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see He features seafood heavily and his menu changes daily depending on what is currently available. Chris was talent spotted during a public cookery demonstration and in filmed Coastal Kitchen.

His early mentor was the food writer and broadcaster the late Michael Smith. Turner has trained at some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants inEurope.

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Following the departure of Richard Shepherd in he became Chef de Cuisine at this uniquely Michelin starred hotel where he reigned for eleven years. Despite a hectic television schedule Turner still spent the equivalent of a full working week at the restaurant personally meeting and greeting his customers. This was set up as a three year contract, now closed. Despite all of this Turner is heavily committed to various charities, having run the London Marathon for the benefit of Aids victims, walked The Moonwalk for Breast Cancer and ridden at Windsor Racecourse for The Princess Trust for Carers he still finds time to do work for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust of which he is a main board member and other charities as well.

The restaurant served modern British food, which has made Turner such a favourite with the culinary establishment and the public at large. This has now closed after a five year contract.

He also received the Springboard Award of Excellence in the autumn of Along withMayfair, this has now closed , Brian having finished working with the hotel group to concentrate on other commitments. Recognition continued in with the British Hospitality Association Award for the training and development of young people as well as an Honorary Doctorate of Science conferred byLeedsMetropolitanUniversity. The Award seeks to recognise business people who have made a contribution to the development of Apprenticeships and to highlight the achievements of those whose successful careers began through vocational training and who have demonstrated their continuing support for Apprenticeships.

Brian is the Ambassador for leading cooking brands, Stoves and Belling, playing an active role in campaigns to encourage British people to get back into the kitchen cooking and using his extensive experience of the working kitchen to help with innovative new product development.

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Brian also works with hospitality tabletop supplier Steelite International, whose products have been used in some of the dishes featured in the new book, creating inspirational food presentation at major international trade shows, and adding live theatre to their exhibition displays. Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson is an accomplished TV presenter, broadcaster, author, cruise host and restaurateur. Antony is a prolific author having written more than 30 cookery books and an autobiography.

For 12 years Antony wrote a weekly column for Saturday Express and cookery column for The Express on Sunday Magazine, becoming one of their longest serving celebrity writers. He is also patron of a number of charities close to his heart. Antony regularly appears at food festivals and events internationally, including many shows in the Middle East where his knowledge for healthy cooking is in great demand.

Edward Rose of Chistlet, and Ann wedded to Mr. John Betentham now of Canterbury.

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The Dungeon is another Mannor in Canterbury, It was formerly belonging to an ancient Family called Chich; Ernaldus de Chich was a man of principal note under Henry the second, Richard the first, and K. John, and the Aldermanry of Burgate in Canterbury did in elder times appertain to this Family; Thoma.

Mary Bredin in Canterbury, whose Name in an old Character, together with his Effigies, are set up in the west Window, as his Coat is likewise in Stone-work in the Chancell; John Chich was Bailiff of Canterbury in the twenty third, and again in the twenty sixth year of Edward the third, in the year Robert Malling then Commissary of Canterbury gave Sentence upon clear Evidence by ancient muniments and otherwise, that the Hospital of St. Laurence in Canterbury should not only receive the Tithes of the Mannor of the Dungeon, but likewise of Charles, when he was Lord Keeper of the great Seal of England.

Edmund Son of Ralph Roper was an eminent Man in the Reign of Henry the fourth, and Henry the fifth, under whom he was Justice of the Peace for this County, and died the third year of Henry the sixth , and lies buried in this Church of St. Dunstans Church , and VVill. Edward Roper Esquire.

Capell in the Hundred of Folkstone was parcel of that Estate which celebrated the Family of Averenches to have been its Proprieraries, which continued no longer in the Name then the End of K. Mary passed them away to Mr. Francis Herdson conveyed them to his Uncle Mr. Basill Divwell of Broome in Barham is now Proprietarie of them. King Henry the third gave the Prior of that House Liberty by his Charter in the fifty third year of his Reign to hold a Market there weekly, and a Fair once in every yeer, three days together, viz. Lukes day, and called Horn Fair, by reason of the great plenty of all Sorts of Winding Hornes, and Cups, and other Vessels of Horn there brought to be sold.

Newton his Brother, and Mr. Peter Newton Gentleman Usher to the late King Charles, who have most amply discharged that Trust, and in a manner new builded a great Part thereof, and erected the Steeple new from the Ground, and furnished it with a good Ring of Bells, decorating the same Church without and within so worthily that it surpasseth most in the Shire.

Mary Overies in Southwarke, the Vicarage not endowed, but being shrunk into Decay and Solitude, the Inhabitants for many yeers last past have resorted for the performance of Divine Duties to the Parish Church of Charlton. And in this Family and its Descendants did they settle, until the Reign of Henry the sixth, and then by an old Survey of Chalke, I find them in the Hands of Brent, and continued in their Possession until the eighth year of Henry the seventh, and then Jo. James Crispe, but the Fee-simple still remained lodged in the Royal Revenue, until the late King Charles passed it away to the City of London, in the year , and that City the same year they were granted, conveyed them to Mr.

