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Click on this link to learn more about my first Trump book documenting his alternative future victory over a year before it happened. Hi John. I expect you will probably get this question a lot but it is one I worry about. Will Trump get the money to finish the wall? When do you see the Wall being finished? Thank you so much for your emails. I enjoy them so much. Sincerely, Karen D. Back 13 months before he won his presidency I wrote the following passage for Trump for President: Astrological Predictions :.

Constructing the Great Wall of Trump along with the Trump Pogrom of illegals will inevitably face constitutional and human rights abuse lawsuits by armies of lawyers in suits keeping the cement mixers and the National Guard transports idle for years. I still hold to this prophecy documented and date tagged back in October with no updates.

I would only add that it could be started if Trump achieves a second term in office. Some of my answers below will bring that issue of the Elections up for commentary. Will we see the beginnings of the civil war in America predicted for ? I have foreseen this danger coming since my phone started being wiretapped after I did a show predicting on a BBC radio show that civil war could come by if Democrat and Republican gridlock should deepen into the first two decades of the new century.

Israel and the Bible: 4 Miracle Prophecies Christians Should Know About

We are already in that civil war it would seem, as if these are the final years of the s when discourse has become polarized and partisan just before the US Civil War began in The blue and the grey of the past civil war surface again as the blue and the red today. Click on this link and sample this new book about moving beyond political parties to political community.

I work towards its being peaceful but the signs are it will be violent and, like what happened in the Southern US colonies during the American, and the Royalist dominant provinces of France during the French Revolutions, there can be civil combat—civil wars waged. It looks at the parallels arising for civil war in America and what can prevent it. Hi, John, I really would like to know what you foresee for the U.

Can you update now that we are closer? Thanks for all you do! Thank you, Kathy. Greater Recession may be postponed by a favorable outcome with the Chinese over US trade disputes between now into May. This could forestall the coming economic crisis into the s but it is coming sometime at the end of and no later than I will be writing extensively about this in my long-awaited epic Predictions and Into the Roaring s.

In it we will look at momentous decisions made in that reverberate throughout the next decade. It is the most significant decade in human history and will be a reckoning on our survival as a species. Question 1 What is the maximum price that Bitcoin will reach in and which month. Q2 Will the Australian housing market have a price correction and what percentage. Bidding and trading on prices of Bitcoin in misses the more crucial point: that which ensures its evolution, its future.

I have no specific answer for either of your questions, Nick. What I give instead is future perspective. Also, I would suggest this, what fixating on the rise or fall of value for Bitcoin on the market is short-sighted. It is secondary to what ways the cryptocurrency concept in general evolves to become a more stable—and less prone to stealing—system. Supply of cryptocurrency requires a demand for security when the storm comes. The piracy will have to find balance with reality.

Confirmation bias

Yellow vests, cities? Yes, protection of the power grid and even the cloud technology-minded move to put everything we know on some intangible cloud on the World Wide Web is a recipe for some country or terrorist or criminal finding a way to EMP or pull the plug, erasing all your knowledge, your instructions how to fix things—everything. That is why the future generations are abject fools not to preserve older technologies as backups.

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You can always know when a planetary civilization is still immature when it cures rather than prevents the disasters that befall it. You will know if this human civilization is growing up when it begins protecting its ever more fragile technology interconnections with the shields against EMP attack that protects is power grids and generators.

It is not only ignoring this most important prevention but it will only do it once it has lost much of its cloud to its collective beclouded mindsets. Rather than protect it, it is going one step further, irradiating the world every feet with 5G towers and then hundreds of 5G satellites bathing the entire world with a potential cancer plague of radiation. Just slavishly submit to our mind-pushed need for faster cellphone connections will do it. What is the future of Iraq? The worst devastation happened in the second largest city of Iraq, Mosul with 2. I have written about how this would go down just when the Arab Stalingrad of Mosul began: an urban battle similar to the infamous fighting in Stalingrad between the defending Soviets and the Nazi German forces in into early In earlier articles I said the civilian death toll would climb to between 50, and , dead civilians in the crossfire, similar to the loss of civilian life in the Battle of Manila during the liberation of the Philippines from Japanese occupation by US forces in February My uncle was an army medic and he gave me first-hand stories of what happened to the hapless civilians.

I sensed this massacre in the crossfire was coming for the people of Mosul. This following documentary examines it, raw and real. Just in the center of the eastern Old City quadrant alone, upwards of 38, bodies had been recovered. Brace yourselves, this is not pretty.

Watch the ruins and recovery of bodies in Mosul Battle. UN envoy and actress Angelina Jolie filed this report of the devastation in the aftermath of the battle. It was a year later and the sweet stench of death of tens of thousands is still rising from the ruins of Mosul, mostly destroyed by Iraqi guided and also US fired air strikes.

