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She could go as a biker babe and honestly have the experience behind her to pull it off. She smiled. There, she had a plan. Then she frowned. Put it out of your mind. No planning. We do the planning, and you follow us. You have to trust us to relax. You did last night and this morning. She felt the heat of a blush creeping up her neck into her cheeks. Now what do you have to blush about? We both ride the same type of Harley. Mine is burgundy, and his is black. You will always know which one of us is on which bike that way.

We always wear them. You have a gang of construction workers that ride together. We have two extras, so one of them is bound to fit you. She tried on the first one and he pronounced it too big for her. The second one fit. She thought it was a bit heavy, but he only laughed. Just walk around with it on some. Next I want to show you how to get on and off a bike.

These are your footrests here. She followed his instructions and located everything he showed her until he was satisfied she had it down. You always climb on after me and off before me.

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He nodded for her to climb on. Try it. He praised her and had her dismount, as well. She had a little more trouble there and nearly ended up on her ass. She walked into the kitchen with a great big smile on her face. He closed the door and pushed her against it, demanding a kiss. She happily gave it to him but ended up letting him lead. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and explored every nook and cranny before sliding his tongue suggestively against hers, in and out of her mouth.

Alexis moaned into his mouth as he withdrew and began to nibble along her lips and jawline. He all but crushed her against the door and moved his hands from the door to her breasts where he massaged then pulled at the nipples, which were budding into his expert hands. Oh, she wanted this. She needed this. Just save this feeling for a little later. I have the perfect idea. She needed a minute to compose herself.

Sure, he promised later, but it stung just a little bit to have been turned down. It probably was because of time constraints. Despite them saying there was no real planning while she was there, they were making plans for her. She had to admit she liked not having to be the one to schedule everything for a change. Someone else was doing it for her. She smiled and pranced down the stairs. The men were in a huddle in the kitchen when she walked in. They broke apart with a conspiratorial look about them. They were up to something.

She hoped it involved sex. Now she was antsy for it. Neal walked over and pulled the wrap loose. It has to go, sorry. Now stop trying to put everything in neat little baskets. Life is messy. Live it, baby.

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She struggled but got her helmet fastened and waited for his okay to climb on behind him. He started the engine and took it off the stand. The roar of the bike startled her. She jumped and yelped before getting control of herself. Then Neal gave her the nod that she could get on. It took a little more courage to climb on the back with it actually on and idling. He patted her hands. The garage door opened, and they pulled out and onto the drive. She jumped again. Hold on and leave the driving to me.

It was easy for him to say relax. She held on tight to him and leaned her head against his back. It gave her pause. She sat up a little bit and concentrated on how it felt. What a rush. She felt the now-familiar heat rise up her face. Still, she enjoyed it. She decided she could get used to this. Too bad she lived so far from them. Well, not really that far. It was about a two-and-a-half-hour drive. Still, it would be too long for a serious long-distance relationship. Then she stopped and nearly fell off the bike. What was she thinking about? A relationship? Hold on, baby. Their Biker Babe in Training 45 She needed to concentrate on holding on and get her mind back on riding and not sex.

They pulled into a parking lot of what looked like an old momand-pop diner. Mark got off the bike and walked inside while they waited on the bike outside. A few seconds later he came out with several packages. He stowed them in his satchels and got back on the bike. They pulled out once again and worked their way to the highway. After a while, they turned onto a smaller blacktop road that had seen a lot of use. Trees were more abundant out here, as well. Soon they began to circle a lake. It looked so pristine compared to the noisy bikes that were disturbing the scene.

Several birds flew off in front of them and she was almost positive she had seen a rabbit take off across the road. The men pulled off the road onto a grassy area between several trees next to a picnic table. She remembered to wait until Neal had cut the engine and was settled before she began to climb off. It was then that she realized her nice pussy buzz had turned into a pussy numb.

So was her butt, for that matter. She frowned and walked around for a few seconds. The men laughed and she turned to frown at them. The men turned away and concentrated on getting things out for the picnic. Since they had been riding for over an hour, it was nearly eleven, but no one was very hungry yet. The three of them walked down the bank to the edge of the lake and watched bream swim right up to the edge of the water. That would be fun. Mark cleared his throat and turned them around to head back to the picnic area. They had been walking and exploring for nearly an hour now.

