Off Stage: Beyond the Footlights
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I arrived with a girlfriend and we walked everywhere.

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We had three weeks before the classes started at the Guildhall, and my parents had mapped out a schedule for travelling around England by the Greenline buses, to include visiting relatives who were scattered across the country. We journeyed to Devon and Cornwall, up to Wales, Chester, Scotland, back down through Stratford-upon-Avon, Norfolk, Suffolk, staying at youth hostels, full of hope and energy.

They were famous throughout the world because of their films. And to be able to see them in the flesh onstage was a very exciting event. As drama students they were our whole world.

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We would sometimes sleep overnight on the pavement to get seats for their new plays in the West End. Or sit on the little folding chairs that were placed in rows along the outside of the theatres for the queues that formed everyday. : Love Beyond the Footlights () : Elizabeth Sharland : Books

The excitement and enthusiasm were unforgettable. Theirs was a whole world, that was glamorous, mysterious and so far out of our reach.

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We looked at the luxurious sets and costumes as if they were straight out of Hollywood or Mayfair. The actresses wore beautiful clothes, their feet tucked around their ankles showing off expensive shoes. We were totally in awe when they were drinking martinis and putting cigarettes in long cigarette holders. Then of course, we discovered the more classical theatre.

A brief encounter with love and friendship beyond the footlights

Many Australians have told their stories of arriving and surviving in England. I quickly tried to rid myself of my Australian accent. As Rex Harrison said,. But that is another whole story to be told. Every day I walked down to the Guildhall marvelling on how lucky I was to have this opportunity, At the end of two years, I gave my recital for the Guildhall judges to decide if they would award me my Licentiateship, LGSM. I had already received my Associateship in Australia. Also the Variations on a Nursery Theme by Dohnanyi for piano and orchestra, which I played with the school orchestra.

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Amazingly enough I just found them all played on Utube yesterday. First come first served. Each day, after classes, I would try to see one of the plays on either at the Old Vic or in the West End, and also attend any lectures and readings that were taking place that evening. I went to hear Peter Ustinov speak, John Gielgud, and many other stars give poetry readings.

I was too shy to go up to them afterwards. Then there were the marvellous concerts at the Royal Festival Hall and many other venues. I was totally in awe of the Australian pianist, then world famous, named Eileen Joyce. She was regarded as one of the finest pianist of her day. We were fascinated to read that she changed her evening gown, at intermission, to suit the music she was about to play. I remember her playing in a pale blue satin gown, for a Grieg Concerto before changing to a deep green velvet for the second half of the concert for the Rachmaninoff.

How glamorous! She was born in Tasmania, and before I left Hobart an old friend gave me a letter of introduction to her, but I was too shy to go backstage to give it to her. However little did I know how much it would help later on. London was incredibly beautiful. The little window boxes filled with flowers everywhere, and the huge baskets of flowers hanging outside most of the pubs. The flower market a Covent Garden and the chestnut trees in bloom, along the Embankment were glorious.

But there was so much practising to do, each day for our teachers, and learning lines for our drama teachers. Monologues and plays which we were working on for the end of year presentations.

Beyond the Footlights

Love Beyond the Footlights [Elizabeth Sharland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nicole's story tells of her climb to stardom from her. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Elizabeth Sharland is an actress, playwright and producer. Love Beyond the Footlights by [Sharland, Elizabeth].

I kept a diary which I still have, and I am truly astonished at my daily schedule. I did this sometimes twice a day, there and back. Back to the hostel for supper of perhaps, sausages and chips, it was pretty awful, then back down to the Guildhall for evening classes and rehearsals. My parents had put me on a budget and had helped pay for the two year course. I had no money left over, so I looked around to see if I could find extra income.

I was determined to stay in London as long as possible, so I tried to cut the budget and only spend half of it. I remember reading years later, that Michael Caine, when a drama student, had to decide if he wanted to buy a half a pack of cigarettes, and walk into the West End… miles it seems, or spend the money taking a bus. He too, was broke. I would buy one of those hard rolls with a slice of cheese in them, for lunch and used to take the sugar from the cafeteria and mix it with hot water for a drink.

Cheaper than tea. It was a way of seeing the plays for free, and also getting paid. It came out of the blue. I had nothing to wear. A girlfriend came to the rescue with an appropriate dress, hat and shoes. Again my diary says I went to the Guidhall that day, for classes, then down to Buckingham Palace, then out to Regents Patk for the evening performances. It was chaotic. I must have changed clothes somewhere. I remember thinking how much easier it would be if I could only sleep at the Guildhall then I would be on the spot next day, to find a practice piano.

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Dennis Kelly. Behind the Curtain: The Job of Acting. For starters, there was the time a cake fell on someone's head. It wasn't a bit of stage slapstick. Rather, a theatergoer tripped over an umbrella and dropped the cake she was carrying onto the person seated in front of her. Wein, a volunteer usher, laughing at the memory. Louise Giovagnorio, another Emelin usher, has been known to dance in the aisles when the preshow music is catchy.

Normally, though, the job is more sedate, involving tasks like stuffing programs with inserts, taking tickets, giving out programs and guiding people to their seats. This routine holds true whether the theater has seats, like the Emelin, or more than 1,, like the Performing Arts Center in Purchase. What is it like, then, to work in the shadow of the stars, beyond the footlights in subdued outfits of black and white? Wonderful, said volunteer ushers in four theaters in the county.

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The work is easy and the rewards are many, they say. Think of Edward Hopper's painting of the usher, a lonely figure at the back of a darkened theater. The volunteer ushers at the Emelin, Fleetwood Stage in New Rochelle, Taconic Opera in Yorktown and the Performing Arts Center -- where ushers are also apt to be students who are paid -- cut a very different figure. Hopper's subject is young, detached, daydreaming.

The Westchester volunteers are mostly past retirement age and engaged in their work.

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A Story Lately Told. The film will; have its initial. If there's a problem, let me fix it. Six Women Of Letters. Frankenstein Lookingglass Theatre May 8 - August 4, When Tanner realizes that Kilmer has a connection to Jacko, the bass player in his band that disappeared, he starts to put the pieces together. I can honestly say that I loved the end of this story bringing closure to not only Kilmer and Tanner but Len and Trevor.

Not that everything in the shadows is sweetness and light. Theatergoers may be unhappy with their seats, act rudely toward ushers or expect special privileges.