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On Stage 18 , where Deep Space Nine 's beautiful Promenade set was situated, a different genus of Ferengi had emerged. In DS9 Season 2 finale " The Jem'Hadar ", a comment partly regarding the Ferengi, said by Quark to Sisko and expressed from the Ferengi perspective, highlighted the differences between them and Humans. And if we could show that Sisko, whose character has a lot of weight, would take what Quark says [about the positive differences between Ferengi and Humans] seriously, then the audience would take it seriously.

Well, we're actually as good or better.

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We're saner, we don't conquer. Throughout season three of DS9 , the writing staff worked on developing distinctions between Quark, Rom, and Nog. In DS9 Season 3's " The House of Quark ", the Ferengi encountered Klingons, in an unlikely pairing which allowed the writers to explore aspects of both species. The writing staff obviously imagined Ferengi psychology as being far different to that of Klingons, such as not considering a fight to the death honorable.

The Ferengi was one alien race which, by the time Star Trek: Voyager was in initial development, had become an extremely familiar element of the Star Trek universe. Deliberately, much less attention was paid to the Ferengi in Voyager. With Michael Piller having originated Quark as an occasionally humorous character, Ira Steven Behr continued the process, once he was promoted to becoming DS9 showrunner and executive producer, of humorizing the Ferengi.

Behr further developed the psyche, incentives and society of his alien charges. He, having an interest in sibling relationships and male bonding, used the episode to explore relations between Quark and Rom, the writers devising a physical fight between the two brothers. He considered the Ferengi attitude as perhaps including having standards perceived by oneself as high and inflexibility from those ideals. Ferengi anatomy resulted in their natural environment of Ferenginar being established as chronically rainy. In "Family Business", this decision allowed for more physical comedy between the members of the species, such as selling towels at the door for people to dry the rain off themselves.

At about the same time as "Family Business" was produced, DS9's makeup staff managed to reduce the makeup duration from three to two-and-a-half hours. The fact that many of the same makeup artists were being used for the Ferengi, and that those workers had done a huge amount of makeup for Ferengi and other regular DS9 alien races, made this time reduction possible.

Ira Behr approved of how the Ferengi are depicted in "Family Business". He commented, " It's about as pure a Ferengi show as you can get. This season we've accomplished two very good episodes for the Ferengi [ It's family, and family stuff has to be dealt with. Other members of production personnel also liked how the Ferengi are portrayed in "Family Business". David Livingston offered, " The fight between Quark and Rom I thought was wonderful, flying over tables and stuff. Multiple DS9 Ferengi episodes were directed by Rene Auberjonois , including the season three installments "Prophet Motive" Auberjonois' directorial debut on the series and "Family Business".

The Ferengi makeup in the episode additionally included the backs of a pair of hands, two shoulders, and a back. Starlog , issue , p. An idea pertaining to two Ferengi was thought up immediately following the creation of "Family Business". There was no way we couldn't do it.

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This tendency led to the slow merging of business and political fields in Ferengi culture and that influence was evident in the near-universal application of the Rules of Acquisition, as both a personal and financial code of ethics. Mysterious Mystery Of The Wrap. Where we can be what Gotham could be. It almost seemed to be smiling at her. They had a way of making him forget about his problems. Inside, dressing dummies stood posed in majestic gowns.

During DS9 Season 4 , the Ferengi began taking two hours to apply, rather than two-and-a-half. George III pitched. I wanted to deal with that prejudice and explode it out where everybody could see it. We got to get back to Deep Space Nine. Armin Shimerman once observed that, in " Bar Association ", the DS9 creative staff attempted to "deal with two serious problems," the first being the relationship between Rom and Quark, with the former defying Ferengi society at large, whereas the second issue was asking the Star Trek fans to respect the species.

Moore thoroughly approved of how the Ferengi are portrayed in "Bar Association". By the time "Bar Association" was produced, Armin Shimerman was disgruntled that a percentage of Star Trek fans seemed unable to accept a Ferengi episode if it was serious.

Ira Behr partly agreed with Shimerman's reaction. But I don't think it has anything to do with being three-dimensional [ More depth to the Ferengi than was usual was allowed in the episode " Body Parts ". By the end of Season 4, some members of the shooting company were happy with how the Ferengi were developing.

Shimerman remarked, " We've had wonderful episodes [ We spend a lot of time in makeup together [ It depicts them much as they were to have been portrayed in the ultimately abandoned TNG two-parter "Ferengi Gold", with a group of Ferengi using advanced technology to pose as gods.

