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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Murder on the 33rd Floor: A Corporate Mystery (The Corporate Mystery Series Book 1) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Murder on the 33rd Floor: A Corporate Mystery (The Corporate Mystery Series Book 1) book. Happy reading Murder on the 33rd Floor: A Corporate Mystery (The Corporate Mystery Series Book 1) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Murder on the 33rd Floor: A Corporate Mystery (The Corporate Mystery Series Book 1) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Murder on the 33rd Floor: A Corporate Mystery (The Corporate Mystery Series Book 1) Pocket Guide. Martinez has dug up an ancient Greek marble head with an angelic face, but a demonic smile. Sebastien Durand, a San Francisco antiques dealer with a shop near Union Square, has used his contacts and money to get the head out of Greece and into the country as if it were a modern piece. The head is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to a collector willing to overlook clear title. Martinez and M. Durand end up in bitter litigation when Mr.

Complicating the ownership battle are a romance between M. On the day the court decides in favor of Dr. Martinez, M. Durand is found shot to death in his office, which shows the signs of a duel between the dead man and Dr. The original head has vanished and has been replaced with a clever, but obvious, copy. Everyone has a seemingly unshakeable alibi for the time of death. Ted is convinced his father could not have been the culprit and enlists Sally in an effort to prove Quon Lee is hiding his complicity with M.

Durand in a suicide designed to implicate Dr. Martinez, given his view that the simplest solution is the most likely. Boucher, Anthony. Summary: After Dr. Hugo Schaedel, an unofficial ambassador of the Swiss Republic, who is also the uncle of a University of California student, is murdered in the Berkeley Hills, Professor Ashwin, with the help of Martin Lamb, another student, evaluates the lives and loves of a group of students living in International House to discover the mystery behind the murder.

Simon and Schuster, Summary: This book is included here because of the title story, which combines a traditional detective yarn with elements of the supernatural. Dejected after his proposal to Gloria Garton a former student, now a successful Hollywood actress is refused, Wolf seeks out the nearest bar. After consuming several "zombies" Wolf meets a strange little man calling himself Ozymandias the Great, who claims to be a magician. Ozymandias tells him that he, Wolf, is in fact werewolf and teaches him a pair of magic words that he can use to change from human form to wolf and back again.

Wolf's new powers soon result in the loss of his teaching position. Ebooks and Manuals

In order to make a living by being a wolf, Wolf decides to audition for a canine starring role in a film opposite, you guessed it, Gloria Garton. Fortunately, the auditions are being held in Berkeley. He easily passes the audition, but before he can get too excited about his budding film career, he becomes involved with Los Angeles private eye Fergus O'Breen, who is in town on the trail of a sinister spy ring operating in Berkeley. After taking several bullets -- none of them silver, fortunately -- Wolf succeeds in rounding up the spies, including his beloved Gloria.

O'Breen is a recurring character in several of Boucher's straight mysteries novels and stories. Bowen, Rhys. The new police commissioner wants him off the force altogether.

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So when Daniel's offered an assignment from John Wilkie, head of the secret service, he's eager to accept. Molly can't draw any details of the assignment out of him, even where he'll be working. But when she spots him in San Francisco during a movie news segment, she starts to wonder if he's in even more danger than she had first believed. And then she receives a strange and cryptic letter from him, leading her to conclude that he wants her to join him in San Francisco.

Molly knows that if Daniel's turning to her rather than John Wilkie or his contacts in the police force, something must have gone terribly wrong. What can she do for him that the police can't? Especially when she doesn't even know what his assignment is? Embarking on a cross-country journey with her young son, Molly can't fathom what's in store for her, but she knows it might be dangerous in fact, it might put all of their lives at risk.

Cassandra Thorpe is one of these. A burned-out public defender, she is about to leave for the quiet rewards of a law practice in Santa Rosa when a charming old gent walks into her office with a briefcase full of coded, multicolored graphs and intimations that the owner of a shelter for the homeless is less philanthropic than he appears. Alas, Cassandra Thorpe was a one-hit wonder. Summary: Jack Squire is a petty criminal, scam artist, parolee, and erstwhile cab driver who drives around the city in an old Checker, looking less for fares than for free meals.