This is why you are attacked in the past and perhaps in the future by terrorists. Watch these links. Thanks for you great questions. It goes badly. A military disaster for this new Axis of Hypocrisy and Evil could pull America and the Russian Federation and China into a thermonuclear war destroying two-thirds of the human race. After its most violent and apocalyptic beginning the war will residually limp on with the unraveling of the kingdom of animals nature, ecology and people for 25 to 27 years, at which humanity may be threatened with extinction.

That was his way to alter his future visions for the better. Make you alert when the smoke in your house in space, the Earth, is about to turn to fire. Then you put out the smoke before there is fire. I have been thinking about the at-home DNA tests, what if any dangers are there for the future and because of those are the safe to take and use. This does have one clear and present danger, that DNA testing, like the Internet, both of which could open the world to better health and human interconnectedness, will be used by this gathering of corporate fascism of the super-rich, to control people in the rising wave of global, mercantile totalitarianism.

The consumer thus becomes the product. In we come to the threshold of this crisis. Are the rumblings in the market signs of the big trouble you have seen coming. I am going to give my detailed day-by-day astrological assessment on this in my forthcoming look at the astrology of Beyond the astrology, I will finally finish an epic book of prophecies that has evolved to look into the future of the next decade starting with a look at events and issues of It is called Predictions and Into the Roaring s.

The global economy is going to be rapidly changing, undergoing a death and rebirth in the early part of the s. Do you have any insights as to whether this could possibly payout in ….. Sorry to say. The only people who prosper in those scams are the scammers drawing profit from the gullible. Will there ever be an accounting for all the tragic deaths in useless wars, shock and awe events surrounding the creation, manufacture, distribution and international money laundering raising trillions of dollars worldwide for funding black engineering programs since , and for what positive end, who will be the end users?

The evil horrific lie before us now, our accumulative worthless lives of pawns for 70 years trained to wave flags of pride while the evil ones, their forever dark eyes — smirk. There will never be a full accounting of the violence human beings inflict on each other until there is a humanity that breaks its addiction of projecting the past as its future. One has to cut this issue at its roots of programming people to become personalities and bury their unique individualism behind a personality , a person , a mask. Neither the questioner or most of you reading this are actually living your true individual being.

You are slaves of your identities and your programmed, conditioned mindsets from birth onward. Only through understanding this through a scientific exploration of your inner being will illuminate this programming and let it fall away from your true, innocent intelligence of being. It is possible to arise from this living death of personality that society has trained you to dream is life. The way I know is meditation. Meditation brings you to the eternity of the present. I love this observation from Osho. I share it with you now:. Nobody is absolutely here, because the moment you are absolutely here, you disappear and the Buddha appears in your place.

You will find yourself dispersing like a cloud; and a new image, a new golden image of pure consciousness will start arising in you, just like a mountain peak. Each silent moment is the only moment when you live. A world full of Buddhas—Awakened Ones—will end the future and all its dire potentials, bringing humanity back to this golden, eternal present. The golden age prophets ever moon about is not in the future. It is here. It is NOW. You allow it to happen letting go NOW. I call you to meditation and with your permission offer you now.

I will send an email with links and information about the techniques I use that are specially tailored for the modern human being to release your true selves. Just Contact Me at this link and put one word in the subject line: Meditation. And I will gladly give you that information. Click on this link and read what seismic events may be coming in the next 5 years. Good day Mr. Hogue, I live in Portland, Oregon.

I was wondering what you saw in relationship to the Cascadia subduction zone earthquake? Thank you. My book The Great American Eclipse: Earthquake and Tsunami laid out a theory based on past grand eclipses in history that for some mysterious reason seismic activity can increase in the next five years over earthquake-prone areas touched by the totality of the shadow of the moon.

The eclipse on 21 August emerged off the Oregon coast right over the subduction zone passing above the north central Oregonian coast just south of Portland. Because of this I sense the epicenter of a great unzipping of the plate might potentially rage at its greatest intensity off the Central Oregon Coast between August to August There are two kinds of seismic activity I proposed can happen, an eclipse and quaking of the land or an eclipse and quaking of the America economically and politically.

What it does resemble though is the Great American Eclipse of The quake struck about seven miles deep and was considered "strong" by the USGS. Major quakes start at a 7. More than 60 aftershocks struck in the hours following the quake, according to the USGS, ranging from 0. Wine country hit. At Silver Oak Winery, owner David Duncan spent the morning cleaning up hundreds of broken wine bottles that fell off the shelves. They were part of his private collection and worth hundreds of dollars. Duncan said he plans to open the winery today. The quake was the strongest to hit the Bay Area since , when a 6.

The damage from Sunday's earthquake was relatively minor compared with the buckled highways and destroyed homes that scattered the Bay area in the aftermath of the quake 25 years ago. The Northridge earthquake in Southern California was nearly as deadly -- 60 people were killed and more than 7, were injured. The USGS says 20, people were left homeless in its aftermath. CNN -- A 6.

