Kwirky: The Kid Detective with a Different Perspective

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Bottom line : Teachers will need to take time to build effective lessons, but if they do, this is a useful, relevant, high-interest resource for deconstructing identity and building critical thinking and empathy skills. Support kids' sense of wonder with outstanding short video lessons.

Kwirky: The Kid Detective with a Different Perspective

Bottom line : TED-Ed includes excellent, engaging videos and support for flipped-class lessons with an incredible community of thinkers and doers. Clever animated hosts Tim and Moby masterfully tackle complex topics.

Bottom line : Cartoon videos in this extensive collection break down ideas in clever and thoughtful ways. Bottom line : Short, digestible lessons on all the major subjects are helpful for mastery but not substantial enough for kids who need more help. Fascinating look at life's bigger questions with a fresh perspective.

Bottom line : A wonderfully innovative and divergent way to teach foundational concepts in history, humanities, critical thinking, and science. Compelling science videos have high-quality classroom applications.

Bottom line : Stellar simulations, teacher guides, and other activities can stand on their own, and they're enhanced with high-quality video content. Kid-friendly STEM-focused videos spark interest, encourage learning.

Bottom line : Regularly updated visual content stimulates interest, learning; adding better sorting capabilities would make it a stronger resource. Stunning photos and in-depth stories of Earth's peoples and wildlife. Bottom line : This large collection of multimedia resources teaches younger students about animals, habitats, countries, and cultures. Top geography resource site provides global exploration opportunities.

Bottom line : This is a must-bookmark site for classrooms across the curriculum hunting for inspiring geography-based resources. Big questions, kids' curiosity drive impressive science curriculum. Bottom line : These powerful science units capitalize on elementary school students' natural curiosity. Fun engineering problems encourage classroom competition, innovation. Engaging design challenges turn kids into actual science detectives.

Bottom line : An engaging way to weave some engineering into your middle school science lessons. Quirky, funny videos give thoughtful answers to kids' sex-ed questions. Bottom line : An appealingly down-to-earth way to help kids face tough questions about navigating the challenges of puberty.

Relatable climate change resources empower youth to take action. Bottom line : This free, high-quality resource is a one-stop, self-contained series of lessons on the effects of climate change, what causes it, and how to fight it going forward. Bottom line : High-quality math and physics tutorials are a great classroom supplement, plus they're aligned to Common Core standards.

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Solve real-life algebra problems with diverse crew, delightful video. Bottom line : Proof that algebra is used to solve real problems in kid-approved professions: basketball, music, gaming, and fashion. Chemistry videos match eccentric professor with exciting explosions. Bottom line : Share impressive, pyrotechnic-filled videos with students when otherwise hindered by time, cost, or classroom safety.

Bottom line : Superb multimedia tools and lesson plans help kids explore biology through real-world examples. Expert interviews, whimsical images illustrate the wide world of math. Bottom line : Energetic video explanations bring key math concepts and fun facts to life. Bottom line : This is a great source for video-based news, thanks to the huge archive, current events coverage, and teacher-friendly extra links to Newsela articles.

Kids travel the world, cultivate global curiosity and responsibility. Bottom line : Kids get a sense of culture and global responsibility via kid-friendly articles and great multimedia. Digestible and engaging news coverage for kids in 10 minutes. Bottom line : These minute daily video segments can be used as a springboard to deeper discussions around media literacy.

Video clips, activities take kids inside the White House and Capitol.

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Bottom line : Though it's not the slickest site, you'll find great behind-the-scenes access to some excellent content. Explore survivor testimony with lessons, video on teacher-geared site. Students build knowledge about the past using a dynamic, specific tool.

Accessible, interactive site for news that piques teens' interest. Bottom line : PBS Newshour Extra isn't necessarily exciting, but it does an excellent job of presenting the news in a way that's accessible and, more important, interesting to teens. Bring traditional art education to life with fresh, interactive multimedia.

Bottom line : A worthy supplement to an art history or humanities class. Captivating digital stories infuse cultural awareness across content. Bottom line : Teachers looking to enrich curriculum with high-quality, thought-provoking videos and photos will find plenty of inspiration in the Global Oneness Project, but may need to create or fine tune some lessons.

Teachers and kids explore the wonderful world of reading together. Bottom line : This delightful collection of online books, activities, games, and songs for the preschool set works best when shared with a grown-up. Bottom line : Kids can experience the magic of books; though even better when accompanied by the site's extensions for further activities and reading. Kids can "go anywhere, be anything" with vast book and video library. Bottom line : Wonderful and practical way to get kids excited about learning and reading -- the greatness of the classic TV series, updated for the 21st century.

Delightful hip-hop-based platform teaches vocab across content areas. Bottom line : Flocabulary has the goods: It's savvy enough to keep kids focused, and teachers will love the engaging, multi-modal platform. Bottom line : The fun songs will stick, and so will kids' knowledge about the parts of speech. Bottom line : Teens can freely meld multimedia poetry and activism in an open, encouraging space. Bottom line : Supported student writing, collaboration, and communication make this a healthy space for kids to express themselves.

Google Tag Manager. Continue reading. Top Picks. Print Save as PDF. Grades: Pre-K—3 Price: Free. Get it now. Along with her friend Prince Neel, a talented inventor, creative cousin Priya, and comical mongoose sidekicks Mikku and Chikku, she will stop at nothing to solve a case, taking young viewers on adventures that highlight critical thinking and encourage deductive reasoning. Rooted in India's vibrant heritage, each episode will weave authentic music, dance and customs into two minutes stories. Sue Perotto and Dorothea Schoentag both of "Phineas and Ferb" are supervising director and art director, respectively.

IW Group's Shagorika Ghosh is the series' cultural consultant.

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