While sneaking his way around a toy and novelty convention, Jack learns about an abandoned container on the waterfront, just waiting for someone to pick it up. So he borrows a truck from his buddy, Jerry Mack so named because he drives a Mack truck and claims the container -- getting much than he bargained for in the process. Not only is it filled with seemingly useless rubber Buddha dolls that shriek when you press their bellies, but he attracts the unwanted attention of a U.

Customs clerk. When the clerk, who turns out to be a pretty decent sort of fellow, is gruesomely murdered, Jack becomes the prime suspect -- something that will definitely not sit well with his pretty parole officer if she should find out. In order to prevent that from happening, Jack determines to find the killer himself -- and hopefully find a way to unload the Buddhas and turn a profit for himself.

He becomes a messenger for a mysterious customs broker, gets himself beaten up more than once , puts his breaking and entering skills to good use, and nearly gets himself killed before unraveling the mystery. He does not use a gun in the commission of his crimes. He is loyal to his friends and merciless to his enemies. He has a soft spot for children. In the forward, the author recounts his first meeting with Boston Blackie, in Golden Gate Park four days after the great earthquake. Blackie is caring for a group of orphaned children.

The stories in this volume originally appeared in Redbook magazine between and and have been slightly revised by Boyle into chapters to take on the appearance of a novel. Reprinted in by A. Burt Co. It seems the perfect place for Leslie and her sister, a brilliant young musician. But, as soon as they move in, a plague of dark events begin, unsettling both women. To her horror, Leslie realizes that she is living in a vortex of magickal power.

She must become the guardian of that power and protect it from those who seek to use it for evil. Together they stand against evil and enable Leslie to claim her full inheritance. Balcony 7 Media and Publishing, Summary: Struggling public relations consultant Lynn Baker lands a much-needed contract with a dynamic technology firm in Silicon Valley, just in time to help launch its highly anticipated initial public offering.

She soon finds herself drawn into a web of intrigue as competing interests from China begin a ruthless game of chess, each vying for the top-secret technology developed by the enigmatic company founder, Eric Coleman. The already-frenetic IPO schedule is disrupted by a vicious vortex of turmoil, including deep-rooted power plays from company insiders, each holding surprising secrets Summary: The reality that American military strength and technology prowess could come under attack if China decides to flex its political muscle, limiting exports of rare components vital to Silicon Valley and defense contractors, is brought to life through Ms.

Bridges' exhaustive research, finessed with input from government insiders. In Rare Mettle, politicians and CEOs busily protect their careers, while special agent Paul Freeman fights to rescue his assigned operative in China, who possesses inside intelligence vital to America. Unexpected alliances bulldoze the status quo with courage and conviction, leveraging state-of-the-art surveillance technology in a breakneck effort to defend and protect all they hold dear: their national pride, their families He enters the raucous world of San Francisco as bell boy in a luxury hotel given over to spectacular vice.

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Murder on the 33rd Floor: A Corporate Mystery (The Corporate Mystery Series Book 1) eBook: B Barnes: Kindle Store. Read Murder on the 33rd Floor: A Corporate Mystery book reviews & author Kim was inspired to begin writing a tongue-in-cheek corporate mystery series with an Product Dimensions: x 1 x cm; Average Customer Review: Be the.

From there he graduates to Morgan Hall until, under the beneficent eye of arch-racketeer Tony Crapiola, he is installed in the high places of the underworld. Needless to say, crime, mistresses, narcotics and prostitution flourish for only so long. Then tragedy, horror and disintegration, ending in an indeterminate sentence in San Quentin prison Summary: Billie is a beautiful Berkeley mom with a radical past -- a teenage runaway from Northern California who took up with a group of environmental activists wanted by the FBI, lived dangerously, but when she meets Jonathan, a tech magazine editor and all around good guy, she settles easily into the life of an eco-conscious, stay-at-home suburban yoga mom.

