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Fortunately, it was a temporary state. Thank you, Stephen King. Leave IT to the sewers. It means someone is taking your muse seriously, and you are inspiring them to react. They're your first audience.

The #1 Cure for Your Broken Heart - Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy

You may be newly inspired by their response, the birth of muse entropy. They will be most able to see you and your creation for what it can be. But what about the money? Simple solution: Be creative in your application to Creativity in the right careers can beget affluence. Even published, sometimes well-known, artists work for surprisingly little. Sometimes, self-expression and profit are even at odds.

Once, a friend who is major bestselling author told me: " Matt, you can keep writing what you like, or you can learn the formula and try to make bank. We invited students to submit their creative problem-solving projects, be it from a class assignment or just for fun. Strivers — up-and-coming artists, designers, models and others cultural influencers — are making a splash in their creative fields.

So many wonderful scientific experiments have been done to show us the value of downtime for creativity, memory and learning. One of my favorites involves what happens inside the brains of rats when they are constantly stimulated. In the experiment, done at the University of California at San Francisco, brain activity was measured in rats when they have a new experience. The researchers put the rat on a table, and could see that the rat developed a brain signal associated with a new experience.

It turns out, a new experience for a rat, like being set down on a table the rat has never been on before, can be fairly exciting. Then, the researchers added a twist by dividing the subject rats into two groups. One group of rats was immediately subjected to another new experience look, new table! In the rats that got downtime, researchers could see the brain activity move into a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which is associated with learning and memory.

This is one experiment of many that show how crucial it is to let your brain go lax, to give it time and space. Practically, that means turning off Netflix when you get on the stationary bike, strolling at lunch without ear buds or riding the train with a blank stare, not Words With Friends. These are the nickels and dimes of wandering minds that add up to ideas, maybe, or just rest. Both are good outcomes. They constantly stimulate, but, research shows, they can overstimulate if not kept in their place.

If you get in the habit of giving your brain downtime, the soil of silence, permission and audacity will let ideas root and bloom. This guide offered exclusively to New York Times subscribers for a limited time. Save for Later. First, Give Permission Tapping into your thoughts, dreams and imaginations is the first step to finding your inner creativity. Let Yourself Find Your Creativity Another quick tale to make the point: A family friend once told me that, in college, he was curious to find out whether he was creative so he picked up an easel at the store.

Learning to Think Outside the Box Once considered the product of genius or divine inspiration, creativity is being recast as a teachable skill. Need inspiration? Make a mess. Be Audacious Feel confident that whatever you create will be amazing. Keep at It There is a punchline, of course, to thinking that you are going to create perfection, and Charles Schultz told it; often, the resulting product comes with a recognition that the Promised Land eluded you, again.

Can Creativity Be Scheduled? Can creativity be turned on through discipline? Now we were getting somewhere. How to Raise a Creative Child. Back Off Child prodigies rarely become adult geniuses who change the world. You know how they paint pools blue.

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Hi, I'm Madison. Well that's what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I'm 9 years old and I . Maddy's Guide to Life: I Don't Want to go to Bed Kristina Andersen. Hi, I'm Madison. Well that's what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr.

And suddenly it seemed there was no reason for me to be staring into a swimming pool at some stupid apartment complex when I could be staring at the Aegean. Always eager to be involved in music, Barrett played there every night for two-and-a-half summers and then played in a couple of Athens clubs in the autumn.

I was also aware that many travellers have an unpleasant experience of Athens. I'd seen postings on network bulletin boards that travellers should avoid Athens; 'See the Acropolis and get out! He describes Athens as a "concrete jungle", but adds that within this there are "pockets that are quite beautiful and enjoyable and you can spend your entire holiday in these pockets and have a completely different experience of Athens. I teach people to love Athens. His wife is from Lesvos, his favourite island.

Around the same time, Barrett experienced another personal tragedy when another close friend, Jimi Hatzidimitriou, who opened Barrett's eyes to Greek music and whose company was "like a lesson on being Greek", also passed away. It's so beautiful. But to love Greece to the point where you can feel the pain in an old Tsitsanis song or in the face of an old man staring off in a kafeneion is different, and that's what I learned from them," he says. Listing another reason for his romance with Greece, Barrett notes: "I like meals that last for six hours.

