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Read more Read less. Find your next great read with Kindle Unlimited. Browse this month's selection. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. That Guy. Thirty Days: Part Two. Black Lies. Give Me Grace. Product description Product Description "My heart is in my throat. Not Enabled. Customers who bought this item also bought. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention belle brooks thirty days best friend wait to read see coming cliffhanger stage an intervention twists and turns friends stage know what happened going to happen want to give twist see read part must read days part book is well loved this book marcus abigail.

Showing of 30 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. At the suggestion of her friends, Abi starts her new job and meets the gorgeous stranger that she had seen once before and finds out his name is Marcus. Abi starts to wonder if everything is what it seems when heading to work in Sydney with a lawyer from the firm, she finds out that the lawyer is Marcus.

It should be illegal to finish a book like Belle Brooks you have killed me in the best possible way. What a book and the first that I have read by this author and what a bloody fantastic book. Loved everything about his story This book was such a surprise and mystery that I couldn't stop reading it, there was no way I was putting this down not knowing what was going to happen and with that ending hurry up part two holy moly I need it now.

The characters were fantastic I loved Marcus I thought he was written perfectly I felt sorry for him and for me it's like I want him to get his happy ending not the girl in this story. I loved Abigail and she is just surviving with what she is going through and I think if I was in her position I would feel the same. She is so strong and I love that in the female character.

Loved this book and I am hanging to part two would recommend this to everyone I know.

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This is my first time reading this author, and I wasn't disappointed. The way Belle Brookes introduces the characters in this book is so interesting and well done. I felt every part of Abigails emotions, the ups and downs, and in a way that made me feel so much. The writing in this book was done in a way that you were pulled into the story and gave you the ability to visualise what was happening, and see the characters in your head.

I was unable to put it down, and found myself hiding away from the world so that I could read one more chapter.

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I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a plot twist, and to be kept in an emotional bond with the characters they are reading about. Well done Miss Brookes, this is one reader you have hooked for life. Holy crap that was good. Belle Brooks. That book was freaking amazing. I read it in 4 hours as I couldn't stop once I really got started.

Abigail, she is gold. Loved her and her bestie Sammy. Marcus he is gold and Mike is a douche. You are brilliant in making me be pissed, giggling then crying, I love this book. I'm now gonna condradict myself and say that there were sone aspects which were really unrealistic I felt but still. It was different. No rebellious fallen angels. Just pure goodness. Which normally ain't my type but hey I still loved it. Plus I felt somewhat and really quite eerily relaxed and peaceful when I read this But honestly it was a really good read and i will be reading the rest of the trilogy too.

View all 5 comments. It took me a few pages to actually get into Heavenly, but once I was snagged - I was there for the rest of the book. Heavenly was a great read with real-life issues packed into the story to make it relatable to anyone that may pick up this book. I think the best part for me was the characters. They were flawed and sometimes made the worst decisions ever, but their actions and solutions were all very realistic.

I loved Zoe and could definitely relate to her. Matthias … oh, how I love thee! I think I was the most empathetic toward Luke and his addiction. Actually, I feel for their whole family - dealing with a disability is never really an easy thing, but I think at the end there was a good compromise and hopefully the family has completely pulled together.

I think the beginning was a little slow, but once it picked up the pace it stayed constant. Heavenly was a pretty easy read and had a wonderful premise. May 08, Megan rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed reading this book. I really liked the fact that although the little sister had autism, the family was together. I can only imagine and the book gave an excellent illustration of how difficult and challenging it must be to keep a family together with the amount of stress that there was, but they did. I loved the fact that they went to church and were really a unit.

I could really relate to the relationshi I really enjoyed reading this book. I could really relate to the relationship between Zoe and her brother. I was almost more interested in Zoe and her family then in the relationship between her and Matthias….. When he would disappear, I felt as much want for Mathias to return as Zoe did. I love the bodyguard dynamic. He was truly a guardian angel. It dealt with the way Zoe and her brother dealt with things in hard times, pressures from friends, and their will power to do better.

Family strength and remaining a family unit even when there was resentment. And how in a sense, Matthias was able to not only protect Zoe and her sister, he was able to bring Zoe closer to her family and give her strength to better herself. Thank you Jennifer for writing such a down to earth, original, heart warming book in a time where this story is very much needed. Mar 24, Nic rated it liked it Shelves: angels , young-adult , , swap. Rating 3. I enjoyed this book but I founded it to be more of an emotional read than I expected.