Their daughter Olive, under her mother's watchful gaze, becomes a lovely, introverted, slightly eccentric girl. As she reaches adolescence and needs Billie's full-time attention less, Billie throws herself into extreme sports -- marathons, scuba diving, rock climbs, solo hikes. On one of these expeditions, Billie vanishes from the trail -- only a hiking boot is found.

The family is devastated -- a year of intense mourning passes in which they await the closure that a body and a death certificate will bring.

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Jonathan drinks; Olive grows remote. But then she starts having waking dreams -- hallucinations? Jonathan believes the trauma and anxiety of losing her mother is making Olive ill, until he uncovers a secret that compels him to consider that Billie may not be dead after all and sends him on his own quest for the truth -- about Billie, their marriage, and the things people do in the name of love. Summary: Pearls. Cleopatra gave them to Marc Antony in the most expensive meal in history.

Hindus place them in the mouths of the dead. Grady Bowman is a creature of that market. But Grady Bowman is not the man he used to be.

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These crimes on the people should be unmasked, and these will continue until the American people wake up and put a stop to the evil perpetrators. Based on historical events that took place on the Texas-Mexico border in the s, this historical fiction novel traces the fortunes of the Kid, a fourteen-year-old Tennesseean who stumbles into the nightmarish world where Indians are being murdered and the market for their scalps is thriving. Robert Bloch 's Psycho. Set in the late s, in the African-American community of Watts, Los Angeles, Devil in a Blue Dress follows Easy Rawlins, a black war veteran just fired from his job at a defense plant. Collection by Terry Stevens.

Julia Elkins is a changed person, too. Saved from years of loneliness and her own despair, she accompanies Grady to Rangoon and the annual Gem Emporium to help him set up his own gem business. Neither Grady nor Julia can guess that their long journey has become intertwined with a bloody incident carried out decades before. Off the coast of Burma a remarkable discovery was made. Two Japanese amas -- women pearl divers -- retrieved a handful of unheard-of blue pearls, 18 millimeters in diameter.

In Thailand, Grady and Julia come upon a gifted gem cutter and an odd series of events drive them closer to their fate and a fearful day of reckoning. Ever since his youth, Nick has swallowed more than a few bitter truths when it comes to wheeling and dealing in destinies. And no amount of cappuccinos, Lucky Charms, or apple fritters can sweeten the notion that Nick might be exactly what his father once claimed—as ambitious as a fart.

Could this high-stakes deal let Nick do right? Before he downs his next mocha, Nick finds himself at the mercy of a Chinese mafia kingpin and with no choice but to scour the city for the purest kind of luck, a hunt more titillating than softcore porn. Summary: Not again. At last, Andy thinks, he can return to University of California and pursue his history doctorate in peace. Not so. Michael Yellow Squirrel is back for another try at eliminating every last Maxwell on earth.

So much for school. Reform gubernatorial candidate Hiram Johnson wants Andy to run for the California legislature and help foil the railroad barons. And then there are the women—the debutante beauty and the Arapaho princess Summary: In , Andy Maxwell sets out to solve the mystery surrounding the stabbing death of his younger brother outside a San Francisco bar. The police, the U. Army, even his mother refuse to entertain the possibility that the killer, Michael Yellow Squirrel, is one of a clan who intends to wipe out the Maxwells and their California Sierra Nevada ranch. It also plunges him into a romantic dilemma involving a blonde debutante and an Arapaho princess.

Summary: Reclusive San Francisco worker Emmanuel Colibri built the world's most valuable and admired company by making dreams come true, like phones and cars that were smarter than their owners. Now rumor has it he's about to make the dream that people alive today can live to be one thousand come true, too. Then he is assassinated, his car literally blown off the Golden Gate Bridge. When cultural opposites Ben and Kate race through the Bay Area chasing clues Colibri left behind, they discover not only each other but a cosmic secret that can change human history -- and may cost them their lives.

Summary: When a senator with his eye on the presidency is shot in San Francisco, the only person willing to defend the young African American man caught fleeing the scene is Joseph Antonelli, who finds himself in a corrupt web of backroom politics and old money.

