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You may also use this word to catch someone's attention as well, for instance at the restaurant when you want to call the waiter. This means "excuse me" You might want to use this when you want to get out of the bus when it is very crowded and you have people in your way.

Men should always say "obrigado" and women should always say "obrigada" to say "thank you". De nada! This is what you say when people thank you for something you did for them. The equivalent in English would be "you're welcome! These last 2 basic Portuguese phrases are of extreme importance and you should use them without thinking. Practice them with a friend or with your partner. If you don't have friends or a partner next to you, try the mirror.

Yes, I mean it!

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Por favor! You must say this to say "please" in any circumstance you can imagine. However, in Portuguese, when you give commands to people when you ask them to do something for you you don't necessarily need to say "por favor" all the time, like you do in English. Normally the intonation of your voice will show whether you are being suggestive or bossy! TOO-doo baheeng?

You would use this sentence to find out how you say something in Portuguese. You obviously can use this sentence only if you know that the person you are talking to knows some English, so they will tell you the meaning you are looking for in Portuguese. Como se escreve? You'd use this sentence if you want to know how you'd spell something in Portuguese. This means "How do you spell? So you ask "What does it mean in English?

Pode repetir? This is the same as "como? It means "could you repeat it, please? This phrase is particularly useful, because anyone in the streets can come to you and ask for information about something. So this is what you have to say - "I don't know! Click here to learn Portuguese numbers as well. You know how important they are too. I'd recommend to you to print this page out and take it with you every time you need to communicate with someone in Portuguese. You'll see that, with these basic Portuguese phrases, you'll feel more confident when you talk to people or people talk to you.

You will also feel much more comfortable when travelling around and socialising with Portuguese native speakers. I'd also advise to you not to stop your learning with this basic Portuguese phrases, but to surf through the other pages of this site to find out more useful information about Portuguese and Portuguese speaking countries.

Also, if you want to learn what these phrases sound like and thousands of other ones that you can choose by categories, I strongly recommend to you to check out my method for learning Portuguese here - Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker. Last thing to remember: If you don't know any more Portuguese, you may choose to walk away If you want to ask them if they speak English just say:.

You may also inform them that you only speak a little Portuguese. If this is the case, you must say. And yes!

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This is the end of this page now! So these are the basic Portuguese phrases you need to know if you are going to any Portuguese speaking country. However, you may as well look at some more useful basic Portuguese phrases here. In case you want to carry on with your study, later on you may like to read my free Portuguese lessons page as well and learn some tricks you may find useful to know Go to top of the page. Do you feel like giving? If so, please click on the "Donate" button below to help me keep this website running.

Muito obrigado!

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Thank you so much! Click here to learn more about Rafa's Newsletter. Check it out here! Here are some pages you may find interesting:. The Portuguese alphabet.

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How are you doing? If you are employed in Portugal, your employer will deduct income tax contributions from your salary Pay-as-You-Earn tax but you will still need to fill out an annual Portuguese tax return if you are a classed as a tax resident. How does it work? I carefully inspect each item that I list and describe exactly what I see. DaSilva, Manuel Luciana.

European Portuguese Pronunciation. Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation. Portuguese Determinants a Definite Articles. Perhaps we should learn some old Gaelic too! It is urgent ….

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