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Despite the Ferengi having significantly transformed through their many Star Trek appearances, Ira Behr suspected a villainous Ferengi would still be too much to take, even by the time of DS9 Season 5. The Ferengi were on the minds of Ira Behr and Hans Beimler while they did a polish on "Business as Usual" and then immediately began writing the next Ferengi episode, " Ferengi Love Songs " whose title was changed, in such a way as to include the word "Ferengi", only at the last minute, because Behr wanted it altered.

Ira understands the Ferengi better than any non-Ferengi I know. She and Wallace Shawn found the Ferengi makeup to be remarkably thick. When Combs met Shawn on the set of "Ferengi Love Songs", Combs felt the Ferengi makeup they were both wearing, which he said made them look like "weird creatures," made the experience "really quite amusing" and "surreal. Aron Eisenberg believed that, by Nog helping Jake Sisko engage in lengthy negotiations for a baseball card in " In the Cards ", a quality inherent to Ferengi in general was exemplified. By the end of DS9 Season 5, the Ferengi makeup took around an hour and a half to apply.

When David Livingston asked Aron Eisenberg to improvise a dance for Nog to do in sixth season's " You Are Cordially Invited ", imagining how members of the Ferengi species might dance was puzzling for Eisenberg. He asked himself, " How do Ferengi dance? The Ferengi ensemble in "The Magnificent Ferengi" went some way toward motivating Ira Behr to make a rare set visit while the episode was in production. The actors playing Ferengi characters in "The Magnificent Ferengi" were happy with the Ferengi portrayals in the episode. The fact there were "seven character actors in this Ferengi makeup" resulted in Jeffrey Combs finding the installment to be very fun, from a production standpoint.

He enthused, " Some of the things that we were doing just sitting around, or waiting for the camera to roll, some of the dialogue was really cool. They were brilliant, " Shimerman enthused. He prepared to direct the Ferengi who were included in that episode by reading The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and Legends of the Ferengi. Chalmers was very impressed by the performances delivered by the installment's selection of Ferengi-playing actors.

He especially liked that all three Ferengi-playing actors could speak to each other and share ideas when it came to their performances as members of the species. When later season seven outing " It's Only a Paper Moon " was produced, the Ferengi makeup took three hours to apply and an hour to remove. As DS9 neared its end, bringing two specific Ferengi characters back to the show was important to the DS9 writing staff. Armin Shimerman once reckoned that, instead of Zek ultimately continuing as Grand Nagus, he himself would have had either Ishka or Brunt assume that role at the end of DS9.

However, the writers believed the Ferengi would, in Ron Moore's words, "eat him alive," unless their society changed. Behr stated, " We had to figure out what would have had to happen to Ferengi society that would enable Rom to become the nagus. The audience had accepted the leap Moogie had accomplished for females, so we figured they'd be able to make this leap. Jeffrey Combs was surprised that, though he had expected the Ferengi characters of Gaila and Leck to return following their appearance in "The Magnificent Ferengi", those characters were never again reprised in DS9, due to the producers running out of time by the end of the series.

The DS9 producers were very proud of the Ferengi characters that appeared on the show.

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In retrospect, Rick Berman admitted, " I have been just delighted by how rich these relationships have become [ Likewise, the Ferengi-playing actors from DS9 were happy with their own efforts on the series. We've been very lucky, the Ferengi. In many ways we are family. We get together often. There is a great rapport between all of us.

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It's been fortunate that they cast just the right people for the Ferengi. I am very proud of a lot of the work that we did on Deep Space Nine. When we had Ferengi episodes and all of us were together, I think there was not only joy in my heart; I truly believe that they were better days for the crew as well. In about or , Armin Shimerman and a friend of his thought up an ultimately never-produced idea for an animated series featuring Quark and Rom as teenagers.

Star Trek Explorer , Vol. Although Armin Shimerman was eager to make a guest appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise , the possibility of returning in a Ferengi role didn't appeal to him. It was important for the Ferengi-playing actors in ENT : " Acquisition " to be reliable at conveying what each of their characters was feeling and talking about, even while speaking in Ferengi. The episode's final draft script called for this, noting at the start, " Though there are no subtitles, we should be able to sense from their attitude the basic gist of what they're saying.

As scripted, the Ferengi in "Acquisition" with the exception of Krem were unconscious at the end of the story, with an " anesthetic agent " having been administered to them as well as they having been shackled to hand holds aboard their own ship. Their fate was modified so that, in the episode itself, they are conscious though still handcuffed to the vessel, on board the craft. Both Ethan Phillips and Jeffrey Combs , who each portrayed at least one Ferengi before appearing as a member of the species in "Acquisition", likened the Ferengi appearance to that of a Human backside.