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There is a rapport between Antonelli and Justin from the start. Joseph represents all the goodness humanity has to offer while Justin admires the defense attorney and thinks of him as a defender of truth. It is to Joseph that Justin turns when he gets in legal trouble. Justin calls Joseph early one morning and asks him to come over to his house. When he arrives, he sees the butchered up body of Daphne there.

Justin admits she spent the night in his house but he never killed her or heard any intruder in the house. Joseph knows Justin is innocent and agrees to be his lawyer, but before the case can go to trial it is played out in the media. Summary: They had everything anyone could want -- money, power, fame and influence -- but none of it was enough.

They had to have more. Nelson St. James, one of the world's richest men, is accused of a massive fraud, stealing billions from innocent investors. Before he can be brought to justice he is murdered on his yacht. His young wife, Danielle, whose face has been on the cover of every major fashion magazine, is charged with the crime. One of the best known lawyers in the country, Andrew Morrison, agrees to defend her, but only after she reminds him of certain things she knows about him, things that had happened between them a long time before.

Morrison agrees to take the case, but when she tells him what happened the night her husband died he does not believe her. So she tells him something else instead. The story keeps changing, and the more it changes, the more entangled Morrison becomes. The trial comes to a stunning conclusion, and it is only then that the real story unravels and Andrew Morrison comes face to face not just with the truth but with himself.

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Three people, brought together in a fatal triangle of murder and deception; three people who swindle each other, and then swindle themselves. Summary: When renowned lawyer Joseph Antonelli -- the defense attorney who has never lost a case -- takes on the most shocking and controversial case of his storied career, he has no idea of the depths of trouble he's about to get into.

A man has murdered the President of the United States, but has invoked the "Law of Necessity," which states that a crime is justified if it serves the greater good and thus prevents a greater harm from occurring. Now the Outlaws want revenge. It only holds terror since the Outlaws follow. Summary: Feeling unloved by his mother and new stepfather, twelve-year-old Andy hides out in a luxurious San Francisco hotel and stages his own kidnapping in order to obtain ransom money to pay for a trip to England to see his father.

The plan backfires when someone decides to make the kidnapping a reality. Kate sets out to solve the mystery and prove his innocence. Summary: On the way to meet with a snitch, San Francisco homicide inspector Kate Gillespie witnesses his murder—by another cop. Then the shooter, a corrupt narcotics investigator, turns up dead several hours later. Unsure of whom she can trust, Kate turns to her ex-partner Sam Scolari, who is now making a living as a PI, and Mike Torrance, an Internal Affairs detective and former romantic flame.

Both men assist Kate as she investigates the two killings and discovers some disturbing connections to a year-old scandal involving her dead brother, his wife and their young son. When Kate sees the female victim, she realizes she was her estranged best friend Eve Tremayne. Kate sees a picture of her dead father and absconds with it. In its place she leaves behind a picture of her ex-husband. As Rocky takes over the lead with another cop, Kate is relegated to providing support. The SFPD digs into a violent underworld filled with treachery, duplicity and selfish cover-ups by individuals who will not lose a minute of sleep if three cops must die.

Summary: Three years ago SFPD Homicide Investigator Kate Gillespie was in pursuit of a suspect who murdered a hooker in a sleazy motel, and she nearly lost her own life in the process. The shooter escaped into the San Francisco shadows and the trail went colder than the grave. Because the only way to the truth leads directly into the line of fire Johnnie Wheeler, the man convicted of the crime, is scheduled to be executed at San Quentin Prison in a few days. After the interview, Sydney is convinced that there is more to the case and that key evidence has been suppressed.

Summary: Sgt. Al Krug and his younger, college-educated partner Casey Kellog are investigating a string of strangulation killings when another victim is found at the Presidio but a surprising, violent incident at the crime scene makes them wonder if everything is what it seems. The two mismatched cops, with sharply conflicting approaches to detective work, are under intense pressure to get results. It's a race-against-the-clock investigation that propels them into the deadly intersection of politics, real estate, media and vice Summary: Paul Bacon, ex-Navy boxer and fun-loving, Jazz-Age fashion plate, moved to s California for the endless sunshine, oranges, and bright, white beaches.

