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For 2 months. On the walk there, I started to run my fingers through my wet head of hair and then suddenly stopped. I was worried that, along with everything else around me, my follicles were frozen and might break. After punching in and recounting my predicament, my co-workers were kind enough to make the point that I was complete idiot. Thanks to all who chipped in with their words, photos, illustrations and assistance with the utility bill.

He does admit to having a few guilty pleasures, including bargain hunting, Queer Eye reruns and blood sports. Since coming to Korea in , James has become widely known for his highly respected blog The Grand Narrative. He lives in Busan with his wife and two daughters, Alice and Elizabeth. Chris hails from Washington State and has lived in Busan for over six years. When not when banging on a guitar or screaming into a microphone, he likes to write.

Along with writing about the Busan music scene, he is the singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Busan rock band Millstone Grit. Seth has moved from Wisconsin to Busan twice. Jen hails from New York and has been eating her way through Busan since The first Korean phrase she learned was chalmo-gu-soob-ni-da.

Questions or comments: busanhaps gmail. Then came Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz, and many still complained. The multi-Grammy-winning, multi-project, multiplatinum worldwide superstar is bringing it to Busan on November 2 and Ilsan, near Seoul, on the 3rd. At time of print, there is still no word on who Dre will have in tow, but expect a great show with solo Dre, or along with one or more of the several mega-stars in his LA stable.

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Take a shot at getting the sought-after tickets at ticket. OCTOBER 20 Naru Park is the host venue for the seventh Global Gathering, wherein over 70 countries and groups from around the world display their culture and cuisine in one of the biggest expat gatherings in Busan.

ISBN 13: 9781885353054

The organizers are expecting about 45, guests this year, which will feature the Global Culture Zone, Stage and Experience Zones. Online, arcade, board game and console game zones, an event stage and a promotion zone highlight the four-day festival. The aggressive competition has its own set of rules, and is considered very exciting for participants and spectators alike. Local shoppers can rejoice as the new premium supermarket SSG opened in Haeundae I-Park, the story multi-purpose building in Marine City earlier this summer.

SSG carries products from British premium supermarket Waitrose and nutritional food line Fullbar, and boasts a premium wine store and entire section dedicated to functional salt products. Along with SSG, the increasingly posh Marine City district has seen a rise in upscale shops and restaurants of late, and is rivaling the uber-chic Gangnam in Seoul as a testbed for new businesses popping up around the country. According to recent research by Shinsegae, residents there spend 20 percent more than Seoulites on food per person. Hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and supported by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the grand-scale art exhibition Busan Biennale is held every two years, and the eighth edition is set to take place around the city from September 22 through November Over artworks by artists will be displayed around the city at 20 galleries, and organizers aim to focus on educating the public about contemporary art, to make the subject more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The festivities fall on a Wednesday this year, and local bars will once again play host to costume parties around the city. Stay tuned to the event calendar on BusanHaps. Enjoy live music from the awesome Dammit Janets, tasty food and the best Bloody Mary in town. Ticket prices range from 77, to , won. For more information, call Seven baseball diamonds, including four that will be finished in the next two years, are to be built on , square meters of land.

Currently, there are about amateur baseball teams in Busan with around 1, players. Lee to boost his popularity in the dogs days of his presidency. His single term ends in February and his approval ratings are at rock bottom, partly due to allegations of wrongdoings surrounding his close aides and his own brother. Unfortunately for Mr.

Lee, his legacy is sealed. Watch out, Google. His philosophies bloomed among the Occupy crowd last year, and the criticism of both sounds similar big talk, little action. The film premiered in North America at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, but it is unlikely to grab the same Western fame as Korean cult classics The Host and Oldboy, which gained popularity because of their carefree and inventive approaches to high-stakes drama and gore.

Reverend Moon Sun-myung, cited as one of the most internationally recognized South Koreans, passed away early September. The controversial founder of the Unification Church earned notoriety for claiming to be the Second Coming of the Messiah, sent by God to finish the work of Jesus, who visited him when he was a year-old boy living near Pyongyang in the mids. It is especially welcomed by full-size e-book tablet enthusiasts who curse Apple for not allowing them to surf Amazon directly from the iPad.

