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Skeeter Sierra, Etc.
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Skeeter Zx Tulsa, Oklahoma. Skeeter ZX21 Tulsa, Oklahoma. Skeeter ZX Spindale, Virginia. Request Information. Thanks We have sent your information directly to the seller. Request cannot be completed You may have entered incorrect information or the server is temporarily down. Sort By Filter Search. Your Search Clear all filters. Filter Boats By Boat Type.

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More… YEAR BUILT Any year built max Any to. Advanced Search. Prop is a little dinged but not bent. Not sure if I need to get new prop or what. Any advise will help. Interested to see what speed I will be able to get up to. Can anyone tell me what I should expect to see for speed?

Would like to get a little more speed, if anyone has any info please email me. Gave me 6 mph! Has run best speed of Runs consistently Propshaft is " below the pad. I know these are heavier boats, but there has to be something I can do to get my speed closer to 60 mph. Any advice is welcome, thank you. Had 3 adults and 2 kids out and only hit 58 mph.

I was counting on this thing being a lot faster and I'm frustrated. The speed is very tempremental on this rig. One day it's 71, the next with the same weight onboard it might crack Compression is across the board, seems low for a motor with approx. Any help with this would be awesome. Motor is 1. Big front deck makes it easy to fish 2 people off the front. That's with all tackle and 2 aboard, livewells full, still working to get more out of it. If anyone can help with suggestions on what I might be able to do to get the speed on up there that would be great. I've run Fury props and Tempest Plus and didn't see any improvements.

I've tried a 25 and 26 Tempest trying to get more and the best I can get is 66 mph. Do I need to go back to a Yamaha prop and if so which one? I feel loaded with a half tank of gas it should run in the mid 60's. Right now tournament loaded with a partner it will run around 63 mph. With me and a light load it runs 66 mph. Is that all it is going to do? Makes the 4th Skeeter for me and won't be the last. Going to add 10" jackplate with holeshot plate and Humminbird electronics. Runs out at about 70 on speed. GPS will tell more soon. It really woke it up as far as speed goes.

Had some real choppy water conditions so I believe I could have got a little more out of it if wasn't so rough. Had all gear, 40 gal of fuel, livewells empty. Motor is 1" off the transom. Just went through the engine, bored. Replaced every electrical piece and rebuilt lower unit at the same time.

Have been amazed at the performance and reliability of this setup!

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Fully establishing herself in the community and nationwide, now well known, has written a second book “Skeeter Siera etc.” An inspiring one to encourage all to. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. none Skeeter Sierra, Etc. - Kindle edition by De An Simmons. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks.

I plan on keeping it for a few years and have immediate plans for 2 HDS and Fortrex. If and when I trade it'll be for another Skeeter! I bought this one new and have upgraded some things. Skeeter is the only bass boat made IMO. Propshaft is 4" below the pad.

Still a great boat!! Boat is a great ride but slow as a turtle. People with 's pass me, shouldn't be this way. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Old hull ran 72 gps, had some issues and got the 05 hull. Still on stock prop which is 11 years worn, boat still runs 66 gps. Awaiting to have Hale Propeller do the prop to see how fast the 05 hull is.

Never played with jackplate or anything, lucky factory boat. Will add more info as I learn about it. Propshaft is 1" below pad. Great handling boat with a very impressive holeshot. I would like to get around the 75 mph range. Going to have to do some experimenting with the motor setup. Very happy with boat overall! It runs Clyde G - TX 04 Yamaha Lots of storage, even holds 8' rods with ease.

Bob M - BC 89 Merc 65 mph rpm gps. Jomo - NJ 94 Johnson Venom 67 mph rpm speedo.

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Love this rig! Perfect boat! HPDI "This boat handles great. Best boat had so far. Goal is around Alexmlane - AL 08 Yamaha BayouBass - LA 07 Yamaha mph rpm gps. Eric - CA 96 Merc 83 mph gps. Like driving a Ferrari. Most stable ride, no chine walking! So far GPS Great boat to fish from!!

So I've been measuring my pad distance incorrectly. I have a lot of room to adjust! Stuart Adcock - Australia 09 90 Suzuki 48 mph rpm gps.

Alabassman - AL 96 Mariner OX66 Always run two guys and tourney load, full gas. Motor is 3. I've been thinking of a jackplate 5. Moskeeterzx - MO 07 Yamaha Propshaft is 3. Jnbdavies - TX 99 Yamaha 60 mph rpm radar. Propshaft is 4" below pad Larry - IL 00 Yamaha Motorguide Many fish still left to be caught out of her! Seuss - IN 07 Yamaha Propshaft is 3" below the pad. The original carpet even looks new. Lovemyskeeter - IN 07 Yamaha "Just bought this boat Still working out the bugs and breaking it in. HPDI SLoraus - MN 06 Yamaha 69 mph rpm gps.

