Hidden Haloes: A Lamp under the Bed
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With the Sun blocked out, the corona can be seen where the sun rays penetrate the canopy. At least two concentric bands of alternating red and blue, and possibly a third, can be seen radiating away from the Sun.

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Coronas are caused by refractions in tiny water droplets. Here is a close-up of the corona. Print No. Haloes are formed by the reflections and refraction of sunlight in ice crystals within cirrus clouds in the stratosphere.

The outer halo seen here is a common halo formed around the Sun at a radius of 22 o. To the right and left of the Sun blocked out behind the oak you can see arcs of a rare halo at a radius of about 18 o. The bright spots in each halo, seen here to the right and left of the Sun especially the left side of the outer halo , are called sun dogs, mock suns, or in technical lingo, parhelia.

Some Halos Are Better Than Others

Brocken Specter Plane A Brocken specter also known as specter, or spectre, of the Brocken is a well-defined shadow cast by the Sun into the clouds. It is sometimes seen by mountain climbers, on peaks above the clouds, as their own shadow opposite to the Sun's position. This phenomenon is often accompanied by colorful circular bands, which center on the point opposite to the Sun from the observer anti-solar point.

These rainbow-like rings are called a glory and are reflections off of water droplets, much like a rainbow.

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In this photo, taken from a jet as it was descending into Boise, Idaho, the shadow of the jet is clearly seen and the glory shows that I was sitting near the front of the plane. Spasm Geyser, Clepsydra Geyser, and Brocken Specter The steam produced in the Lower Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, reflects the early morning Sun, resulting in another Brocken specter, this time centered around the shadow of the camera positioned in front of my head.

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Evaporating the Milky Way halo and its satellites with inelastic self-interacting dark matter - Vogelsberger, Mark et al. Existence of traversable wormholes in the spherical stellar systems - Ovgun, A. Combined with the high elevation, hailstorms are common. Well done Gold! Jun 14, AM.

Above these peaks is the lower arc of a 22 o halo around the Sun. The larger stars from it are responsible for manufacturing the heavy elements now found in the bulk of the galaxy's stars.

Halo (optical phenomenon)

And even though the large stars are long dead, the smaller stars of the generation still live on and could tell us a great deal. The small quantity of heavy elements in the stellar haloes of large spiral galaxies like the Milky Way, is thought to originate from the way that the galaxies formed and evolved, slowly pulling in numerous small satellite galaxies and taking on their stars.

For Centaurus A, the presence of stars rich in heavy elements in such remote locations suggests a single past merger with a large spiral galaxy. This event would have ejected stars from the spiral galaxy's disc and these are now seen as part of Centaurus A's outer halo. To see more about this galaxy, see Hubblecast A tour of Centaurus A.

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Astronomers use this effective radius rather than the full radius because the galaxy becomes faint and undefined at its outskirts. The international team of astronomers in this study consists of M. Harris University of Waterloo, Canada , H. Gonzalez European Southern Observatory, Chile. Rejkuba European Southern Observatory. Open Menu. About the Release Release No. Images PR Image heica.

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