app itself is so buggy. One of big things that they recently removed is the ability to edit a scheduled post.