Innovative Projects for the 21st Century Classroom

The Makerspace is the 21st century classroom
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We're sorry, but the new does not support Internet Explorer 8 or older. How does Project Based Learning differ from 'projects? How do you turn group work into effective teamwork? How do you teach and assess 21st century skills? How do you design critical inquiry and problem solving into the heart of your projects? How do you design innovative projects that help students take on community issues and global concerns?

Innovation Starts in the Classroom

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Teachers left with a work plan to use PBL strategies the very next day in their classrooms. Thom has an amazing ability to read his audience and tailor. Olds High School has had a four year working relationship with Thom Markham as we have made the transition to a flexible learning community and new campus. Thom is one of the most skilled facilitators.

Research methods include surveys of teachers and 24 school leaders in each country, classroom observations, and qualitative case studies at selected schools recognized for innovative teaching practices. All instruments and methods are available at ITL Research. The final report of project findings is also available. In addition to their use for research, the methods of this project are now the core of a professional development program called 21st Century Learning Design 21CLD that is helping teachers and schools around the world to build powerful new opportunities for 21st century skill development into their classes and curricula.


Skip to main content. Whether through PBL or other instructional methods, the most important 21st-century skills for students to master are social-emotional ones.

Teaching solid communication, collaboration, and wayfinding abilities has been shown to have far-reaching, overwhelmingly positive outcomes. SEL skills also give future graduates an edge once they enter the job market.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that healthcare and tech will continue to grow by leaps and bounds in the next decade. The demand for nurses, software developers, physical therapists, surgeons, market research analysts, marketing specialists, teachers, information systems managers, and many more highly specialized professionals is already surging, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Implementing Project-Based Learning (21st Century Education)

These careers — and their as-yet-undefined future iterations — clearly demand a comprehensive technical education. However, professional accomplishments and career advancement cannot be achieved by technical prowess or academic knowledge alone.

Promote essential learning and innovation skills

What will you need in a presentation space? A doctor must think critically, adapt to new medical advancements, and develop an empathetic bedside manner. Spend more time teaching and less time searching. Business opportunity road concept and entrepreneur success symbol as a businessman walking on a straight path with machine gear and cogwheel machine parts as an industry production success metaphor. There is no end to the new ways that we can learn about ourselves, others and the world around us.

A doctor must think critically, adapt to new medical advancements, and develop an empathetic bedside manner. A marketing specialist must relate to their target audience, collaborate with others, and take initiative on implementing creative projects.

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Software developers must investigate issues and think creatively to solve problems. The list goes on, giving teachers ample reason to emphasize the importance of 21st-century skills, social-emotional learning, and character education. Education is not just about job prep: by learning about leadership, embracing change, continuously reflecting on their own abilities and choices, and leveraging their existing knowledge to solve new and difficult problems, students will begin to understand the real-world value of their ideas and contributions.

A recent analysis of the projected economic return from six effective SEL programs found that all of them showed a return on investment. That kind of ROI means organizations across the country are pouring in money to support these initiatives.