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70+ Adorable Feather Tattoos Ideas
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May 16 at pm. Inked Feathers: MerMally.

Feather Tattoo

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Privacy Policy. Lesbeans for your souls I wanted to draw Ray for quite a while now, but I just couldn't get her hair to look right- but oh well I think this is decent enough. As for personality- Ray is an outgoing bean who can handle Lynns "being a lot" well.

Snowy Owl Feather Tattoo On Girl Upper Back

She will also try to make friends with any friends of fr Inked-Feathers 9 days ago. Look at me being in love with my new watercolours and paper- finally I have a decent sketchbook- Also can we please appreciate me having drawn an appealing looking body for once, okay thankk.

Feather Tattoos Styles and Meaning

Inked-Feathers May I actually wanted to adopt a design but I just couldn't find one I liked, so I had to go with designing it myself, oh well. Inked-Feathers April Speedpaint for "Ready for Summer" is now up, I'd be super happy if you checked it out!! I'm so not ready for it, but glad my prority bean Lynn is.

Beautiful Feather Tattoo Designs

The invisible stamp by GaussianCat ·:iconcandypandaiconinked-feathers: · The invisible stamp by GaussianCat My Art Status: Art Trades Open by. A tattoo is a rather beautiful means to brand your entire body. A feather tattoo can likewise be put to use as a sign of good dreams. All you have to enjoy having a.

This now exists, stone me later. I was in the mood for something I was not used to do, so there ya have a piece with a simple bg.

Also I recorded this pics drawing process as well, so if I can figure it out I will make a speedpaint for this And I don't even regret it. Inked-Feathers February Inked-Feathers January That's a lie but I don't want to use an ugly icon either so keep making new ones anyway. Next Page.