Will the Cupertino, California-based court case capitalists come through with a smaller version of their iPad or not? The new Wii supports p visuals and is backward-compatible with all previous accessories and games, which gives it an even bigger selling point for Wii enthusiasts.

The problem is where to get the books. While national brick-and-mortar chains are unpredictable with their instock selections, and you can find some gems at the Busan Book Swap or Fully Booked, there are a couple of options for ordering online with reasonable or sometimes pricey international shipping options. Another domestic online source. But as much as some of us want to avoid it, every man should have at least one suit in his wardrobe. Here are a few suggestions to make the buying process short and painless.

A real friend will tell you that the Dr. Doolittle look may not be for you.

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Before you start your search, you need to consider a few things. Color is the first choice to make. While the Riddler may look great in lime green, you may want to avoid dramatic tones. Think of your complexion when considering a color; for example, if you are fair-skinned, you may want to avoid khaki or white. Grey, black or navy are great choices. These colors are versatile, enabling you to wear them to the office or out on the town. Wool is the fabric of choice for suitmakers. I usually like to stick with wool for simplicity. When checking the quality of a fabric, there is a simple test: grab a handful of fabric and squeeze it.

When you let it go, does it bounce back with little or no wrinkling? If so, that is the fabric for you. An ill-fitting suit, however, is a hair worse.

When a suit does not fit correctly, it just never will. Getting your measurements taken is essential for getting the correct suit size as well as for alterations at the tailor. There are a few things to consider when trying on a suit: 1. The jacket should fit snug to your shoulders. Think the 80s and do the opposite. If the shoulder pads hit the wall before your arm, the jacket is way too big. If the top button of a two- or one-button jacket is fastened, you should be able to slip your flat hand in easily. When you make a fist, it should pull at the button.

Speaking of buttons, one- or two-button suits are the way to go. You can get away with the classic three-button suit but they have been fading in popularity in recent years. The one-button suit is a tad more stylish than its two-buttoned cousin; however, they both look simultaneously modern and classic. The length of the jacket is crucial. With your arms to the side, your knuckles should be even with the base of your jacket.

The sleeves should fall around the wrist bone and allow about 1. Flat front pants are slimming and very fashionable these days. Single pleat pants are still in the picture, however anything more than one pleat says you got them out of a 90s time-capsule. The bottom of the. Pants that are too long will definitely shrink you. Consider jazzing your suit up with this little detail.

Side vents, like peak lapels, scream style.

They add an element to the suit that can make you a stand out in any crowd. Keep in mind that the tailor is not a miracle worker. Just follow these simple rules and you will step out in style with ease. Start with stores like Zara, Zio Zio and some of the department store brands.

Fashion Street in PNU is a great option for suit sales. If your Korean is up to scratch, your options will open up considerably online. Happy hunting, fellas! If you need some more pointers, there are several online resources such as www. Preventing his song being played on TV and radio before 10 p. More ominously, this overzealousness is matched by increased policing of the Internet by the conservative Lee Myung-bak administration.

Restricted screening virtually means a film cannot be screened in regular movie theaters. The controversial movie graphically portrays nonsimulated sex scenes, such as group sex and masturbation… The Chosun Ilbo, January 23, It went on to predict that Korean films were likely to feature much more vivid depictions of sex after the ruling. Indeed, the former has been described as containing perhaps the most erotic scene ever witnessed in a Korean film, which probably explains why Korean audiences watched it in droves.

Facing stiff competition from Hollywood blockbusters, Korean filmmakers would repeat the strategy this year. First, with The Scent in April, which featured actress Park Si-yeon in the nude; then, with A Muse, which showed sex scenes between a teenage girl and a man in his 70s. By the end of the month, it had become the 10th-most-watched film of , beating out Prometheus and Men in Black 3 in the process.

Against the notion that Korea cinema might be liberalizing simply out of financial desperation, however, C. On the other hand, liberalization is much more multi-faceted than simply more sex and nudity, and both Korean film and music have made genuine progress, particularly for women. The film The Adventures of Mrs.