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Please email me. Aofishman - TX 80 80 Merc Motor is 3" off the transom. Nice little boat, limited livewell. HammysSkeeter - ON 02 75 Merc 42 mph rpm speedo. Try one today. Handles and drives like a dream. Skeeter Delivers Again. Wish Yamaha made a 24 pitch. Extremely pleased with my purchase. Full loaded with 3 fishermen I love it!

It's helped me get into some major toads. Paul S - ON 91 90 Johnson 61 mph rpm gps. Motor is 4. It's a beauty! Wow, what a difference.! Doug - LA 98 Yamaha 48 mph rpm gps. Yammerhammer - LA 06 Yamaha Want to try a 25 TXP. Love the boat so far. Mcentyre - GA 04 Yamaha 79 mph rpm gps. What I've seen so far, it is very impressive. Large front deck! Running out of good weather.

Best feature - Paid for! Jason R - VA 03 Yamaha Love it so far, but not as fast as I want. TrzxC - MO 06 Yamaha 56 mph rpm gps. I will have more info at a later date. EricP - CA 96 Merc mph - rpm. Mikesales - GA 06 Yamaha 68 mph rpm gps. Robert - GA 85 Johnson Looking to get a new motor, any suggestions?

Please e-mail any suggestions. Love the boat, it will fly. Love it!! ErikO - MN 92 Mariner 60 mph gps. Eaton - MS 86 Merc 62 mph rpm gps. First big bass boat for me. MinnKota Maxxum Best boat I ever owned!!! Stable platform and lost of storage. VMax 63 mph rpm gps. It was a great deal. I'll be fishing Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn. I think I am about at max speed. Gotta get a water pressure gauge I'll submit some pics when completed. Etec HO "Still working on setup - more info later. Any suggestions? Willis - LA 05 Yamaha MinnKota Very excited! Would like to know any tips you guys or gals can give.

God bless. Please Help. This fishing platform is huge. Fishin Couillon - LA 04 Yamaha 60 mph rpm gps. Motor is 3" above the transom. This is my first Skeeter. It used to scream at 69 on gps. Motor is 3" off the transom. JimG - OH 04 Yamaha Bassboy - WI 05 Verado "Just started rigging boat. Buford - GA 04 Yamaha "Still in break in, not sure of top speed yet. I love this boat!! I love it and am a Skeeter owner for life.

You country boys need to look at this little jewel. I pull it with a Toyota Highlander V6. Added a 3 bank onboard charger. Motor is 2. Glen - AZ 99 Yamaha Motorguide Jackplate is up 1. Anyone else have this rig? Send stats Bruce - CT 04 Yamaha Motor is 1. This is running on smooth lake in Florida. I love the boat and want to dial it in right so I can fly! Happy fishing! TX01 - TX 04 Yamaha 52 mph gps.

What a great ride! I just got this boat. Had a Procraft before, much rather my Skeeter. Lots of storage. No chine at all. The Mercury EFI is a great motor.

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Felt like I had a whole bunch of throttle left. Stopher - MI 04 Yamaha 65 mph rpm speedo. Needless to say this boat has been pampered. Fishing is life and everything else is just details. Propshaft is 5" below the pad. Motorguide 60 TM. It is a beauty, mint condition, love the lines. All I can really say is I'll post pics when it gets warmer. It was worth it!!! Motorguide EF Motorguide Tour Edition 67 Tm. Will update specs after prop is returned. OX66 What a nic rig! Pics are on the way. What a great boat!!! Motor is 2" off the transom.

Love this boat. Motorguide TM. Old but fast and fun to fish from. I am a former Champion owner. Why even bother! Jaables - TX 87 75 Merc 48 mph gps. All rights reserved. Skeeter Forum. Skeeter Owners Gallery. E-Mail Links. RXSkeeter - WI. Purchased this well worn project in February. Mike J - OR. Mbrown - IL. AnglerMike - VT. SkeeterSX91 - NY. DavidS - MO. Tgmassey1 - SC. Andy H - GA. Steven - SC. Jodywilson5 - GA.

Lee - LA. Swamprat26 - LA. Bryan P - ON. Plunnie - LA. Spillwayskeeter - LA.

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Jay - CA. Chwebmaker - VA. Toren - KY. Seecuyer - LA. Cgs - NC. FX - OH. Outdoors - IL. BBeadle - LA. Steve B - AZ. Lookout - NC.

MC - WI. Garmin electronics, Motorguide Tour. Jwn - OK. Asap - IN. Timothycan - NC. Richj - LA. D Fritz - FL. Bryan - AR. Michealb66 - VA. Ol Backlash - AL. David - FL. Chris S - WI. Chad - NC. RedSkeeter - OH. Skeeter - OK. Skeeterprop - KY. VFLtsb - TN. Scottyisback44 - NY. Mikey B - CA. Gherr - AL. Hwsmith - CA. Pbrown16 - AL. Zx4life - OK. Kyle Blanchard - ME. Manual jackplate, HB, HB Rickthompson - LA.

