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Episodes Seasons. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Learn more More Like This. Tales of the Unexpected — Comedy Drama Horror. Dramatizations of many Roald Dahl short stories.

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Tales of the Unexpected The Ray Bradbury Theatre — Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi. Kolchak: The Night Stalker — Horror Mystery Thriller. A newspaper reporter investigates strange supernatural occurrences in Chicago. Crime Thriller. A murderer on parole victimizes a family against whom he holds a grudge.

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Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: William Conrad Edit Storyline Quinn Martin was the executive producer of this short-lived anthology series that focused on stories with a supernatural or science-fiction twist. Language: English. Runtime: 60 min 8 episodes. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Add the first question. User Reviews Great obscure show 30 September by sentra14 — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. The Unexpected Everything is, for the most part, a really good book.

It manages to straddle the line between fun summer beach read and a deeper contemporary about family life. It appears to be something of a romance - and it sure is, to a certain extent - but it's also at least as much about friendship, growing up, loss and family. The narrator is Andie - a congressman's daughter whose life starts to unravel in the wake of her father's political scandal.

She's Type A, ambitious and independent, and up until this point, she had everything figured out months in advance. Now her carefully-constructed world is crumbling and she finds herself forced to fill the summer gap in her resume by walking dogs. I actually found the sympathy Matson constructs around Andie to be realistic and genuine. It didn't even matter to me that, on a surface level, Andie was a white, privileged narrator. I felt for her when she discovered that even after working so hard, walking the line and doing everything right, factors beyond her control could just come flying in and ruin it all.

The way her father's career has affected her life is told so well, as is their relationship. I loved the family parts of the book most of all, and enjoyed how the author turned Andie's father into a frustrating, obtuse, but oddly likable human being who is dealing with his own pain.

This book could have turned into a stream of Andie angst, but it's cleverer and more thought-provoking than that. There are also many great friendships in the novel, further solidifying this as a book more about the process of being a teenager and growing up, than it is about that cute boy over there. The cute boy surfaces, of course, but he is dorky and awkward, which made a nice change from all the smirking bad boys who've had hundreds of girls before they've even made it out of high school.

It's a sensitive and fun novel ; not nearly as melodramatic as it easily could have been, but still important too. Okay, so the big question: why only 3 stars? Well, all of the positives I've listed above were notes I made during the first half of this book.

The sad truth is, The Unexpected Everything is way too long. I'm not exaggerating by saying that the book could have been cut in half. It's rare to find a contemporary YA that needs to be over pages, and this one certainly didn't. I felt like we should have been approaching the finish line at the halfway point and so much of that second half dragged.

I was enjoying the story so much and it was sad to see it dampened by slow, overlong stretches. Austen once said: "if a book is well written, I always find it too short. One of the things about writing a good book, series, or TV show, is knowing when to stop.

Matson didn't get that here. View all 17 comments. Oct 13, Lola rated it really liked it Shelves: summer-reads , family , animals , contemporary , teen-romance. The Unexpected Everything is the perfect summer read. I forgot we were still in April for a couple of hours. Seventeen-year-old Andie, daughter of a congressman, is a dog walker. Hell, she had a secure spot for a pre-med internship… before her letter of recommendation was withdrawn. The joy. Like superman.

I quickly realized that I was the black sheep, not being able to enjoy it like everyone else. I wanted to be as connected as possible to the story—book. Summer reads are usually the ones that put us in a high-spirited and sentimental mood; the sun, the beach, the romance, the warm weather, the joyful atmosphere and blather all provoke those sentiments. I find that, nowadays, contemporary young adult novels rarely reach five hundred pages, let alone exceed that amount.

To keep me interested, the said books have to contain 1 - real unforced humor, 2 — a relatable or entertaining heroine, 3 — three-dimensional secondary characters and 4 — a diverse series of events. Some parts are humorous, others more serious, most of them lent but the majority captivating. Andie and Clark make one hell of a diverting team. Do not fear, romance is not the only thing you will get out of it. It is also a story of family reunion.

She and her politically invested dad are not the closest of pairs. For five years, he distanced himself from Andie and Andie never could mend the hole created in her heart. Those scenes are sweet. Personally, I found their renewed connection extremely sweet and was glad for the added theme of family by the author.