Park, for instance, was made into a comedy because the director so feared the public reac-. Or compare Caucasian men being used as the unlikely victims of girl-group S. And so on. So the next time you read glib one-liners about censorship or liberalization, please bear in mind that the reality defies easy narratives; not least because supposedly prudish Koreans often prove anything but. James Turnbull is a writer and public speaker on Korean feminism, sexuality, and pop culture. He can be found at the grandnarrative. A pleasant bit of pith that crystallizes even the most complex issue into a neat little package we can easily wrap our heads around.

Every culture has them, and Korea is no different.

Those of us reared in the West will quickly identify most Korean proverbs with those passed down along our own lineage. This arrangement was finally broken by the Japanese in following their victory in the first Sino-Japanese war. It was not a war of liberation. And to the east there stood a Japanese democracy reigned in by a pacifist constitution and a public weary of anything other than economic empire.

Fast-forward to the turn of our present century: old contentions with Japan once again flare up with territorial disputes over the tiny group of islets known internationally as Liancourt Rocks, as Dokdo in Korea and Takeshima in Japan. Even the water surrounding the Korean-administered islets is disputed, with Koreans calling it the East Sea, while most maps label it the Sea of Japan. Over the summer, Lee became the first Korean president to visit the disputed islands—inflaming relations with his Japanese counterparts.

Further raising tensions, Lee insisted that.

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The stated intent of the deal was to to visit Seoul again. Then came a call from the attendent at hisneed for him to come. Victims cannot. But for contemporary Korea, which may not come until after the election. All the military might, Japan has recently started to acknowledge it as while remaining cognizant that both the now powerful shrimp worthy of alliance. He, along with the eight other members of the Seoul-based ska band Kingston Rudieska, were set to open the Rainbow Festival, a significant gig for a band of a relatively obscure genre on the peninsula.

The weather was miserable. Rain was pouring down, and nobody in the band wanted to step onstage. They eventually did, dragging themselves before the crowd to do their thing. As soon as they did, they stood amazed at the shockingly wild fans dancing at their feet. Some of the fans jumped onstage and we all danced together. Their story is the story of ska in South Korea. It is an increasingly popular genre overwhelmed in a sea of K-pop, but their obvious love for their music fuels them to keep pushing ahead.

So too has Kingston Rudieska, which began back in They were in different bands at the time, gigging around the Hongdae music scene in Seoul. I started to look into the roots. For the Kingston Rudieska members, many of whom have backgrounds in jazz, discovering the Skatalites was like finding a roadmap to the ska sound. In Busan, they played to an ecstatic crowd at Vinyl UnderYet despite this ubiquitousness, pure roots-ska music remains ground near Kyungsung University.

At one point, more than relatively unknown to the 20 musicians were jamSouth Korean masses. Men, Yoon Do-hyun, Shim love the beach. People in Soo-bong and T-bone. Their live shows are pure energy, usu- Busan are so fun-loving and have great energy. They most charming and beautiful women. The latter is not, in fact, a reference to that sacred Ras- dance with us and follow us and know our songs.

Facebook page, www. Led by Argentinian native Santiago Pinto, these waegookin are learning to kick, punch and defend themselves in the way of ITF taekwondo. Pinto, who has been practicing the sport for 17 years and instructing in Busan for three, teaches the Korean martial art three times a week. It has been said that there are as many histories of taekwondo as there are people to tell them. Disputes of style and leadership has caused various discrepancies. In fact the commander had dithered, so Arnold had done what he thought best in a crisis. As the United States entered the Great War, Arnold yearned for action but spent the duration managing aircraft production for the newly fledged Army Air Service.

Americans were bad at building fighting planes, Arnold thought. After the war, control of the Army Air Service fell to ground-pounders who saw fliers as handmaidens to the infantry and artillery. As Air Service ranks shrank from , to 27,, Arnold found common cause with likeminded aviators — Lt. Carl Spaatz and Lt. Another Washington posting inserted him into the debate over which weapon would predominate: aircraft or dreadnought. His pal Mitchell so fiercely criticized Army reluctance to embrace aviation that he was court-martialed, and so almost was Arnold — for touting air power to Congress and the media.