It would be close to twelve thirty when they arrived back to the site. Alexis helped Mark uncover the food and smiled at the typical picnic fare of fried chicken, potato salad, and baked beans. They dipped their plates and dug in. She had to admit, she was hungry, too. She ate more than she normally did and blamed it on the fresh air and the strain of riding on the back of the bike. Then Neal pulled out a blanket and small zippered bag from his bike.

Their Biker Babe in Training 47 She narrowed her eyes in suspicion. If he said so, but she figured they planned to mess around some on the blanket. She deliberately forgot about the little zippered case. She helped the men secure the blanket to the ground with stones they found. Alexis took off her shoes and socks to lie back on the blanket. She looked up at the shifting clouds as they floated past.

She could make out vague shapes of animals and faces. When she saw a definite frog, she pointed it out to the men.

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It was then that she realized they had removed their T-shirts and boots. They were trying to be sexy, and doing a bang-up job of it. She was having a difficult time keeping her eyes on the clouds above her and off the ripped bodies of the two men on either side of her. They chatted about the clouds and then about what they did. She had to admire their dedication to their gang and the work they did.

They took pride in their jobs. She was surprised, considering they were bikers. The more she learned about them, the more she liked them as people, not just as lovers. God knew they were great lovers. She had closed her eyes for a few seconds and realized they had turned over toward her and were leaning on their arms watching her now. Then he unhooked the front closure on her bra.

His eyes were so intent on what he was doing. When he unfastened them, she grabbed his wrist. Relax, Alexis.

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He removed her shoes, but left her socks on as he pulled off her jeans and neatly folded them on the blanket. He moved between her legs and licked her pussy from top to bottom, then sucked in her pussy lips. You taste like tangy honey. Neal spread her pussy lips and zeroed in on her hot cunt where he sucked and stabbed with his tongue. He pulled back with his face wet from her juices and closed his eyes as he licked his mouth clean.

It made her want to taste him again. I want to taste you again. Neal helped her shove his jeans down his thighs until she had free rein of his balls and cock. Mark was back between her legs again, teasing her cunt with two fingers. He ran them around the rim of her slit without pushing inside. No matter how hard she tried to push on them using her pelvis, he managed to keep them out. It only excited him more, and he began pushing it deeper in her mouth.

Alexis felt bombarded with all the different sensations. She was fast going up the hill toward her orgasm. It was happening too fast. All she could do was hold on and relax her throat. She used her tongue and teeth to arouse him as much as she was aroused. She squeezed his dick with one hand at the base and grazed his balls with the nails of her other hand.

Go with it. Alexis could tell Neal was about to come by the way his balls had drawn up tight against his body, and how his back was bowed. She sucked just the head of him for a few seconds then swallowed him all the way down her throat in one quick move. He exploded in her throat. Loads of cum coated her throat and filled her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could then licked his dick until it was clean.

Mark took that opportunity to graze over her hot spot with his fingers curled inside of her. He licked all around her clit without touching it, then stroked her sweet spot once again before tapping her clit with his tongue. She was so close. It would only take a single steady stroke over one place or another, if she could just get him to give it to her. Neal had recovered and moved to her breasts. He licked over each nipple with the flat of his tongue until they were wet and peaked and aching for more.

He nibbled on one while he played with the other one. The fire that had begun in her cunt was now joining with the fire in her breasts, as they both converged to head to her clit. She was so close, she could almost touch it. Whimpering, she begged for release, and still they held off. Neal nipped and pinched her nipples, but not with enough force to send her careening over the edge.

Finally, when she thought she would die of frustration, they converged on her and attacked her both at once.

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Neal pinched and bit her nipples when Mark pressed hard against her clit while stroking her sweet spot. Her cunt convulsed as her clit throbbed, shooting her to the stars beyond the clouds and the daylight. Neal swallowed her scream when she finally managed to make a sound. He tunneled into her spasming pussy, grunting as he forced his way through. She panted as he thrust his thick cock into her cunt over and over.

He bumped against her cervix with nearly every thrust. She found herself already climbing back up that sensual line that led toward her orgasm. This one was bound to kill her. It was forceful and heavy with need. She could see it in his eyes as he plunged inside of her over and over again. I have to see it again before I come. He collapsed over her, only catching himself on his elbows at the last minute. His hot breath fanned against her temple as he rained kisses down on her forehead and cheeks. Neal was there caressing her shoulder and whispering in her ear. Mark felt Alexis stiffen behind him.

