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Seafield temple riot: Heads must roll
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http://sdc.ascensiondental.com/map56.php But rhetoric was not reality except in the special sense of having the capacity to affect how people understood or thought they understood what was happening.

Encephalitis deaths were preventable: Heads must roll

To be sure, the leaders of the Church of England found it irritating that some ministers refused to conform—that is, to observe all of the rules about worship. The one issue of substance concerned church and state.

In theory, Puritans wanted to temper the meaning of the royal supremacy. For them, Christ was the real head of the visible church, a principle that put limits on what the civil state could do. Yet this principle had no immediate bearing on the exercise of the royal prerogative in military and civil affairs, where Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Prasa heads must roll after latest train crash – The Citizen

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Michael P. Was not this position canvassed by PM Wickremesinghe himself in the aftermath of the October constitutional coup? One gets the general impression that the entire political responsibility for the Easter Sunday massacre is being placed at the doorstep of President Sirisena. Did they so much as even write to the President in protest?

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Was it not PM Wickremesinghe himself who appointed his first cousin Ruwan Wijewardene to the crucial position of State Minister of Defence at the inception of the yahapalana government in January ? Is the position of State Minister of Defence merely ornamental? While it is undoubtedly an unforgivable dereliction of duty for the President not to have made acting appointments when he was away from the country, does it not stand to reason that Ruwan Wijewardene as State Minister of Defence should have proactively filled the breach particularly during a time of national calamity?

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Well said. Amit there are few more confirmed facts which may be deliberately missed and I will like to add to your list. The perpetrators are well known to Rajapaksas especially GR, who had hired,employed and paid salaries as intelligence officers when he was Defence sec.

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These perpetrators are also known to MS nominated current governors East, West and Richard who have been upto now enabling their twisted motives. MS the main mastermind for getting Rajapaksas back to power, deliberately did not disclose the intelligence tip to the government or security heads.

He also obstructed law and order from performing their duties , before and soon after the tragedy. There are enough evidence showing the perpetrators in close proximity to GR, Wimal,Gomman and Muslim politicians.

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No bishop, no king. Explore the year a word first appeared. Initially they tried to do by screwing the constitution which failed and they went back to their old game plan which always have worked without failure in past. In fact, all we are hearing are vague future plans. Heads must roll. Is the position of State Minister of Defence merely ornamental? Others were available to intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The group has been functioning dating back to and There is evidence showing Muslim councils warning about the threat and pleading government to ban and take immediate action which was purposefully ignored. Now you add these to your list and then tell us who are responsible and behind these massacre. Last but not least Rajapaksas wanted to exploit this tragedy for their political gain and used MS to coordinate the timing, this is my view and I will like to see you debate if you disagree. The facts speaks for it self. Initially they tried to do by screwing the constitution which failed and they went back to their old game plan which always have worked without failure in past.

They did not want to consider this as their first option because this will invite too much of international scrutiny as we see now. Case closed buddy. Politicians of today are not intellectuals.

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A big studio is said to be involved, and it is predicted that heads will soon roll there. Note: People also say, for example, that heads should roll or heads ought to. heads will roll! definition: something that is said to mean that people will be punished for something bad that has happened. Learn more.

They belong to looting category who has no shame or responsibility. People must elect some educated honest person with integrity at the next election. This will be the best tribute to those who died in the attack. Although we have pleaded them to resign they are not willing to do that. We, the subjects of Common Wealth will be eternally grateful to you if you could tell us how to sack them?

AFCON 12222: Morocco overcome Ivory Coast to reach last 16

One more thing. If people can kindle their rusted memory you will remember the incident where BBS goons were personally lead my Gothabaya which is rare who vandalized, threatened and forcibly closed down, the unused but oldest heritage sufi worship site which is one of the few left and had original writings on the rocks and I believe Tisaranee had written an article then about the atrocities.

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Now people say the original non violent Muslims in Lanka were following Sufi based faith which was later radicalized by Wahhabism and other extreme faith, who also want to see an end to the sufi based faith. Is it because he too wanted the radicalization to take place.