Shotguns on Review: 38 Guns Tried & Tested

An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power
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source My first choice for a bolt-action. Another one of my favorite. My first choice when adding an optical sight scope to a. My first choice for a. All of my. This is one of those subjects that I hate to even get into here and that I purposely, avoid discussing in public because it never ends well because nearly everyone has their favorite and are unwilling to consider anything else. Well, start with the. This is the top. Another excellent.

The Israeli Mossad has proven the effectiveness of the. The Beretta 70 is also carried by Israeli Sky Marshals. The keys to success with the.

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The most important consideration is to purchase the handgun that fits your hand best. Out of the Glock line up my favorite model is the Glock model 19 click here to read our full review and guide to the Glock The Glock 19 is a medium-sized 9mm handgun that is the perfect size for open carry, in a belt holster, yet small enough to be carried comfortably concealed under summer clothes.

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Another plus is that the Glock 19 has a round magazine capacity, which is comparable with other, larger and heavier 9mm handguns such as the Berretta Ballistics for this round is close to those produced by the magnums and it is a proven stopper according to both ballistic research and actual real-life use. Air rifles are often overlooked by survival planners and this is unfortunate because they have a lot to offer, with the most notable being the ability to quietly take small game out to approximately 35 yards.

The Benjamin Titan GP.

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I also have a Ruger. As with most air rifles of this type, the Titan GP has no iron sights but the rifle is grooved for mounting an optical sight. The addition of a good set of metal sights would significantly add to the overall functionality and dependability of the rifle. But as a rule, I prefer all my rifles to have the choice of iron sights, as well as scope-mounting with, see-through mounts. Gabilondo would produce 10, guns, carry out overall quality control and arrange delivery to the French authorities. As the number of pistols required increased, the company agreed to purchase any pistols in excess of the agreed number at the same contracted price.

As the French became more desperate, the procurement process spiraled out of control. Eventually Gabilondo contracted with another three companies and at least 45 other companies contracted with the French directly to produce Ruby-type pistols in a variety of calibres, barrel lengths and magazine capacities. Estimates of Gabilondo Ruby production are between , and , pistols in total. While most Gabilondo produced pistols were of good quality, others were less well made.

French officials quickly became aware that few of the Spanish Ruby-types had interchangeable magazines, and insisted the manufacturers mark the base of all magazines.

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This was to prevent the possibly fatal consequence at the front line of either not being able to insert a new magazine, or having a loaded magazine detach from the gun in action. Many Ruby-types were plagued by poor finish and incorrectly hardened steel parts which after a short period of use wore so badly that pistols fired on full-auto. On other pistols, the safety mechanism wore out. The good quality Rubies were reliable and accurate, although some users were disconcerted by the lack of a visible hammer. About , Ruby types were accepted by the French from all sources and by , about , were still serviceable and in French army stores.

Many other allied nations, and some of the new nations created after the War such as Finland and Yugoslavia also used Ruby-type pistols. Gabilondo ceased production in and switched to more advanced models, but other firms continued to produce the Ruby-type until the Great Depression wiped out many arms producers. While resembling the closely externally, the mechanism had some features carried over from the Browning model The striker was replaced with a concealed hammer, and in those models fitted with a grip safety, the Browning design was replaced with a native design patented in Spain.

The Bufalo was manufactured in 7. The Danton, introduced in to replace the Bufalo, was very similar but also available in 6. Despite being marked "War Model" and being fitted with a lanyard ring, these pistols attracted no official military sales, but were popular private-purchase and police weapons.

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Both guns were a great success, with one exporter alone shipping pistols a day to the US. Production of the Danton was stopped in The Ruby Plus Ultra was made between and It was an improved version of the earlier Ruby but had a round double-stack magazine. These features were most popular in the Asian market, and sales to both Chinese warlords and Japanese pilots are recorded. These were not purchased officially by the Japanese forces, but as private purchase weapons through the Japanese equivalent of the Army and Navy Stores. During the Spanish Civil War volunteers in the International Brigade also favoured these early high-capacity weapons.

