Lets Look at a Bulldozer!

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The Sorrows and Joys of the Bulldozer

One of the dark secrets of a modern CPU core is that in order to keep performance high, there are far more resources on the chip than can actually be used at any given point. It struts its stuff without a care, knowing its rightful place in the world. I cannot express how heartwarming this book was. Dammit, P. I went into this book with very mixed expectations.

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Let's Look at a Bulldozer

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. A SpaceX estimation was 2,, kg to the surface of Mars with a soft retropopulsive landing of a variant of the Dragon capsule.

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Let's Look at a Bulldozer [Matthew Price] on dynipalo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Is your child fascinated with construction vehicles? This book. Free Kindle ePUB or Aple cuss common uses for bulldozers, and different attachments dozers can use Find outabout bulldozers and their capabilities in LET S.

So a small bulldozer could be used as a payload instead. A bulldozer is a continuous tracked tractor equipped with a substantial metal plate blade used to push large quantities of soil or rubble.


It could be equipped at the rear with a jackhammer to break up very hard earth or rock. On Mars a robotic bulldozer could break up sedimentary rock and very hard soil with the jackhammer and then remove it with the blade. In this way layer by layer of the subsurface could be investigated by a present rover, and with a much larger area then that of a hole drilled by a rover alone. Of course the bulldozer would need much more energy storage capacity, more like that of an electric sports car, to do it's job.

But it needs only to work for less than an hour a day because the present rover will have enough new material to investigate for the rest of the day. So if the bulldozer has a 10 kW engine, it needs not more than 10 kWh energy a day. So because much more information about the historic past of Mars can be obtained by breaking up and removing the subsurface, why not use the assistance of a bulldozer? It is believed that large quantities of water and carbon dioxide ices remain frozen within the regolith in the equatorial parts of Mars. An intelligent bulldozer could prove this believe to be true!

A bulldozer would not be very useful. Ever tried using a shovel to scrape a thin layer of dirt off pavement? That doesn't work very well.

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A 2-ton bulldozer can't break rock, so its blade will scrape the surface of the regolith. Let's look at the Bobcat E10 , the first small excavator I found.

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It weighs 1 ton and has a 7 kW engine. To power it, you'd need either large solar panels, batteries and a charging station which would limit the vehicle to a few days' driving range , or nuclear power. Curiosity's RTG produces W, you'd need 70 of them for a total weight of 3 tons. NASA is working on a higher-power nuclear source, but the Kilopower project is in a very early stage. Running a 7 kW engine for 10 hours on batteries means a 70 kWh battery, and that's a few hundred kg comparable to the batteries used in current electric cars.

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Firstly, a bulldozer would be heavy and thus expensive to get to Mars. We don't know how competent the regolith on Mars is in various locations. If the bulldozer isn't strong enough it will achieve little. From newbie in my community where most of people don't understand English or even don't read the info: "Bulldozer's picture look like a gun, so they thought Bulldozer increase their firepower" Owww That makes some sense.

Weird one, but at least there is a reason. Stupid one, but still. Thanks for the enlightenment :. Considering that I'm partially dyslexic, I've misread Bulldozer and thought it would increase damage of deployables. So it would increase Barik's turret damage output, Gohk healing, Yings healing, so on so forth.