Not only because the food is good or the atmosphere is beautiful, but because people love to talk and to say what they feel. Conversations get passionate in Greece.

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I love having to get the attention of the waiter for more wine or another order of paidakia. In the States I miss waking up in the morning and going to a cafe in Plaka and getting a coffee and the Athens News. It is really a less foreign country then they imagine.

Then something happens - a big demonstration, a bomb at a bank, a November 17 assassination - and the husband says 'forget it! Instead they go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and he gets to play golf and they don't have to miss their favourite TV programmes. Greece's enemy is greed and corruption. Not just the politicians and businessmen but every taxi driver that rips off a tourist to make an extra few thousand drachmas.

Greece needs to build for the future. Right now travel agencies can't finalise itineraries because they don't have the ferry schedules. That means someone who began planning their Greek island holiday six months ago is still waiting to find out if there is a boat on the day they are scheduled to check into the hotel on Paros. People ask me all sorts of questions: what to wear; what the weather is like; can you get to one island from another. They ask my opinion of itineraries, travel agencies, hotels and when anything happens, like a bombing, murder, earthquake, war or demonstration, they write to ask me to assure them that things are OK and they should not cancel their trip.

If you can call it that, because Barrett doesn't seem to think what he does is serious work. Other companies should take note! You could change the world sat in your armchair, sofa, bed, car! And to Wingman, Thank You, Thank You for being a shining example for all other companies to aspire to! The lens comes with a nice little padded pouch, but no hood, this is no issue for me but other macro lenses do come with them.

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The build quality seems really robust, all metal, which adds strength and durability that other similar macro lens lack. I always use manual focus anyway but the setting of the aperture on the lens was new to me, and…… I kind of liked it!. I found it easier and quicker to change meaning less photo opportunities missed.

I did suffer some vignettes using this lens for portraits, but it is designed for Crop bodies so that was to be expected using it on a Full Frame 6D. I wish I could have tried it out as a portrait lens, maybe they will release a full frame macro lens in the future. All in all I would definitely recommend this lens to my friends and fellow photographers, It will be a regular in my camera bag from now on. If you have just started to get into macro but want to get that little bit closer, then this is the lens for you! We have been doing the challenge since Day 1, in fact we started a tad early and had a nice trip to a local meadow, walking and relaxing a few days before.

Day 1 — My wife and her friends went to a local park, bug hunting and tree climbing whilst I did some bug hunting.

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Day 2 — We had a nice walk to another local meadow which we have never visited at this time of the year. The girls getting ready to record the species in the Bioblitz. We love the Garden Bioblitz, such a fun way of introducing the kids to the wildlife in your garden, and at the same time recording and discovering beautiful creatures!

Matt Haig shares his tried-and-tested advice for boosting your mental wellbeing

The first thing we discovered, after moving some rocks was this Red Ant nest, the girls were amazed! We hung an old shower curtain up, and with the help of the kids we shook the bushes and trees hoping whatever fell would land on our sheet. Amber inspecting with a pot ready to capture whatever scuttles out.

Our nephew Noah getting involved…. The fact is, I had been suffering for years before hand but I never realised it. It started with anger issues, losing my temper at the smallest thing; it could be as stupid as the heating not coming on in time for a bath or someone asking me to do something. My dad, if you can call him that, disappeared from my life when I was around , not his choice, but mine. This led to my depression, I began to question why I was even here and I made an attempt on my life, a few times.

Thinking back, I doubt I would ever have gone fully through with it; it was more a cry for attention than anything else. I just wanted it all to STOP!! Here I am holding my new born nephew, I was very ill in this picture. I decided, with the help of my wife, Mother and Mother-in-law I would go see a doctor. It took me a few days to pluck up the courage to ring them, my body sweating and heart racing but I did it, I made the appointment.

To begin with I thought it would just be waste of time, until I attended the appointment.

See a Problem?

He diagnosed me on the spot and referred me for counselling and anger management classes, I was also prescribed anti-depressants. I put my first post up introducing myself as a newb and was greeted with a warm friendly welcome. It was easy as I was talking to people but not actually face to face.