Psychic Rose Smith Shares Her Predictions For 2019 - Studio 10

Geological Survey said. Eighty-seven patients have been treated or are being treated at Queen of the Valley Hospital following the early morning earthquake, according to the city of Napa. Three people were critically injured. She was hurt when a fireplace collapsed and was flown out of Napa for treatment elsewhere. It was the strongest earthquake to hit the Bay Area since , when a quake struck during the World Series. At least 30 water main breaks and leaks were reported, according to Napa public works director Jack Rochelle.

Water will be shut off to any damaged water main as quickly as possible, and the water that is still flowing is safe to drink, he said. The earthquake triggered six major fires, including several mobile homes that completely burned down, Callanan said. The city has turned Napa High School into a shelter for those who have lost their homes. People phoned in more than reports of gas leaks and downed power lines, according Napa city officials.

Some historic buildings in downtown Napa showed extensive damage and at least 15, customers in and around Sonoma, Napa, and Santa Rosa lost power, according to Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The USGS estimated, based on their locations, that 15, people experienced severe shaking, , people felt very strong shaking, , felt strong shaking, and , felt moderate shaking. The quake jolted downtown Napa resident Karen Lynch. There have been at least five aftershocks so far, according to the USGS, ranging from 2.

But, at magnitude 6. Nor was it as strong as the Sylmar Earthquake magnitude 6. Then again, it was a point or two stronger than the Whittier Narrows Earthquake magnitude 5. I had relatives who experienced the Whittier Earthquake first hand and, based on what they said some time ago, my guess is that yesterday's Napa Earthquake was a very harrowing experience. Indeed, tweets and comments all over the internet confirm that this earthquake was one very scary ride and not without its fair share of destruction and injuries. Clearly the Napa Earthquake is going to be another one for the history books.

I can hardly ignore this event; then again I can hardly declare this was the "Big One. In my prediction summary, I concluded there will be a quake like Northridge magnitude 6. At August , we are only five months away from the January vector for a "Big One" to strike California, likely in Los Angeles. It is also not impossible that the actual dating will conform to certain prophecies, such as those by Nostradamus, favoring a major quake happening to a US West Coast city in May thus May At the very least this is a timely wake-up call that something much bigger is going to happen in California very soon Indeed, the road ahead may be a rocky one.

Have a look at the videos concerning the 4. That was five months ago. And I only considered those as warnings or red alerts. Now we have moved up to 6. Where will we be five months from now? And five months later? Another 8. Continue or return to previous position. Modi will weather the storm, however weak that storm may be. There is a singular base 7 precedent for this prediction: the mysterious death of Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri on January 11 , , forty-nine 7 x 7 years ago.

Many believe Shastri was poisoned. As a result of his death emergency elections had to be held later in the month. Indira Gandhi emerged as the frontrunner and won the office of Prime Minister. The same scenario could play out this month or next. If Prime Minister Modi dies mysteriously or by assassination, his death will repeat an event from January The result will be emergency elections later in the month, with either Sonia Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi becoming the new Indian Prime Minister. Still, it is important to post this anyway.. Like the space shuttle Columbia on February 1 , , this will likely be another reentry accident , with the shuttle fragmenting into fiery debris.

There is also a secondary possibility that this time the catastrophe will actually occur in space. An agreement was reached a little over a week ago May 29 that the maiden flight will likely take place near the end of the year but not in September as originally planned. Virgin Galactic has signed a deal with the FAA that will formally allow them to charter space flights from their New Mexico base. It also specifies rules for how those flights will be integrated into United States airspace the place where non-space planes usually fly.

The deal is a major step for commercial space travel and puts Virgin Galactic on track to start offering flights by the end of After that, flights will be available to the masses. Well, the masses who can afford a ride.

Netherlands' Worries About a 2012 Flood

I do not believe this disaster will occur during the first shuttle flight or any commercial flights in December and January To prove the safety of the shuttle, the initial shuttle voyages should go by smoothly. It would be the planned February flight when certain celebrities are on board that disaster strikes. A gaggle of celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio have paid millions of dollars to be on Virgin Galactic's passenger list. Whomever among these celebrity astronauts is on the ill-fated voyage of SpaceShipTwo in February will likely come to a fiery end.

One problem with this enterprise by billionaire Sir Richard Branson concerns an event which occurred three years ago in August At that time lightning struck Branson's Caribbean mansion, setting it ablaze. The house was totally destroyed. This was a very "unlucky" incident to say the least; especially since 20 guests were staying at the home at the time. However, on the plus side, no one was killed or injured.

Actress Kate Winslet was one of these guests and helped save Branson's mother. But the escape by all 20 was described as "narrow. Unfortunately, there are no likely miracles to be found in space or earth's upper atmosphere if SpaceShuttleTwo explodes into a ball of fire or breaks apart into fiery debris on reentry.