I felt it dealt with with the family issues and addiction in an honest way. The characters were good but I didn't really fall in love with any of them. The ending definitely took me by suprise but in a good way. I like that she put in a sneak peek of Penitence as it got me wondering what direction Rating 3. I like that she put in a sneak peek of Penitence as it got me wondering what direction the second book is going to take which I'm kinda of excited to read despite my confused feelings on this book at the moment.

Feb 17, Kim rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. I totally didn't see the ending coming. Just what I needed. Dec 18, Bookish Delights rated it it was amazing. Heavenly was a true delight to read! Very authentic. I would categorize Heavenly as realistic fiction with hints of the paranormal. The struggles that come with raising a child with autism is highlighted in this book.

There is an incredible depth to this story, whose solid foundation comes from the fact that Laurens has a lot of personal experience with raising a child with autism. There is much more substance to the book. Especially how non-autistic children get unintentionally overlooked, since the autistic child requires so much care and attention. This story will definitely tug at your emotions. But on a brighter side, this story shows you the inspiring resilience of the human spirit when faced with difficulties and also teaches you that there is always room for personal growth - no matter how small.

The family clings to hope and faith that they can eventually mend their broken family. I also enjoyed the romantic aspect of the story. So to her, being with Matthias is that much more heavenly when they are together. Their relationship develops organically in a very realistic way and over time. Their chemistry is easily visible.

As expected with many paranormal romances, there are obstacles to face in Heavenly as well. Who said loving a guardian angel was easy! I am curious and excited about where the story will go from here. I will definitely be continuing the series to find out how the story unfolds. Penitence is book two and Absolution is the final book in the Heavenly series.

Honestly, there was hardly anything that I disliked about Heavenly, but if I had to nit-pick, Zoe reprimands her brother Luke for how he deals with his family issues, when she was coping in a negative way as well. Heavenly is more of a slower paced book, which was fine because I was interested in what I was reading and it allowed me to really digest the information. I think what made me attached to Heavenly was the fact that I have autistic cousins, so I was able to really relate to this book.

And it reaffirms that we are not alone in having to deal with the struggles that autism places on a family. I highly recommend this book, not only to people who are dealing with autism in their family, but to others who want to learn more about it. And for those who crave paranormal romances, while you may find this one to be a little more subtle and innocent, it is definitely more profound than many paranormal romances I have read, making it one to not be forgotten. Jul 21, Rachel rated it it was amazing. Hooking up. Some consider this fun.

For Zoe Dodd it was just a way to escape. Escape from the responsibility of taking care of her autistic young sister Abria.

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Escape to anyone who would give her the attention that she was missing from her parents and so desperately desired. She never would have thought that all she needed were the feelings of peace, comfort and warmth that Matthias could give to her. Matthias was Partying. Matthias was not her Guardian Angel. He was sent to protect her sister Abria, an innocent. Yet Zoe could see him and talk to him as if he were mortal.

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The one thing she could not do was touch him. And she so wanted to touch him. No matter how inconvenient or impractical, Zoe loves him. But does he love her back? With all her mistakes and flaws why would he? Can an Angel even love her as a mortal man would? And even if he does, what price would Heaven demand? Is getting what you wish for worth any cost? Knowing her sister has someone Heaven-sent who is looking out for her takes that extra burden off her shoulders and gives her the strength to change the course of her life. Her heart is fragile and the joy he has given to her can quickly lead to despair if her feelings go unrequited.

Jennifer Laurens has written a book that is a rollercoaster of emotions. Heavenly is sad, sweet, heartbreaking and heartwarming. Zoe is an extremely sympathetic character who is very easy to connect with and relate to. Abria is absolutely delightful. Her simple joy and sweet nature come through in the writing, making it easy to see why everyone is willing to sacrifice so much for her. And of course, Matthias is absolutely heavenly. While this is the first book of three, it can be read on its own.

The ending will not leave you hanging unless you choose to read the sneak peek of Penitence. On a personal note: I absolutely love this book. Matthias is the perfect, not-so-perfect, Guardian Angel. I think his old-fashioned references are absolutely adorable. Though this is a story about Guardian Angels versus fallen angels , it does not have an overly religious or morally preachy feel. I did not completely fall apart after reading Heavenly though I did tear up. But if I recall correctly I did sob a bit while reading Penitence and Absolution.