Phillips once referred to the make-up as "the butthead! People would know right off the bat, 'Oh, Ferengi! They're back! Combs remarked, " I heard that they had been thinking of me for one of the more aggressive Ferengi. By the time "Acquisition" was produced, the Star Trek makeup artists, still supervised by Michael Westmore , had built up a large stock of Ferengi prosthetics.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. About the Author Having been an avid reader since his Ascension Part II (New Alpha Rising Book 2) by [Russell, A. T.] . Countless years ago, measured in thousands, the Gods came first. Monstrous creations were born of their frivolity. Like the Gods, some of the creations were.

Jeff Combs explained, " They have basic molds and heads and it costs them a lot of money to sculpt the new ones. While Ethan Phillips and Matt Malloy were having their Ferengi makeup applied for "Acquisition", they sat beside each other. Regarding not only himself and Phillips but also the other actors who were portraying Ferengi in "Acquisition", Malloy later noted, " We were in the chair eight days in a row.

He later pointed out, " The brow-lines — that ridge above the eyes — are different and distinguishable if you're really looking [ I even chose a different posture; Brunt was always a strutting peacock, and Krem is much more timid and shuffle-footed. In fact, all the Ferengi-playing actors who appeared in "Acquisition" were given a lot of freedom to vary their performances as Ferengi from how the species had been established before. Clint Howard explained, " I knew what a Ferengi was — I'd seen Armin Shimerman's work, and I've seen enough of Deep Space Nine to know what they're like — but the producers and Jimmy [Whitmore , the director] said, 'These are different; this is the very first time in the world of Star Trek that we're going to see Ferengis, so be comfortable in whatever your choices are — they're fine, because it just means that everybody else has been wrong!

The performances of the Ferengi in "Acquisition" were influenced by such elements as the extensive makeup and how each of the characters had been written. Jeff Combs reported, " The parts were written very specifically in terms of who they were; you could easily tell one from the other, and they just let us run with it. Even by the time of "Acquisition"'s making, the Ferengi make-up still had its difficulties. Jeff Combs admitted, " It's one of the hardest [makeups] that I've been in. Matt Malloy pointed out, " We were lifting stuff, dragging the captain off and unbolting his chair and walking it to the elevator.

We're stomping around, having to push each other through little corridors and wedge through doorways and get in little shoving matches, and you do that three or four times and there's just no place for the heat to go [ Matt Malloy had never been in Star Trek before. As a result, Howard and Malloy based their performances as Ferengi on those which Combs and Phillips delivered for "Acquisition". He opined, " I think it worked [ After some fans expressed complaints that the appearance of Ferengi in "Acquisition" apparently violated canon , Brannon Braga considered possibly featuring the species again in Enterprise.

He suggested the series might later deal with the fact that, in "Acquisition", the crew of Enterprise NX doesn't find out the name of the species. Though the Ferengi were often depicted as being motivated by greed, Aron Eisenberg recommended that their psychology can be interpreted differently. So in this regard I think the Ferengi are wonderful examples of goalsetters.

He has all these rules for obtaining money, and that's the center of his life. Nothing really deters him from that goal. Nothing clouds that vision. A Ferengi won't allow it. Journalist Ian Spelling once referred to a Ferengi head as similar to "a baby's oversized tush" and described Ferengi noses, finding them "memorable," by suggesting, " Imagine a baked potato attacked by Freddy Krueger. The Ferengi makeup was generally accepted as one of the hardest Star Trek prosthetic schemes to endure.

Furthermore, the large ears are antithetical to what they appear to be. You have to adapt to that. It just goes on and on and by the end of the day you can't hear and there is a ringing in your ears and it really starts affecting your world. It's like being an old man. You can't hear in there, so you're like an old man with a pickle, and as the day goes on dementia sets in!

Then as the long days pile up on each other it gets even harder. But you get to that place and you go, 'Now, wait a minute. I could be digging a ditch with calluses all over my hands. I think this is OK! For at least some performers, having to wear the Ferengi makeup wasn't entirely bad. Armin Shimerman offered, " The advantage is that the make-up itself is a freeing process. You're just released, the shackles are undone, " Combs laughed. Despite the persistent difficulties with the makeup, everyone who played a Ferengi did so to the best of their abilities.

Combs related, " Something happens when you get that Ferengi make-up on. You just turn into a toad or some sort of odd gargoyle. During the development of the Ferengi on Star Trek , their level of technological development additionally changed. For example, in TNG : " The Last Outpost ", the Ferengi have technology on par with that of the Federation, but by the time of DS9 : " Little Green Men ", it was revealed that they are not that technologically advanced, and have bought a good share of their technology.