Thomas Crispe and Mr.

James Crispe. Challock in the Hundred of Calehill hath two places in it, which may deservedly come within the Register of those Mannors which are in this Survey to be recorded: The first is Otterpley, which was an eminent Seat belonging to the ancient Family of Apulderfield. Loringden and Deane are places in Challock worthy of Consideration. There is a Tradition very frequent amongst the Country people in this Track, that Loringden now altogether desolate and full of solitude, was once the Mansion of Gentlemen of this Name, one of which should have waged Combate with one of the Apulderfields of Otterpley not far distant, about building a Chappel in the Valley, which was pretended by Loringden to be erected on Land that was of his Fee-simple; but because this without some more solid Foundation to support then Fame and Vulgar Report, will appear but legend, I will re-present to you what the original Muniments and Evidences have discovered to me in Relation to those who were Possessors of this place.

James, and then by a Sole Daughter and Heir they went over to Plomer, who almost in our Memory transferred his Right in both of them by Sale to Peirce. The Church of Challock being fallen down, was new erected by the Apulderfields, as the Glass windows and Stone work in divers places, embroider'd and diaper'd with the Voided Cross, which was their paternal Coat Armour, do more then sufficiently testifie. The first place of note in it, which obviates the eye, is Sisingherst; but more properly and truly written Saxenhurst; and as Bittenden, not far distant derives its Name from the Brittons, so in most probability did this take and assume its Denomination from the Saxons.

In Testa de Nevil, a Book kept in the Exchequer, which is a memorial of those who holding their Lands in the Knights Service paid relief in the twentieth year of Henry third, towards the Marriage of the Kings Sister. Secondly, Glastenbury is not to be forgotten, since it is of so great a Name elsewhere, and is called as the other is from Glastney the Saxon Idiome of Inis Witrin, the Watry or Glassie place.

The House which stands in a Park is moated about, and hath been for many Generations the capital Mansion of the ancient Family of Rokchurst, ever since Stephen Rokehurst or Roberts of Curtesden, and in old Records sometimes written Rokehurst Den in Goudherst, about the beginning of Henry the fourth married Joan Sole Heir of William Tilley of Glastenbury, whose Ancestors had flourished at this place, as private Evidencs instruct me, ever since the reign of Edward the first and in right of that Alliance became Lord of this Mansion.

Coursehorne finds place to be remembred in the Map of Kent, and then must not be forgotten here; it hath been for above three hundred years as appears by private Records the Inheritance of Henley, in an Escheat Roll taken in the seventeenth year of Edward the third, and marked with the number After the death of Richard Haudloe, who it seems had Lands at Cranebrook, there is mention of one Gerva; Henley that was one of the Jury and concerned in the Inquisition: But that which much improves the Fame of this Mansion, is, that it was the Cradle of Sir Walter Henley Serjeant at Law, a man of eminent repute in this County in the Reign of Henry the eighth, and by his three Daughters and Coheirs, Elizabeth married to Another ancient place there is in Cranebrook, called Hartridge, the possession in times past of a worthy Family of that Sirname, among them chiefly to be remembred is Thomas Hartridge, for he was one of the Conservators or Justices of Peace in this County in the thirty fourth year of Edward the third, when there was but eight only in the whole Shire.

There are two places more which may be registred in this Inventorie. The second is Buckhurst, which is the last place of Account within the circuit of this Parish. Cranebroke had the Grant of a Market to be observed weekly there on the Saturday, in the eighteenth year of Edward the first, as appears Cart. I had almost forgot to tell you that there is a place in this Parish called Holden, which with Hawkeridge hath for some Centuries of years acknowledged the Holdens for its Proprietaries, and are still united to the Patrimony of this Name and Family, which for such a vast Succession of time hath been planted at Cranebroke.

There was a Chappell at a place called Milkhouse, in the Eastern part of this Parish founded and endowed by John Lawless, about the latter end of Henry the seventh, which upon the generall Dissolation of Chantries and all other Religious Fraternities by Henry the eighth, was by that Prince about the latter end of his Rule granted to Sir John Baker of Sisingherst not far distant, whose Revenue is yet in the possession of Sir John Baker his Successor.


There was another Chappell founded at Sisingherst as the Evidences of that place do insinuate by John de Saxenhurst; which was reedified by the late Sir John Baker, and by a Deed delivered to John Bancroft Bishop of Oxford devoted to the Service of God, and dedicated as it was before to St. John the Evangelist: After the reception of this Instrument, which was in the year The Church dedicated to St. John the Baptists Head was cut off, was brought into England in the Reign of Richard the first, and kept in this Church.

Newland is another eminent Mannor in Charing, which gave Seat and Sirname to a Family so styled: Sir John de Newland lived here in the Reign of Edward the first, and sealed with an Escollop upon a Cheveron for his Coat, which is yet visible in ancient Registers, and other venerable Monuments of Antiquity; but before the latrer end of Edward the third, this Family was extinguished at this place, and then it became parcel of the noble Family of Brockhull of Cale-Hill, and continued folded up in their Possession untill the twelfth year of Henry the fourth, and then it was passed away by Deed from Henry Brockhull to John Darrell Esquire, from whom it is by successive Devolution now transported to his Successor Sir John Darrell of Cale-Hill Knight.

