Im Here All Week: Sex, Drugs and Stand-Up Comedy At The 2012 Conventions

Michelle Obama speaks to the Democratic national convention - as it happened
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Addicted to one-night stands or dependent on one another? Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia In the movie the name of Anne Hathaway's character is Maggie, in real life Jake Gyllenhaal's sister's name is Maggie who is also a actress. Goofs Trey refers to himself as "an ex-Marine". An actual Marine would never use that phrase. The status of being a Marine is retained for life, hence the motto "Once a Marine, always a Marine". It would have been more appropriate to have him refer to himself as "a Marine veteran".

Quotes Maggie Murdock : I'm gonna need you more than you need me. Jamie Randall : That's okay. I hate when people get pulled out of the audience. Like, are you familiar with the Cirque du Soleil, Sam? We once went to see Cirque du Soleil at Navy Pier when I was a kid, and my brother came, and he was 12 years old.

I was an office temp for a while. I really miss that. I loved being a temp, because I would just go from office to office and be terrible at a different job for a week. And then you just get to retire like Lou Gehrig. No one will ever see me again. I was there for a couple weeks. I was in a cubicle next to this other cubicle. This woman named Mischa sat in the other cubicle.

I want to get the number right. I think Mischa had… about , photos of her daughter up in her cubicle. Almost like she was trying to solve a conspiracy about her daughter, A Beautiful Mind-style. I think about Mischa two times a week… because of a phone call she had next to me one day. It was one of my first days, and I was sitting next to her.

Think about that two times a week. Who could she have been talking to? I temped at a little web company on 25th Street in New York City. It was a small web company owned by this old man who was old, old, old money New York. His name was Henry J. Finch IV.

Like old, old, old money. Like, his money was in molasses or something. He owned this web company. I have no idea why he owned this web company. Finch wore linen suits. He had suspenders, he had a bow tie, he had a hat, he had a cane with an ivory handle.

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This was a real person I knew in the 21st century. Finch was in his 70s. He had an assistant named Mary. She was in her 50s, she was Korean. He did not need one. Finch came into the office. It had been raining. Finch walked into the office, and he was wearing a raincoat, he was wearing a rain hat, and he had his cane. One feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet! And when one feels like a duck, one is happy! Quack, quack.

I think about that every goddamn day. And I did that a little fast. Let me break that conversation down for you. Finch walked in, and he began a conversation the way anyone would. Finch, what he had said. Crazy people are like that. They have unlimited crazy currency. But such is life for an old knickerbocker like me. Is that they just have unlimited currency.

The things they say mean nothing to them, but they mean everything to me. I was once walking into Penn Station in New York. I was walking down 31st Street towards Eighth Avenue. I have my little roller suitcase.

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You can all imagine. As I walked past her, she said this to me. A very upsetting thing to hear, yes? I was alone out there that afternoon.

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And she said this totally unprompted. And I like structure, I like a to-do list. It did dawn on me that that list of things does get better as it goes along, when you really think about it. It starts with just about the worst task a to-do list can start with. But by the end, you have your own small business. That if you eat enough ass and suck enough dick, one day you can sell drugs. I just wanna say that in all sincerity. Thanks for coming to this.

Really, really appreciate it. I wanna tell you one more story before I get out of here, about the night I met a guy named Bill Clinton. Now, I know you know who Bill Clinton is. Like, sorry, they knew the name, right? Have you seen his ass lately? What the hell is he trying to pull? That is not the Bill Clinton that we all signed up for 20 years ago. That was the man we all elected president. That was the Bill Clinton that I met.

I got to meet Bill Clinton when he was Governor Clinton in , when he was first running for president. So, when he was first running for president, he would have all these big, like, alumni fundraisers, and everyone who went was invited to go. Now, this was really cool for a couple reasons.

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One, I got to meet Bill Clinton. But two, I got to watch my parents watch someone they went to school with become the president. Imagine Sam was becoming the president. It would stir up strong emotions. And my parents had very different opinions on Bill Clinton. I mean, think about how many women he got in the s when he looked like Frank Caliendo doing John Madden. Now… imagine him as a college student. And my mom tells me that there was this sort of chivalrous policy on campus back then, where, late at night, if female students were leaving the library unaccompanied, male students were encouraged to wait out in front and offer to walk them home.

That sounds good, right? Hey, can I walk ya home? My mom, little Ellen Stanton, walked arm-in-arm with Bill Clinton to her dorm. Now, my dad, on the other hand, hated Bill Clinton, because my parents were dating during this time. So, one day, this invitation arrives for a fundraiser where you could meet Bill Clinton. We have to go see Bill. Same motherfucker. I was ten years old. If you were a kid when Bill Clinton was first released, it was the most exciting thing ever. He let us know who he was right away.

So, I went with my mom, as her date… to reconnect with Governor Bill Clinton. We walked into the ballroom. It was a big hotel ballroom. It was the Palmer House Hilton, big Hilton hotel ballroom. Walked into the ballroom, it was packed with people. So, that ballroom. Richard Kimble, bursts in to confront Dr.

Charles Nichols, right? Why does Kimble confront Nichols? Well, I know we all know this, but… No, no. But, but, but… Kimble, he found out that Nichols, along with Devlin MacGregor and Lentz, who has mysteriously died, they had hired Frederick Sykes, the one-armed man, to kill Kimble. I know we all know this. Richard Kimble. And you doctored your research!

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I'm Here All Week: Sex, Drugs and Stand-Up Comedy At The Conventions - Kindle edition by James Kotecki, Mark Ames. Download it once and read it on. And so to our first title: James Kotecki's "I'm Here All Week: Sex, Drugs and Stand -Up Comedy At The Conventions." From the back cover.

So that you could have Provasic! So, we walk into that ballroom. It was packed with people. Walter Jacobson was there. Walter Jacobson was the local Fox anchor. And on the far side of the ballroom, under a spotlight, we saw a little bit of silver hair.

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Memos From The Editor a. October 5, By The Editor. At age 26, James Kotecki had already enjoyed a varied career as a writer, stand-up comedian and house painter's assistant. There were still, however, many things he had not done.