But all he finds is loneliness and misery in the chilly, fog-choked canyons of San Francisco. One night, homesick and miserable, he meets, and falls for, Molly Carver, a mysterious beauty who lures him on a romantic weekend escapade across the Bay to her hometown of Evansville. There, she promises, he will find the California promised by the travel brochures. Molly's promise turns out to be camouflage for a dangerous game. Evansville is no paradise but a whirling sewer of slaughterhouses, oil refineries, factories and dens of Prohibition iniquity.

After stumbling across the brutal murder of Molly's brother, Paul must fight for his life while caught in the crossfire of a bloody gang war over the town's teeming vice rackets. If he wants to get out alive, he'd better find the path to peace between two groups who know little of it. They don't call it "Butchertown" for nothing. Burge, Constance M. After feeding the men a hearty meal, Coffee John, who speaks with a heavy Cockney accent, tells them the story of a man whose luck had changed from bad to good in that very room.

He then gives them each a dime and challenges them to turn it into a fortune in twenty-four hours. After they leave the restaurant, the men fall into a variety of adventures including gambling, fraud, opium smuggling, and murder. The Picaresque tales, in Spanish literature of the beginning of the seventeenth century, dealt with the fortunes of beggars, imposters, thieves, etc.

Such stories were the precursors of the modern novel. Summary: Meet Annabelle Starkey. A shrewd, sweet, and sexy Stephanie Plum without the Jersey girl attitude. Annabelle also loves movies. The script takes a surprising turn when they arrive in Sin City. Suddenly Annabelle and Mickey are on the run, but from what?

And why? Did Mickey lead Annabelle into this mess? In two frenetic days of fast driving, fast talking, and fast thinking, Annabelle discovers several truths by learning to trust her own instincts. Inherit the Witch. Simon Spotlight, Sweet Talkin' Demon. Simon Spotlight Entertainment, Summary: A mysterious death In this first of a new series, The West Portal Mysteries, criminals meet their doom in the otherwise friendly San Francisco neighborhood of West Portal, nestled between Twin Peaks and the Pacific Ocean, only a decade or two behind the high-speed downtown city life.

And, when the detective who shows up with the police turns out to be her high school boyfriend from Chicago, romance is in the air. Ride along with Cynthia and her friends as they unravel a hi-tech mystery that takes them through the futurist laboratories of Silicon Valley to the excitement of the Big Jackpot Lottery drawing.

Xlibris Corporation, Summary: A mysterious secret from twenty years ago Tarot cards left on the doorstep His patients are driven to self-destructive games of power and humiliation. His job takes him into the darkest, most dangerous realms of human desire. But Dr. Forester understands that the relationship between doctor and patient is as delicate as the line between fantasy and reality.

And he knows at least one colleague who has crossed that line. Now one of Dr. The police are investigating a series of sadomasochistic murders. And someone is playing games with Dr. Mind games that kill Summary: Daisy -- frumpy, wheelchair-bound, self-appointed mayor of her San Francisco neighborhood -- likes dogs a little bit more than people. Careening through the Castro and the Mission, past upscale restaurants and low-down dungeons, Daisy and Skittles brave gentrification, gay-bashing, and homelessness to paw and sniff their way deep into that most dangerous of all relationships: neighbor.

Summary: After a girl falls to her death during a roller coaster ride in an amusement park near San Francisco, the owners redesign the ride and prepare an official reopening. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. This Sidebar appears everywhere on your workspace. Add to it whatever you like -- a navigation section, a link to your favorite web sites, or anything else. B Page history last edited by Randal Brandt 5 months, 4 weeks ago. Babula, William.

Lyle Stuart Inc. According to St. Carol Communications, John and the Seven Veils.

