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You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. By rcancillatmacdotcom. This book is an inspirational guide to understanding true Christian faith. It is one man's journey from drugs and dispair to a life based on faith.

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It is about communicating with God and receiving help and progressing to leadership as a pastor. This book shows how faith can help you in your day to day journey through life! It can change your life and offer you the help and support you need. Report as inappropriate.

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A Journey Into Faith [Don Herod] on dynipalo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The story of one man's journey into faith from the depths of despair. Journey Into Faith book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers . Journey into Faith: A Father and Son Devotional Series. The thirty mos.

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Journey Into Faith

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Send Invitations. Yes, delete. No, cancel. While David joined the US Marine Corps reserves and enrolled in seminary, I went to college and, like my own father, built a great wall between me and the Lord. While David got married and became a youth pastor at an evangelical church in Pennsylvania, I moved to New York to work in magazines.

journey into faith "The Battle for your Mind"

In , following the invasion of Iraq, David was commissioned as a chaplain in the army and later went to Baghdad. After rotating home, he discovered his wife — and the mother of his two children — had been having an affair. The marriage ended shortly before his deployment to Walter Reed army medical center, where he worked in the psych and amputee ward with men and women suffering severe trauma.

The divorce, plus the crippling depression triggered by his own post-traumatic stress, finally forced a crack in his faith. But that God disappeared on me when I needed him most and I was alone.

I distanced myself from everything that represented that God — church, faith, hope and love. Around the time David joined the army, I moved to Africa to become a freelance correspondent and wound up in eastern Congo, covering a largely neglected war that had killed millions. For three years I reported military operations, massacres, and cholera outbreaks, losing count of how many children I saw buried in some unfamiliar ground where their families had sought refuge.

Eighty per cent of Congolese people identify as Christian, and like my own family during the Depression, they leaned heavily on their faith in times of tragedy. God was punishing them for not believing, people told me, for theirs was a vengeful god, much like the one I had grown up with, and the god our politicians often hide behind without conscience.

One day while I was visiting a displaced camp, my guide took me on a tour of tents where babies had died during the night, the mothers still cradling the tiny corpses, catatonic with grief. As I stood in a haze of cooking fires at the forgotten edge of the world, that god ceased to exist. The carnage of war and its heavy psychological toll pushed Tillich to the brink of his faith and beyond.

It was a god who met him in darkness when the other had proved trivial and inadequate. David had a similar discovery. One dark night, he found himself alone on his balcony, sobbing and cursing God for allowing his life to crumble.