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Libra man and Aries woman
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Gemini and Libra , however, are a better fit. Related Stories. The earth signs are divided. Capricorn is a better fit, but Capricorns and Aries approach privacy in different ways, and that could lead to conflict. Considering that Aries is a fire sign , it makes sense that water signs would be not a good match. Of the three water signs, Cancer is a particularly bad match, Stellas says. There's a lot of aggressive tension between the two signs. Meanwhile, Piscean energy is a little too chill for Aries, though a short fling can be fun.

Before you change your dating app bio , though, keep a few things in mind: two people with the exact same birth chart can still have different personalities there are plenty of twins who are total opposites , after all. Instead, you should look at your chart as a whole , paying special attention to your moon sign and the placement of Venus and Mars. Hickeys have a reputation for adorning the necks of teenagers, but while it might be a tad unprofessional to show up to a work meeting covered in them,.

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One day last October, I got a DM from a listener to my podcast, asking for some sex advice. Yeah, he was hot for those damned buttons. Her golden hazel eyes warmed as she smiled. She was a hard worker and self-sufficient, but now it was clear she also needed the security that would allow her lighthearted nature to shine through.

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He could be that man for her. He would be that man for her. Screw food. He was starving not only for what was behind all those ugly clothes, but also for more of her teasing. She tilted her head to the right, as if considering his question like a physicist might contemplate a mile-long equation. Oh, yeah, she did. He breathed through the lust cruising through him.

They would get to that. He just needed a little time to get his sister squared away. The way she stood there laughing down at him made him want to shove the salt and pepper and silverware off the table, lift her onto it and have her for breakfast instead. That image had his dick twitching behind his fly. Not cool while he was in uniform. She shook her head, closing her eyes as if the corn nuts had screwed the deal. Kelsey will be giving away one digital copy of Personal Assets , the first book in the Texas Nights series to one commenter at each blog stop.

For your chance to win, please leave a comment below between now and Sunday, July 20th at 12noon. Winner will be announced on Sunday! Good luck everyone! Contemporary Romance Cafe. Night Owl Reviews. Carina Press Blog. Love Romance Passion. Gonna Need More Books. Musings From an Addicted Reader. Coffee Time Romance. TBQs Book Palace. Eileen Dandashi. Herding Cats and Burning Soup. Blogging by Liza. Romance Junkies. Doing Some Reading.

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Vintage Cookbooks and Crafts. The Romance Reviews. Ramblings From This Chick. Smart, sexy and with just enough sass to keep him honest. Then she went sticking her nose in undercover FBI business. He knew her legal reputation would skyrocket if she won this case. Even if working together every day takes them late into the night…and into the line of fire. She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her workaholic husband, sports obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist Terrier.

The giveaway will run from May 30, — June 11, Now, with Colin Heath threatening her, she was sure of it and would never again complain about shoes she could have bought with the convenience tax money. Even if the slow gate drove her mad, she remained thankful for its presence. Casual conversation. After the crazy emotional day, one that included the two of them admitting their mutual attraction, the god of love decided this would be the night a judge received a death threat and the extra marshal assigned to Elizabeth Brooks would go to the judge.

Not wanting to leave Elizabeth with only one marshal, Russ and Brent decided Brent would stay behind while Russ drove Penny home. All around a good plan because Elizabeth would be safe. However, Penny was about to step into the elevator leading to her condo—her very empty condo—with the FBI agent her girly parts wanted a piece of.

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Elizabeth was safe. Penny was not. She rocked back and forth while the floors blinked off. The doors finally slid open and Russ held them so she could step on. A gentleman to boot. Could this get any worse?

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That was a relief at least. We can handle this. Got your keys? She stopped in the hallway outside the elevator and watched the doors close. He needed to be on that elevator. Away from her very empty apartment. Where she wanted to introduce him to an extremely inviting bed. Standard procedure.

Last thing I need is not to do it and have you kidnapped. He laughed at his own joke and Penny gasped, but really, there was a certain amount of pride she could take in scaring off would-be kidnappers. She spun, marched down the curving corridor and lamented the fact that the plush carpeting absorbed her footsteps.

Sometimes a girl wanted to hear her own stomping and this carpet was stealing her fun. What am I doing? Making herself crazy. She shook her head to clear the madness, lightened her footsteps and breathed in. They could handle it. Simple plan. She focused on her apartment door just ahead. At this hour, most of her neighbors had gone quiet.


She unlocked the door, pushed it open and waved Russ in. Penny laughed and after the long day, laughing felt like that barrel of gummy bears she needed. She stood in the middle of her living room, pondered the closet door while he checked the two bedrooms. If she just stared at it, it might be enough to keep her from seeing Russ in her bedroom. Oh, just hell. Once again, the god of love had flipped her off.

How could Penny have known Russell Voight would be escorting her home? Even she, who functioned on very little sleep, needed her bed. Assuming you want to be there? Russ scratched his stubbled chin. We want everything to look business-as-usual. That work? She rocked on her toes again. Here they were, two professionals, having a chat. No problem. Except the snapping energy in the silent apartment made heat fly off Russ in a constant and brutal wave. The only sound was the distant hum from the refrigerator and Penny concentrated on it rather than that damned loosened tie just begging to be stripped off.

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And then, the wave swooped in and, as if timed, they both stepped forward and Penny reached for his tie and tugged him to her. His hand slid around the back of her head and she went up on tiptoes, anticipating that first press of his lips. That first moment of their first kiss. Just Romantic Suspense. Read Your Writes. Our Thoughts Precisely. Reading on the Rocks.

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Ariesgrl Book Reviews. Skip to content. What inspired you to become an author? Which authors do you love to read in your spare time? Do you have any other books in the works? Is there a character in your books that shares some of your attributes? How do you name your characters? About the Authors : Dee J. About the Author:. Ask anyone. That throbbing mass in her stomach exploded. Big trouble.