Mar 03, Diana rated it it was amazing. One word: REAL! Let me start of by saying that this book is so much more than a girl and her guardian angel. In this story we follow 17 year old Zoe, who has turned to drinking and partying as an escape from reality. Zoe and Abria are the only ones that can see him. Mathias is loving, caring and never judges. He slowly makes Zoe realize that she is worth more than a lousy one-night hook ups. This book was marvelous!

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Having an autistic child herself, Mrs. Laurens was able to fully capture the struggles and frustrations that autistic families go though. Her characterization was freaking amazing! My hearts was synchronized perfectly with theirs; I applauded their achievements and frowned upon their bad decisions. Zoe was a great protagonist and very easy to relate to. We see her grow tremendously throughout the whole book.

There was such emotion and honesty in each scene… I teared up various times throughout the book. This book also created in me awareness. I never imagined the difficulties that others around me live on a day to day basis when it came to raising an autistic child. Oh and Matthias…. Gosh, he is wonderful! All the scenes with him in it were very calm and comforting to read. Everything about this book feels real; the characters, the story, the ending…. This is an amazing, incredible, in depth novel that every YA reader should pick up.

So please, give it a look and see if you like it…. Trust me when I say- you will not be disappointed. Just go read it, NOW! Dec 25, Colette rated it it was ok Shelves: I had high expectations for this book, but it did not deliver. I've tried to wait until my reasoning can sound more like reasoning and less like a rant. Here's why the book lost three stars Minus 1. This read was too edgy for my taste, and not something I'd let my daughter under 17 read.

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Though probably very realistic, there are liberal references to Zoe's sexual conquests, lusty desires, and "hunting" for boys. Add to that the dru I had high expectations for this book, but it did not deliver. Add to that the drunken parties where everyone, aka the cool kids, are "hooking up" having casual sex , her druggie brother, attempted rape, and licentious demons circling kids at parties and I was a little more than surprised a book called "Heavenly" could be so un-heavenly. Oh, but she has a good heart Matthias is an angel.

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Pure, but with a past? He tells her only the good or innocent can see angels. She is neither pure nor innocent, but she can see him? The underlying message being that she really is good even though she has lived a wild lifestyle. I don't like that message being subtly propagated. Leading to the question of why an angel would like her There seems to be no build up or foundation to Matthias's feelings. Yea, right! That Zoe changes when the angel enters her life and brings her thoughts upward.

Maybe, but I don't like so many small and subtle ways these characters and their actions lead to messages I would not want my kids to receive. Will they encounter some of these situations peer pressure, drug use, drinking, sexual promiscuity , probably yes. Is this book instructive in good vs bad ways to respond to these situations? Not really. Though it does show some of the consequences of poor choices It just felt a little voyeuristic at times. There are enough amazing reads out there that I feel confident someone could find something better to read.

If you want a good angel read, I'd recommend Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. Pass this one up, for sure Jul 02, Jade Walker rated it it was amazing Shelves: rated-a. Okay, so Zoe is a bit whiny but in all fairness she has every right to be, her sister is autistic, her brother is addicted to drugs and Zoe feels like she's got to deal with everything. I'd be whiny in her position as well. Aside from that, I actually loved the character of Zoe, I didn't agree with her decisions, as at some points she does dangerous and stupid stuff, but rather than this just being a plot device to have the hero come and save her the author actually builds it up so we can understand why Zoe does these things.

The story was great. I loved the way Zoe's character developed from partying hard and getting drunk to being this great responsible sister. I also loved the way that Zoe's brother Luke developed, this book has some amazing morals without being preachy. Can I just say; The ending! Oh my days, I have to get the sequel now! I loved the romance as well; what I love about angel books is that, while I do like reading a bit of hot, steamy romance I also love a cute and sweet romance which is pretty hard to come across these days.

The author is amazing at creating a beautiful and sweet romance without having the characters shoving their tongues down each other's throats every two pages and that's really why I loved this book. Despite the fact that Zoe is very Pure, sweet, celibate romance! The only problem I had was how easily Zoe accepted what Matthias was, I think it was a little too fast and didn't seem very obvious. The ending is not what what I expected but I actually was glad it ended that way, that's all I say for fears of spoilers! All in all, a pure and sweet love story with some fantastic underlying morals.

