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I think it's also worth mentioning that Trinity featured perhaps the most convincing JLA team-up involving Batman I've ever seen. Normally, he would strike me as laughably outclassed by titans like Superman and Wonder Woman, but not only are their powers substantially dialed down for this production, but Batman's preparedness and quick thinking were meticulously utilized to make him a formidable threat. And Wagner makes sure to keep Bats closer to the street-level obstacles than the other two heroes, and isn't afraid to have him get his ass handed to him when trying to tussle with big guns like Bizarro.

Comfortably sitting at a solid 3 stars, Trinity turned out to be among the best JLA books I've ever come across, and it had some excellent illustrations. But what could have been a 3. And the final confrontation in the last 20 pages of the book — which is discussed at length in the postscript — made a few minor missteps which carelessly undid some of Wagner's otherwise respectable work.

At the end of the day, however, this book was good enough that I'm interested in checking out stuff like Batman and the Monster Men and The Tower Chronicles to see if the writer can achieve more of his latent potential. Postscript : Let me just quickly take this opportunity to talk about the problems I had with the book's finale. Up until that point, Ra's seemed to have things very well thought-out, but then just lost his marbles and gambles everything away at the last minute. After having lost four of the six nuclear missiles he started out with, Ra's decides to take the remaining two to Themyscira, intending to conquer the island, and then claim it as his new base of operations — one he hoped would keep him hidden from the heroic trinity.

The first problem with this plan was that Wonder Woman being a Themyscira native meant that she could easily lead her two companions to the island. And while he never explicitly acknowledged Diana's heritage, he should have been able to surmise it just as easily as Batman surmised the teen Amazon's: if Ra's already knew the girl was from Themyscira, then it shouldn't have been difficult to suspect that was where Wonder Woman was from as well, given the fact that they both proudly wore an eagle crest with stars.

The second problem is that once the trinity joined the battle, the tide would inevitably turn in their favor.

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If what Ra's saw of his young ward's extensive training was any indication of the kind of resistance he'd encounter, then it would be difficult enough worrying about the Amazonians alone — even with the help of a large fleet of attack helicopters. That said, the addition of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as adversaries means that he'd then be outgunned in terms of superpowered individuals: against his single Bizarro, the good guys have both Superman and Wonder Woman on their side.

Tactical foibles aside, there was another mistake Wagner made due to the unbalanced nature of the match-up between both sides. While Ra's soldiers fought the Amazonian fighters, Bizarro took on Superman and Batman faced the teen warrior, leaving Ra's to somehow deal with Wonder Woman. The first two pairings make perfect sense, so I'm only going to discuss the third.

Now don't get me wrong: Ra's is a guy who can really throw down if push comes to shove, but it's important to remember that he's got no powers. For this reason, it made absolutely no sense that the battle seemed as close as it did, and Ra's should not have been able to cut Wonder Woman's hand with his sword. Think about it: this is a chick who stunned Bizarro — who is presumably Superman's equal in strength — with an uppercut to the chin, and was able to get up and walk away after being beaten by the beast.

Clearly, Diana isn't made of the same fragile human stuff that can be injured by a fucking scimitar! Poor Ra's never stood a chance in hell. Finally, there was a really dumb moment with the Ra's Amazonian partner that just made no sense whatsoever. Or maybe it does make sense, if you consider a year-old girl to be like an 8-year-old girl with an advanced vocabulary. No matter how you look at it, what I'm about to describe is a clear case of bad writing.

Basically, what happens here is that this girl, having willfully lead Ra's to Themyscira's hidden location, suddenly changes her mind about wanting to participate in this betrayal.

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This childish flip-flop causes her to commandeer one of Ra's helicopters, and fire misses to destroy the other ones. Wagner doesn't build up to this change of heart at all, and instead gives us reason to expect that such an event would be extraordinarily unlikely: since the beginning, Ra's treated the girl quite well, and she appeared to become increasingly invested in helping to realize his goal a cleansed Earth. So while 14 is still young enough to behave impulsively at times, it's not young enough to make this behavior seem reasonable without a compelling trigger.

As you may have guessed, Wagner provides no such trigger. And couldn't she just have easily run away, rather than turn on Ra's? Sorry, but I didn't get any of this shit! Nov 22, Joe Kucharski rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels. Wagner produced this three-chapter series at a time when his talents were focused more as a writer; having his stylized art appear in a prestige-format series was a treat for hardcore fans. Superman is portrayed an icon, a sun god attempting to balance his humanity.