Contemporaries can simply exist for our entertainment, period, but I could feel the author wanting to make this book as realistic as possible. Not exactly. An advance copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher via Edelweiss. View all 57 comments.

Jun 15, Hailey Hailey in Bookland rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , contemporary. View all 4 comments. May 19, Maureen rated it it was amazing. Lots of the elements were even more true to life than her other books, which is something I really appreciated.

I loved the friendship and family and romance elements all coming together in one book and really melding well. Clark is the absolute definition of precious cinnamon roll to good for this world, too pure. The further out I get from this book th 4. The further out I get from this book the more I love it, so I'll probably be rereading it again in May for MonthOfMatson Reread for month of matson I still stand by pretty much everything I said. Toby annoyed me more this time, but I overall liked the story so much. View 1 comment.

Jan 04, jessica rated it really liked it. YA can be a fun genre for an old fart like me, but sometimes a story can feel a little too teenager-y and i was worried MM was heading in that direction. View all 6 comments. Dec 04, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-contemporary , favorites , all-time-favorites. View 2 comments.

Jun 04, C. Drews rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , contemporary , 4-star , read Because the law requires me to make some sort of pun about the title here Except not everything was delightful. But lucky for your precious face, I'm going to have a list of likes and dislikes. But I'm very pleased to say that the book was very sweet and happy. It was refreshing. Although FYI it is winter in Australia; a Because the law requires me to make some sort of pun about the title here And I think that's really common for most of the Matson books I've read so far.

And ya know, this gives me warm fuzzies. Not only does it really hone in on Andie and her 3 really really close friends, it talks about friendship between fathers and their daughters. Be still my beating heart. The love-interest is Clark who is a a huge nerd, b socially shy but not inept, c a homeschool gradate, d and a fantasy writer. He was funny and awkward and adorable and I shipped him and Andie so so so hard. Also Clark is suffering from writers block That was annoying.

But I appreciated all the insider writers jokes and how he felt with pressure from his fans and how he was so young and successful and ajdfklasdfjad CLARK. But for about pages, it was about a strengthening summer friendships, b Andie loosening her tight controlling reigns on relationships and letting herself fall for someone properly, and c putting happiness first. I loved the theme of happiness. And it had that nice summery vibe with ice cream and scavenger hunts and pizza and pools Andie is set to go to pre-pre-med-med school shhh, it's a thing but gets dumped from the program at the last minute.

She ends up walking dogs all summer. I KNOW. So there are tons of dogs and a few cats here and none of them die, so isn't that lovely? So much win for the author here. I'm not gonna lie: I almost gave it 3 stars for this Because I got bored several times. Literally pages and pages of events that really didn't contribute to the plot. It was a summery contemporary and full of laughs and sweet moments and romance, but definitely not excelling on the plot.

But I found the first pages excruciatingly boring, and then the middle just made me want to nap. They just don't. I mean, look at it. So aka the book is going to be about the guy who steals her heart, right? And she has awesome friends She misses her mum.

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Great, she'll confront those emotions. But I think a lot of the reason I got bored was because it was entirely predictable. Okay, I shouldn't be. Humans are weird and confusing, obviously. But the ending had me blinking quite rapidly and going "Seriously? After this whole summer of fun, you're gonna do THAT? I think this is because the climactic drama revolved around a secondary character, not Andie.

So it felt detached from her and I didn't really care. All in all? It was definitely a sweet, summery book about friendship! I won't even deny that I enjoyed that a lot! I miss me zombies and stabbings though. But the predictability and the length did give me lots of YAWN moments. However, puppies and ice cream and the cutest fantasy writer love interest to ever grace literature MORE than make up for that. Not in haphazard piles -- there was absolutely nothing about this place that seemed haphazard - but there were floor-to-ceiling built-ins on all sides of this very large room, and they were absolutely crammed with books.

It was the kind of room -- big couches, comfy chairs -- that you would expect a TV in, but I didn't see one anywhere. All I could see were books. This one showed a crow and a flaming swords. A Murder of Crows, the title read. It's the audiobooks, so it's like someone telling you a story. I felt my eyes widen. There's like twelve, but I didn't want to scare you.