In the past I have mentioned how sometimes, although not very often, the base 7 system allows an echoing of an event, usually something similar, to occur in roughly half of a seven-year period, that is to say, 42 months later, or else a rounding up or down from 42 months to 3 or 4 years later usually 4 years when this does happen and rounding occurs. By Chelsea J. CNN -- The first sign there was a problem Friday with Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo came at about 45, feet, just two minutes after the spaceplane separated from the jet-powered aircraft that carried it aloft, officials said.

It was what didn't happen next during the test flight, he said. Witt did not offer details, but appeared to indicate the spaceplane did not follow its previous test-flight patterns. Nothing seemed abnormal during the takeoff or flight prior to the spaceplane's failure, he told reporters. If there was a huge explosion, I didn't see it," Witt said. According to Witt and others, one pilot is dead and another has been hospitalized with serious injuries.

The injured pilot was airlifted to Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, authorities said. Virgin Galactic conducted "extensive ground testing of all parts of the spaceship," said Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. The pilot who is hospitalized parachuted to the ground, Virgin Galactic said.

The two pilots worked for Scaled Composites, according to that company's president, Kevin Mickey. He declined to publicly identify the pilots or detail their experience. We are going to be supporting the investigation as we figure out what happened today, and we are going to get through it," Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides said. Virgin Galactic has planned for years to sell trips in which SpaceShipTwo transports passengers about 62 miles above Earth -- the beginning of outer space -- and lets them experience a few minutes of weightlessness before returning to ground.

News of the crash of SpaceShipTwo came just after 10 a. Said Branson: "This was the latest part of an extensive test flight program, and the 55th time SpaceShipTwo had flown. Questions are being raised about a new fuel mixture used after Mickey said it had been ground-tested a number of times, but Friday's flight was the first time it was used in a test flight.

The National Transportation Safety Board is sending a "go team" to investigate the test flight failure, the agency said. The FAA regulates the U. In a written statement, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden offered his condolences to the family of the pilot killed in the test flight failure. It's unclear what the failure of the spaceplane will mean for the program.

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Virgin Galactic planned to send paying customers on SpaceShipTwo as early as With composite lightweight materials, "feathered" rudders capable of turning 90 degrees and a hybrid rocket engine, SpaceShipTwo is as safe as modern technology can make it. As designer and aviator Burt Rutan put it in , "This vehicle is designed to go into the atmosphere in the worst case straight in or upside down and it'll correct.

Details of Friday's test flight plan were not immediately known. But in previous test flights, SpaceShipTwo has been loaded on the jet-powered WhiteKnightTwo, which can take the spaceplane to about 50, feet before the spaceplane is released to fly free. At that altitude, SpaceShipTwo would then fire its RocketMotorTwo, a hybrid rocket engine powered by both solid and liquid fuel. SpaceShipTwo would reach supersonic speeds on its way to its intended altitude of about 62 miles above the Earth.

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[EPUB] PREDICTIONS PROPHECIES & PECULIAR FAVORS Part One by M. M. Kirschbaum. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can. Actual predictions prophecies peculiar favors part one pdf ebooks. Find predictions prophecies peculiar favors part one immediately.

At that point, people onboard would get about five minutes of weightlessness before the bonds of Earth retract with 6 G's of force. The spaceplane would then glide back through the atmosphere to landing. Friday's is the second incident in a week involving the commercial space industry. On Tuesday, an unmanned Antares rocket exploded just after takeoff off the coast of Virginia. Controllers deliberately destroyed the craft after it became apparent there was a problem, a spokesman for Orbital Sciences Corp.

Very unlikely there will be commercial flights of Virgin Galactic in The predicted event has occurred during a flight test near the end of this year, on Halloween to be exact, three months before the early February vector. The explosion and at least one fatality did indeed occur, as I said it would. However, because it was a test flight, the mishap will prevent the dire scenario of celebrities being barbecued in space next year in an actual commercial flight.

Does this mean everybody is off the hook now except for the unfortunate pilots today? That depends on whether Richard Branson insists on continuing to develop this dream and have commercial flights ready by February If celebrities sign up for those flights, the above scenario will happen again and they will die in space. In the long run I think his dream will be realized and made safe, but not before there are more deaths. The only way to avoid that is to wait until or to resume the program.

Continuing with this program at this time and for the next two years and will only result in more tragedy. If Lady Gaga is on board a Virgin Galactic space shuttle in February , or any time in , that will most definitely be the doomed flight. What she sings will be very crucial That video was released in March The number eleven has many mystical properties; it is a master number. But it can also be a number associated with doom, mourning, and tragedy.

If the lyrics of the song she sings identifies her as a god or goddess in any way , the shuttle will incinerate in space or on reentry to Earth. Then Lady Gaga will meet the fate prophesied for the creature called Lucifer mentioned only once in the Bible: in the Old Testament. That is because Lucifer is not Satan. Lucifer only appears once in the entire Bible, in the Book of Isaiah , Chapter Note that Lucifer is called a man. Satan is not a man; he is a demiurge with godlike powers; greater even than the angels at one time.

