Bitter Sweet Love

40 Bittersweet Quotes That Sum Up The Truth About Love And Relationships
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10 Years of Soul Heaven

You're My Best Friend. John Deacon. Robbie Williams. Being Nobody. One Love. Real Things. Whole Again. Atomic Kitten. Spandau Ballet. It Must Be Love.

Bitter Sweet Love

God Only Knows. The Beach Boys. Let There Be Love. Nat King Cole. Ewan MacColl. George Michael. My Love. Paul McCartney. Let's Stay Together. Tina Turner. You Sexy Thing.

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Hot Chocolate. They immediately fall in love with Los Angeles based architect Michael Lewis and Russian language instructor Patricia Peterson - "Pete" to her friends - meet and quickly fall in love. Although Michael asked her before the news, they decide to get married after Pete announces that she's pregnant with his child.

All these events happen before each has had a chance to meet the other's family.

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As Pete's La Jolla based parents, Ben and Claire Peterson, are traveling the world and will not be back in time for the wedding, Michael and Pete decide to hold the ceremony in Vancouver, where Michael grew up and where his parents, Howard and Marian Lewis, still live. Of the four parents, the one person who is seemingly not happy with what is transpiring in their children's lives is Claire, her uneasiness strengthened when she finally meets Michael for the first time far along into Pete's pregnancy, and views the wedding photographs.

Her uneasiness is due to a long held secret she's been keeping, that secret which is now tearing her Written by Huggo. Resembling a TV-movie in story, script, direction, cinematography and music, this late-career entry of Turner's is pretty hapless.

Only Love- A Bittersweet Indie/ Folk/ Other/ Playlist

Though top-billed, her role is relatively insignificant and she has little to say or do in the film except to face blame for a long ago deed. Single teacher Birney meets architect Hylands very improbably as he is fishing in a fountain for his date's car keys. When the date runs off, he and Birney strike up a relationship and, over the course of some "gum commercial"-esque scenes, proceed to live together, get pregnant and plan to wed. Hylands takes Birney to Canada where his parents Lansing and Holm live for the wedding.

Her parents Alda and Turner are on an extended cruise and can't or won't be there. At the wedding, Hylands' brother Friedrich snaps endless Polaroids! He takes a picture of Birney with her new father-in-law.

Later, when the newlyweds finally meet HER parents, Turner sees the photograph and is aghast. It turns out that she had had a one night stand thirty years ago with Lansing and that Birney is actually his daughter, thus making the happy couple half-siblings who have committed incest and are about to produce a child!

The rest of the film involves the decision to have the baby or not and to proceed with the relationship or not. Unfortunately, what could be scintillating, even, for some, titillating drama never gets anywhere because most of the revelations are done offscreen, thus robbing the audience of some good reactions. Also, the true meat of the subject is only skirted around. The feelings and issues of the situation are never fleshed out properly.

Birney just always needs time to think. But what about?? Toothy Birney and wiry Hylands manage a few decent moments as a couple and have a degree of chemistry, though neither one has the charisma to carry a feature film. Lansing does pretty well in an understated performance certainly better off here than he would be in two years on the debacle "Empire of the Ants"! Holm tries to inject some warmth and class into it, but is wasted.

She is improbably matched with Lansing and, at times, looks like his mother. Alda, with some terrible get-ups and a serious comb-over, is also not given much to do with his part. Strickland, appearing briefly at the beginning and later at a party, adds a touch of humor and wit. The film could have used her later on. Someone forgot to tell Turner that it was and not She gets about 11 seconds where she can relax and from then on, her character is in a constant state of fret and sorrow.

For her, every scene is about what billowing or beaded or tailored concoction she can wear. She even drags out her signature fur coat and head scarf look which was fine in its day, but seems overly melodramatic here. She was 56 years old playing a 51 year-old and looking like a 71 year-old. The cinematographer did her no favors in this movie nor to Holm or even Birney. Though top-billed, her appearances are pretty brief and, like everyone else except the couple, she is wasted! The two sets of parents never get any decent confrontation scenes or scenes of discussion or understanding.

It's hard to believe that this is the same director who delivered the deliriously campy "Back Street" and "Midnight Lace". The film is so dull and halfhearted. Also, depending on how important the subject of bloodline is to the viewer, it can seem pretty icky. Ultimately, it's so drab and uninvolving that it ceases to matter. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. I think that it was long enough to give me a sense of both of the characters and their history without going into the first book with all of their baggage and backstory and needing info before the next story starts. It wrapped up its themes and left me wanting the next book. Bottom Line: Swoony, fell for the characters. Armentrout has done it again!! I literally can not wait until I can get my hands on the next one!

When reading a Jennifer L. Armentrout book you should totally expect some droll worthy boys and ohhhhhh did we get them!! Even though this was a short book I already know I'm going to fall hard for Dez, Zayne, and mysterious demon dude. Three gorgeous dudes in one book!!!

Is Jennifer trying to kill us?!?!? Ok onto the other characters, I think Layla is sooooo sweet.

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Strickland, appearing briefly at the beginning and later at a party, adds a touch of humor and wit. However, as usual he is vomiting these spear like words out of the influence of drugs and alcohol. May 22, Hylands takes Birney to Canada where his parents Lansing and Holm live for the wedding. It was the perfect segway into the next book. Meet Emily R K Latest Book Listings Added.

She is half demon and half gargoyle Nobody really gives her a chance and she is so sweet and she is totally spunky. Got to love that spunk. Finally Jasmine, I think she is really cool. She doesn't let men control her, and she doesn't want to be the damsel in distress that hides in the corner while her "prince charming" rescues her. Which is totally opposite of most girls in books that I have read lately. If you would like good read then this is defiantly one that you should look at.

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Review: Bitter Sweet Love (#1, The Dark Elements) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Author s. Harlequin TEEN. Paranormal Romance. Editor reviews 2 reviews Overall rating. December 12, Overall rating. JLA has gone and made gargoyles sexy! Who can top that?! Comments 0. Was this review helpful to you? November 23, Jen Top 10 Reviewer View all my reviews User reviews. Writing Style. Already have an account? Log in now or Create an account. February 16, Updated: February 16, Carrie Artrip Top 50 Reviewer View all my reviews July 23, Updated: February 16, July 11, Super Fun! May 22, Margie Cortina Top Reviewer View all my reviews Armentrout is a master storyteller!

April 04, Amanda Rutherford Top Reviewer View all my reviews 5. Amazing Novella! Wish there was more! February 27, Brandi Top 50 Reviewer View all my reviews Swoony, fell for the characters. January 06, Brittany Top Reviewer View all my reviews 8. Powered by JReviews. Ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing? Want to avoid summer "Brain Drain"?!

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She builds entire Patron Saints of Nothing. This Time Will Be Different.