Around Gabilondo began to make copies of the Colt in. These were simply marked with the Ruby trademark and the calibre. The Llama [5] trademark was registered in and pistols started to appear in There seems to have been a desire by Gabilondo for a clean break with the Ruby brand, given the adverse reputation that wartime Ruby-type pistols acquired the majority of which, ironically, were not even manufactured by Gabilondo. These were based on the Colt M and later the improved Colt model A1 model of , but without the grip safety.

Very early models were advertised in. The Llama IV was the first model to appear, but was not numbered until a later date. There are reports of a Llama being bought by the British in for use by the S.

The Llama I was manufactured from to and resembled a miniature copy of Colt in 7. As a locked breach was unnecessary for a pistol in this calibre, it was eliminated, as was the grip safety.

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Similar to previous Gabilondo models it had a nine-round magazine. The Llama III was introduced with a grip safety, locked breech and continued to be made until It was made in the same calibre and magazine capacity. Llama never made a Stainless Steel gun as some report them to be, they are all chrome plated either bright or Satin.

In the s, Gabilondo manufactured its pistols under the brand names "Tauler" and "Mugica" for worldwide export, mainly to the Americas and Asia. Tauler was a famous Spanish target shooter and Olympic medalist who became a gunsmith, opening a shop in Madrid and he eventually began exporting weapons.

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He had the full range of Llama pistols manufactured bearing his trademark and name, with a variety of minor improvements of his own design. Markings on the pistols were in English, suggesting he had the British Commonwealth and North American markets in mind, although in the past other firms had also used these in an attempt to mislead semi-literate customers that they were buying American made weapons. He was also an agent of the Spanish secret service , and used his connections to encourage sales to his fellow agents, government departments and police authorities.

Tauler pistols were only manufactured between and Jose Cruz Mugica was the owner of a large shotgun factory located in Eibar. In the s he contracted to export pistols to the Thai government, but after the occupation of that country by Japan he was forced to concentrate on other markets, mainly in China.

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Most of his products were Llama models marked with his own brand name. Mugica pistols were made between and , with some interruptions due to the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath. In the late s, the Spanish military began modernizing their handguns. The extensive trials continued into the s and Llama-Gabilondo proposed first, the Omni series, and then later a new model, the M Both entries were radical departures from their normal products and used the latest technology. The first Omni dispensed with the Browning style swinging link in favour of the Browning type fixed cam to lock the breech.

Apart from the method of locking the breech, other features of the pistol were highly innovative. Miroku is going through a model change at the moment so there are some good bargains to be had for very good shotguns. The gun comes up to the cheek and eye perfectly for me, and the beads line up nicely.

Of course it is a different matter when the clays and the birds are flying, and there is a cold breeze racing up your jacksie. Nonetheless this gun drops birds, whether they are clay or feathered. I arrived down at the Hawkes Bay and went out on a blustery afternoon to a mates farm to bust some clays. The farm has some nice gullies and so we set up the thrower on to of a hill and stood int he gullies to simulate driven pheasant from different angles.

Right from the get go I was slotting clays. The gun felt nice. We chewed through a box of clays, and a slab and a half of ammo breaking the gun in. I was glad I had spent that time, the day before, shooting clays, as the very first driven was sending birds over my head just like I had practiced. I nailed a few pheasants with some difficult overhead shots. This gun rocked. After several more drives I realised that this gun was worth every penny, and enabled me to drop birds from some rather awkward positions.

38 Guns Tried & Tested

The first thing you note about the MK60, pleasing looks apart, is that it feels solid between the hand but not too weighty. Seller sends within 3 days after receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. He came out with his own stopping power data around the time Marshall published Handgun Stopping Power. Search form Search. This was similar in style to the Minimax, with a matte black or satin-chrome finish and 3.