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According to Muslim theology he later became a jinn like the creature in the Wishmaster films whom we call "genies". Satan therefore is not human and thus he is not a man. In addition, there are many who believe Lucifer was a female , particularly since the other names associated with the "son daughter of the morning" are the Roman goddess Venus , the Greek goddess Aphrodite , and the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.

Odd that in this one and only instance, Isaiah 14, suddenly Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, and Lucifer become a "man" and the "son of the morning. Why then did this happen? Because both the Latin and KJV translators, like the Hebrew authors, tended to masculinize all entities of importance, including angelic beings. The Old Testament was written, seemingly, for an exclusively MALE reading audience with most of the figures in it, even incidental ones, usually being masculine.

Females, when they are mentioned, often seem to hold lesser, subservient, or unflattering roles with a few exceptions. The other school of thought is that beings like Lucifer were either androgynous or hermaphroditic , thus both male and female. Enter Lady Gaga who is a woman who has played at being a man or manlike at times.

And does another prophet mention an androgynous being being cast down from Heaven like Lucifer? Indeed, Nostradamus does in the following quatrain, which I long ago applied to Lady Gaga:. Nostradamus, Quatrain 2. Too much heaven mourns Androgyn begotten, near to heaven human blood is shed: Because of death, too late a great people recreated, afterwards and soon the awaited relief comes.

In other words, as this is a prophecy , Lucifer doesn't even exist yet. But Lady Gaga may actually become Lucifer! Line 2 may actually refer not only to Gaga, but the entire crew aboard the shuttle!

The great people or nation may be either the new Babylonians or even the United States or both. It is uncertain if a "rescue" attempt is made to find the victims of the disaster, essentially to recover their remains and the wreckage. Nostradamus also echoes the Isaiah prophecy where Lucifer says: "I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God : I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north.

I have been back and forth with the following related quatrain, applying it on one hand to a female political leader with an overabundance of masculine aggressiveness, most recently to Yulia Tymoshenko of Ukraine because of her hard line and threats against Russia, or as a female symbol of revolution about which the people rally, and on the other hand to the androgynous Lady Gaga:. Nostradamus, Quatrain 8. The two eclipses will be put into such a rout that they will reinforce life or death for the Hungarians. Nostradamus applied the word Aquilon to Russia, but also used it to indicate "the North.

In my speculative comments about Nostradamus prophecies I will use it either way, depending on the context the quatrain is being applied.

Thus far, this quatrain has not been fulfilled, although it has been periodically whisked away to a place where fulfillment seemed a possibility. Events in Ukraine regarding both the Maidan Maiden Revolution and Yulia Tymoshenko have been the most recent examples. However, now with the man-woman or woman-man known to the world as Lady Gaga playing the role of Lucifer in her G. In so doing she will vex "almost all the Universe.

In line 3 we may have a dating: there will be three more blood moon eclipses on October 8 , , April 4 , and September 28 , Thus, this could be the period between two blood moon eclipses, either October April or April September The February launch will occur between the October and April blood moon eclipses. During this time may also be when the troubles in Hungary occur. Nostradamus, Quatrain 9. The Greek lady of ugly beauty, made happy and holy from innumerable swine, Translated out to the realm Hispanic, taken captive to die a miserable death.

Applying the country of Greece to Lady Gaga may seem strange; however, the French prophet in certain other quatrains uses Greece and Greek to symbolize a place where democracy is practiced. Thus, Greek could well mean one who is an American or from the United States. Moreover, this woman is a "lady" Gaga calls herself Lady Gaga. Gaga can be either ugly or beautiful, depending on whether she is playing an erotic goddess or harlot or else one of her many "Mother Monster" characters. Although quite pretty without makeup, in she posed without makeup in Harper's Bazaar in a rather unflattering light, which made her appear quite homely yet oddly beautiful.

Gaga is capable of exploiting a full range of possibilities, debuting in as a hermaphrodite and later posing in her entirely male alter ego, Joe Calderone. Gaga has portrayed herself as the "holy" personage of Mary Magdalene in her music video "Judas. It could also apply to the supporting monstrosities Gaga has had appear in her videos.

As an obvious transitive verb in line 3, "translated" means one of three things: 1 transferred, 2 transformed, or 3 conveyed to heaven, the heavens, the spiritual plane, or beyond the temporal earthly existence. The word hors in this instance can either mean "out" or "outside. When Nostradamus mentions the moving of a person or people from one place to another, he never uses the word translatee. This seems to be the only instance where he does which is why I believe he is referring to space travel. Once locked inside of SpaceShipTwo upon and after takeoff, Lady Gaga and everyone else aboard with be helpless to escape.