His Wonder Woman is beauty personified in her pose and grace, set apart from mankind, yet not above. Artemis is a punk, both shallow and young. Yet, there is not a complete confluence between the sets of three. Similarly, at no time does Wonder Woman get a full stake of authority in the presence of her super boy friends. Artemis is never provided a backstory and then never heard from again as clearly this is not the same Artemis who eventually rises to the station of Wonder Woman herself. Ultimately, Trinity is a showcase for the Big Three to stand in the sun together and rejoice in their triumph, and in their friendship.

Wagner is successful at weaving in key characterizations from each of the heroes, yet some of his decisions, again, are merely opportunistic. The mindless Bizarro, used for brute strength alone, does not live up to his potential as the human Batman takes-on the creature, albeit in pre- Dark Knight Returns -esque Bat-armor.

The brutal slaughter of Amazonian warriors by 21st Century war machines is both distressing and wholly out-of-place thematically. However, one cannot help but wish the plot went deeper and that more risks were taken, elevating what is a fun story to that of something spectacular. Want to read more thoughts on how the story revealed within Trinity absolutely cannot fit into a post- Crisis DCU? Click over to my blog… As Always Feb 10, 47Time rated it did not like it Shelves: comics-superheroes.

The story feels either out of canon or set way before current events because, while Clark and Bruce are friends and know each other's secret identities, Diana is a newcomer. This might be a feature for readers not familiarized with the Justice League like myself. At the same it may bore longtime DC fans or anyone who is turned off by feminist and cartoony fiction. The story features the first attack on Themiscira, an assault The story feels either out of canon or set way before current events because, while Clark and Bruce are friends and know each other's secret identities, Diana is a newcomer.

The story features the first attack on Themiscira, an assault described as 'the sting of a man's boot on their necks'. If that isn't the white patriarchy oppressing the pacifist womanhood that is looking ONLY for equality of outcome, bless their souls, I don't know what is. So you have feminist propaganda too. Ra's is particularly sexist, but he gets what's coming to him for that inexcusable affront.

A band of skilled and well armed operators called the Purge kill a train conductor and manage to get away from Superman. Batman catches one of their teams before their next plan comes to fruition. They have plans to break into Lex Luthor's S. Ra's Al Ghul frees Bizarro Superman from his arctic prison and has him recover a submarine with its nuclear arsenal. The missiles are intended to be tools that will allowxRa's to conquer the world. Wonder Woman sustains grave injuries while battling her captors and plunges herself in Ra's resurrection pit for no reason.

She emerges rejuvinated, but also in a state of shock that turns her against Batman and Superman. She talks in feminist slogans at this point. She doesn't need a man's help, then 'men are so Batman puts her in her place, macho man style, almost sending the poor girl into the kitchen, so he isn't any better. Superman is the most balanced in this story, meaning he pussies out and doesn't even have an opinion.

Ra's also has the rogue amazon Artemis on his side. He wants to use her knowledge of Themyscira to conquer the island and repopulate the world with its women. He must face Wonder Woman who, like her name, is 'just a woman.

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Wonder Woman fights him fiercely, just like the independent woman and beacon of feminist hope she is, though he offers to make her his 'favored consort. She wins with no help from the men. Batman keeps Bizarro Superman busy until Superman comes along to imprison him in a volcano. The trio disable the missiles and sink them into the deep. In the end they are hopeful that their alliance will lead to bigger and better things in the future. Mar 21, Jace rated it it was ok Recommends it for: people who need a primer on the major players of the DC universe. Shelves: comics.

This is a good book if you know nothing about the pantheon of DC superheores.

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That is to say, it's fine as a stand-alone, but doesn't mesh well with the rest of the continuity. The only real complaint I have is that Wagner tells a lot of the story through floating "narration blocks" a. This lack of clarity over whose thoughts we're reading often leads to a muddled mess that interferes with the story and mood. As I've seen done before and since, it would have been easy to use a special color or font to differentiate between the thought blocks of the 3 major characters.

This was a simple oversight that could have spared the reader's confusion and really helped the book along. After their first meeting, the ever-dimwitted Bizarro refers to his new ally as "Racer Cool". I had to say it aloud to myself a few times before I got the joke, but then I couldn't stop chuckling. Oct 23, Leelan rated it it was amazing Shelves: absolute-favorites , graphic-novel. Matt Wagner breathes new life into their first mutual adventure. Each character is very much in character. As it begins, Diana has only just left Themiscyra for the world of men. She has never met Superman and has never heard of Batman.

She is very much the royal princess in her attitudes and assumptions. Wagner returns Superman to his Kansas farm boy roots. He has seen the world and is comfortable there. But his attitude and outlook is very deeply rooted in the farm. Batman is completely focused on the mission. Nothing else matters. But, even so, Wagner manages to give us a glimpse into the all to human Bruce Wayne. Together they face a triumvirate of their complete opposites, Ras al Gul, Bizarro and a young rebel Amazon. A great story and fantastic conclusion wait until you see Batman take on Bizarro!