Entitled Pretty Teen Kills Parents? Or nah? GRWM Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Bailey Sarian

Carol Publishing Group, Write Way, Domhan Books, Badger, Joseph E. O, Huge Angel. Roy Publishers, Baer, Jerry. A Foggy Death. Self-published, Baer, Will Christopher. Bailey, Annette Burget. Writer's Showcase, Definition Murder. Bailey, Melinda. Legs and the Two-Ton Dick. Truth Serum Press, Bailey, Paul. Deliver Me From Eva. Signet, The Netroom Predator. AuthorHouse, Baker, Dan A. Forever and Ever. Catbird Publishing, The Losers' Club. Martin's Press, Baker, Lucinda. Walk the Night Unseen. Putnam, Baker, Marc. The Hilltop Murders. Avalon, Baker, Will. Maid in the Shade. ReGeJe Press, William Morrow, Barish, Steven.

Reasonable Doubt. Hybar Books, Barker, Wade. Vengeance is His. Warner Books, Ninja Master 1 Mountain of Fear. Ninja Master 2 Borderland of Hell. Ninja Master 3 Black Magician. Intimate Betrayal. Barnes, B. Murder on the 33rd Floor: A Corporate Mystery. Johari Press, Murder on Retreat: A Corporate Mystery.

Barnes, Linda. Bitter Finish. Barry, John Byrne. Wasted: Murder in the Recycle Berkeley Yard. Barry, Mike. Bay Prowler. Berkley, Second Sight. Bates, Barclay. The Last of the White Guys. Bloomsbury Press, The Blonde in the Lotus Elite. Buckley Publishing, Angel Dance. Daughters Publishing Co.

Beale, Elaine. Murder in the Castro. New Victoria, Beaton, Donald A. The Brothers' Coin. Luminare Press, Beaumont, Maegan. Carved in Darkness. Midnight Ink, Murder in a Mummy Case. Walker Publishing, Inc. Young Mrs. Unwanted Attentions. Bedford-Jones, H. The Trail of the Shadow. Hurst, Behm, Joe.

Drop Dead. Larkspurian Press, Belcamino, Kristi. Blessed Are the Dead. Witness Impulse, Blessed Are Those Who Mourn. Blessed Are The Peacemakers. A Private Killing. The Knife Behind You. Bennett, Dorothy. Come and Be Killed. Select Publications, Berger, Arthur Asa. Postmortem for a Postmodernist.

AltaMira Press, Murder Ad Nauseum. Writers Club Press, Beringela, Robert. Modern Luxury, A Clean Aweep. Less Than Meets the Eye. The Body Shop. Berndt, Holger. Hedge Fund. Unfungible Books, Book Scavenger. Henry Holt and Company, The Alcatraz Escape. Bethancourt, T. Doris Fein: Phantom of the Casino. Holiday House, Bezzerides, A. Bianchi, Eugene C. Bickford, Susan Alice. A Short Time to Die. Kensington Books, Bicos, Olga.

MIRA, Biderman , Bob. The Genesis Files. Gollancz, ; Walker and Company, Judgement of Death. Biederman, Marcia. The Makeover. Academy Chicago Publishers, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, The Chinese Parrot. The Bobbs Merrill Company, Behind That Curtain. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Charlie Chan Carries On. Black, Campbell. The Wanting. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Orion, ; St. Obsidian, If Walls Could Talk. Hexes and Hemlines. Tarnished and Torn. A Vision in Velvet. A Ghostly Light. Berkley Prime Crime, A Magical Match.

Blair, Marcia. The Final Ring. Kensington Pub. Blanchard, Richard. Mounted in the City by the Bay. Forever Fine Art, Blaney, Charles E. The acre installation first opened during WWII. During its 60 years it had grown like many small towns across America to include two eighteen-hole golf courses, a skeet range, a twenty-four lane bowling alley, tennis courts and three outdoor swimming pools. It is also where 27, active-duty personnel and their families live and work.

And like many closed communities, it has its rules and secrets. The path was wide enough for his motorbike and an occasional wary squirrel. The brilliant blue sky stung his eyes and his close-cropped dark hair caught the warm autumn air. A few fat robins chirped in the treetops lining the trail.

Even now, twenty years later, he had the urge to hunker down in the grass and aim his slingshot at the wild birds. Why had he been picked for this assignment? Was it his Vietnamese background? His linguistic skills? Or something else? As he neared the fairway, pockets of dust kicked up under his chrome wheels and he shuddered at the thought at having to clean the bike again.