Shit, all that work down the drain. But the cruiser continued around the road without stopping. They pulled out onto the road heading in the opposite direction, then pulled out on the highway before anyone spoke. I mean, there are three of us. Nothing to worry about, Alexis. We covered you the entire time. They rode in silence the rest of the way back home. He pulled into the drive, followed by Neal. They rolled up into the garage.

Then he hit the button on his bike to close the garage doors. She looked worn out. When she started walking into the kitchen, she walked funny. He tried not to laugh. She had saddle butt. I even have my bath salts with me.

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News like that is meant to be shared. To have someone bathe me, I will happily forgo the scented salts. It will make you feel better. I can always shower off and use my manly soap afterward. You can run the water. It will help her to relax, and she needs that. Wait until we take her shopping tomorrow. Wait and see. Is she getting to you? He climbed up and stopped outside the master bedroom door, thinking about what Neal had asked. Was she getting to him? He thought for a minute, then dismissed it as crazy. He had only known her a couple of days. With that thought pushed back into the recesses of his mind, Mark opened the bedroom door and walked in.

He could hear her in the bathroom laughing about something and wondered what it was. He stripped his clothes off in record time and slipped into the bathroom as quickly as possible to keep from letting in a lot of cold air. Is that you? Sorry about the cold air. The lavender smell was strong, but not unpleasant. He supposed he could stand it for a little while. Then he could shower and remove it. With only a slight wince, Mark climbed into the tub behind Alexis and slowly slipped beneath the warm water.

He scooted up to reach around her and remove the cloth from her hands. He gradually reached her back and scrubbed it, knowing how good it felt to have someone do that for you. Then he smoothed over it before rinsing the soap off. He soaped up the cloth again and began cleaning her upper chest before moving down to her breasts. He cleaned each one, paying close attention to her nipples. They were soon standing out with a rosy glow about them. He cleaned between them, under them, and across her belly. Once he was satisfied she was secure enough, he began washing her legs.

He cleaned up to her crotch level on each side and in the back. Then he bathed her ass, being careful to clean everywhere. He rinsed the cloth and soaped back up before having her spread her legs so he could get to her sweet pussy. He wanted to clean it without making her sore, so he was very careful with the cloth.

He rinsed the cloth out and rinsed her there. I just got a little numb on my butt. You need to soak some. She was slowly learning to relax around them. That was good. He enjoyed the feel of her skin against his, and the way her body fit into his perfectly. There was so much about her that fit both him and Neal. They might have pursued her. Still, she had her career, and they had theirs. One or both parties usually ended up cheating.

No, once she left, they would have to forget about her. She had gotten beneath their skin in the few short days they had known her. He smiled, thinking about Neal taking her shopping in the morning. He was sure there would be fireworks, but they would be fun to watch. Knowing Neal, he would look for some of the sluttiest clothes he could to introduce her to, then after fussing with her, would move on to the more attractive ones.

If they were lucky, they might see her in one of them before she refused to try on any more of the slutty ones. He noticed the water had begun to cool. He roused a dozing Alexis and urged her to sit up. She resisted at first, then slowly woke up and shivered. He slowly patted her dry then dried himself. He wrapped the towel around her and then another one around himself. Do you need help dressing? Neal walked into the bedroom. They want to meet Alexis. She balked at first, then relaxed into his kiss and held on to him.

Enough of that. Mark pulled on his jeans and shirt. He pulled on socks and then his boots. He was ready except for combing his hair. He left Alexis with Neal while he ran down to his room to take care of that. It was then that he realized he could smell himself. He smelled like lavender. He sighed and debated on whether adding a little cologne would hide the scent or make it worse.

He opted out of the cologne and resigned to being teased. She had her fingers wrapped in his hair. He shook his head and let out a long breath. I think Alexis would like to comb her hair at least. Now he needed a combing, too, Mark noticed.

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The doorbell rang. They were here. With that, Mark walked down the stairs and went to let the rest of the gang inside. They piled in the living room, taking over every available seat and surface. Leave it to Shane to be the one to point out his lavender scent to the others. Smell him. What gives? You switching sides on us?

Neal leaned in and said something to her. Her lips thinned in agitation, then relaxed some. Mark went around the room introducing all the gang, plus the three women there with them, Brandy, Tina, and Briana. The women hit it off, and Tina dragged them into the kitchen to talk and make coffee for the guys. Mark worried about her at first until he heard her unmistakable, husky laugh above the others.