They will all be "taken captive," subject to the whims and workings of the space shuttle. No one can be sure exactly how this will play out. Will Gaga sing during a spacewalk or inside of the shuttle? If a spacewalk, she may become disconnected from the craft and end up plummeting back to Earth exactly like Lucifer, only to burn up in the upper atmosphere. Then again, if she sings inside the shuttle, Lady Gaga and the rest may all die miserable deaths on reentry or in space through incineration being burned alive if the shuttle breaks apart like Columbia.

As horrible a death as this may be, the bodies are not totally consumed. We know that since the remains of the crew in both the Challenger Disaster and the Columbia Disaster were found. Nostradamus often used the French words for Spain and Portugal in his quatrains, but here he uses the term Hispanic. In Nostradamus day , what is now the United States was part of the New World and those territories taken away from the Native American Indians by force were Spanish colonies.

Virgin Galactic flights currently use a base in New Mexico , located in the Jornada del Muerto desert basin, although plans are in the works to establish bases in Sweden and Scotland "the sides of the North" again. At this time, it is currently from the New Mexico base the shuttle will be launched and to which it will return to land. The prophet Isaiah warns that Lucifer will be "brought down" and die in "hell , to the sides of the pit. Because the flight test for SpaceShipTwo resulted in the predicted disaster on Halloween instead of a commercial flight doing so in February , killing one pilot and injuring the other in the process, the February flight that Lady Gaga and others was going to be on is cancelled.

On the surface of things it would appear then that the predicted death of Lady Gaga in space or during reentry has been prevented or thwarted. Unfortunately, it appears the scenario of Gaga fulfilling the role of Lucifer being cast down from heaven to earth in flames has only been postponed. Also there is another female singer who could also fulfill the role besides Gaga.

According to current news reports only one celebrity who planned on going up on SpaceShipTwo in is requesting a refund Katy Perry. The rest, Gaga and Perry included, intend to wait for the problems with the shuttle to be worked out, however long that may take, and then proceed with their intended voyages into space. For this reason, unless Lady Gaga backs out on any near-term future space flights There are two remaining dates to watch out for: January and February Of the two, the one which is likeliest to be a danger is February Which is why I will say again, as I have in my comments regarding the "SpaceShipTwo Crashes to Earth or Explodes in Space " prediction above, that the only way to avoid a commercial shuttle disaster occurring is to wait until or to resume the Virgin Galactic program.

Continuing with this program at this time and over the next two years and will only result in more tragedy. If a shuttle in a test or commercial flight is launched at any time in , it may end up like the unmanned cargo rocket that exploded six seconds after taking off for the International Space Station on October In February the risk is very great of a another shuttle explosion in space or burning up on reentry in an event much more horrifying and spectacular than what happened on Halloween.

However, it will be necessary to repost this as a warning to Lady Gaga , and whoever else might be applicable such as Katy Perry , not to venture into space in either or If either of them do, they risk a horrific, fiery death by incineration. And Perry has already linked her fate to that of the "whore of Babylon" by being tied to a stake by demons and burned alive as an Illuminati human sacrifice to Satan in her Grammy Awards presentation of "Dark Horse.

There would have been other celebrities on board with her who would have also met with same fate. Seven years ago, in August , Ed Robertson , the lead singer of Barenaked Ladies and three other people survived a plane crash. However, in an odd twist of fate, eleven months later, in August , DJ AM died from a drugs overdose. One might conclude it was intended by a higher force that he die in the plane crash and, failing in that, set up conditions for an accidental overdose or was it intentional?

Very strange. As we can see, there has been an apparent drift from February to the summer and the fall. However, the planned Lady Gaga space flight for February , now aborted due to a deadly Halloween test flight crash, once again suggests a winter event must seriously be considered. Who is in danger? One has speculated that 17 may be connected with the Ark. A number of elements are of interest here. First, the connection with the Ark, for the Church has often been considered as an ark, a ship, or nave , and the ark and tabernacle, are terms often associated with the Virgin.

We also notice that, in the flood story, the flood lasts 5 months, where 5 is the number for life which, indeed, is the purpose of the ark, namely the continuation of life on earth—all this, a reminder of the true function of the Church. Another interesting feature of 17 is its connection with 28 through 5, as seen in the traditional magic square based on 5.

The implication is that the interval of 17 days between the two days is a pointer to the link between these two events and not only the moon 28 but also the sun, whose cycle is also governed by number Number 17 plays also an important role in understanding certain parables, for example the relation of 17 with , the number of fish caught by the disciples John and the meaning of that number in connection with the Christian tradition and the Malachy Prophecy. Right from the beginning, however, there were skeptics. Cucherat 63 reproduces them in his book with, in addition, the pontifical names and dates of the reigns up to his own contemporary pope, Pius IX He also supplied a French rendering of the Latin phrases.