Broughton is a Mannor which is likewise circumscribed within the Limits of Charing, and had Owners likewise of that Sirname. Acton is the laft place of Account in Charing, which is eminent in respect of that relation it had to the ancient and noble Family of Beaufits, who made it their Seat before they were transplanted to Twidal in Gillingham.

Having done with Chartham, I shall now discover what places are enclosed within the Verge of it, which were alwayes of temporal Interest. Bovehatch, as appears, Rot. Bartholomew Man, and he about the Beginning of Q. Lovelace, about the Beginning of K. James, passed it away to to Sir Will. Cullimore, whose Lady not long after conveyed it to Tho. Steed of Steed-Hill, and he not many years since demised it to Sir Tho. But the place in Chartham of most eminent Account is the Mannor of Shalmesford-Bridge, so called because the Mansion House is situated near the Bridge, which crosses the Stoure.

Parker of North-Fleet, who shared his Revenue; but this upon the separation of the Estate, did improve the Demeasn of Michael Belke with its accession, from whom it is descended to the present owner Mr. Earl of Lancaster, and others of the mutinous Nobility, forfeited both this and his life at Canterbury; upon whose Tragedie it resolved again into the Revenue of the Crown, and there rested until K.

Sir John Tibitot in his Wife's right died seised of it in the thirty third year of Edw. And Margaret Widow of Will. Rosse, and Wife of Tho. Arundel, was in possession of a Moitie of it at her decease, which was in the thirty seventh year of Edw. And from these two did it descend by the successive steps of paternal progression, to Tho.

Lord Rosse, who was beheaded at Newcastle upon Tine and attainted in the fourth year of Edw. Lord Rosse, and Tho. Lord Wentworth this mans Successor, about the Beginning of Q. But Waldeslade was given by Rich. Mabbe, who in the twentieth of her reign alienated it to VVilliam Emes, from whom in the twenty fifth of that Princess it devolved to Richard Fogge Esq; and he in the twenty sixth year of her Government conveyed it to Mr.

Cocks, who in the thirty sixth of that Queen transferred it by Sale to Mr. But the Arsenals, Store-houses and Shipdocks erected by the late K. Charles, are so magnificent and universally useful, that they are become a principal Pillar of the Nations support, so far as they relate to the naval defence of it, and affords variety of imployment, by the Manufacture of Cordage, as also by the Careening and Building of Ships.

Chetham Hospital called St. Bartholomews, was founded by Gundulphus Bishop of Rochester in the time of William Rufus, to which the Norwoods of Norwood, and the Crevequers as the Records of the Church of Rochester do specifie were plentitul Benefactors. Chart Magna or Great Chart gives Name to the whole Hundred which lies about it, and hath thereby a tacite Note of Antiquity and eminence annexed to it, and was in the Saxons Time called Seleberts Chert.

In the year of Grace Goldwell is an ancient Mannor and Mansion in this Parish, which was for many Ages and Descents the Inheritance of the noble and illustrious Family of Goldwell, which in Times of an elder Aspect, gave them both Seat and Sirname, out of which two learned Bishops descended, Jam. Pars tertia. The so-called "Arthur stone", discovered in among the ruins at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall in securely dated 6th-century contexts, created a brief stir but proved irrelevant.

Other inscriptional evidence for Arthur, including the Glastonbury cross, is tainted with the suggestion of forgery. Although several historical figures have been proposed as the basis for Arthur, no convincing evidence for these identifications has emerged. King Arthur is serious and important ruler of Camelot.

He does not appreciate his knights' cowardliness or Bugs Bunny annoying him. Arthur can take remarks seriously from any jesters, and makes them do tasks that they must succeed. Arthur has fair skin, white hair and mustache, gold crown, red shirt with a gold outline of the inverted triangle, purple pants and shoes.

This version it's voiced by Pierce Brosnan. Arthur relies on his knights, but he becomes unhappy when they chicken out of going on a quest to rescue his Singing Sword. Arthur can sometimes find him annoying, but he is grateful to send Bugs on his task to retrieve the Singing Sword from the Black Knight. Failure to do so and the King will have Bugs put to the rack, burnt at the stake, and beheaded.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For another arthurian versions, please see King Arthur disambiguation King Arthur Pendragon is one of Britain's most famous kings. Categories :.

When the knights refuse to go out to retrieve it, due to their fear of the Black Knight and his dragon, Arthur becomes angry at their cowardice, thinking that they are chicken and only dismayed when he sees chicken feathers. Bugs Bunny, the court jester, dances in and remarks that only a fool would go after it.

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Arthur improves the idea and forces Bugs to go after the sword or else he will be executed put to the rack, burnt at the stake and beheaded. Bugs then laughs it off but starts crying after realizing that Arthur is serious. Arthur isn't seen again for the rest of the cartoon after this scene. Dave Thomas.