G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #182

IDW Previews for Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow 17 and ARAH 182
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G.I. Joe # Attribution Writer(s) Larry Hama Penciller(s) Ron Frenz Inker(s) Sal Buscema Letterer(s) Neil Uyetake Colorist(s) J. Brown Cover. DARKLON IS ON THE LOOSE! G.I. JOE has lost their prisoner, and it's up to Outback and his team to recover the dangerous villain. Meanwhile, Zartan and.

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Joe Retaliation — G. Joe Basic — G. Originally Posted by Mainframe. Zarana and pale peony in the same issue?

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Originally Posted by Werecat. Leave your reply on the HissTank Forums. Join HissTank Now! Your email address will not be published. Joe: A Real American Hero Notes: Cobra Commander and Zartan joke about resurrecting Serpentor.

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Pale Peony brags and talks about her parents. Her father was a Yakuza boss and her mother was an enforcer in the Russian mafia.

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After Low-light appears, Darklon quickly finds his hidden Evader. Pretty sure this is the first time that vehicle has appeared. I only mention it, because Clutch would usually have been in an old hot rod or sports car.