She'd almost lost it when I'd told her about the other business, Temple of Groom. I was listening to it constantly -- in my car, in my room, before I went to bed, my phone propped up on my nightstand and a sleep timer on so I wouldn't miss anything.

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History Hit Network. Patreon exclusive podcast series include:. Downtown Fort Smith has many options available when it comes to housing. Check Out Commercial Properties. Most episodes featured a twist ending, and many of them were based on short stories by well-known writer Roald Dahl, who also served as the show's host during its first two seasons. Himself - Introduced by 32 episodes,

But the place I really loved to have the story told to me was while I was at work. There was something wonderful about being outside, moving, keeping an eye on the dogs in front of me while the rest of me was swept up in the story. As a direct result of this, all my dogs were getting much longer walks than normal, since I hated to stop in the middle of a really great part.

The walks that were normally twenty minutes had turned into epic walks that took us all over town, and as a result, most of them were getting pretty wiped out. Banjo immediately flipped onto his back and looked at her expectantly -- he was a fool for belly rubs. Tamsin had been captured by the book's great villain, locked in a tower, and separated from the Elder, so the amount of fun the dogs were having had not been my primary concern. Aug 18, Ashley Nuckles rated it it was amazing. All I can say is that this book has been my everything for the past few days and I want a Clark of my own and I will not stop until I find him.

That is all. Jan 04, Rose rated it liked it Shelves: br-with-sharon. There you are. I really enjoyed so many aspects of this book overall, but there were just some annoying things I couldn't ignore.

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From the beginning, I couldn't bring myself to like or relate to Andie. Politician's privile "I looked up at him, and a thought passed through my brain before I could stop or analyze it. Politician's privileged daughter who at one point almost doesn't take a dog-walking job because she feels like she's above it How was I supposed to ignore that? Enter Clark. Aka nerdy, sweet, kinda awkward fantasy writer. There was no drama in his department, unless it was Andie who was starting it lmao. So, so cute. I loved their little rituals, their little texting convos, etc.

So cute. I cannot stress how much I disliked her father in the beginning. He's the typical 'fake' dad who acts like he's there to everyone, but really isn't. Their growth was everything though. It was one of my favorite parts of the story, so no spoiling from me! I frowned at him, and his expression grew more serious. I expected more romance, but despite that I don't think the lack of it was what made this a 3-star read. It was mainly Andie being annoying lmao. I wouldn't tell anyone to clear their tbr lists for this one, but I liked it. I will definitely try to read more of Matson's stuff in the future, though :D View all 23 comments.

Okay, I know, I always say that, but I always cry in books whether it's happy or sad. You have Andie who's father is a politician and they haven't really spent time together in about 5 years. Andie's mom isn't around but you can read about that in the book. I love Andie's friends. Palmer, Toby and Bri are all best friends with Andie and yes those are girls. Andie has it all planned out for the summer. She's going to the Young Scholars Program at John Hopkins, but there is a big scandal with her father and she gets turned down.

I mean seriously, this had nothing to do with Andie and it isn't fair but that's life. And her father wasn't guilty either but it is what it is right? Now Andie has no idea what she's going to do, but her friends are happy she's going to be with them over the summer.

Andie decides to at least apply for a job and this happens to be in the form of a dog walker :- Yes, doggers! I love it! One of the dogs she walks is Bertie the Great Pyrenees. She actually meets Bertie and his caretaker, Clark Bruce McCallister, when Bertie got away from him and sort of had a run in with Andie. She wasn't a dog walker at the time, but when Clark found out she had a job walking dogs she hired the company she was working through. At first Andie is really down that she had to stay home for the summer, but it turns out to be the best summer EVER!

Her dad is home now and they got off to a bad start but then it ended up really great for them. I was so happy for them in the book. Andie has a great time with her friends. I love Clark. He's a teenage fantasy writer yeah teenage writer! Watching Andie and Clark slowly get together was so sweet. I could feel my pulse fluttering beneath his fingertips, and I had to remind myself that I knew how to breathe, that I'd been doing it my whole life. And then our palms were touching, perfectly lined up, though I could feel how much bigger his hand was than mine, feel his fingertips curving over the tops of mine, despite what Bri had always called my "weird large tree-frog hands.