Given 24 hours to decide if he wanted to resign or face a tribunal, Arnold stood firm. His critics backed down, but as penalty for his audacity, he was exiled to Fort Riley, Kansas, to teach flying. In Kansas, Arnold, now a major, hit the year mark. He thought of retiring; he had been offered the presidency of Pan American Airways.

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Marshall balked. They "completed the destruction of the trapped-garrison," he said, and 12, enemy bodies already have been found in Manila with "many more to come. Outdoor patio for your enjoyment. Challenge accepted and here I am. Bush did. The first Korean phrase she learned was chal-mo-gu-soob-ni-da. Yoon becomes the 27th manager in club history and the 18th permanent since the teams inception in

But he chose to stay in uniform. Success at Fort Riley led to the Command and General Staff College, a prestigious appointment, but the infantry-besotted curriculum irked Arnold. On graduation day, he had Bee wait with the children in the car with the motor running by the field house so he could see Fort Leavenworth disappear in the rearview mirror as fast as possible.

In November , Lt. Arnold took command of the air base at March Field, California. The bond begun with the Kettering Bug paid off.

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This came at a time when the Air Corps, as it was now called, was looking to buff its image with flying shows and record-setting flights. Arnold garnered coverage for the service in another way when an earthquake slammed Long Beach in He organized and dispatched emergency supply convoys with an alacrity that first nettled 9th Corps commander Gen.

Malin Craig because Arnold had run roughshod over command protocol. However, once Craig understood the gravity of the situation, he voiced admiration for his energetic subordinate. In Fairbanks, Arnold had an odd visitor. A man claiming to be a defecting German spy warned him that the Nazis had planes better than the B Later that year, Congress summoned Arnold to testify on the Air Corps.

He had hoped the Alaska flight would bump him to brigadier, but that had to wait until Craig became Army chief of staff and Gen. Critics said the B was too new, too big, too experimental, too untested. Why buy heavy long-range bombers? Arnold and Westover fought back, in their budget requesting 50 more Bs. Congress cut them. Production picked up in , but not until after the U. On Sept. The crash killed him and his crew chief. A week later, as British and French officials huddled in Munich, Germany, preparing to give Hitler the Sudetenland, President Roosevelt called in his cabinet and military leaders, including the acting air chief.

Only airpower would faze Hitler, Roosevelt declared. He said he wanted planes — now — and many more than the stipulated in the budget. Shocking nearly all present save Arnold, FDR demanded a production goal of 10, planes a year, with capacity for 20, going all-out. Roosevelt said he felt alarm not only about American airpower, but Allied readiness.

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He asked Arnold for numbers. Arnold gave the news straight. England, he estimated, had 1, to 2, combat-ready craft; France, perhaps Germany had at least 6, combat-ready frontline warplanes, with 2, more in reserve. But airpower meant more than fleet size, Arnold cautioned: exacting standards for production and pilot training were paramount, as was base construction. That convinced Roosevelt, who said he wanted immediate action and more heavy bombers. Thus they display in battle the speed of horse, [together with] the firmness of infantry. When he [Caesar] had come there, greater forces of the Britons had already assembled at that place, the chief command and management of the war having been entrusted to Cassivellaunus, whose territories a river, which is called the Thames, separates from the maritime states at about eighty miles from the sea.

At an earlier period perpetual wars had taken place between him and the other states; but, greatly alarmed by our arrival, the Britons had placed him over the whole war and the conduct of it. The interior portion of Britain is inhabited by those of whom tradition records that they were born in the island itself; the maritime portion by those who came over from the country of the Belgae for the purpose of plunder and making war; almost all of whom are called by the names of those states from which they migrated to Britain, where, having waged war, they continued to live, and began to cultivate the lands.

The number of the people is countless, and their buildings exceedingly numerous, for the most part very like those of the Gauls; the number of cattle is great. They use either brass or iron rings, determined at a certain weight, as their money. Tin is produced in the midland regions; in the maritime, iron; but the quantity of it is small: they employ brass, which is imported.