Skeeter72 - AR. Greg B - IL. Bpicinc - LA. TheFrogNation - PA. Humminbird si, di, MK Fortrex. Dave23 - MO. Greg H - FL. MSslammer07 - MA. RjH - GA. Kcline - MO. Raker prop, Walker jackplate, Motorguide Great White Sal - LA. BigJfrank - TX. SetNHooks - VA. Tanksteam32 - AZ. Dodgemark - VT. Doug Warren - OR. Justajp - CA. Tommy - KY.

The jerk - CA. Jakester - ON. Skeeter Dave - CA. Cody Clyatt - FL. Mike S - ON. Jayson M - TX. Humminbird , MK All Terrain Dirk H - NC. Tom D - OK. Kb11 - MI. Cory L - MI. MrYby - TX. JasonRE - LA. Raker prop, manual jackplate, Motorguide. Cobaltboatfan - IA. Joshua - OK. Hess - FL. MGauthier - LA. Fredfx21 - WV. Manual jackplate. Zach - TX.

Wiked Worms - VA. Spotdog1 - LA. Allen B - KS. Killa - LA. Rxskeeter - WI. Paul W - ON. Manual jackplate, Humminbird electronics, Motorguide TM. Patrick C - SC. Fastest31 - KS. Madbigdog - ND. Jerry Stockburger - AR. ZxBassman - AR. Okielure - OK. Fury prop, manual jackplate Eagle electronics, MinnKota Fortrex. Jmhacker1 - IN. Mbw - AR. CFraser - PA. MikeD - GA. Manual jackplate, Lowrance electronics, MinnKota Maxxum. Jkbass - TN. Briggs - AL. BikinBassr - GA. Bigbass10 - AR. APliler - TX. KentuckyLake46 - KY. Zxvmax - OH. Slodsm - TX. Chuffs duck1 - TX. Saltbuck - TX. Joey W - AR. Red - NC.

Bajacheese - CA. DVidimos - AR. Barnes had a 25 year recording career from to he died in ' He notched up one top ten country hit - the terrific Poor Man's Riches and one minor hit in the 60s and one in the 70s. This set includes all his recordings in the 50s for Starday, Dixie, Mercury and Faith including two previously unissued songs and two solo demos from including a great version of the Little Walter blues hit My Babe.

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There are also some almost note-for-note covers of three Johnny Cash hits - a common practice from Barnes's producer Dailey. Sound quality is, as usual for Bear Family, outstanding and the 48 page booklet has extensive notes by Andrew Brown plus rare photos and full discographical information. Recorded informally at various locations such as people's houses and with a single microphone by Chris Strachwitz, this album is a full-blooded bluegrass marvel.

It helps that Barr's friends include Martha Spencer of the Whitetop Mountain Band and mandolin ace Spencer Strickland, but in general the "friends" are people in his area who grew up with bluegrass and old timey music and play it out of a true love of the form. The results are an incredibly joyous outpouring of life-affirming bluegrass. There's nothing amateurish sounding about these recordings, despite their humble origins. A real pleasure from start to finish. Campi got to hang around the band a lot at performances and recordings and all of these years later, the memories are strong and Ray Campi wants to make a tribute record to this great old group.

Campi takes the lead in front of players like D. This makes for a fine record that at times makes you forget that you are listening to a modern recording. Best to skip over the notes and get straight to the music. For those who dont know, Guy Clark is a country singer in the vein of Towns Van Zandt and Kris Kristofferson and, like those two, he is a great songwriter whose songs are biggest hits for someone else. Also like them, the real beauty of the song comes out when you hear the original.

This collects 21 of his best tracks from the years 75 through Honestly it should be Best of Part 1 since there is plenty of good stuff from this period and beyond. All in all an essential artist done up in an o. The exact source of the tapes remains unknown, but one of the guys mentions the Beatles in his between-song patter, which would make a likely date for at least some cuts.

Others were almost certainly recorded early. The addition of a page booklet filled with a detailed history of the group, biographical sketches and song notes, makes this reissue irresistible. Among the more than 1, songs he recorded between and are many fine performances including the first recordings of a number songs that have become country standards.

Dalhart started his career singing light opera, coon songs and popular ditties and the first three tracks here recorded between and find him performing in this mould. In May he recorded a cover of Henry Whitter's Wreck Of The Old Southern 97 and it's success led to devote most of the rest of his career to country music which comprises the rest of this CD including The Prisoner's Song one of his most popular songs that he recorded for 50 different labels!

Arrangements feature guitar, banjo, harmonica and occasional Jews harp and piano. Sound is fine and there are extensive notes but no discographical info. You could say that he is part Jimmie Rodgers and part Jimmy Rogers, with comparisons to the "Singing Brakeman" being closer to the mark.