She would be fine with the other women. They were probably already bonding. Cole immediately pulled both he and Neal aside. Is she important to you? That sounds a little more permanent than your usual whambam weekends. What is it? Another hotel? That ought to be worthwhile. Mark watched as Alexis walked toward them with two cups of coffee in her hands. She looked at home serving the coffee, even if it were to a bunch of bikers. It was good to see her relaxed, and she was. The fact that she seemed to get along with the other women, and even the men, told him that she just needed help and a reason to relax.

Well, they would give it to her as much and as often as she needed it or wanted it. Where did you find your new cologne? Sorry, man. We brought her over in the truck. No bike riding for her until after the babies are born. Briana was close to seven months pregnant with twins. Dillon and Gavin were twins and the proud fathers. Mark looked over at Neal. His friend shrugged. Who better to relax with than us? He looked over at his brother.

We can work the next gig, I think. Sounds like a good one to work. Just wait. Everyone looked at her rounded belly protruding from beneath her maternity top and laughed. Everyone has them. Alexis had realized earlier that day that she was beginning to like the men a little too much.

They were getting under her skin with their relaxed demeanor and easygoing attitudes. She wondered how they got anything accomplished as laid-back as they appeared to be. Still, the beautiful house proved they could get down and dirty with the work when they put their minds to it. When, or if, she ever got ready to settle down with a man, he would need to be just as ambitious and determined to be the best as she was.

How else would she be able to get along with one long enough to be married? Really, ladies. Tina walked over and held her hand. Is something wrong? Here, feel. She found sometime later that she was holding it against her own belly. She needed to get back to work before she lost her precious position in the law firm. They were followed by all of the other men, as well, and the deck was soon crowded.

Alexis found herself pinned between Ranger and Drew with wide smiles on their faces and obvious erections. She bit her lower lip and looked around for either Neal or Mark. Then he glued his mouth to hers, his tongue licking along the seam of her lips until she opened to him. He slid his alongside hers then pulled away to kiss her on the nose.

She liked his playfulness. She liked a lot of things about him, just like she liked a lot of things about Mark, as well. They walked everyone back through the house and outside as they got on various bikes and in trucks to leave. Mark helped while Neal closed up the house for the night. You can always count on them. We were in the army together and stationed overseas. The benefits far outweigh the problems. He popped her on the ass and she squealed again. She grabbed his waist. The men split up and walked around the bed so that she was cornered.

Alexis had nowhere to run. He carted her around it. Then the bastard had the nerve to tickle her feet. She screamed and kicked out at him, nearly getting him in the balls. He stopped then. She was having too much fun now. Neal redoubled his efforts at unfastening her jeans. He managed to get them down over her ass and stopped there to grin up at her. She narrowed her eyes at him and made a sloppy attempt at kneeing him. He easily moved back. It backfired by pressing her ass tightly against his hardened cock. The feel of his dick against her panty-clad ass sent chills down her spine.

She shivered and Mark took advantage of her temporary loss of focus to haul her over his lap as he sat on the bed. He had her panties down to her knees in seconds flat. What did I do? Alexis squirmed, but remained quiet. He popped her ass twice more, then rubbed over it.

She moaned and wiggled her ass to gain his attention again. She felt the first gush of her juices release. She tried to keep her legs tightly squeezed together to prevent Mark from knowing. When he slapped her ass again, the sting sent a thrill straight to her clit and she moaned.

Neal delved between her legs and found her cunt wet with her juices. She refused to answer him. If he would spank her just a little harder another couple of times, she might come. She tossed her head and gave them a furious look. They laughed, and Mark peppered her ass with slight stinging pops that soon had her screaming in delight. She just came and used me to do it. Alexis stumbled, still shivering from her climax. She felt as if she could come again with a little help.

She growled and turned on Neal. Mark shook his head and began undressing. She wanted to come again. Neal stood his ground this time when she stepped forward. He crossed his arms and cocked his head. I want you to fuck me. Why should we give you another one? I need to relax again, Neal. His cock stood out away from his stomach, heavy and hard.

Fuck me. I want your hot cock so deep inside me I can taste you. He walked over to the bed and climbed on, crooking his finger for Alexis to follow him. Neal had his dick covered by the time she made it to him. She straddled him, letting him hold his cock steady for her to position her still-slick cunt over it. When she began to slide her pussy down his dick, the sensation bowed her back. She was having trouble. She pulled back up and tried dropping a little more forcefully. God, but he was big. Finally, after several tries, she managed to completely nestle him inside her needy cunt with him touching her cervix.

