Hollywood After Dark: 3 Tales of Terror

Lisa Maliga
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We are controlling transmission. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. Today the show is remembered largely as "the one that wasn't The Twilight Zone, " but its tone was in some ways more confrontational, both visually and morally. Credit Psycho writer Joseph Stefano, who produced the first season and wrote more episodes than anyone else.

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Long before Mulder and Scully were so much as a glimmer in Chris Carter's eye, a different dogged investigator was cracking the cases too strange for the straight authorities to solve. That man was Carl Kolchak, Chicago reporter, whose dealings with the dark forces and crimes that the cops wouldn't touch helped inspire The X-Files two decades later.

Kolchak starred in two TV movies about serial killers with supernatural origins The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler , as well as the series that sprang from their success. Its monster-of-the-week format eventually made McGavin miserable, leading to the cancellation of the show before it could finish a full season. But the period-appropriate paranoia — there really were sinister, supernatural happenings that were all around us — had a lasting impact on horror's conspiratorial side.

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Hollywood After Dark: 3 Tales of Terror [Lisa Maliga] on dynipalo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This trio of horror novelettes takes place in Los. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lisa Maliga has held a variety of jobs in her years of Hollywood After Dark: 3 Tales of Terror by [Maliga, Lisa].

As horror-television visionaries, though? Give Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and company any trophy they want. Knowingly or not, this dogged crew of pro-am paranormal investigators has made spooky small-screen magic out of their ad-hoc explorations of haunted houses by tapping into a key component of every successful scary story: the willingness of the audience to believe.

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Jumping at shadows has never been so much fun. When the dead rise from the grave, there's usually little doubt that hell follows with them.


This French series took a very different approach: What would happen if the deceased reappeared pretty much the way they were before? Yes, the mysterious supernatural forces that caused the late residents of one small town in France to return and attempt to get on with there lives were often frightening. But the series was at its darkest when it explored how the community adjusted — or failed to adjust — to people they'd learned to live without, often with lethal consequences.

Supernatural soaps of all stripes can all trace their roots back to Barnabas Collins, the vampire played by Jonathan Frid who made Dark Shadows a bright spot on the daytime dial. He didn't even show up on the series until , a year into the atmospheric ABC soap's five-year run, but after being unchained from a coffin, his arrival transfixed the show's young-skewing viewers.

From then on, the afternoon serial went from a mildly Gothic story to a full-fledged paranormal romance, mixing witchcraft and werewolves into its sudsy storylines about lost love. It's now the definition of a cult classic.

Don't let the disastrous later seasons distract you: For a few years there, Six Feet Under showrunner Alan Ball was the ringmaster of the sexiest, goriest show on earth. But, man, did it offered softcore thrills and bloody spills of the highest horror-TV order. Meanwhile, it gave vampire fans bored with the decidedly PG antics of the Twilight teens an undead romance with a bit more bite.

It's no stretch to assert that neither the Louisiana Gothic of True Detective nor the sensual slaughter of Hannibal would exist without it.

30. The Mist (2007)

Take one look at the veritable who's-who of talent involved with this Showtime series — John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Tobe Hooper, Dario Argento, John Landis — and it's hard to claim that the anthology show did not live up to its name. Conceived by director Mick Garris as a rotating showcase for the genre's best screenwriters and filmmakers, the show gave us a number of short-story—style chillers, including Carpenter's eerie "Cigarette Burns" starring pre- Walking Dead Norman Reedus as a cinephile hunting for a cursed film and Dante's no-holds-barred antiwar zombie freakout "Homecoming.

The creepy theme song, the striking silhouette, the slowly, slyly delivered "Good eve- eee -ning" — when Alfred Hitchcock migrated from the big screen to the small in order to make a weekly series, his personal brand was the main attraction.

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But perhaps the show's' greatest contribution to the genre was Hitchcock's use of much of its crew — cheaper hires than the usual Hollywood suspects — to shoot a little movie called Psycho. There are two kinds of horror TV viewers: those who look at a reenactment-driven paranormal series on a Top 25 list and think "huh?

Frequently drawn from the case files of Amityville Horror investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, this Discovery Channel series dramatizes allegedly real-life encounters with ghosts, demons, and poltergeists with jump scares and face-in-the-mirror menace.

This former bookstore employee moves out to Los Angeles to pursue a profitable career in screenwriting. She finds an office job in a Century City-based tax and financial plann She has to make the tough decision to stay in Los Angeles or return to her former Midwestern home. Not having seen her mother in over a decade, she m Best friend and agent, Samantha Ho, has gotten her a movie deal and a reality TV show about her forthcoming bakery, named after her bestse This trio of horror novelettes takes place in Los Angeles and Hollywood. But a bizarre casting call and an op Middle-aged Arlen J.

Stevenson hails from Alabama. His relentless and often hilarious pursuit of women online leads him Arlen J. Stevenson is a narcissist who uses his scant literary accomplishments to entice his online victims.

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Oct 27, Molly rated it really liked it Shelves: , cbc-library , horror , fantasy , science-fiction , short-stories , anthology. Teaming up with Detective Winston Churchill But a bizarre casting call and an opportunity to land a major role in a high budget movie is something he can't pass up -- no matter what the consequences. Share Tweet Submit Pin. View all 9 comments. I'm sure some people eat this stuff up with a spoon but not my kind of thing at all.

Meeting, seducing and destroying vulnerable women is what drives this Alabama-born man. He flirts heavily with them via email or instant mess Her serialized "Carlotta's Cakery" books are all bestsellers. She is about to launch a cakery. A series of films based on her books are in pre-production, along with a reality TV show. But something strange is happening to all her outgoing correspondence — what she sends isn't what her correspondents receive.

Bizarre printed and electronic correspondence is being sent to her. Is it a rival author? Or is it something more dark and malevolent, something not of this world? Searching for an affordable place proves so difficult; Andy ends up staying in a storage locker along with the rest of his belongings.