A story of a broken family coming together. Overall rating: A Oct 10, carinne rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , angels , ebook. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to find another book like this. I thought this was going to be a light fun read. I had no idea about the amount of angst that was going to be in this book. Zoe is a teen girl who has an autistic sister. Her being a lot older than her younger sister, she's often takes the responsibility of babysitting to relieve some of the pressure from her mom. However as the pressure shifts to Zoe she takes to drinking and casual hook-ups as a means to escape.

Luke Her younger b I'm pretty sure I'm never going to find another book like this. Luke Her younger brother takes to drugs. This little family is falling apart around the disability of a small child. Enter Mathias. He's Abria Zoe's younger sisters guardian Angel. Zoe can see him. Why, she doesn't know, but her and Mathias friendship start to grow from there. Particularly with the relationship with Mathias and Zoe. It's definitely unfortunately insta-love. The author seemed to think that if she took the time and saved some parts for last, it would sort of save face.

The problem is Mathias and Zoe don't spend enough time together. I was looking for those slow build scenes where they would spend hours having a conversation, or hanging out together. Instead they have like two conversations, and bam walla there in love. Still the character building is great, the world building is great, and Mathias doesn't fall outside his role of Guardian Angel. By the end of the book my heart was broken for them, I got the feels. Something, I didn't think I was going to get in this book.

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I realized I was more attached to the story than I thought. I found myself torn between reading the next book, and saving it for later, when I'm emotionally stable again. I realized I loved this story. Even with all its little flaws. If you can look past that you'll be fine. But overall, this was a great read. I enjoyed it and will move on to the next book soon. I'll admit it- I had low expectations for this book. I thought it'd be another mysterious-boy-meets-girl story. I will also gladly admit that I was completely wrong.

Heavenly is one of the purest, truest romance novels I've read in a long time. I was surprised at how much I fell in love the Zoe, Matthias, and all of the characters. Before Matthias enters the picture, Zoe is pretty much as I'll admit it- I had low expectations for this book. Before Matthias enters the picture, Zoe is pretty much as messed up as you can get. I grimaced at her use of language and alcohol abuse. Then she meets Matthias, and I began to see who she really was.

As I got to know her character, I could understand how challenging it is to have a handicapped sister. By the time I finished the book, I felt extremely close to Zoe. I could really appreciate the time it took to develop the character, and I think it made her a more realistic figure. Don't we all wish we had someone like him? That special someone who is so perfect, they're almost unrealistic.

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Laren's Continuing Journey (Laren Door Series) (Volume 2) [Z C Southwick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It has been almost four years . Laren's Continuing Journey (Laren Door Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Z C Southwick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

Still, that didn't stop me from falling for this angel. Matthias' character was one of the major contributors to my love of this book- I really enjoyed reading about such an honest, caring person. I liked this description much more than the other. This book doesn't purely focus on the romance between Zoe and Matthias, even though that is part of the plot. The novel is more about the pain and heartache that come with having a autistic child in the family. There were parts in this book where I felt my heart would burst from the love that Zoe and her family shared.

It was so refreshing to read a book that is centered around such a tightly-knit family. I would definitely recommend this book. This is a wonderful story that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a tale of true love, family bonds, and self discovery. Zoe is falling apart. She lives the life of a walking corpse. On the outside, she looks just like any normal teenager, but on the inside, she feels empty.

Her sister Abria is an Autistic child who has speaking disorders and the attention level of 5 seconds. Her brother Luke is drowning himself in drugs. To run away from the harsh realities, she parties and searches for casual relationships. But everything changes when she meets the mysterious Matthias, who, according to himself, is a g Zoe is falling apart. But everything changes when she meets the mysterious Matthias, who, according to himself, is a guardian sent to look after Abria. She feels happy, joyful and loved for the first time since Abria's Autism diagnosis. However, she seems to be the only person who can see Matthias.

It does not take too long for her to realize that she is in love with him. Or is it? I did not know what to expect before started reading Heavenly. But it turned out to be quite good as I could totally relate to Zoe's mental condition, behaviour and thoughts. I did not see her as an undignified teen, but rather a poor girl who was suffering from stress and hungered for the attention and care of her parents.

