Previously, a student. Currently, broke.

How Broken Is College, and Can We Fix it?
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For Whom Is College Broken?

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For example, the following sentence is long, but it is a fragment:. The answer is, as is often the case in my columns, it depends. Focusing on what her life would look like after she paid her loans gave her the motivation to continue and helped her figure out how to pay off debt. Students who demonstrate financial need may also be eligible for subsidized federal loans, in which the government pays all interest for the duration of your studies. Mind you, when I began my college search, I didn't understand such distinctions, and, if I had, I might have chosen another path.

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How One Woman Paid Off $81, in Student Loans While She Was Broke | GOBankingRates

Log In Sign up. When I spoke with panelist Peter Smith, professor at University of Maryland University College , he spoke to the far-reaching consequences, rooted in his experience in both higher education and politics. Smith has served his home state, Vermont, as a state senator, lieutenant governor, and congressman-at-large.

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Addressing the challenges facing public universities and community colleges isn't only about preserving individual institutions but safeguarding the social mobility and economic vitality they enable. However, scaling best practices is easier said than done because the U. As Lederman put it, "It's hard to get systemic movement when you don't have a system.

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Within universities, the rewards structure isn't designed to support the transmission of good ideas across universities. The challenge is that they're not necessarily working to make their teaching more efficient or less expensive.

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Student Library Research Practices & Skills Primary Research Group SOURCES NOT PREVIOUSLY CITED, BROKEN OUT BY AGE OF THE STUDENT. figure out how to get out of debt. Click through to learn how to set goals and pay off student loans fast, even when you're starting out broke.

How then do we convey good ideas—opportunities for efficiency as well as methods to make classes more engaging, programs more consistent, degree requirements more transmissible—across an institution and to other, comparable institutions? Lederman pointed to college associations e. Guthrie highlighted TPSEMath , which seeks to develop mathematics curricula that align with applied use.

Boston suggested the Lumina Foundation, which has sponsored the Degree Qualifications Profile , a set of generic competencies with evidence-based assessments. In the context of consortia and associations, technology may prove less a vehicle for than a facilitator of systematic change.


Look no further than online education ventures, about which I've spilled some ink , to discover the limits techno-utilitarianism. As Lederman put it, "Education is about process and experience, not just content. MOOCs [massive open online courses] have largely failed because they're all about content, when education is a process. This is how flipped classrooms took root. Contrary to popular perception, higher education has a long history of change. Ask anyone who has enrolled in a distance-learning program, be it an online extension program or the twentieth-century antecedent, a correspondence course.

And there's no reason to suspect colleges and universities will not continue to change. Drawing upon his decades in the industry, Lederman noted: "This isn't the first large economic turmoil during which higher education has taken grief.

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It's a correction, not a catastrophe. As a contributing editor, William Fenton specializes in research and education software. In addition to his role at PCMag.

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For Whom Is College Broken?

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