Jul 22, Kamal rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novel. What starts off as an interesting premise for a superhero story, quickly deteriorates into something lackluster and flat.

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Wagner's characterizations are simplistic and dull. He needs to learn the first rule of good writing: "Show, don't tell. He also doesn't know how to write a convincing female character. His rendition of Wonder Woman, especially, really showcases all of the gender stereotypes and misogyny that the superhero genre is so wel What starts off as an interesting premise for a superhero story, quickly deteriorates into something lackluster and flat. His rendition of Wonder Woman, especially, really showcases all of the gender stereotypes and misogyny that the superhero genre is so well known for.

All that said and I could say more , the best part of the book was the villain team-up between some unlikely triumvirs. The villains were more convincing than the heroes in this one The story could have been so much more if directed by more capable hands. So much fun. Seeing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman work together for the first time is a joy, and rather inspiring. Wagner does a great job with each of their characters; the interactions between Diana and Bruce are especially memorable and funny.

Mar 18, Ashleigh rated it it was amazing. Now I don't have to go blind at This book was written 10 years ago and it still holds up today. Taking place early in Batman and Superman's careers, they meet Wonder Woman for the first time. Matt Wagner is a master storyteller. His art is fantastic and reminiscent of the old Fleischer Superman cartoons.

I love how he characterizes the big three. My one complaint is how misogynistic he writes Ra's al Ghul. It just doesn't seem to fit with a man who's trying to wipe out humanity. A look at the early careers of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and the 1st time they all three team up. Great art work with a 'throw back' look to it. All three get a chance to shine here-though Wonder Woman does get captured and chained up. If you are a fan of any of the three, you should read it! Apr 25, Paul rated it it was amazing.

This is a fabulous book that uses all three protagonists very well. It is a refreshing approach to use these characters in respectful, socially engaging perspectives rather than the dark, depressing self-centered and self-absorbed way that Hollywood wants to present them. Read this rather than seeing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Apr 10, Mark Stratton rated it it was amazing. I can add little except it is one of the finer comic stories I've read. Aug 07, Kuroi rated it liked it Shelves: half-and-half , impending-doom , definitely-great , those-feeeeeeels , i-didn-t-see-that-coming , kick-butt-heroine , nice-guy-hero , powerpuff-girls , graphic-novel-comic , love-is-of-more-than-one-form.

It was an interesting take on the meeting of the Big Three.

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As always, the prize goes to Batman for most interesting character. What is with that pink hair though? May 08, Jesse A rated it it was ok Shelves: library-it-up , graphic-novels. Not a great story. The characters all seemed off. Plus I freaking hated the artwork. Donning mechanical armor, Graves and Bond fight hand-to-hand as the aircraft spirals out of control. After seemingly defeating Bond by electrocution, Graves attempts to evacuate the plummeting aircraft by parachute. Bond reaches out and yanks the parachute's release cord; causing Graves to be pulled through a hole in the fuselage.

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Stonewall Willingdone is an old maxy montrumeny. It's the kind of cruel psychological abuse of a parent having their child compete for their affection, which the child is only too happy to do because they've got no one else. Mary Overie. Upon investigating further, Miller discovered other, older trimlines around the bay, suggesting that the destructive event had occurred multiple times prior, each a few decades apart. Scenes inside Graves' diamond mine were also filmed in Cornwall , at the Eden Project.

As Moon desperately clings onto the edge of the chassis, Bond reaches out and activates the suit's electric defenses causing Moon to shock himself. He loses his grip and is sucked - along with the controls for the Icarus - into the plane's jet engine. The movie departs from the usual Bond formula in several ways. Die Another Day begins with an action set-piece which, instead of a comic ending, ends with Bond captured by the North Korean army, after which he is tortured for fourteen months, depicted in a stylized manner through the title sequence.

The movie also shows some attempts to improve the appeal of Bond to a younger audience, featuring two separate scenes of Bond surfing, a more contemporary soundtrack by David Arnold , and extensive use of The Matrix -style slow-motion pans. Critical reaction to the film was mixed, even allowing for the typical disdain of action films and of sequels held by many reviewers.

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Many saw it as a retread of old ideas from the Roger Moore era that did not mesh with more "modern" takes on the genre such as 24 and The Bourne Identity , and scoffed at the attempts to appeal to a younger audience; supporters of the film counter that the so-called "retread of old ideas" was simply the film paying homage to earlier Bond films, adding that Bond's incarceration and torture at the start of the movie sufficiently broke the pattern of recent Bond films.

