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Ozark season 2: Who is Helen Pierce? Who is actress Janet McTeer?
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Community Educational Services 1 Domestic violence workshops. Populations Served expand all collapse all. So, two men. One older, one younger. And the older one, white male, dark eyes, gravelly voice? You ever seen him before? No, I No, I didn't. How much money was in the safe, do you think? Fifteen, 20 grand, or something like that. That normal? I mean, I didn't deposit it yet. From the weekend. Like, I don't know, maybe someone out on parole?

Look, I know what you're thinking. How do you know what I'm thinking if I'm just now thinking it? Ruth, you know who did this? I swear to fucking God, I don't. There you go. There you have it. We'll talk again. I promise, I didn't know he was gonna do this. I believe you. Who was that with him? Was that Wyatt? My dad dragged him into this. He's not a criminal. I'll get you your money back, every fucking penny of this.

You gotta protect him. Jesus Christ. All right. I'll be right there. Stick to your story. You mind telling me what the hell's going on? No one goes through. Well, look. I got all these workers, all this equipment. They should've been on that land three hours ago. You mind radioing Jacob, at least? Or someone who can tell me what the fuck is going on?

Hey, Darlene. He's been temporarily laid up by one of your boss' bullets. What are you talking about? Oh, poor thing. Did they not tell you that they were gonna try and kill us? Suffice to say, our little deal is dead. You best start sniffing elsewhere for your casino. I must have missed that issue of the Harvard Business Review.

I was in the middle of trying to figure out if that's even possible. I did not say it was done. The Snells poisoned my client's product. My client couldn't allow such brazen disrespect without a proportional response. We completely understand your client's need for respect. It wasn't my decision.

I wasn't even informed of it. How do we salvage this? Find a way to immediately cut the Snells out of this deal. We're not salvaging shit. Those who can, shit on others. Those who can't, clean it up. I'm not playing your fucking games anymore. You think I'm the only one over a fucking barrel? Clean up your own shit. He'll do it. If you get popped for armed robbery, they throw you away for 15 years.

Shut up, Three. And you can fucking forget about college. I don't see what the big deal is. They didn't even break and enter. There were people in a club, Three, which makes it robbery, as opposed to burglary. And Wyatt had a deadly weapon in his hands. What the fuck's the matter with you? Cade said you were in on it. How am I supposed to know?

How much money did he give you? Fuck that. I'm not giving him a fucking thing. He just promised not to rat you out, dipshit. He just got you back into school. Yeah, 'cause he feels guilty about killing my dad. Just shut the fuck up about it, okay? Just stay away from Cade, all right?

What's he supposed to do? Uncle Cade lives right there. What do you think I'm about to say? So, how much money'd Cade give you?

Five grand. This is where you give it back. Right now. I'm Gena Bracken. I'll be representing Charlotte. I'm sorry, who are you? Your daughter's attorney in her emancipation case. I've gone to the trouble of drawing up Charlotte's emancipation papers.

As soon as you and your husband sign them, Charlotte will become an emancipated minor. We can put all this behind us. Why would we do that? Well Charlotte has painted a picture for me of a deeply unstable home. One marred by marital infidelity and much, much worse. Jonah already knew. The precise details of my conversation with Charlotte are protected by privilege. They will never see the light of day, if you sign these papers. Otherwise, we will be forced to initiate legal proceedings and her statement goes into the public record.

Charlotte, do you really wanna go through with this? No, have you really thought this through? Byrde, Charlotte has asked that I speak for her. Just so we can keep the tone civil Oh, I'm sorry. Are you a member of this family? No, ma'am. Then why should I give a fuck what you think? Okay, Wendy Uh, Charlotte, how about you and I talk one-on-one? Just you and me. Come on. Two days. You have two days. What the fuck are you doing in here? Where's the fucking money?

Well, I sure as shit won't be telling you, baby girl. Come on, put it down. You ain't gonna kill your daddy. Why not? You killed yours. You're not getting my money. It's not yours, and I'm giving it back to Marty. Now, why the fuck would you be doing that?

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Because he knows you took it, and he still vouched for you with Nix. But if you want, I can call him up right now and un-vouch. Wyatt's going to college, so you can stay the fuck away from him. You act like he's Albert Einstein or some shit. He's a criminal, just like you fucking are. I already did. And now I'm taking yours. We messed up, okay? I messed up.

But we are the only family that you're ever gonna have. I'll have my own family one day. Do you trust me? Your dad?

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Trust you how? To get us out of this. Please trust me, Charlotte. It is the one promise that I can make you, that you can always trust me. And I am figuring a way out of this. You know, we're gonna make this right. We are we're flawed. And I know it's hard for kids to understand. I just need you to acknowledge that you know that I love you. That's it. That your mom and I love you more than anything in the world. Can you do that? She knows way too much.

Ozark Woman to Compete on Titan Games

There is no way we can let her emancipate. She cannot be trusted out there on her own. I mean, who knows who she'll talk to? Who she'll think she can trust? I mean, God only knows what that lawyer knows. She already knows about the affair and much, much more.

Did you hear how she said that? Like she's proud to be able to pick through the sordid details of our lives. Yeah, listen. There's nothing to fix, okay? This isn't some political scandal that you can just paper over with a press conference and a halfhearted apology. This is our family falling apart, Wendy. Well, then what do we do? We said six months. What if we leave earlier? What if we leave the second the casino is approved and the cartel leaves town?


Because we don't have the time or the cash to be able to pull that off. What if I could go to that lawyer? I could get her to drop Charlotte as a client, or maybe at least I could find out what Charlotte said to her. No, that's a terrible idea. After that little show that you pulled, she's even more likely to believe Charlotte.

Who is Helen Pierce in Ozark season 2?

School Child uncredited 1 episode, Corey Thouviner Clear your history. Various chronicles of deception, intrigue and murder in and around frozen Minnesota. High School Administrator 1 episode, Bank Veep 1 episode, Bryson Truman Father Bill 1 episode, Trust Fund Guy 1 episode, Brandon Hirsch

And if you go see her, you're gonna be just as angry as you were tonight. I wasn't angry. I was right. Do not go see her. We have enough problems. Just go talk to Wilkes and see if he's found a way around the report, and I'll try to figure out a way to force Snells' hand. These photos suggest the Navarro cartel and the KC mob might've gone in together in this casino.

It gives you the chance to bring down both at once. If the gaming commission votes no on this license, Byrde's dead to the cartel. You can swoop in, offer him a lifeline he can't refuse. And if the gaming commission votes yes, the casino has to hire a thousand workers in a few short weeks. You can easily slip in a bunch of undercover agents, gut the cartel's money-laundering apparatus and the KC mob at the same time. This casino it can be your Trojan horse. I just I'd like to request a transfer. Back to Chicago. I've got some personal stuff that's come up. I need to be closer to home. Hey, hey.

It's me. I'm gonna move home full-time. That sounds wonderful. So you know, maybe you could move in with me and we could try to Yeah. So, I need you to promise me that you will not go anywhere - until I get back. Yes, sweetie, I promise.

RED FOLEY - Never Trust a Woman (OZARK)

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