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Housing: Inmates are housed in two-person cells.

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  • Reminiscences of a Doctor;
  • The Death of Our Democracy.

Health Services: Intake screening is provided for each inmate upon arrival at the facility. An initial assessment by medical staff includes TB testing.

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Other services include physical examinations, HIV testing, and dental services. Emergency medical care is available 24 hours a day. Psychology Services: The mental health services available include crisis intervention, suicide prevention, limited group therapy, limited individual therapy, limited substance abuse treatment, and psychiatric medication consultation. However, crisis intervention and support to those detoxing from drugs or alcohol, drug and alcohol education groups are offered.

Successful completion of the GED program results in the awarding of a state-issued diploma and other incentives. High school diplomas and post-secondary programs are available through paid correspondence programs.

For a price, they guide the prison-bound through all aspects of incarceration

A copying machine is available to reproduce materials needed for research. Electric typewriters are also available for inmate use.

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  • Prison Education Programming (PEP).
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Inmates also have access to newspapers, magazines, and fiction and nonfiction books. They only obtain bits and pieces of the code throughout their incarceration. Bits and pieces that are passed orally from other inmates.

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Such errors can have serious repercussions and consequences in the incarcerated environment. At times, such errors can be a matter of life or death.

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Therefore, Vince needed to help new and inexperienced inmates avoid the learning process from their trial and error and needed to help such inmates learn from his trials and errors. Through his vast experience, Vince helps such inmates by educating them with accurate and helpful information.

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Both his book and personal services cover many subjects. Subjects that include, but are not limited to……. Purchase eBook.

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The advice Vince provides in his book and through his services is vital and priceless to the new and inexperienced inmate. Vince believes that the sooner he has the opportunity to help a new inmate, the better off that inmate would be. This is because the city or county jails are the most dangerous and hostile environments to be incarcerated in.

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In fact, they are often more dangerous and hostile than a subsequent prison after a conviction or guilty plea. Most inmates incarcerated in the city or county jails erroneously believe that because they are not in prison yet, that they are safer when this is just not the case. Because city and county jails lack the housing resources of the state and federal prison system, murderers are housed with white collar criminals, drunken drivers, and deadbeat dads. Hardened and experienced convicts are housed with the new and inexperienced.

This creates a substantial amount of danger to the new and inexperienced inmate and places them at a complete disadvantage.

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When he introduced himself to Hammock, it was like watching him shake hands with some wrinkled and diminished alternate self. Section Prisoners' Co-Responsibility. The special circumstances of detention with a view to reformation are to be taken into account in the evaluation of an occupation as work. Restoration to the Status Quo Ante. Chronic apathy, lethargy, depression, and despair often result…. The psychological risks of sensory and social deprivation are well known and have been documented in studies conducted in a range of settings, including research on the harmful effects of acute sensory deprivation, the psychological distress and other problems that are caused by the absence of social contact, and the psychiatric risks of seclusion for mental patients. Roby still puts jelly on his egg sandwiches, too, he explained.

Vince, through his book and services, effectively diminishes such danger and places a new and inexperienced inmate in an advantageous position.