Kris Miss: A Christmas Story

The Evolution of the Kardashian-Jenner Holiday Party, from 2013 to Now
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For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click here , for Firefox click here , for Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and kids. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. By Maura Hohman. Close Share options. But children? Why would she want them spoiling her glamorous life so soon? Not to mention ruining her svelte figure. Rafe collected a whiskey from the bar, swallowed half of it, and went to meet her anyway.

Jetta, this is my handsome husband, Rafe. The girl bobbed her head. Rafe grinned at that. She was pretty. Of course Faye would position her well out of sight so she was no competition. He took a much smaller sip of the whiskey. The big old traditional homes. All the original colonial features and so on. Rafe took another sip of his drink. Her dream house. How had he not registered her endless demands much earlier? Faye made a little moue with her scarlet lips. You keep Jetta amused for a few minutes then.

He looked down at the girl again.

She seemed calm and composed, despite the occasion and the possibly daunting guest list. Indeed, rather the opposite. The girl looked even more discomfited. My grandmother is far from well, and really not able to look after herself any longer. I spend a lot of nights not in my flat so I can keep an eye on her.

I need to be more flexible. Get her some extra care. Do some of my work from home. He nodded slowly. It was good to find someone young with such devotion to her family. Exactly the kind of girl he should have chosen. She swallowed and shrugged. In fact there are a couple of us making plans. She gets through staff like other people get through popcorn. He took another sip of his whiskey. She shook her head. That probably sounds terrible, but the situation with my grandmother really is making things very difficult. Rafe glanced across the room.

Faye now had her new glass of wine, and several men hanging on her every word. I had nothing behind me when I started. Just a burning desire to succeed, and the willingness to put in the hours and make the most of opportunities. He recalled a pretty little blonde with a shy smile.

A Day With Miss Kris -- Lifestyles Of The Young, Broke And Fabulous

Jetta took a couple of steps away and left the men to their conversation. Councillor Gordon was a teddy bear, but Rafe was overpowering. He was too tall and too broad-shouldered. His cheekbones were high, his nose blade-straight, and his bronzed skin gave him an exotic air. Maybe New Zealand Maori, because his hair was thick and black and his eyes were the colour of well-roasted coffee beans. He was a total hunk. She clenched her hands until her nails started to bite her palms.

The feeling of helplessness still swamped her when she least expected it. Of course she was safe — here in such a big gathering, with her boss and so many leaders of the business community in attendance. His wife had visited the studio recently. Jetta remembered the almost-rhyming Bella-Ella start of her name.

She backed away a few more steps and tilted the last of her wine up. There seemed to be plenty of it on offer so she wandered slowly across to the bar and waited until the barman was free.

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Jetta remembered her grandfather wearing bands like those. She said it would do me good to make some more contacts. Jetta took a sip of her wine. But how did you know? The barman tapped the side of his nose. She laughed at that, because yes — she was an observer, too. How could she feel perfectly comfortable with this stranger, yet so on edge and sometimes downright terrified when alone with young, attractive, obviously heterosexual men? Because of Uncle Graham, of course. Jetta was healing, but it was slow. Her flatmates, Hallie and Bren, were determined to help her with their cheerful encouragement and sociable company.

Maybe by Christmas she might be ready to try dating again? Journalist Kerri Lush moved from foot to slightly sore foot as she willed the pedestrian signal to change. Wellington was in the grip of an early spring southerly, and the keen breeze from Antarctica threaded itself in under the collar of her jacket, around her knees in the gap between her boots and skirt, and over her fingers as they clutched her briefcase.

For sure that would make something to write about, but given that the hills around the city attracted only the lightest of dustings every three or four years, the odds were against any snow this week. Or this year. At least the fancy lunch was free — a tiny respite for her depleted finances. And she was running late. Or hobbling late, thanks to the ridiculously high heels on her boots. Being barely five feet tall, Kerri always tried to gain extra height.

Bet the main speaker starts before I get there. Finally the signal changed to green and she hoofed it across the street and in through the hard-to-push front doors of the Wakefield Club. They sprang back on their too-stiff springs and almost knocked the briefcase out of her hand. She stared at the directory board in the lobby. Casting a glance at the very grand staircase with its ornate bannisters, and giving her knuckles another rub, she started to climb. How interesting could she make an American specialist on climate change sound?

Things like rising sea levels and melting ice and polar bears losing their habitat… low-lying islands needing to be evacuated… crops growing badly because the weather was becoming too hot? Could she put a local twist on any of that? Not a hope. As she climbed, she unbuttoned her jacket because at least it was nice and warm inside the Wakefield Club.

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Kris Miss book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This is a story of Christmas rediscovered. In another time, Christmas has fallen. Kris Miss: A Christmas Story - Kindle edition by Richard Shoupe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

She paused at the entrance to the big room. Quite a crowd, and there were faces she recognised from other assignments. If he was here, his bitchy decorator wife would be lurking somewhere, too. And dear old Councillor Ian Gordon, frowning as he tucked his phone back into a pocket.

Photo Coverage: Go Inside Rehearsal for KRIS KRINGLE THE MUSICAL!

He snagged her gaze and mimed drinking. Kerri nodded with enthusiasm. Everything okay? He took a deep breath and pressed his lips together for a couple of seconds. That damned ash cloud has delayed his plane. The Zealandia sanctuary is going from strength to strength, for instance. That pest-proof fence is worth every penny they raised.

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Big dark brown parrots. Absolute coup to have them doing so well.

The Evolution of the Kardashian-Jenner Holiday Party, from 2013 to Now

Have you seen the Kereru signs? Kerri shook her head. What do the signs say? Councillor Gordon licked his lips. I could give that a bit of publicity if you like? He nodded agreement. Foreign chap has just bought our old Onslow-Smith building. Maybe a story had just dropped into her lap?

He was in a hurry, as usual. Too much to do, too many places to be, and never enough time for all of them. Hearing his PA was pregnant had really put a dent in his day. His chain of fitness centres was poised to expand into Australia.

Jennifer Lawrence, Kardashian Superfan, Just Surprised Kris Jenner With the Best Christmas Gift

After that, North America. Nick pushed himself every moment of every day, dividing his time between local, national, and now international projects for BodyWork.

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And the house. The vast old wreck of a house on the cliff top he was having restored.

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No flickers of attraction. A sense of unease had recently started to drag at his heels. Something was wrong.