The phrases are generally quite sibylline in character and leave thereby a great deal to the ingenuity of the reader. Since the publication of these prophecies by de Wion in critics have not been lacking. However, in the absence of factual evidence, critics and proponents have had to base their arguments mostly on their own sense of probability, intuition, and inclination. Cucherat, for example, considered de Wion being a Benedictine and a known historian, as a positive regarding the question of authenticity—such was the reputation of the Benedictines after giants of erudition and scholarship like Mabillon , Monfaucon and others of the Congregation of St.

Maur in the seventeenth century. Their science and integrity was somehow assumed to reflect back on members of their order even more than a century before their days! Ciacconius, a Spanish Dominican 65 living in Rome in the days of de Wion and who had been patriarch of Alexandria, was eventually consulted by de Wion.

Ciacconius interpreted the cryptic Latin sentences. Among the early doubters was the Spanish Cistercian, Angel Manriquez, who wrote the history of his own order. Bernard or a pope? The prophecy is something that emerges mid-stream and claims antecedent origin. Of course, if one assumes the intention of secret at the outset, the argument is disposed of immediately. One can, in fact, see in its later discovery the hand of Providence which reveals it when it becomes needed. Their attempt at justification is based on what they detect as a near perfect matching between popes and sentences before and a much more controversial one after that date.

However, Cucherat 72 and others after him were able, to their declared satisfaction, to find sufficient adequacy between popes and sentences past for speaking in favor of authenticity. In addition, other objections were raised—of form, of content, and on scriptural grounds.

The question has not become clearer over the centuries. In more recent times, particularly with the approach of the predicted end of the papal line, interest in the Prophecy has heightened. He sees the text of the prophecy as a sixteenth century document and the result of several hands. The first part of the prophecy, corresponding to the list of 71 popes from Celestine II to Gregory XIII would be based on the known history of the papacy.

However, he also sees in the last forty descriptions a list prepared with a different intention. Whereas the first 71 descriptions are justified by details such as armorial bearings, family or baptismal names, places of birth, titles, etc. It is not clear why Thibaut sees in the first 71 descriptions the work of two hands. As Thibaut recognizes, however, p. The author of the Prophecy is unknown.

Neither de Wion, nor even Giacconius perhaps, knew him. Thibaut will therefore concentrate his analysis on the last forty entries, which he considers genuine and prophetic. Each description is considered as a code, some form of cryptogram, often containing a chronogram 78 giving a precise date for certain events during the reign pertaining to a particular description.

His analysis appears indubitable, numbers appear to check. It is premises that are sometimes difficult to accept. He recognizes it himself 79 as when he decides to add the numbers of syllables, words, and phrase members in the last description relative to Petrus Romanus to decide the number of Roman pontiffs under the symbol Petrus Romanus and he counts. Who is to assure us that it has occurred to the mind of the author of the prophecy? He believes however in the prophetic gift of the author of the last forty descriptions and that, even if this author was not conscious of it, this prophetic gift of his, as the poetic gift of a great poet, mysteriously would include these arrangements within the text.

It is interesting that Thibaut in many of his combinations and cryptograms ends up with the date , which he characterizes as the end of an era within the Church marked by the destruction of the city of Rome. But he does not elicit the grand symmetry that is so evident on the figure of Appendix 4 infra. Well, the year has come and gone. Rome still stands where she has been for the last 28 centuries. Whether future historians, whose job it is to group centuries in meaningful chunks for making sense of history for their own generation, will see a break, an unraveling or a new beginning in this period will have to be left for them to decide.

Qui vivra verra. Authentic or not, the concordance between numbers found in, or deduced from, the prophecy and those in the Chartres labyrinth show the prophecy as having a numerological structure that conforms, as that of the labyrinth, to the cycle of Easter. The theme of Easter— tribulation, passion, death and resurrection—reinforces the apocalyptic message of the prophesized reign of Petrus Romanus , 82 the presumed last pope, while making it resonate to the strong note of hope of Easter.

The Apocalypse then appears more as the revelation, the unveiling that its etymology implies than the destruction of the world that popular culture likes to emphasize. It may be the end of a world but not the end of the World. The labyrinth may have therefore been a useful memory device in the process of getting a sense of the eschatological direction of the Church for clerics in the secret of the prophecy, if such there ever were prior to its publication.

Remembering for each day of the sixteen weeks of the Easter cycle the corresponding characteristic sentences of Malachy and associating them with the feasts of the day, one could form very clear previsions of the trajectory of the life of the earthly Church and the destiny of the papal line of succession. Bernard of Clairvaux in his Life of Malachy. He gathered the means for building it and convinced a few of his senior brothers of the worthiness of the project.

As Bernard relates it:. Returning from a journey one day as he approached the place he looked at it from some distance away. And behold a great oratory appeared built of stone and extremely beautiful. He considered it carefully, its position, its shape and its arrangement, and when he undertook the work confidently, he first told his vision to the older brethren, but only to a few. He could then re-collect it in a vision back in Ireland. However, the vision is no photograph stuck onto another of the site. What he re-members is modified to fit the new surroundings.