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The performers usually cast as Ferengi had short stature. I never thought I'd play three different Ferengis, " Phillips concluded. Armin Shimerman once referred to the Ferengi as being fascinated by the Trill , especially Jadzia Dax. Nicole de Boer suspected that kissing a Ferengi, the like of which she described as having "big, gnarly teeth," would cut the other kisser. The discrepancy between the early Ferengi and the later ones was at least partly explained in the novel The Buried Age , a flashback novel looking at Picard's career between the destruction of the Stargazer and assuming command of the Enterprise -D.

The book explains that the supposedly threatening nature of the Ferengi in early TNG was a product of disinformation; viewing the Federation's moneyless economic structure as a sign of insanity, the Grand Nagus ordered a military buildup and sanctioned the spread of malicious rumors so that, when they did make contact, it would be from a position of strength.

According to the novel Rise Like Lions , the mirror universe Ferengi were wiped out by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in , due to their support for the Terran Rebellion. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. But once you accept that, you'll find they can be a lot of fun. Contents [ show ]. Since Kobheerians look very similar to Dopterians, they too might be related to both species.

There are some episodes that contradict the inability of telepathic species to read Ferengi minds. For example in TNG, Deanna Troi uses her empathic abilities on several occasions, though on others she and her mother , a more powerful telepath, claimed an inability to do so. It is not known if this statement was to be taken literally or figuratively. This was also one of the rare moments that a Ferengi referred to his lobes as ears.

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In ultimately unused dialogue from the first draft script of DS9 : " Body Parts ", Julian Bashir remarked about the oldest members of the Ferengi species he was aware of, " I've known Ferengis to live past a hundred and twenty. It was Gene Roddenberry who decided the Ferengi invented synthehol. They were gorgeous to look at.

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They were funny, they were outrageous and they were truly a marvel. The only problem was wearing them! They were great for everybody but me. They were made out of couch material and they were very hot. In each of the first three mirror universe episodes in DS9 as well as in the fifth such installment namely, "Crossover", " Through the Looking Glass ", " Shattered Mirror ", and " The Emperor's New Cloak " , a mirror Ferengi character is killed off specifically, Quark , Rom , Nog , and Brunt respectively.

Jeffrey Combs observed, " None of the Ferengi from the alternate universe seem to survive. The Ferengi seemed to draw a distinction between selfishness and greed, indicating that the accumulation of wealth serves a greater good and is therefore not selfish. This is likely the role of the Great Material Continuum and may explain why such accumulation is rewarded in the afterlife.

However, it may also be the case that selfishness itself is considered a moral virtue and the accumulation of wealth is rewarded in the afterlife precisely because of that. This is a featured article. If you see a way this page can be improved further though, we invite you to contribute. Please also check the links below to see how the article has changed since it was last featured. Categories :. Really likes cards, roleplaying, and pigeons. Especially pigeons. Keyforge: Age of Ascension is Upon Us!

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All of these "hits" tell a story, provide information, or share obscure or arcane knowledge on spiritual topics. If you spend focused time online, in meditation, or in intensely creative endeavors, you'll find yourself existing between the alpha and theta brain-wave stage where you'll often lose track of time, space, or even your physical needs. These activities take you out of the 3rd dimension and into the 4th where a fluid world, filled with new concepts, inspiring ideals and endless possibilities exists. But in 4th Dimensional consciousness, what we think about the universe and our relation to it is much more heart-centered.

We're able to feel compassion for the global family that is desperately trying to erase feelings of lack, separation, and fear. More than that, we are actively engaged in a solution, committed to making the world a better place. Through effortless effort our thoughts, our behaviors, and our beliefs are focused on that goal! During this time of Ascension, more and more people are searching for and finding spiritual ideals, teachers, masters or practices to guide them. They've heard the real call of their life's purpose and are acting upon it. No longer slaves to the rational world, they now work with complementary "Soul Groups" offering self-less service and loving healing to others.

They know they do not have to be physically present to affect change they only have to be present in consciousness. These are the initiates of Ascension whose thoughts and behavior, flowing freely through the 4th dimension, entrains others who are on the same wave-length. In this quantum field filled with hope and love, global consciousness is collectively uplifted.

Finally, Ascension means courageously living from the heart center, and compassionately caring about the plight of our fellow humans. In that dimensional place, a new world built on love and harmony evolves and together, we all ascend. About Jo Mooy Jo is a visionary artist, lecturer, writer and a national award-winning photographer whose work has been published in magazines and books. Her landscape paintings and visionary mandalas are in collections around the world and carried at several galleries on Cape Cod and in Florida.

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