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We should also attend to library inventories. The earliest reference of any kind to ownership of a specific French copy of the Essais in England is dateable to February It places the copy in one of the principal households in which Florio undertook his translation — the Harrington-Russell household.

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Buy Sur le papier (essai français) (French Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Savourez. Les plus belles œuvres, en édition bilingue Anielka, Boleslaw Prus, en édition bilingue polonais-français (+ audio) Ajouter au panier · Polonais-.

There is even, finally, a large painting, a triptych at Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal United Kingdom , which depicts a copy of the English Essayes as part of the household institution of Lady Anne Clifford, a young noblewoman of the period. For there is indeed much textual and circumstantial evidence that this was the one chapter with which Florio started. It is, for example, the only chapter into which Florio inserts an extraneous passage from elsewhere — a passage glorifying the relationship between learning and the nobility.

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Florio was stuck lower down the household hierarchy reading Italian and French books with young noblewomen. But his assistant Theodore Diodati — in fact his superior — was directly involved as a tutor in the education of the son and heir of the Harrington-Russell household, the young John Harrington. How strong an institutional foundation did the relationship between the lord of Montaigne and his heir appear to provide?

He traverses the routine pathways of humanist Latin pedagogy with informally added value and sophistication.

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He powerfully holds his moral and intellectual balance and retains an authoritative presence in the midst of shifting ideas and factions, whilst preserving the traditions of his father, the friendship of the members of his familia , and conformity to the religious and political establishment of France. Florio in his dedications repeatedly reveals how he has been reading the Essayes with his patronesses in private household tutorials.

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Rivers and Marsh were household servants. The central panel shows her parents and her two brothers, who both died very young, leaving her — in her own view — as the heiress. The left panel shows her institution as a fifteen-year old gentlewoman. It is crucial to understand that Montaigne is translated into English and read by tutors and servants to noblemen and noblewomen in a plurilingual pedagogical context probably dominated by Italian.

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This is where we start to move around the other side of our panel on the education of the young noblewomen. The answer is yes.

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In one case Varchi takes a particularly ardent Petrarchan sonnet as a pretext to warn women about the differences in the temperaments of men. A number of readers and commentators bring various texts to bear on problems of love and jealousy. He was used by scholars and advisers to furnish the real aristocracy and by playwrights to furnish the staged aristocracy with matter for topical philosophical discussion — as Gonzalo does Alonso. It is itself a highly informal, indeed potentially licentious, institution in the process of private group reading, commentary and conference.

This process was at the core of secular household education of the gentry and nobility at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


And of course, at exactly this moment, in , a play was published on the topic of unruly fathers King Lear. And Salingar goes on to show how Shakespeare uses Montaigne to supply the king, Lear, with themes, terms and telling illustrations throughout the rest of the play It is ultimately the king, if you like, who is borrowing counsel, themes and language from Montaigne Archdeacon, , Edmund Malone, 10 vols, London: H. Baldwin, , vol. John Collins, 3 vols London, Printed for the author, , vol. John Florio, ed. Henry Morley London, []. Jonathan Woolfson Basingstoke: Macmillan, , Pierre Villey and V.

Saulnier Paris: P. Florio, 3 vols London: J.