In Roman rhetoric cf. If the prophecy is true, as some construe it to be, based on what they perceive as the accuracy of its forecasts, as Cucherat believes or coded messages, as Thibaut thinks, then that it is from the mouth of Malachy in the twelfth century or from another anonymous prophetic voice in the sixteenth, should not matter. If the prophecy is not from a prophetic voice but from a clever mind, imaginative with symbols, rituals, and numbers, but still providing appropriate concordance between popes, events and sentences, no one would know the difference of origin.

For the independent observer, the two cases would appear to be the same. The adequacy of the prophecy has to be judged from the perceived accuracy of its interpretation. Given the ambiguity of the statements, it boils down to the faith one has in the interpreter of the oracles. The ultimate test will evidently be to see if, when and how the papal line comes to an end.

The next few decades, or perhaps even the next ten years may provide the definite answer. But with the prophesized arriving of antipopes and false prophets, who will recognize the True Shepherd? In any case, the quasi-unprecedented gesture of Benedict XVI, through its numerical symbolism, throws in a new twist and would appear to add credence to the probability of the realization of the Prophecy, though it does not affect its attribution to Malachy or someone else.

Addendum Two "new" pieces of evidence of which I was not aware when I wrote the present article have come to my knowledge, now when the Roman Catholic Church is facing one of the gravest crises of its existence. And it might be the prescience of the looming crisis that led Benedict XVI to take the quasi-unheard-of step for a pope of abdicating when one of these events took place ten years before and the other, forty-four.

The first one mentioned was the apparently worldwide commotion created on February 22, , when the front page of the Daily Telegraph , a London newspaper, announced that Isaac Newton had predicted that the world would end in A. The interested reader may consult the above paper online. One may view the situation as comprising of a period since the fall of the Roman Empire in — a period of two to three centuries — which includes the invasions of the Germanic tribes, Franks, Alemanni, Saxons, and of Magyars, Norman bands, Arabs, and others at the conclusion of which, by the year , with the coronation of Charlemagne as Emperor of the West, the kernel of Western civilization was finally crystallized.

Though it will again be broken after Charlemagne's death, the cementing force of Christendom under the direction of powerful popes helped the idea of a reunified Europe take root on the model of the Roman Empire, adopted by the catholic Church. However, the accumulation of power, wealth, and status in the Roman Church over the centuries eventually lead to corruption within the Church in spite of its extraordinarily civilizational mission, as it can now be clearly seen by all as the 21st century marches on. But even before that, various "heresies," particularly from the 10 th century through to the Reformation and the French Revolution, rose against that corruption, but not infrequently fell into the same failings in the end.

Writes Snobelen: For Newton, [who, of course, was cognizant of only a part of this period] this time period is represented in the Apocalypse as the days during which the woman the Roman Catholic Whore is nourished in the wilderness Revelation , and during which she rides on the back of the Beast Revelation , which Newton sees as a symbol of temporal power. The days in Revelation likewise refer to the period of the greatest apostasy the time when the outer court of the Temple is trodden underfoot by the Gentiles , which is the same period during which the oppressed and persecuted saints would preach the true Gospel represented by the period of the prophesying of the Two Witnesses.

Eventually, the Beast of the bottomless pit kills the Two Witnesses Revelation , but after laying dead for three and a half days, the Two Witnesses are resurrected. For Newton, the resurrection of the Two Witnesses and the recommencement of the preaching is coincident with the fall of Babylon. At the end of the years, the true Gospel would be preached, a turn of events that would quickly lead into the coming of Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

At this point, Newton believed, Christ "shall reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom there shall be no end. This is the period of deepest apostasy, a time when only a tiny remnant upheld pre-Trinitarian theology. Newton believed he was part of this remnant. It is remarkable how this vision of Newton coincides so remarkably with the Malachy prophecy in terms of date and substance.

The second event alluded to before is the one as having taken place 44 years prior to , namely in This general crisis was foretold by a surprising prophet. In , a priest named Joseph Ratzinger made a startling prophecy on German radio. Four years after the end of the second Vatican Council, he predicted that the Catholic Church was at the beginning of a great and wide-ranging catastrophe, one that would destroy its wealth, power and status.

Father Ratzinger did not mention clerical sex abuse per se, but his remarks indicate a recognition that contrary to the official post-conciliar optimism, the church would not survive in its then current state the cultural revolution shaking Western civilization. The future Pope Benedict XVI went on, "the future of the church can and will issue from those whose roots are deep and who live from the pure fullness of their faith. Will the eyes of this generation witness the convergence of the predictions of Newton, Malachy, the labyrinth of Chartres and emeritus pope, his Holiness Benedict XVI?

Or is this all a malarkey as apparently church officials and scholars consider it to be? Sieczowski, Cavan 19 February On the Temple.

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