The pressure felt delicious. Just think, both of us inside you at one time. You say stop and we stop. She felt herself begin to relax until the first dollop of cool lube dropped on her asshole. She stiffened up again. He pumped his finger in and out of her ass several times before withdrawing it and adding more lube. Then he began pushing against her back hole again, only with two fingers this time.

It burned. She balked at first, then listened as Neal talked her through it. Push back.

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It felt good—really good. Relax and push out against my cock. She huffed out a breath and pushed back until she felt him pop through the resistant ring. He drove deeper, then stilled. She felt as if she was choking on cock. It was everywhere. It was wonderful and scary all at the same time. How could she hold them both? They trilled a long line from her ass to her clit. She struggled with the rhythm until finally she cried out in desperation for help.

I need to move. Help me, both of you. Let us do the work. Just wait till you get to ream her ass. They began speeding up and Alexis could only lie there as they tunneled in and out of her body. She felt almost disjointed as sparks flew between her clit and ass. She panted as pressure built and built inside of her. Surely she would die from it before she came. It choked her and spilled out of her as she climbed higher and higher. All at once, she clamped down on the two cocks inside her and flew. Her climax overwhelmed her and she lost track of time, but knew the men had come by the shouts and curses that penetrated her foggy brain.

She struggled to remain awake, but finally gave in and passed out from utter exhaustion and total relaxation. Damn, that was intense. Having dealt with it, he ran a bath full of warm water and, once again, added the lavender bath salts. He returned to find Neal cradling her in his arms sitting on the side of the bed.

I think we just wore her out. He carried his precious cargo to the bathroom and climbed into the tub with her. When he sat down, he felt her moan and cuddle closer to him. He relaxed his grip on her lower body and let her float on out to take full advantage of the warm water.

Right then, he wanted to enjoy just holding her. Mark kissed her face and mouth and nuzzled into her neck where he could smell her sweet sweat and the underlying scent of woman, his woman. He stilled at the thought. She would be leaving soon. A few minutes later, Neal stepped out of the shower, shutting it off and drying off. Then he handed Mark a cloth and the soap. Mark cleaned her from top to bottom and all in between. Once he was finished, he let Neal take her from him to dry her off while he got out, as well. Between the two of them, she was dry and bundled up on the bed in no time.

They each got in beside her and wrapped her in their arms. She feels so right, man.

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He resigned himself to letting her go when it was time and enjoying the hell out of the rest of the time they had with her. There would be time enough to deal with the aftermath once she was gone. No doubt he would be dealing with it for some time to come. She struggled to stretch and, finding it impossible, began pushing at arms and legs. I need up. Something wrong? She stood up and stepped gingerly over Mark and then slid down off the bed.

Mark laid a slap to her bottom as she stepped away. She growled and walked quickly into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Their Biker Babe in Training 75 After taking care of business, she looked at herself in the mirror. How had one night changed so much? It scared her and thrilled her all at the same time. Then reality set in and she realized it would all end soon. What then?

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She sighed and tried to tamp down the sudden emotions that threatened to spill over in tears. What was with her? Why was she so emotional? Now what are you going to do? She quickly rinsed her face and walked out into the bedroom to find the men standing up getting dressed.

They were so yummy to look at in the nude, all that male flesh. She glanced down. Make that aroused male flesh. Ready for whatever you have planned next. He wanted to see just how far they could push her comfort zone. Would she balk at the first thing, or be game to play along for a while? You have to dress the part to really ride. It would be fun. They have some of the best gear.

Neal frowned at his back. Dressing down helps relax you. He knew he was right. We can eat breakfast out. Neal liked seeing her playful. He took advantage of her slightly parted lips and plunged his tongue in deep to lick along the roof of her mouth before sucking on her tongue. When he finally pulled back, she had her eyes closed and was swaying into him. Now get dressed. He wondered what she was thinking right then, but then shivered at the thought.

Mark had the coffee ready when he made it downstairs. He grabbed a cup for himself and took a sip. Damn, it was good first thing in the morning. He sat it down and adjusted his cock in his jeans. He sure could have used some early-morning loving, but that could wait. They needed to push ahead while she was freshly relaxed. Good girl. Alexis narrowed her eyes at the two men then sighed and shook her head. He dragged her downstairs to Rue Underground and introduced her to the sluttiest clothes he could locate.

She balked at first, but allowed herself to be talked into trying on a few of the items. The bustier in red leather was the best as far as Neal was concerned, but she refused to buy it. She wandered over to the sex toys and found a flogger. He took it from her and shook his head.

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