OMG, I could be in that moment and then they walked and talked. Even though there were so many fun things that happen in the book, there are the upsetting things. The things brought up about unhappy pasts, things that happen within the group of friends, but we always have to take the bad with the good.

Even in a book or if it's too bad you can just throw the book across the room or something. Either way, I loved the book, the characters, the whole story line. I hope Morgan Matson keeps popping these books out. I want more and more! May 02, emma rated it liked it Shelves: couldn-t-wait-to-read , unpopular-opinion , contemporary , owned , auto-buy-authors , reviewed , reread , eh , ya , 3-stars.

I just And I feel like I really should have?? Also, the main character is a dog walker. Also also, the love interest is a nerdy writer!!! And if anyone knows anything about me, it should be that I inexplicably love when texting is incorporated into books. These are all very good things. All of it felt so eh. Andie, the mai I just Andie, the main character, full-on does not do it for me.

I think she was probably intended to be a character kind of unlike those we get in YA, but instead she just felt like the any-person flat undeveloped contemporary girls of any romance, who are just a blank slate for preteens everywhere to project themselves onto while the boy gets some devilish edgy archetype.

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Minus the devilish boy part. I did like the circle of friends, and I truly wish we got even more time with them. He also felt kind of underdeveloped and boring. Which puts it above most contemporaries anyway. Bottom line: Not my favorite Morgan Matson!!! But still by Morgan Matson. May 21, Jessica The Psychotic Nerd rated it really liked it Shelves: released-in , contemporary-realistic , books-bought-in , ive-reread-this-book-before , books-about-books , read-multiple-book-series-by-author , hall-of-awesomestars-or-more , summertime , books-i-own , pov-girl.

It also has puppers, a character who writes, and it takes place in the summer, so it really felt like a perfect book to reread! Rereading this book I realized that there were so many details I still retained but I still immensely enjoyed reading it! Some things were different than I remember, but it's still a great Morgan Matson book. Andie's plans include an all-important internship at a med school.

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Not only will it help her future and look good on a resume, but it lets her out of the house after her dad a congressman got involved with a scandal. But when said scandal causes Andie to get pulled from an internship, she doesn't know what to do. All of the other internships and jobs are already taken and she can't have a gap in her resume.

She has to find something to do and sure it wasn't walking dogs, but maybe she can find greatness in this summer after all. This indeed has a lot of feel-good to it the puppers help. One of the reasons why I love Morgan Matson's books is that while her books can sometimes be predictable, her books are incredibly realistic because there is complexity to them.

Yes, this book has a romance in it, but it's not just about romance. There is a lot about trying to figure out what you are doing when the unexpected happens which is definitely relatable and trying new things. There are themes are sticking with your friends and fixing relationships. There is even Andie still dealing with her mother's death years later and the father that is so caught up in work that he has no time for her.

Speaking of Andie, there was just so much growth in her character in the book and even growth in the characters surrounding her as the book progressed. The characters in this book are just fantastic! I loved seeing the group texts between Andie's friends! I also loved that Andie's dad was a part of the book and we see their relationship change from a nonexistent relationship to a close relationship.

I honestly just loved seeing everyone react around each other. Again, it goes back to the complexity that Morgan Matson includes in her books. Each character is dynamic with their own unique personalities. They all feel like real people which made all of the emotions feel real. Let's not forget the dogs! I love love love dogs. If you asked me what my favorite animal was it would be, no question, dogs! So that was a big part of why I wanted to reread this book. Even the dogs get their personalities showcased!

The main dog we see is Bertie who is a Great Pyrenees and I am just full of happiness just thinking about him! I volunteered walking dogs in the past and I kept getting reminded two Great Pyrenees, a brother and sister that the shelter was trying to get adopted together. They were just sweet furballs and I adored them. Thankfully they are now in a happy home! Okay, I'll stop talking about dogs even though I don't want to and get to what disappointed me during my reread. My first time reading I gave this 5 stars, this time it gets 4 stars. This is mainly is due to the last part of the book, which I completely forgot about.