Some also felt that the extensive use of CGI special effects detracted from one of the major appeals of the older films—that the stunts, however preposterous, were actually performed. The quality of the CGI effects in some scenes was also criticized; compare the action sequence at the beginning Bond's near-escape in Northern Korea using hovercrafts and the parachute-assisted surfing stunt at the end. The Film is also criticized for its unrealistic approach too, with its plot which was largely considered "far fetched" An idea aided by elements such as the Genetics Clinics, The Ice Palace, and the invisibility cloak on the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish fitted by Q Branch.

Marketing for the film was also criticized by some fans. In previous Bond films with the exception of On Her Majesty's Secret Service the actor to portray Bond is undoubtedly the top-billed star with all other actors in a supporting role; however with Die Another Day Bond girl Halle Berry had been elevated to co-star status with Pierce Brosnan; at least one of the film's posters gives Berry equal billing with Brosnan.

The film also elicited poor opinions across the Korean peninsula, with the North unhappy with its portrayal as a brutal, war-hungry state, whilst many South Koreans were offended by a romantic scene conducted in a Buddhist temple and a scene where an American officer issues orders to the South Korean army in the defense of their own homeland. Cleese's Q refers to "his predecessor" in one scene. See: Die Another Day soundtrack. See Die Another Day novelisation. Berry's performance was heavily criticized by many reviewers and fans, though ironically she won an Academy Award for Best Actress for Monster's Ball in the midst of filming, making her only the second actor after Christopher Walken to be an Oscar-winner at the time of their appearance in an official Bond film Judi Dench also won an Oscar in , but this was after her debut in the series.

Regardless of these criticisms, the character of Jinx was nonetheless considered popular enough for MGM to announce plans for the first-ever James Bond spin-off movie based upon the character and starring Halle Berry. Stephen Frears was attached to direct. Some film critics have speculated that the cancellation may have been connected to the box office underperformance of several female-led action films in , most notably Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. However, according in some interviews Berry has not ruled out a possibility of Jinx spin-off. Being released on the 40th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, there were many references to the past 19 James Bond movies in Die Another Day.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Film — Novelisation — Soundtrack — Song — Characters. Miranda Frost : " This is crazy. We're more easily able to attract developers to work for us given that we have an office to work at. It's not just about having a place to hang our hats; we've been able to do more collaborative work with customers with an office than without one. One of the stumbling blocks that we faced was concern that we would need to hire someone to answer the phones and to handle walk-in traffic once we had an office.

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A James Wagner Novel J. P. Lockrey. ROGUE WAVE A James Wagner novel I. P. Lockrey iUniverse, Inc. New York Lincoln Shanghai ROGUE WAVE A James. ROGUE WAVE A James Wagner novel mostly better than Mythology as Metaphor Romantic Irony Critical Theory and Wagners URingR Romantic Irony Critical.

Mike Kessler has taken the risk to put together 3, sq ft of space and, more importantly, a community that people can join. Drop in for their Friday lunch and learns, or go and check out the space. The Tech Brewery is a startup accelerator in Ann Arbor. I would have definitely explored the various options when I was an independent consultant and then later, as a company, before we rented an office. A sense of community. And a little separation between work and home.

So maybe you're not an independent consultant. Maybe you're an engineer and you could really use a lab and some shared lab equipment.

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Well, you're in luck with the A2 Mech Shop. Bob Stack did a heart-warming talk at Ignite Ann Arbor, introducing the audience to the co-working space and to its occupants. According to Dale Grover, one of the members of The A2 Mech Shop, it provides co-working space for entrepreneurial engineers.

It's also a tightly-knit community focused on sharing equipment but maintaining individual offices. A2 Mech Shop also hosts the Go Tech meeting, held monthly in the evenings typically on the 2nd Tuesdays, and a robotics club. Ann Arbor SPARK offers traditional business services and office space for entrepreneurs at its incubator spaces in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, if you meet their incubator criteria. And while we're most familiar with Ann Arbor spaces, the metro Detroit area boasts some as well. The North Woodward Tech Incubator , which Metromode readers may remember from an article in June , is an incubator for technology companies that was started by a law firm.

In exchange for free rent, its tenants give equity to the law firm. These alternatives to renting traditional office space offer opportunity for growing companies as well as independent consultants. Our region is one of the few in the country with such a wide range of opportunity for co-working. We see this as an indicator of the entrepreneurial spirit in our area. We hope that these opportunities continue to grow and appear, and that their availability will help growing companies, individuals, and to promote our region as offering a full array of services for a wide variety of companies.

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