The dog was starting to emit a pungent odor which aggravated his allergies. Some of his countrymen would have simply put the dog on a spit. Vu parked his scooter alongside the fairway and pulled out a small pair of binoculars. His slight five foot three stature belied his agility and strength. He had common Vietnamese features: broad cheekbones, large fleshy lips, dark eyes.

With the exception of his ears, which stuck out from his small head like little flapjacks, Vu looked like any other Asian man. A few minutes later, looming over the hill from the second hole and kicking up a pollen cloud the size of a hot air balloon, careened a golf cart. Branch Chief Wheylicke sat behind the wheel, wearing a neon knit shirt and yellow pants. A sun visor squeezed his stubby gray flattop. Vu barely recognized the Branch Chief out of uniform, or his companion, the former Commander of the 52nd Field Investigation Squadron.

Vu suppressed his surprise in seeing his old mentor and wondered what he was doing in Maryland. Though both his superiors were out of uniform, Vu nevertheless saluted. Little wild for my taste. Vu removed his leather jacket. Turning toward Morgan, Vu extended his hand. Give nothing away. Take what you can. Vu was adept at the game — so was the Colonel. The Branch Chief, absorbed in deciding which iron to select for his next shot, dropped his clubs back into his bag and approached Vu.

There was business to discuss. And Vu assumed his former commander knew about it. Morgan was giving Wheylicke the professional courtesy to inform his soldier in private. Vu sensed Wheylicke disliked him on sight. It was well disguised at times, but always lurked beneath the surface. Vu knew the ideology traveled in both directions. You ever hear of a Special Ops man named Lyman? Everybody had heard a version of the story: Two years ago, a secret Special Ops team was dropped inside Beirut — a classified mission kept from the American public.

The whole thing turned to shit. In the heat of the conflict, one man got left behind. Jim Lyman. Vu knew the story had been a cover. But the man may have reappeared in the U. A Detective Gates informed me a print matching that of Sergeant Lyman was discovered by their forensics unit at a crime scene. No other prints? What was the nature of the crime? His print was found on a coin. He killed someone with a coin? A Chinese herb mixture. He popped a few into his mouth and closed the bottle. Anything else, sir? Everything runs through me. Vu bowed his head. That you know how to be discreet no matter what information you might discover.

Why would Sergeant Lyman — a decorated war hero — fail to report to his old command? It may have affected his mental faculties. Mix ups have occurred. God knows, the government has made its share of blunders. This entire affair could easily blow up in our face and be an embarrassment to the military.

Do we understand each other? Across the room, a half-pot of coffee smoldered on a tarnished hotplate. The room reeked of something sweet. As he pulled out a handkerchief and blew his nose, he heard it — a barely audible grunting coming from an adjoining office. Vu waited, listened, and then heard a cry. Vu hurried into the next room. Beads of sweat glistened on her bushy brunette eyebrows. Struggling to pump out one last rep, she growled aloud before dropping to the floor. She rolled onto her back panting, and lifted her flushed face.

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Her eyes were as big as sand-dollars. You were right. Passing the yearly fitness test is one thing, mastering the art of Aikido is another. Betas eyes lit up. Vu watched Betas drop down into a low martial arts stance, plant her feet, and raise her fists like an amateur boxer. Betas looked a bit awkward, Vu thought. But she had the basics down. What she lacked in technique she made up for in enthusiasm.

Nonetheless, Betas stood her ground. Vu landed on the floor, stunned. His eyes rolled back in his head. Betas leaned down. Betas proudly puffed out her chest. She helped Vu to his fee, reached down and brushed his pants. Vu playfully stepped out of her reach. Vu caught the package before it struck the floor. Betas grinned.

He knew he was dodging the subject, but Betas was fishing. Vu looked upon her with the affection of a sister. But he never participated in company gossip. Betas feigned disappointment. Window seat, near the restroom, as you prefer. Try not to lose your receipts this time, please. Betas stretched out her back. Why do I like you? Bike for bamboo. She was either having a really bad day. The palms will be fine for a week.

Where the hell do you sleep? His mind was already moving back in time to another war and the soldier left behind.