Near the end, there is a large portion where the feel-good drops and we get a lot of conflict. I don't have a problem with the fact that there is conflict, because in real life there is conflict, I have a problem with the reasons why there was a conflict. A lot of it seemed stupid, avoidable, and it took up a lot of space in the book this isn't a short book view spoiler [My main gripe is that there is conflict over the fact that one friend has a crush on a boy and it turns out that boy has a crush on another friend and they strike up a relationship.

It was just so stupid. Because this actually ends a lifelong friendship, over a guy who was not worth it! Frankly, it was also a bit cliche. Part of the later part frustrated me, but I just loved all the characters and the friendships and the puppers! This is a really great summertime read and I'm glad that I gave it another read! Apr 07, Shannon leaninglights rated it really liked it.

I finally finished this massive book. It's no secret Morgan is one of my all time favorite authors and so the bar is so high for any of her books. This was the first 4-star read of hers for me. I loved her writing and attention to detail as always, but I struggled to connect to the plot and MC for quite awhile. Ultimately, it started to pick up about pages in, but my favorite parts weren't the main parts I.

The book was a lot of fun and has great Well. The book was a lot of fun and has great messages about friendship. Not always believable but still wonderful to read and experience Jul 14, celine celinereads rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites I'll post more in depth review on my blog! Oct 05, Jenna Major rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone between the ages of 12 and Shelves: contemporary-reads , 5-star-books , bestreads , falltbr , reads.

This book is a typical Morgan Matson book.. This story surrounds the title character Andie short for Alexandra as her summer takes a surprising turn. With her summer plans ruined, Andie rushes to find something to do with her summer. Through scandals, love, family and friends this book definitely takes you on a wonderful journey.

This story ventures into father-daughter relationships that are REAL, fun and relatable friendships and a true coming of age story. Andie learns a lot about herself and how to approach the world in this contemporary novel. She is experiences a lot of growth in many aspects of her life.

My Review! Contains spoilers! This book took me on a journey. I connected to the characters extremely well and found some of their situations realistic and how each of the characters reacted to situations to be extremely fascinating and understandable. The character development and little details make this book so refreshing. The little quirks of the MC, her friends, her dad and everyone else in her life really make the book worth while as they are seen in day to day life.

I loved the writing, the story, the characters and especially the ending. It wasn't a happily ever after for all of the characters and it showed that things will change and some friendships won't last forever. He is a huge dork, but decently built, writes fantasy novels, loves big romantic gestures and is a bit socially awkward.


Toby has some super relatable lines even though she can be a bit annoying, but her friends accept her for it. Andie's relationship with her dad is weak and fragile at the beginning of the story and takes a really long time to repair. Do you know what's great about that? Her life isn't perfect, her relationships with the people around her or how she conducts herself isn't perfect. She has her insecurities, her trust issues, her comfort zone. She has her likes, dislikes and where she draws the line.

This novel will draw you right into the characters. It's a smooth read and extremely enjoyable. I recommend you guys pick it up and try it! Then tell me what you thought!!! Maybe 4. Although the story sometimes read a bit like rom-com movies making it a bit predictable, it was still v Maybe 4. Although the story sometimes read a bit like rom-com movies making it a bit predictable, it was still very enjoyable and heartwarming.

I especially appreciate the themes on taking life one day at a time and accepting risks and challenges because these things are really what life is all about. I also love that the story is very realistic and yet it still manages to have fantastical elements to it. And most of all, I love that there are dogs in it, on the cover no less! I just love Morgan Matson- her kind and wonderful personality that her writing and stories naturally exude.

Recommended to Jasmine by: Lola. Shelves: all-time-favorites , beautiful-stories , realism , thought-provoking , buddy-read , happy-ending , light-read , will-reread , practical-methods , preciously-owned. We think we have people. Family, friends Everyone leaves eventually, my young friend. It's better, really, to learn it early. This way, you can save yourself some disappointment. However, after finishing this one, I "Sometimes we get a little bit of a facade.

However, after finishing this one, I definitely will give her other books a shot. What I really, really love about this book is that I can relate to almost everything in it and let's say the story touches my heart deeply. Normally, YA Contemporary isn't a genre I'd go for when choosing a book but who knows?

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