After observing the difficulties faced by the family to take care of little Abria in turns, even though I knew deep down that what Zoe and Luke did was wrong, I couldn't help sympathizing them. It's not entirely their fault to crumble when they had to shoulder such huge responsibilities. But still, according to the social norms of the society, they were not entirely blameless either.

The presence of Matthias really lighted up the whole story. Zoe's tainted soul now yearned for forgiveness and goodness. She started to change, little by little, towards the better. And little Abria seemed to be still and quiet like a normal little girl when Matthias is present. Zoe started to learn about love, compassion and forgiveness. She saw through Luke's current self, only to discover the lost, helpless little boy within. It was a great experience to read about a family that holds on to each other in many ways, in which love reigns over all other things.

Oct 06, Wanda Hartzenberg rated it liked it Shelves: Heavenly By Jennifer Laurens I met someone who changed everything. This is the line that got my attention. Unfortunately it did not keep my attention. Let me tell you that whenever I leave a less than glowing review for a Christian based book I feel like dirt. I feel as if I am selling out but I honestly cannot recommend this book as a Christian read or to others as a non Christian fiction read. The plot of the book should be simple and clear cut. It is however not and this does not work so well.

She is supposed to be more loveable than I found her. I neither love the girl nor do I particularly like her. Not Matthias. Not Zoe, whom is extremely judgemental. A bit of credit for the brother. The pot head had a feeling of reality surrounding him. Much like that of the mother. The Angel, Zoe, The Dad?

None of these people come across as somebody you would like to spend time with. Zoe is sooooo this and that and in the end only also wants attention. Really cool cover and the book and author gets a star for the cover alone. So back to the plot. Zoe, she meets the Angel. Ok so between the preachy overtones we are also almost inundated with lust and teenage angst. I finished the book and do not say it was a waste of my time but at the same time I cannot tell you to invest your hard earned money if this type of genre is not TOTALLY your go to escape.

From the very first page, I was enthralled by the world of Heavenly and I couldn't stop reading until the very last page. Zoe is a well-rounded girl who has her fair share of problems. She feels ignored by her family because of her autistic sister and uses alcohol to escape the pain. She feels so frustrated that life has dealt her with an autistic sister and wishes that her family could go back to being the way it was b If I had to choose just one word to describe this book, it would be: AMAZING.

She feels so frustrated that life has dealt her with an autistic sister and wishes that her family could go back to being the way it was before Adria was born.

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Then, her life is turned upside down when Matthias steps into the picture and Zoe slowly begins to fall in love and put the pieces of her life back together. Zoe is a very relatable main character and I feel for what she has to go through. With her brother turning into a drug addict and her family slowly falling apart, she really pulls through with the help of Matthias' positive influence. I enjoyed seeing her character grow and was especially sad when I came to the end of Heavenly. The romance between her and Mattias was so touching and beautiful. Matthias was such an amazing hero and left me in need of a Matthias of my own.


Both championed by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. I received a copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. Sweat stuck the material to her back, making her uncomfortable, or perhaps that was just the frankness of Markus's regard. Nona said nothing, only glanced towards the corner. William, who also survived the massacre, encounters the young Robert Ford host, who reveals that a game designed just for him has commenced. An aviator, she transport live cargo, hunters, scientists and explorers on her single engine plane.

The ending really changes things up and I am eager to see what Penitence will have in store for their love story! I am so in love with Matthias' and Zoe's story and I am definitely eager for more. This book was so incredibly breathtaking and I think anyone who hasn't read Heavenly need to! You won't regret taking a chance on this amazing story of love, heartache, frustration, hope, and joy. May 14, Cindy rated it really liked it. Zoe and Matthias wow what a story! This story was really jam packed with all sorts of wonderful and sad happenings. At first I had a hard time getting settled into the story.

Zoe is a teenager who has a good family, that like all have their challenges. Their challenge is her little sister Abria, who is autistic. I don't know anyone with an autistic child so this was enlightening, I imagined it would be tough Zoe and Matthias wow what a story! I don't know anyone with an autistic child so this was enlightening, I imagined it would be tough, just didn't realize how overwhelming.

Abria has a very handsome heavenly guardian whom Zoe can see. This is her gift to be able to see guardians.