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Too Late to Die Young: Nearly True Tales from a Life
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See a Problem? I read this book because it was recommended by a member of my book club. View 1 comment. Oh, and they might have carved chess sets, too. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. But you have to appreciate what and who she is, and the huge contributions and impact she has had.

From the streets of Havana, where she covers an international disability rights conference, to the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, to an auditorium at Princeton, where she defends her right to live to philosopher Peter Singer, Johnson lives a life on her own terms.

Along the way, she defies and debunks every popular assumption about disability. This unconventional memoir opens with a lyrical meditation on death and ends with a tough sermon on pleasure. In between, readers encounter the tales Johnson most enjoys telling from her own life--important tales to be told and shared and learned from; stories that matter. To read these stories can deepen everyone's humanity.

Her] rich, descriptive writing, humor, and Southern cadence make the book entertaining, thought-provoking, and meaningful. Light and funny essays lead into more contemplative ones. The stories she writes tell of a very interesting life with some incredible occurrences. That, of course, is her point.

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Johnson is not suffering, not miserable; she's here, and she's having a good, productive time. But her writing is so vibrant, so interesting, and so funny that you can't help but feel as if you're in her world, sitting beside her and hearing her story for yourself. Now a feisty middle-aged attorney and disabilities rights activist still using a wheelchair, she realizes that it is 'too late to die young' and continues the advocacy that early exposure to the 'pity approach' inspired. Her honest and engrossing memoir is full of lively vignettes that reflect her experiences as she takes on the nondisabled world with bravado, stubbornness, and a bit of Southern charm.

From her first demonstration against the MDA telethon to her celebrated debate with Peter Singer of Harvard, who has stated that killing a disabled infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person, this lady pulls no punches. An entertaining look at an activist who insists on living life her way, disability or no; strongly recommended for most collections. Indeed, folks with a sentimental attachment to 'Jerry's kids' should start at chapter one, where Johnson explains how it felt as a youngster to watch a televised 'childhood death sentence' every year.

Johnson, who was born with a congenital neuromuscular d.

Too Late to Die Young can proudly take its place among these other important books. Joan Ringelheim Director U. Request Download. Error requesting format availability.

Too Late to Die Young: Nearly True Tales from a Life

Your request has been submitted. See all on Public Lives Disabled Persons. December 4, Disabilities Treaty Emily Cadei was interviewed via Skype about the failure of the Senate vote on ratifying the United Nations disabilities….

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